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Jack's Reflection

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Summary: Bioshock What if the "Big Reveal" wasn't as big as we think, we just don't remember? ((Warning major spoilers for Bioshock.))

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Games > HorrorTTrunksFR1516410395916 Sep 0916 Sep 09Yes
I looked at her in shock, in pain, in anger. It’s easy to come up with a reason, a reason to kill, and a reason to save. This place is hell, and it makes monsters out of people. As I looked at her small and broken form, no pulse, no heartbeat, nothing.

I feel tear sting at my eyes and in an instant it’s gone, the pain, the shock, and t he rage is a hundred times sharper. I hear that cocky arrogant bastard’s voice over the radio, “You did good boyo, putting her out of her Misery, and she stopped being a child long ago.”

I knew right then and there that the person on the other end of the radio wasn’t a father. I pulled the radio up and said angrily, “Who are you really, no father, NO FATHER, would tell a man to kill a child, especially not after he himself just lost one.”

I hear a desperation I’ve never heard in his voice now, a slimeyness of a liar who’s caught and isn’t used to it as he says rationally, “Come on now Boyo, don’t compare the two, that thing wasn’t a child, wasn’t a little girl, Tenebaum changed that.”

At first I wanted to believe him, but looking into the eyes of the cooling corpse that had once been a girl I said, “Your lying, you sold me on that almost, but “Friend” you said not to compare them to your family, but you didn’t sound like a grieving father to me, you sounded like someone caught in a lie, you almost had me sold, but NO ONE who works as hard as you supposedly have would be so callus as to speak about his family with no compassion, you’re a lair now WHO ARE YOU?”

I look at the picture angrily; this bastard has been playing me the whole time. I wonder if those two killed in the Bathysphere incident were really his family, or if they were two innocent people. Two people who he knowingly killed just to get me into a blind rage so I wouldn’t notice his lies.

Suddenly Atlas’s voice changes, as a voice thickly New York accented voice says, “So you figured it out huh, guess you are smarter than you look.”

Suddenly the picture on my radio changed from Atlas to Frank Fontaine. I swore, “You, you’re the one who started this, who made Rapture from an idealistic if misguided plan into the hell on earth, why?

The man laughed at me, saying “Money Kid, it’s all about the money, with Eve and Adam, I would be richer than any god or government, now would you kindly forget the last five minutes of conversation.”

I shook my head lightly, noticing the body of a little sister I felt a bit of rage, saying into my radio, as I saw Atlas’s picture, “Atlas what was going on, I’m not where I was.”

The voice of my only friend in this damned city said, “Yeah Boyo, I though a Big Daddies drill had finished you off, you got to the sister but then her Daddy got you, I guess you won though.”

I chalk it up to yet another concussion as I notice how much eve I have, seeing the Sister’s body, I feel bad before shaking my head, and raising my shotgun. This is hell, and it was me or her.


Hello all, just a quick little Bioshock thing I had to get down. I’m currently working on a Xander in Rapture thing, but it’s being a pain to write if anyone knows a good one, I’d be thankful if they could send me a link to a BtVS/Bioshock cross over. Obviously I need good Bioshock stories as well.

I do not own Bioshock or any of it's characters.

The End

You have reached the end of "Jack's Reflection". This story is complete.

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