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Meeting and Celebrating

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Summary: [Complete] Hermione meets her Sunnydale cousin and sees another side of magic where rules are ignored, bent, broken if need be. All UC ships. [WR/BW] [CC/SS] [AM/RL] [HG/COR] Read and find out more about the couples.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomancesarheaFR181536,71877534,55217 Oct 0323 Aug 11Yes

The Night - Rated R people!!

NOTE: Amy doesn't get changed back. Willow finds Rack by herself and goes to England to recover. AU from there on
NOTE: This is definitely an AU. I might have muddled up events in the canon timeline so please forgive any inconsistencies. This is after the Glory mess but before the First. There is no First. The Geeks were run of the mill demon worshippers (for power, etc). The Scoobies still hasn't forgiven Willow's actions - nearly destroying the World and hurting Dawn.
NOTE: AtS until Connor. AU from there on. Cordelia accepts demonhood. No Jasmine. AI doesn't own Wolfram and Hart.

AN: If there are any Wiccan practioners out there the ritual descriptions are purely fictional, a whole I've developed from reading different philosphies, stories, and religious texts. I do not intend to offend anyone. What I write is fiction, for entertainment, okay?

AN: Sorry for taking so long to update, I just finished my finals. Again, skip this chapter if you don't like smut. This is definitely it.


~*~ The Night - Willow ~*~

Willow Rosenberg danced. She danced with the uninhibited passion she never displayed at the Bronze. She danced not hiding joy and lush promise in her eyes, her body, her mouth. She was not Willow Rosenberg, nor was she Willow the Witch; she was Green Lady, Lady of the Fields, the Corn Goddess and so many other names so many civilizations had called her. She was all of them and none of them; she was the Goddess in all her glory and she danced calling for her partner, for her equal, for her mate, for her lover.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Bill Wesley stared at the red-haired beauty. He was vaguely aware of other females but his entire being was intent on this one clad in a thin saffron silk robe that clung to the slight curves of her slender form. Her red hair was more of a dark auburn and subdued compared to his own bright red locks. He did not know how he came to be here or who she was and he didn't care. She was the only thing of importance to him and he wanted her.

"Green Lady."

Why he called her that Bill didn't know. He watched as she slowed and looked at him. The name fit. Her eyes were green as the lush rain forests of the Amazon.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The Green Lady turned unafraid of this strange male. Every instinct screamed at Willow to run but her body would not respond. He was not overly tall but powerfully built with long bright red hair, wide shoulders and a muscular frame outlined by the tight leather garments. Willow sighed. She had always been a sucker for a guy in leather. The Goddess within cautioned against giving in to any male too quickly. Willow agreed, she had always wanted to be a tease, to wield her feminine wiles, to see how far she could push a male. Suddenly she stilled. Surely she wasn't going to give into a strange compulsion and bed a total stranger?

"Forest Lord." Willow couldn't believe the throaty voice was her own. It was thick and syrupy like honey. Forest Lord? Who was Forest Lord?

Blue eyes burned as though he knew of her plan to tease him.

"My Lady."

Before she could protest he reached out and jerked her to a wide muscled chest and brought his mouth down on hers with crushing passion. Willow could sense the dual essences within him. An over powering aura and a lesser one. Unable to resist the urge she reached out and melded with the lesser one and drowned in a sea of memories and sensations.

Minutes or hours later Willow rose from the maelstorm. This was Him. Her soulmate. She knew everything about him as he knew everything about her: the little sins and the big ones, the joys and accomplishments, the failures and guilt, her love, fear, passion and desires. She loved him. Willow didn't know this redheaded strangers' name but she knew she loved him.

Suddenly she decided to let go of all the guilt and seize what little joy she could. If this was a hallucination then she would have a wonderful wet dream. If not, well she'd deal with it in the morning.

"My Lord." The same throaty voice slipped past moist tingling lips.

Her hands rose to loosen the knot at her waist. A shrug and the saffron silk slipped off her shoulders to pool around her feet. She saw his eyes widen and dilate, his cheeks flush, his hands and feet move as though to grab her nude body before she danced out of his reach giggling. Why did she have to restrain herself when she wanted him? Why shouldn't the Green Lady indulge in her whims to play with her soon-to-be-lover? She wanted more than just his body, she wanted his mind, his heart, his soul given freely out of love, desire and passion.

A slight smirk crept up on her face as she pouted and blew a kiss at him.

"Come to me my Lord. If you dare."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

~*~ The Night - Hermione ~*~

Hermione found it difficult to fight the desire because she was torn between conflicting feelings - fight or give in. She had never felt the give in so strongly. Hermione had always been a fighter but now she did not want to deny her feelings, she wanted to embrace them, the passion within her. Something, someone within her was urging her to life, to action. She couldn't resist the urge to dance to the music she felt in her veins.

Hard callused hands touched the backs of hers. Dazed cinnamon eyes opened to stare into the chocolate brown of Connor O'Roarke. Connor? What was he doing here? The fire in her belly burned. For him.

