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Weapon Chaos

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Summary: What if Willow made a bad choice, and Xander had to deal with the repercussions?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR1824,74402012,30417 Sep 0927 Nov 09No

X-Men meet Chaos

Hello all, here we go, I’m still looking for a Beta for X-man and the X-men (Currently in Quarantine), but I’ve been in the need to write something X related so here we go, something totally different from my other story.

OH, and I don't own any of the Marvel Characters, or BVtS characters.


Emma Frost one of the oldest mutants at the Xavier Academy for the gifted sighted lightly, her pen flipping back and forth between her thumb and middle fingers. She was bored.

It was true, her time at the Xavier academy had been “good” for her, she’d fallen in love with Scott, and she knew she was doing well here. However this was far from her life of spending thousands on a shopping trip, and sometimes when she was confined to the Professor’s old office doing paper work she was reminded why she’d hated this part of her job.

It was this boredom however, and her none to subtle checking the grounds for ANYTHING that would get her out of this boredom, that she happened to sense it.

She had to classify it as "it" because anything else was undefineable. She could tell it was a being, but its sex, its thoughts, its plans and most importantly its agenda on HER campus were totally unidentifiable.

Thinking quickly the former White Queen let her middle finger slide over the alarm, before sensing to her quickly growing fear two of her “daughters” were walking around the grounds and would in less than a second pass by its position, if she triggered the alarms it might escape or it might gut them or find out the alarms position from them.

Few would think about it Twice even as she mentally yelled to her “daughters” to defend themselves, she hit the alarm mentally berating herself, two students were less important than all of them, despite her personal attachment to these two. If anyone knew about that little thought, that half a second of worrying her, Ice Queen front would be blown to hell.

Even as she pulled on her cape and headed to the entrance hall she swore her “daughters” would be training until they passed out for getting so close to someone they didn’t know and not noticing.

Even as Scotts voice boomed in her head, “Emma what’s going on?”

She told him and the over X-men on campus currently the details mentally and could only be relieved when it turned out Hank and Kurt were already heading towards the entrance hall.

As the various X-men arrived they were somewhat surprised at who they saw their, a somewhat tall man, wearing an eye patch over his left eye. However the thing that shocked them the most was two of their best fighters were unconscious on the ground, Kurt’s swords in the attacker’s hands Beast it looked like had been taken out scarily easy.

The first to react was Scott for once, even as his hand went to his visor triggering the hidden switch there and the predictable crimson beam flew from his eyes.

The intruder his body still hidden didn’t even seem to care, grabbing the end table nearby he threw it in front of the beam.

Scott had turned the beam low so as to not damage the mansion too badly, but as the thick widen table blocked his beam he went to turn it up, only for a pain to hit him and both hand immediately go to the now useless arm.

The attacker had thrown the sword at Scott’s arm, cutting the muscles deep, it would heal but if he didn’t keep pressure on it using his other hand he’d bleed out. Mentally everyone raised the threat of this person up a few levels as Scott said, “Colossus, get him outside help him out Bobby, Havok you too.”

Havok raised his hands firing a bolts of his own personal energy only for the person to dodge to the right Havok quickly ended his beam so as to not destroy the mansions walls and because the way the unconscious Beast and Kurt were he couldn’t just fire again, as he said, “I can’t do much Scott, not without frying Beast and Kurt.”

Colossus however didn’t mind the tight spaces, throwing a haymaker with bone shattering force at the intruder; however the intruder took it literally on the chin, his head bending at an angle that for most would mean a broken jaw however as the sound of broken bones filled the air the X-men looked on in horror.

Only for the intruder to smirk saying, “Heh, that wasn’t too bright was it Brago, let’s see how you like it.”

Colossus partially stunned from the fact that this thing hadn’t gone flying and from the fact that even with his bioorganic metal body, it had been HIS bones that had broken, at least three in his hand, it didn’t even twitch as the person threw what should have been a meaningless punch, however the blow to him in the chin, and instead of laughing it off Colossus went FLYING hard almost crushing Kitty, however her intangibility saved her even as she cried out “Peter.”

The intruder didn’t even bat an eye lash as eight razor sharp icicles were shot at him, striking out with the remaining blade and knocking them to ice shards.

However, this allowed one of the yet unseen X-men to get a nice “Shot off”, as Rogue flew towards it, a punch that caused her to scream as it broke three of her fingers, but the intruders went flying like a Pinball, through the Mansions front door.

