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Summary: Buffy enjoying the hunt

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredChrisFR181483182,03716 Sep 0916 Sep 09Yes
Although I had already posted this story in Multiple crossovers, I also want to post it here, in the LOTR categorie. So I deleted the other one, the multiple one.
I DO NOT OWN buffyverse or the lotrverse.... sigh... I wish you know?

Here she was, sitting high up in a tree. A different dimension, no one she knew. Her friends, Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya, Giles, Angel, Spike, Dawn... her family. Gone. Dead. Each in their own way, some slaughtered, dying in battle, others dying gracefully, old, with children and grandchildren. She was meant to roam for ever on earth, watching everyone she loved grow old, while she stayed 20 forever. The spell that Willow had once cast, so many years ago, to bring back life to her, even though she was happy dead, though opening a window for the First, it had closed a door for her. No chance of heaven, and to her, this was hell, punishment, living for ever. Her wanting to die, her friends struggling to stay alive. Seeing them die, one by one. She tried making new ones, stay in touch with the families of those she once called hers, but they kept dying, she kept breathing. The only companions she could keep were creatures of the underworld, the creatures that she was meant to kill.

So she did. She became ruthless, a hunter. They became prey. The name slayer used to scare most vampires in the Sunnydale days. Then her name, Buffy, scared all of them. No companions, no allies, no friends, no family. Just her and her kills. She hunted down the last demon, and as he fell down, spraying his blue blood on her high heels, she realized that she was done. She had stood there, wondering what to do next. No more demons to kill. Her destiny finally fulfilled. Now what? As she tried to imagine herself blending in with the normal people, she knew that would never work. Once, a long time ago, she had wanted it. Now? Too much blood had been shed, too much gore, filth, massacres and monstrosities filled her mind.

She wouldn't be able to function in a normal world.

All those years, she never thought she'd see the day where she would be thanking the powers. But finally they came through. A new dimension, where they could use someone with her skills. Creatures running in forests, killing people, torturing people in caves, a place where spiders where huge, where wolves were wild and where things called wraiths terrorized the lands. It sounded amazing.

Here she was, sitting high up in a tree. A different dimension. New hunting grounds. She was looking down upon a dozen Orcs, trying to track her. Foul, stupid creatures, but entertaining. She smiled, envisioning their deaths, and whispered two words as she jumped down the tree, landing on one Orc, killing him immediately.

"Open Season."

The End

You have reached the end of "Hunting". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking