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Whistling in the Dark

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Summary: Faith finds herself thrust into the world of wizards and discovers she is part of something that she could have never imagined…a family. As she fights a battle of light and dark within her, she finds that she is not alone in that battle...

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapedemmonsFR1836,557082,27217 Sep 0917 Sep 09No

Chapter One

Summery: Faith finds herself thrust into the world of wizards and discovers that she is part of something that she could have never imagined…a family. As she fights the battle of light and dark within her, she finds that she is not alone in that battle…and that there is someone who understands better than anyone exactly what she has been going through…

Pairings: I hate to put these up in advance since my characters have a tendency to take over after a while, but as it stands now…Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Ron, and Faith/…you are just going to have to guess –evil cackling-

By the way, I own none of the characters…and I am not JKR or Joss Whedon , I do not have such delusions of grandeur, I have delusions of a whole other sort…tra la la…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->

“How the hell did I end up here?” thought Faith as she struggled towards consciousness.

The last thing she remembered was doing a quick solo patrol of one of the many cemeteries around Cleveland. Funny, she thought, how many cemeteries there were in Hellmouth towns. Must be like prime real-estate for vampires. It was thoughts like these that she occupied her mind with while she tried to not think about….other things.

The gang had all moved to Cleveland after Sunnydale sank into oblivion. Most of the baby slayers had gone back to their families for a little R&R…at least the ones who had families to go back to. Others had gone to help Angel down in LA…and the rest had taken up shop in the Mansion they had gotten on the outskirts of Cleveland. It seemed that Kennedy’s father owned a good chunk of real-estate around the US and was more than willing to part with one of his mansions if it would keep his daughter and her ‘alternative lifestyle’ away from the prying eyes of the social elite in NYC. He wasn’t too much of an asshole though. He did see fit to send a great big check to tide them all over until Giles got through all the complicated paperwork surrounding the Watchers council accounts. Kennedy, however, didn’t seem fazed by it at all. She was too busy playing house with Willow.

Faith sighed as she headed deeper into the cemetery, absently twirling a stake in one hand while the other hand searched through her pockets looking for her cigarettes. She felt left out, she admitted to herself. Her best bud had been Xander, but Xan-man was off seeing the world and looking for more baby slayers. He had really needed the space after losing Anya, she knew that, but Faith still missed him. Xander had never been afraid to talk about serious shit and yet was still able to turn into a hyper five year old at the sight of a deluxe Enterprise model kit. She loved him for that and for backyard bullshit sessions they used to have every night after patrol. She thought about the people who had stayed behind…

Buffy, if you could believe it, was acting like she was 22 going on 40. She dutifully kept an eye on Dawn and spent hours in the library with Giles. ‘preemptive research’ she called it. Buffy wanted to know as much as possible about the Cleveland Hellmouth in case another apocalypse came their way. Giles was only too happy to assist Buffy in this new found lust for knowledge. Faith let out a small laugh…lust was right…she never thought looking over ancient Sumerian texts could be viewed as borderline pornographic but with those two…shit, the amount of hormones flying between the watcher and slayer was almost ridiculous, not that either of them would ever admit it. Faith just wished those two would just get it over with and fuck already.

Dawnie was actually turning out pretty cool. The squirt had gotten her GED and was now taking courses on ancient languages at the local museum. Dawnie and Faith had bonded at bit during the past few months over a mutual lust over Collin Farrell and a few other fine species of manhood, but Faith knew that the two of them would never be close…too much water under the bridge.

All in all, the gang painted a pretty picture of domestic bliss. Buffy and Giles helping Dawnie with her homework at night while Willow and Kennedy fussed over dinner, taking every opportunity to touch each other and gaze longingly over the Mac and cheese. But where did Faith fit into that perfect little family portrait?

Outside the frame…as usual…it was where she always ended up. Her thoughts drifted to her ex, Robin. He had managed to surprise Faith by sticking around long enough to help her get her criminal record expunged…no telling how he managed to pull that one off…and then it was the usual ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech and he was off for more normal pastures.