As the Intruder went flying Scott said “Good job Rogue.”

Rogue looked at him rubbing her knuckles, “Thanks Sugah, but I think I broke three of da bones in my hand.”

Everyone rated the intruder an even HIGHER threat as Rogue was damn near invincible.

Looking at their fallen metal man he said, “Kitty go check on Colossus, Bobby go wake Kurt and Hank up, I’m going to need this to get stitched up as soon as we can and I want to know how badly their hurt, Storm, Emma, go finish our guest, I want to know everything.”

The two women nodded even as he said, “Whoever the hell he was he’s either very good, or very bad, he just missed an artery, so either he wasn’t aiming for it, or he just missed it.”

Rogue looked at Scott and nodded rubbing her knuckles, the pain being a bitch.

Outside on the Lawn, Storm yelled, “You who doth intrude upon our home shall feel the wrath of THE STORM!”

Suddenly a lightning bolt nailed the intruder right on the top of the head; however even as his face and the cloak hiding his face burned he kept moving forward, Emma was shocked at this. Looking up at Storm she said in shock, “HIT HIM AGAIN, He’s still moving.”

Storm was somewhat surprised but indeed called down another strike, then another, and another, few beings could survive four lightning bolts to the head, Storm herself could think of maybe four.

However even as the smell of burned hair, skin, and the hiss of boiling blood met their senses the man kept moving.

Storm was feeling drained somewhat after calling down four lighting botls of the level she had been using, sure she was used to calling down normal bolts, but each of the ones she called down had the same electric charge of ten normal bolts, even the Hulk would be, she hoped, stunned after four of them to the skull.

Pooling all of her power into a final burst, Storm yelled, “STAY DOWN FOUL CREATURE!”

A lightning bolt as round as a trees stump hit the intruder HARD on the head.

Finally, the intruder stopped moving, as the various X-men amassed to see who had been the intruder they were shocked to see a still smoking form.

Storm was the one to state what her team mates were thinking, “By the gods, it’s not possible.”

Slowly the smoke left the area, and what they all saw made several of them wince, in the hole was a metal skeleton, however unlike the silver and shiny one of their sometimes teammate, this one was pitch black.

Suddenly at a startling speed, the organs and skin started to re-grow, at a rate that would mystify even their own team healer.

As the intruder coughed and looked up at them some of them were shocked, instead of a left eye there was a black orb, looking up the man said, “Sorry, I guess our introduction got a bit screwed up, it’s been a long time since I’ve been out of the facility, and seeing your friends I thought they were demons.”

He smirked up at the X-men saying, “So, I came to see the bastard who also escaped from those bastards, because we both need to kick some ass, see those pricks at the Facility have my friends and will only allow them to be set free if I bring him back.”

As they looked down Scott said, “What right do you have to demand to see Logan?”

Xander smirked, a smirk that had Scott stepping back, as he raised his right hand, a black metal foot long claw popping out between his first and second knuckle, a second between his third and four, this one was three inches long as he said, “I’ve got two of those, and an eye made from your single most powerful member’s DNA, I can steal any power used against me, so do you really want to get in my way, considering I’m your two strongest teammates put together?”

Emma smiled, “Scott, let’s have everyone go to the Professor’s office, and we can get some information from our new friend, Logan isn’t here anyway.”

Scott grudgingly nodded, and soon Colossus, Beast, Gambit, Kitty, Scoot, Emma, and Kurt were gathered in the professor’s office, Bobby standing outside to keep the students out, while the rest worked on repairing the damage.

The person started his tale as they looked at him, “There's something important you have to understand, first of all I’m not the original Xander Harris, even though I have his soul, the original Xander Harris trusted his friends above all, and was willing to die for them, and he did.”

Letting his words sink in he continued, “However, Xander’s friend Willow a VERY powerful witch didn’t want to accept her friend’s death, so she wanted to bring him back, however his, my body was totally destroyed, so she needed one that she knew would not only be able to hold together the very physically rough stress on a body of having a soul jammed into it, but that it would also not get totally destroyed again.”

Nodding he said, “So, around that time the organization she was working for got contacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and through some slightly underhanded tactics, she got a sample of DNA from your Canadian teammate, using her amazing technological ability, and a fair bit of magic, she combined the two DNA strands, and made the body you see before you, then ripped my soul from Heaven, giving me a choice, which I chose to do, and got it jammed into my new body.”

