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Meeting and Celebrating

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Summary: [Complete] Hermione meets her Sunnydale cousin and sees another side of magic where rules are ignored, bent, broken if need be. All UC ships. [WR/BW] [CC/SS] [AM/RL] [HG/COR] Read and find out more about the couples.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15


NOTE: Amy doesn't get changed back. Willow finds Rack by herself and goes to England to recover. AU from there on
NOTE: This is definitely an AU. I might have muddled up events in the canon timeline so please forgive any inconsistencies. This is after the Glory mess but before the First. There is no First. The Geeks were run of the mill demon worshippers (for power, etc).
NOTE: AtS until Connor. AU from there on. Cordelia accepts demonhood. No Jasmine. AI doesn't own Wolfram and Hart.
NOTE: Post GoF. OotP didn't happen per say. Sirus is alive.
AN: Buffy & Xander having difficulty forgiving Willow's actions - nearly destroying the World and hurting Dawn. Dawn is more flexible especially since she has a love interest.

AN: This is the last chapter. No plans on a sequel.

~*~ Epilogue - About 5 years later ~*~

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley shifted feeling slightly uncomfortable in their formal robes. Their best bud from their school days in Hogwarts was finally getting married to the guy she'd been with since her teens. Hermione Granger would soon be Hermione O'Roarke. Sirus had chosen to send his regards from a distance unable to handle the changes that happened since the Americans arrived in Hogwarts. Harry received regular owls detailing his godfather's 'road trips'. Soft stifled sobs from across the aisle interrupted his train of memories.

"Oh sorry."

Cordelia Chase Snape sniffed as she delicately blew into a tissue before tucking it into the large capacious sleeves of her emerald green silk robes. The material strained and bunched as the large mound under the curves of her breasts moved as the child within her moved. The black eyed black haired toddler stood up on his chair and patted his mother's cheek babbling softly.

"Don't worry Sage. Mummy is just a little tired." Cordelia murmured reassuringly as she brushed a kiss against the toddlers' soft temple savoring the scent of baby powder.

A tearful smile crept across her face as she straightened Sage Snapes' navy blue dress robes and turned her attention to the front of the Hogwarts Great Hall.

Ron stared slightly horrified. Cordelia and Severus Snape had been very busy in recent years. He turned to the redheaded witch sitting next to him with a redheaded female toddler dozing in her lap.

"What is it with Snape?" He moaned softly. "He and Cordelia have been popping out babies one after another! What ever happened to pureblooded restraint!? Snape always sneered at Mum and Dad for having so many kids. Now he's having a lot of little rugrats!"

Willow Rosenberg Weasley smiled gently at her brother-in-law. She could sympathize with Ron's horror. Teachers and parents weren't supposed to have sex and lots of evidence of their sex life in the forms of babies.

"Ron! Don't be a doofus." She chided him in low tones. "The usual contraceptive charms and potions don't work for Sev and Cordy because she is a Magical Creature."

"But what about Snape?" Ron wailed. "Couldn't he... You know..."

Willow grinned. "Cordy threatened to make him sleep on the couch if he did anything permanent. She wants a large family."

Ron sulked but accepted the oft repeated explanation. At least Bill and Willow were more discrete in their additions to the wizarding population. They had waited to have Rachel Weasley, who was currently sleeping in her mother's lap, and were expecting another baby in six months.

"Kind of hard to imagine your teachers having sex huh Ron?" Amy Madison Lupin spoke in low amused tones from behind Ron and Harry.

The two young wizards turned to meet the amused gazes of Amy and Remus Lupin. Amy was very big since she was expecting her second child. She and Remus had their first child, a boy they named James Lupin, a few months after Cordelia gave birth to twin girls, Shara and Serena Snape. James Lupin was standing at the front of the Great Hall with Connor very proud of his responsibility as ring-bearer. Shara and Serena were flower girls, a Muggle custom.