Faith hand finally found the pack of smokes that had been hiding in her jacket. She pulled one out, lit up, and sat down on a large tombstone to think. No matter how hard Faith had tried, she knew she would never really be one of them. She was too dark, too unpredictable for any sort of normal life. Even when she was a kid, before she was called, Faith had always felt as if something was missing, like there was some empty place inside of her that didn’t make sense. She learned to make up for it by drowning her sorrows in adrenaline. Fucking, fighting…she did whatever it took to feel that rush in her veins down to her fingertips. It was only in those moments that she felt as if there was some force inside of her that she could almost touch, but not quite reach. That was why she loved being a slayer. It made sense to her then…that power within her that separated her from the rest of the mundane world she felt so apart from. But now, with all the other slayers in the world, Faith still didn’t feel right. She still felt…other...

“Ow, shit!” she yelled as the cigarette in her hand slipped and burned her finger. Faith shook her hand and blew on it to cool the burn. She looked around the empty graveyard.

“Fuck this…” she muttered. She got up and started walking out of the cemetery. She would head back to the mansion, grab a few beers from the fridge and head up to her room to watch a few cheesy horror flicks to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

She was just passing through one of the older parts of the cemetery when she heard a succession of loud pops. Faith hit the dirt…you didn’t grow up in Dorchester, MA without knowing how to duck gunfire. Then she flipped back up to a standing position and saw that she was surrounded by about eight freaks dressed in long black robes wearing skull masks and pointing narrow wooden sticks at her.

“Oh goody, some asses to thrash.” Faith said with a smirk. “And look…I got a pointy stick too!” She flipped her stake up into her hands. “I must be a trend setter or something. Does this mean I can play? I’d love to show you a few tricks.” she said with a feral grin as she spun the stake in her hands a few times.

One of the eight surrounding her took a step forward. “You will find we can do a lot more that simple tricks with these sticks.” said a smooth cultured English voice from behind the mask.

Faith rolled her eyes. “You aren’t seriously pulling the whole ‘my stick is bigger than your stick’ crap, are you?” She gave them another grin. “Well remember boys…it’s not the size, but how you use it.” and with blinding speed, she hurled to stake at the man’s chest. To her surprise she saw the man pop out and then back in about two feet to the right, causing her stake to land harmlessly on the grass.

“Impressive…” Faith said, still not looking too worried…yet. “Not vamps I take it? Demons then…and British ones no less…well boys, welcome to the colonies.” and she launched herself at the nearest one.

Suddenly the air around her was filled with bursts of different colored lights coming from the ends of their sticks.

“What the fuck? Is this Star Wars or something? Xan-man, eat your heart out...” Faith muttered as she ducked behind a tombstone to avoid another burst of red light. She knew she was in big trouble but she really didn’t see a way out of it at this point. Besides, she had always been more of a ‘fight not flight’ kind of gal and so she threw herself back into the fray.

Faith managed to take down another three of the robed freaks before her luck ran out and she found herself bound head to foot in ropes on the ground. The one who had spoken earlier was looking down at her.

“You will make a lovely gift to the Dark Lord.” the voice said. Even from behind the mask Faith could see the queer, dark glitter in the man’s eyes.

“Shit!” she thought as she saw the man wave his stick over her. Faith suddenly felt as if she was being squeezed through a garden hose. When she felt she couldn’t take it any more, she was flung on a stone floor like a sack of potatoes, still tied up. She looked up from her position on the floor to see a man sitting on a throne above her. No…not a man exactly…more like a snake guy with burning red eyes. He was flanked by more of those Star Wars rejects and was looking down at her like a cat who had found a particularly tasty mouse to torture before swallowing it whole.

Faith shuddered. She knew that look…she had seen it in the mirror too many times in the past. ‘Enough!’ she thought, giving herself a good mental shake. All of that was in the past…she was a confirmed white hat now…no need to dwell…being tied up at the foot of some freak show was enough for her to deal with at the moment. She struggled against her bonds.