Taking a breather he continued, “However, the Organization H.Y.D.R.A. had known about my friends work, and as soon as I was me, they invaded her lab, a bullet to the brain will put down even the strongest witch, although they didn’t kill her, but that’s something different, they took my body and had it moved to some secret lab.”

He let what he’d said be taken in by the X-Men for awhile before saying, “Of course the DNA was incomplete, I would have dissolved, but they had a very powerful, if sadistic witch known as Amy use her magic to make me a stabilization matrix, that could absorb powers and in turn give me the powers, mystical, physical, it doesn’t matter, so one of the times they knew where Logan was they sent me to “bump” into him, giving me the true version of his healing, however as you all know the X gene is a funny bitch.”

Looking at them he said, “It actually turned on my body, well kind of, you see I heal from things at Logan’s rate the first time, but the second, but because of my base DNA, the X-gene was mutated earlier, this means say you shoot me in the head, the first time it's done, it takes me a few minutes to heal, the second a minute, the third thirty seconds, the forth fifteen seconds, and so on and so forth, and of course Hydra wanted an instant healing super weapon, so they basically fried me, shot me, burned me, ripped me apart etc. etc. over and over till everything they could conceivably do I could heal from nearly instantly, and I could also ignore most pain.”

Letting the various children of the Atom in the room take in what he said, he noticed they seemed shocked. But as he took a breather he continued, “At this point I was a human but not, I had no drive, no emotions, that is until Wills made the ultimate sacrifice, she’d been kept alive, drugged and mostly brain dead but when it comes to witches, well let’s just say that doesn’t mean they’re totally out of it.”

Popping his neck he continued, “So, Willow one night after seeing me gut a fellow test subject from another dimension used her soul as the basis of a spell to allow me to be me, it gave me everything she knew about me, everything she loved about me, it made me go from a flesh doll to Xander Levelle Harris, and boy was H.Y.D.R.A. PISSED, I started being a smart ass, and so once again the bastards turned to Amy and her ability.”

He let his smaller claw pop out as he said, “Obviously Adamantium is rare, however when you have magic, and skilled enough forge workers, let’s just say I have REAL adamantium in my body, the kind of stuff that Cap’s shield is made form, something that no one knows how to make, even Amy who made the copy of it doesn’t, but that’s not all, after seeing some key weaknesses in Logan’s, they had her do something different.”

Nodding he said, “First of all they made it non magnetic, second of all they added key components of iron, that make it magic proof, third of all, they made it as strong as adamantium, but much more rubber like, meaning on impact it withstands force, but it also bleeds the kinetic energy out of said force, for example when your metal man hit me.”

Colossus nodded, “That’s why I could hit you full on in the chin, and you barely flinched, your bones bled all the impact force out of it, but when Rogue hit you there was just too much your bones bled some of the force out, but there was just too much, I mean that punch would have probably if not shattered most people’s chests, it would have gone clean through.”

He nodded saying, “Since there is Vibranium in the adamntium base of my skeleton, and vibranium get’s harder the more it’s hit, my skeleton actually bleeds out more force the more I’m hit, I’m pretty sure if the southern Belle hit me again, I’d barely go half as far.”

Scott nodded, “So, then why are you still working for Hydra, you sound almost like a mutant god if you don’t mind me saying so, you can copy any power you see like a bad anime rip off with that eye of yours, you heal almost instantly, you are damn near un-moveable, so why did you come to Logan for help?”

Xander looked out the nearby window, taking a few breathes before saying, “Because, Hydra knows what I can do, and they have the woman I love in their dungeon, I get caught going in, and she’s dead, I could MAYBE do it, but the good Doctor told me they’ve run over a million simulations of what I could do, and regardless of powers and such there’s no way anyone can get her out and get out alive.”

Suddenly a gravelly voice cut in, “Then how am I supposed to help?”

Xander turned the office chair and looked at the flannel clad original, saying “Because, I’m chaos, and you’re the best there is at what you do, and I need it to be not very nice.”

Logan and Xander both smirked at one another, the smirk those who’d been at the Xavier Mansion for awhile called the “Body count smirk” and for less than half a second everyone in the room, not counting the human weapons felt sorry for whoever brought these two monsters down on themselves, and Scott absent mindedly wondered how big the body count was going to be this time.
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