Her lips parted but the words died on her lips. She did not want to destroy the magic. She pressed a slim finger against his lips.

"Don't." She told him. "Don't fight it."

Connor blinked. He wasn't certain how he came here. What was Hermione doing here dressed in that flimsy robe? Connor blinked. He could see the hard pebbled nipples pressed against the thin red silk.

"Hermione?" His voice was thin and slightly reedy.

"Shhh. Don't be afraid of this. Of me."

Connor looked at his hands and shook his head wildly. "No. You don't want me. You can't want me. I'm tainted."

"Connor." Soft spoken reproach as she reached out and hugged him. He could feel the soft curves of her breast against his chest, the moist slick heat between her thighs, the strength in her lithe body. He drew a sharp breath. His could smell her musky arousal, feel her warm heat. He couldn't resist leaning down to nuzzle the soft skin where her neck met shoulder. He could sense the heated blood under her skin. His sharp teeth skimmed the honey gold skin.

"No!!" He pulled back horrified.


"Your blood! I wanted to taste it!"

"So?" Hermione darted forward and bit his lower lip before swiping her tongue inside his mouth to taste the coppery tang. "I wanted to draw your blood as well." She met his gaze evenly. "I am not afraid of the darkness, the night... I want you, all of you."

Connor met her eyes. "I want all of you also. The light, the fire, the hope, the joy."

He opened his arms to her and returned her hug with equal fierceness. They were different but they wanted the same things.

Tentatively he slipped a hand under her silk robe exploring the contours of her body. Her soft throaty moans encouraged his inexperienced explorations.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

~*~ The Night - Amy ~*~

Amy danced without restraint, without concern. She had the full blessings of the Goddess. She smiled at the stranger she sensed approaching without fear. He was Him, her lover, her mate, her consort, her lord. A secret smile curved her lips. Lord of Beasts. Amy felt very much like a beast herself, she wanted to pounce on her prey. She wanted to bite and claw, to draw blood, to inflict pain and pleasure in equal measure.

She tossed her head back and swayed raising her hands, enticing her mate to come closer. Amy was free... Free as the boundless sky itself.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Remus stared at the blonde woman danced hypnotized, fascinated, drawn by the silken beauty of pale skin, the glow of the fire, the shadows cast by the bonfire. Desires long denied were flickering into life. A hand reached out to touch. Remus Lupin froze when his eyes saw the familiar hand reach out to her, his hand. Long felt fears came to life. Fear to touch another, to hurt another, to pass the werewolf curse to another.

Then surprisingly another voice from within said otherwise.

Why are you so afraid? You are a werewolf, not a wolf. You are the Lord of Beasts, not a slave to your animal blood lusts, dealer of death. Take the Huntress as your mate for it is your right. Don't fight this.

Unable to resist this subtle urging he moved following those long repressed instincts.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

She smiled when she felt him behind her, the warm leanly muscled body covered.

"My Lord of Beasts." Her low husky voice pronounced his title in formal tones.

"My Lady Huntress." He responded in equally grave cadences.

She turned raking her blonde mane back. Blue eyes bored into gray ones without flinching.

"You are mine." She hissed between clenched teeth before thrusting her palm against his chest driving him back a few steps. "My Lord, my Consort, my mate." A sly smile curved her lips. "My beast."

Gray eyes widened surprised before narrowing. "You do not fear the beast?"

"Why? My beast will kill to protect me." She moved enticingly hips swaying as she loosened the white silk cord at her waist shrugging so the pale blue silk slipped off creamy shoulders exposing the creamy curves of her breasts. "Won't you?"

He was more interested in the expanse of skin. A darker masculine hand reached out and cupped one breast exploring the hardening tip lazily.

"Will he?" The words were idle but the gray eyes were sharp.

She wrapped her arms around his neck nipping at the line of his stubbled jaw. His hands moved to her flanks squeezing the curves of her hips. Warm moist hair blew into one ear as she hissed her answer.


Before he could respond she pulled away and brought up both hands to jerk the collar of his shirt apart. Buttons flew exposing a triangular mat of wiry gray-brown hair arrowing down to the waistband of his worn jeans. She moved between his legs and pushed him to the soft grass before coming down on top of him, settling on his lap wrapping her long legs around his waist.

He wasn't angry by her actions, he was more interested in exploring all of her. Starting with her chest.

She smiled arching into his touch biting her lip as her groin rubbed against the hard ridge under the denim.

He noticed that and directed his attention down to the vee between at the top of her legs. He could smell her arousal, the musky scent of desire, the moist heat through the denim material covering his groin. This had possibilities....

She noticed those speculations. Blue eyes narrowed. "Don't you dare tease me!" She hissed cupping his face between her hands. "Take me!"

A wolfish smile crept across his face. "As my lady wishes." He mimicked her actions cupping her face in his hands and moved her head forcefully to his.

Hard lips smashed down on soft inexperienced vulnerable ones. He gentled exploring the seam of her mouth wit his tongue until she responded parting her lips, allowing him to explore the moist cavern of her mouth.