"Tell me about it." Ron moaned. "And Hermione had to go ask Snape go give her away to boot!"

Hermione had asked the Potion Master to give her away in place of her father. She had formed a close relationship with the older man over the years and spent several months doing part of her apprenticeship under him. She had adopted the Snapes as her second family finding security and understanding from Cordelia and Severus.

Willow shrugged. "Mya is very close to Sev Ron."

"And what is with the big hoopla?" Ron grumbled. "I never thought Hermione would go for a big wedding production. Lavender and Parvati were the ones with all the dream wedding plans."

Willow frowned in reprimand. "Ron! Really! Mya wanted to be married at Hogwarts before going to LA to work full-time at AI. Hogwarts is important to her. Besides, this is Myas' big day so don't you dare do or say anything to make her sad."

Ron frowned but subsided.

Harry sighed and glanced over at the chairs on the other side of the aisle reserved for the grooms' family. Several individuals he had only heard about through hushed rumors and anecdotes were shifting on the wooden seats. Some faces were eager or relaxed, others were tense and nervous. He had met each of them when they arrived the week before. To his surprise the four couples had preferred to spend holidays away from Hogwarts often taking a few students with them. Unfortunately none of them had been Gryffindors apart from Hermione so this was the first time he was seeing them in person.

Angel Liam O'Roarke, souled vampire, Warrior of Light, Connors' father. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, ex-Watcher, mage and demon hunter. Charles Gunn, Muggle vampire hunter. Winifred 'Fred' Burkle, Muggle physicist and best buds with Hermione who understood Fred whenever she babbled on about physics and formulas. Lorne, the Host, agnostic demon and messenger for the Powers. They were comfortably conversing with Hogwarts staff and Arthur Weasley who was fascinated by magical beings who chose to live surrounded by Muggles and fight for them.

Rupert Giles, mage and Watcher. Spike, chipped souled vampire, very unlike Angel. Anya Harris, ex-vengeance demon. They were comfortable with the situation.

Buffy Summers, Slayer Primus. Xander Harris. They were very uncomfortable being surrounded by so much magic. Buffy with seeing her first loves' son getting married. Memories chided and hurt Xander Harris reminding him of his choices and the ill resulting from them. It didn't matter that Cordelia and Willow were happily married with families, Xander still felt guilty.

The soft strains of a Muggle waltz drifted from charmed instruments pre-cast by Charms Professor Filius Flitwick.

"Sit straight boys." Willow ordered briskly.

The boys straightened obediently and turned to watch. First Dawn Summers approached clad in a pale seafoam green outfit accessorised with silver and white. Harry still couldn't believe Dawn was actually engaged to Draco Malfoy. He was having difficult adjusting to the reality that Connor O'Roarke and pure-blood Draco Malfoy were good friends; such good friends that Connor insisted on Draco being his best man. He scowled at the memory and glanced at the front where Draco stood surprisingly dapper in his Muggle three-piece suit.

Having decided it wouldn't do any good to throw a fit and scream that slimy sneaky Slytherins did not deserve gorgeous Muggle gals Harry decided to focus on the ceremony and watch Hermione Granger walk down the aisle dressed in cream silk robes edged with an appliqued design of abstract red cutouts. She walked slow and proud on the arms of her one-time bane, Potion Master Severus Snape who was clad in green-so-dark-it-looked-black velvet robes. A slow secret smile curved her full mouth as she peeped up through dark lashes.

Two identical twin girls with black hair and golden eyes darted in front of them tossing white, pink, yellow and red rose petals from baskets charmed to refill when emptied. Shara and Serena Snape giggled when they reached the front of the Great Hall where Uncle Connor, the brat James Lupin and Uncle Albus waited for Auntie Mya and Daddy.

Connor O'Roarke smiled as he looked up the aisle at Hermione Granger, his long awaited bride. There was only one thought in his mind upon seeing her.


* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The End.

AN: No plans for a sequel.

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The End

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