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Lovers of Madness

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Summary: The first, to my knowledge, collection of drables and oneshots dedicated to mad vampiress Drusilla. She swept me off my feet when she came on to BTVS and I know many of us here love her. Ladies and Gentlemen...start writing!

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Multiple Crossings > Drusilla-CenteredTheLaughingManFR1818860267816 Sep 0916 Sep 09No
AN: Let's begin.


Drusilla was lonely. Terribly lonely. She missed her Spike, she missed her Daddy, and she missed her grandmummy. She wanted her family back like it was before the Slayer, before the naughty gypsies, back when she had songs and parties, not like now. Not like how she ate with boredom, barely even tasting the death, not like how her mind that had oncesparkled with so many colors thst was now a dull, bleak gray canvas that offered no prettiness or hope. The stars still spoke to her but much more rarely as if afraid that she would poison them with her unhappiness and make them ugly.

Family is what she needed, but family just wasn't available as the Aurelius line was now all but extinct. Papa Nest was gone by way of the nasty Slayer with her whore's lips, Grandmummy by her own hand, Daddy was captured by the Angel Beast, and her William was lost to her forever as she knew he would be. She had hoped that if she left that it would hurt less, it didn't, it only hurt more. The pain went through her, making a big nasty whole of emptyness in her belly. No, family was impossible for her, but maybe some company would cheer her up. A new minion to torture and play with.

As she swayed down the old London streets a scent caught her attention, the smell blossoming into a picture in her mind. A picture of fear, death, evil, and corruption. It was so lovely, she walked down a street side by side of a very pretty dark haired boy with hauntingly beautiful deathly eyes. Bodies littered the ground the fear enhancing the scent of death and blood to a heady mixture of the macabre. Skeletons hanging by nails in their heels swung down from trees, their grins prompting a returned smile from her as was proper. Blood started raining down from the sky painting her white, gauzy dress a color that reminded her of blood on freshly skinned skulls as the pretty boy took her hand and twirled her as they danced down the street of bodies and skeletons while blood rained down on them.

Suddenly, violently, she back in London with that terribly alluring smell tantalizing her senses and a manic smile baring sharp white teeth came to her lips. Swiftly she moved to follow the smell barely remembering to keep her speed to human levels in her excitement. It was five minutes later that she found the owner of the smell as he staggered outside of an old fashioned pub with the smell of the drink on him. He was even more beautiful than in her vision with his almost curly messy black hair that seemed the reach it's tendrils around the pale, clear face. Large eyes the color of death stared at her, slighly glazed from the alcohol and she saw the death head's grin that lay deep within their green depths.

"Hello pretty one, are you lost?" Drusilla questioned, a small mad smile curling her lips upward as she slowly glided closer to him. Her eyes feasted on his lithe body, the long thin fingers, the spidery long legs covered in dark mterial, and the face that was even more attractive than Daddy's or Spike's. "I get lost sometimes, would like to get lost with me? There will be parties and streamers and refreshments."

"No thanks, I'm just trying to find a cab." Lied Harry Potter, who was on guard even if he was still drunk from the celebration he and friends had over his graduation from the Auror Academy. He didn't know who this woman was but she seemed off her rocker and not in the good way like Luna, more of a bizarre mixture of Luna and Bellatrix Lestrange. No matter how beautiful she was he wasn't getting into that. Not while he was still with Ginny anyway. "Listen do you need some sort of help or something? Is there someone I should call?"

"Everybody is gone, no more family." Drusilla frowned, sniffling a bit in sadness but still creeping closer to her target. Harry's guarded expression softened a bit at her words. He knew what it was like to not have a family. The strange woman suddenly threw herself at him and Harry very nearly drew his wand, but the woman was simply hugging him not trying attack him. He really had to stop being so paranoid, the war was over.

"Listen, I"ll call the call the Police. They'll know what to do with-" Harry's words were cut off by a severe pain in his neck, he tried to move, but his limbs refused to respond. Vampire, she was a vampire he realized too late as she drained him. He had gotten sloppy and now he was going to pay for it. Just as the world began to darken he felt his face be shoved into two breasts and a copperish liquid on his tongue. It was delicous and satisfying, he couldn't hae resisted had he wanted to, but he couldn't remember why he would want to.

"Nighty night, Nero. Don't worry, mummy has you all safe and sound."


AN: Not up to my usual lengths, but it's enough to start this collection off with.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lovers of Madness" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Sep 09.

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