She sighed and pressed forward eager for more.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

~*~ The Night - Cordelia ~*~

Cordelia closed her eyes and danced. She did not want to see, she wanted to feel. She raised her hands and danced under the light of the full moon.

Large hands reached out and lightly cuffed her wrists before skimming down her arms, shoulders, waist and hips. She could feel the heat in those callused hands through the thin green silk but she did not open her eyes. She did not care. No one could dominate her, no one could harm her, she was the Goddess.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Severus couldn't help but reach out to her. He didn't know how he came to be here and he didn't care. He had fought this desire for weeks and he did not wish to continue fighting. Why fight something that was so right?

He stepped up behind her as he reached out and manacled her wrists with his fingers. She did not start but simply pressed her lithe form against him. The firm curves of her ass ground against his groin and thighs. He suppressed a groan as his cock responded to the stimulus, hardening in his black slacks.

The familiar need to take control urged him to move. Large masculine hands skimmed down following her slim arms, the strong shoulders, muscled back, indent of her waist, the flare of her hips. Tentatively he explored the inner curves of her thighs moving up until his hands cupped the tops of her inner thighs. Her soft moan and sensual undulations encouraged him to move under the thin green silk and cup her moist female core. He hesitated.

"Don't you dare stop." She told him. "Or I may be forced to hurt you. A lot."

Encouraged by her words long deft fingers explored the moist core, the plump firm fleshy outer lips, the nub of erotic tissue at the top of her opening. Two fingers explored the muscular tight channel while his thumb played with her clit. She writhed against him.

"Stop!" She pleaded as she tried to still his experienced hands.

"Shhh." He didn't recognize the soft reassuring croon as his. His free hand guided her hand, taking her over the edge.

She sagged against him shuddering softly from the gentle aftershocks.

"Thank you."

She lay in his arms content to be in his embrace.

He smiled. It was a smile he had sealed in the core of his mind. A dark smile that promised pleasure edging pain.

"No. Thank you."

Then he frowned. Did she even know who he was.

"Severus." He started before turning her in his arms so he could look into her eyes.

"How did you know?"

She smiled secretively. "Sev, you are the only one who has made me burn in the past months."

The words ignited something in him. A low savage snarl escaped his lips as he literally pounced on her. In the following minutes was a hungry exploration of mouth, jaw, ears, neck, hairline. In-between stinging kisses, nips, licks and caresses he managed to push her green robe off her shoulders until it pooled around her feet in fluid green folds. She managed to unbutton his black shirt and drag it off his shoulders trapping his arms. An angry growl as she teased the muscled ridges lightly scraping him with her nails.


Cloth ripped as he tore his shirt off and slipped the black slacks and boxers down slim hips.

"You are mine!" He hissed as he twisted her so she faced away from him and pushed her onto her hands and knees in the same motion. He paid no attention to her startled cry. Black eyes followed the hollow of her spine bisecting her narrow back leading down the tanned globes of her ass.


He stilled her attempts to rise by twisting one hand in her hair at the nape of her neck holding her down.

"Shhhh Lia." He murmured in husky teasing cadences as his hand traced the slight fleshy ridge along her spine.

She shuddered under his touch as fresh moisture gushed from her core and her arousal built. She could feel her body shifting, muscles elongating, her nails morphing into claws that dug into the grass under her hands and feet. Her back arched, dipping low in an attempt to move away from his knowing touch.

"You like it don't you." It was a statement said in smug tones.

"Yesss!" She shuddered as the same deft hand brushed her clit. "Please!!"

Unable to resist her plea and his own desires he moved between her legs, shifting her knees to make a place for himself behind her between her legs..


That was enough to shred the last remains of control.

He moved hard and fast entering her from behind. The position allowed him a greater depth of penetration. She was so moist, so hot. He gritted his teeth in an effort to last.

She bit her lip to keep from screaming. It had been so long since she last had sex. He was so much bigger than any of her other lovers, so thick and long. She couldn't stifle the moan that escaped her lips as he moved harder into her.

Sweat dripped down his face, down his nose until it dripped off and splashed onto the honey skin under him. A feral smile curled his lips. She was not giving in. That made things so much more interesting.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

She didn't know how long she existed in this limbo. The only thing she was conscious of was of his thick cock within her, driving in and out, between her legs like a piston. His deft hands playing with her clit, the moist thatch of dark curls hiding her opening, her long hard nipples. His mouth drifted over her shoulder, nape, neck and face tasting, touching, nipping, kissing. He was too experienced!

She shuddered as she came wildly only dimly aware of his tension and spasming muscles. A low wail escaped her lips as she sagged bonelessly. She felt large hands hold her shoulders and guide her gently to the ground. Slight pain as his cock slipped free from her. A gush of sticky fluid escaping from her core. Cordelia felt guilty. She didn't want him to move away from her, she wanted him to stay with her forever.

"Please, stay with me." The words escaped her before she could stop them.

A soft knowing chuckle. "I will Lia. For as along as you want me."

A long hard body curled above and around her.

Feeling safe for the first time in a long while Cordelia Chase allowed herself to drift into slumber.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *



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