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Weapon Chaos

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Summary: What if Willow made a bad choice, and Xander had to deal with the repercussions?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR1824,74402012,29817 Sep 0927 Nov 09No

An X factor

Hello all, here’s chapter 2 of Weapon chaos, for disclaimer see earlier chapter.


Xander walked silently along the wall, Wolverine following. Both X factors were incredibly silent, so much so even the guard didn’t notice them. Silently both slid out their claws jamming them into the cement walls. Deep marks were left but they hoped to be out long before anyone noticed. If possible no one alive would care.

Once they reached the top wall Xander got the first kill; with surprising stealth he snuck up on the first soldier the man was obviously not minding his surroundings, and that would be his end. A claw jammed into his right kidney even as a left hand was pushed over his mouth. The pain caused his body to temporarily shut down, and long before that pain had finished Xander had brought his right claw across his throat. Keeping the dead man’s mouth covered he lowered him to the gang plank as the flood lights ran over about where the man’s upper body would be.

As soon as the light had passed over he pushed the body down shifting into the soldier’s form even the clothing an exact copy. Wolverine caught the body and went about making it not recognizable, first stripping the corpse then using his adamantium claws to make sure nothing bigger than a match box was found, then with scary skill buried each peace were it would be hard to spot.

Xander waved weakly at the guard in the guard house as he walked in even as the man said, “Hey Stan, how’d patrol go?”

Xander smiled saying, “Ah you know, no one would be stupid enough to attack this place.”

Xander saw his partner climb up the wall and leaned back popping his back and knuckles easily. However as the metallic sound traveled the man turned suddenly only for Xander to throw a punch the adamnatium reinforced bones easily shattering cartilage even as Xander triggered his knuckle claws the man was brain dead in less than a second. Thinking quickly Xander pulled on one of his stolen abilities making a clone.

Remembering his training Xander sighed sending his claws out now he had to get rid of the corpse and the blood with it.

Logan’s job was to clear out the other watch houses on the compound, it was standard fair, four guard houses one on each corner. The problem was each guard had a badge that read the life signs of the guard it was attached too every three minutes. This meant if a guard was killed it would immediately set off every alarm in the entire compound. When you added in frequent flood light “checks” of each group that only made thing’s more complicated.

As Logan watched he heard the beep signifying the badges had just sent their most recent health status. Glad ounce again of his size Logan shot into the guard house, a single claw slash sending one of the two guard’s heads flying, even as he ripped the badge off, the other man went for his gun and radio, Logan reacted automatically pulling the pistol into his body as he stabbed his claw into the man’s eye.

The pistol went off of course, but because of the closeness to Logan’s torso the sound was almost completely muted. Grunting in pain, the former Canadian grabbed the second badge as he spoke into his ear piece, “Phase one complete.”

Xander looked up from his bloody work even as he made a second clone and attached the guard’s badge to him. Using a claw he cut a hole into the grated floor before sliding out of it. He crossed the grating between him and Logan’s location in exactly a minute and a half, pulling himself up the hole Logan had cut he quickly made two more clones who strapped on the badges.

Just in time as both badges flashed red, Xander and Logan both held their breath knowing if this failed things would get A LOT more complicated. Luckily it didn’t as both badges beeped red.

Xander and Logan both nodded in a flash both men were down the grating, moving towards the remaining two guard houses. Logan nodded ounce they reached the closest one, Xander heading on to the fourth hanging deftly by his hands as he waited for the silent beep of the badges. Well silent to those without very acute hearing.

Once he heard that beep he shot up breaking the nearest man’s neck, as soon as the “Snap” filled the room the other man turned pulling a gun, however Xander sent the man’s arm flying with one claw slash and jammed his right fist into the man’s throat the blades piercing the other’s brain stem. As he pulled his knuckle claw from the man’s brain he grimaced quite a bit of blood dropped from the grate floor. Xander grabbed the badges making two clones before taking off running towards the other guard tower. Mentally counting the seconds as he moved he hoped he’d make it.

Xander jumped and slid upon hitting the floor he flipped using the impact to make a clone Logan threw a badge to each of the Xander’s who clipped it on with less than a second to spare. Ounce they beeped red Xander made a second clone putting the badge on it he ordered, “Stay here and be prepared to cover us with the rifles once we get the girls.”

The Xanders nodded seriously as both men walked slipping from the grate cut hole already they moved stealthily towards the building.

Upon reaching it both men smirked, 4 inch thick titanium walls were enough to keep most people out; but two men with up to three feet long adamantium claws not so much as both cut a square in the wall they moved forward.

Any guards they ran into were instantly killed silently their claws leaving marks in the ceiling. Landing down Logan jammed one of the guard’s bodies into the janitor’s closet as Xander laughed lightly he said, “You wonder if places like this have top secret military janitor’s or what, I mean I can just see some guy "Ha, I’m a level twelve master of Mopputo, my squidgy skills are unsurpassed."”

Suddenly a voice chimed in behind the two, “You have offended my honor, and now prepare to meet my MOP OF DOOM!”

Suddenly even as both for some reason turned instead of ducking a mop smacked so hard into Xander’s skull it snapped. Xander stumbled lightly even as Logan growled “Wade”

Wade Wilson smiled how you could tell through his black and red full face mask was unknown as he said, “Hey Wolvie, you should go on ahead and go, me and the kid here need to fight.”

Wolverine raised an eyebrow even as he asked he himself not sure why, “What do you mean?”

Deadpool smirked, “Come on me and the kid are the same, at least him in cannon, this author screwed him up big time, only a few puns, then again he’s not as bad as the kids original writer.”

Xander moaned standing up, oddly enough getting hit with a mop wasn’t an often occurrence so his power’s weren’t that fast, his brain was fine of course but as he stood up he said, “Oh come on D, cant’ we do this after I save the ladies?”

Deadpool shook his head, “Nope nope, I want to see how good you are compared to me, after all if your too good and the author decides to make you a mercenary my career is screwed.”

Xander rolled his eyes saying, “Logan go on ahead, I’ll be with you after I deal with D.”

Logan nodded running out not from fear but more because he knew the objective was more important.

Xander smirked, his claws extending as he said, “So Wade, how are we going to do this?”

Deadpool shrugged, “Doesn’t matter, the author isn’t original enough to keep a witty battle like ours going, and so he’s probably going to pan out, or rip someone else off.”

Xander raised an eyebrow as he said, “Okay, so for time’s sake, let’s just end this as quickly as possible okay?”

Deadpool nodded pulling one of his katanas from his back he said, “Okay, well there can be only one Mcharris!”

Xander shook his head pulling his own blade.

Deadpool laughed, “I’ll have your head Mcharris.”

Deadpool then went through a complex form with his blade showing off his above decent skill with the blade a smirk on his face as he made a “come and get it” gesture with his hand.

Xander smirked pulling one of the guard’s stolen pistols leveling it at Deadpool’s face the mouthy mercenary’s eyes widened, “Really, Indiana Jones, that’s the best you got.”

Suddenly Xander pointed the gun down shooting the mercenary with a mouth in the right knee cap, as he grunted in pain Xander said, “I was always more of a fan of evil dead.”

Bringing the sword down, Deadpool grunted in pain as his right hand went flying only to get a shotgun blast to the face even as Xander cut his other hand off as well then both his leg’s at the knees. He sighed knowing the fellow X freak would get better but hoped the slug to the face would keep him down for awhile. Returning the collapsible shotgun to his back Xander moved on hoping he was the only “Original weapon X” stooge here but doubting he was that lucky.


End of chapter 2 of Weapon Chaos. Please read and review and tell me what you think.

((The cocking of a gun is heard as Ttrunks sighs))

What is it this time DP?

Deadpool looks pissed saying, “What, you ALWAYS have Xander kick my ass, ALWAYS it gets old.”

The author rolls his eyes, “Dead, in the movie, you got sat on and killed, don’t even get me started on Origins, besides I hear Ryan Renolds is playing you in the movie, and movie you probably won’t lose to Xander.”

Deadpool nods saying, “True that, very true.”

Suddenly the Author says, “So, get the hell out of my face, you damn comic relief character.”

Deadpool growled pulling the trigger only for the gun to click empty.

The author smirked, “See, I’m tired of getting abused by my characters, and I found out I’m the author, so F*ck you guys.”

Deadpool looked like a beaten puppy as the Author sighed, “Look, I’ll let you become a serious member of the story soon, and even let you fight with Victor and Lady Bitch Strike if you promise to be good.”

Deadpool smirks evilly, “Oh you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to kick Creed in his baby makers.”

The author smirked, “Yeah I do, trust me, I just wanted to wrap up your fight with Xander because both of you making puns is hard to write, and I wanted to keep you fresh for next chapter.”

Deadpool nodded, “Thanks boss, and the Highlander thing was pretty funny.”

Thomas nodded, “So folks, read and review and tell me how you think I did with Deadpool and his comical side. Although if you don’t I may just send him after you.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Weapon Chaos" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Nov 09.

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