“Release her.” hissed the snake guy. One of the robed guys waved his stick and the ropes around her disappeared.

She was up and in a fighting stance in a flash, her arms lose by her sides as she gave an appraising look to the around her, with its opulent, if but decaying, grandeur.

“Nice digs you got here.” Faith said casually as she gave the room a once over, looking for possible escape routes. Seeing none at the moment, Faith focused her attention on the…thing…sitting on the throne before her.

“So…Snake Guy…I take it you are the boss here?” she said with an appraising look.

“How dare you speak to the Dark Lord in such a manner!” yelled one of the robed guys, brandishing his pointy stick “You will learn to respect your betters! Cruc…”

“Adavra Kedavra.” said the snake guy casually. A jet of green light shot from his pointy stick to the man who had spoken and before Faith could blink, the mans corpse was crumpled at her feet.

“That was very rude of him to interrupt don’t you think?” said the snake guy calmly.

Faith suppressed a burst of nausea at what had happened so quickly in front of her. She knew that if she showed any sort of weakness, she would be signing her death warrant. Without missing a beat Faith stepped over the body at her feet and faced the throne.

“Yeah…rude…anyway…so what’s the deal here?” she said in what she hoped was a nonchalant tone.

The snake guy smiled, making his face even more grotesque, if that was even possible Faith thought.

“I am, as you stated, the boss here. My name is Lord Voldemort, but you may address me as the Dark Lord…after all, we are all family here.” Voldemort said with a sweeping gesture of his arms.

“Hmmm…Voldemort…and here I thought having a middle name like Francis was bad. As for Dark Lord, I’ve known too many of those…I think I will stick with Snake Guy.” she said with an arrogant smirk. Faith knew she was pushing it with the sarcasm but she often found that if you pushed hard enough, your opponent would act impulsively and give you the advantage. Why the hell else waste your time gabbing instead of going strait for the kill? Faith could see that the robed guys were frozen in shock, as if terrified of what Voldemort might do next…but he was just looking at Faith with an amused expression.

“You are an interesting creature Miss Lehane. Yes, yes…I know your name. I know all about you…your past crimes and your pathetic attempts at redemption. The Dark Slayer…a mere muggle with such power…” He leaned back on his throne and placed his hands on the snake head armrests. “Yes…I think I will make an exception and allow you to serve me, despite your blood. It would be a shame to waste such a talent as yours.”

Faith held her hands up. “Whoa there Snake Guy…don’t think that I’m not flatter by the offer…because I’m not.” she quipped “Serving the bad guy…been there, done that…not really my thing anymore.” she said with a lazy smile. “Besides, I already have a job and my friends wouldn’t take it too well if I just took off without giving my two weeks notice and all. In fact, they might just get a bit nasty about it.” Faith grinned to herself, imagining her and Buffy pounding the shit out of these guys while Willow turned Snake Guy into a puddle with a chant or two.

These happy images were shattered when Voldemort said “That won’t be a problem my dear. You see, to them, you are already dead.”


Voldemort waved his hand in a casual gesture. “I am sure that they have found your body by now…burned beyond all recognition of course, but the dental records should match perfectly. I have no doubt they are already mourning you deeply…” Then he gave her a nasty smirk. “Or perhaps their not. Maybe they are relieved and are dancing on your grave as we speak?”

The smile fell from Faith’s face and her gaze hardened. Voldemort just laughed. “It is of no matter…we are your family now.”

“Not interested.” Faith said, never breaking her gaze.

Voldemort smiled back at her. “Oh, but you will be. You just need the proper encouragement…Imperio!”

Faith felt as if she was floating in warm water loaded with painkillers. There was a voice in her head telling her to kneel before Voldemort, but she told it to fuck off…she was enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling. Too soon it was over and she staggered a bit.

“Damn, that was amazing. You should bottle and sell that shit. You would make a killing on the streets.” she said with a smirk.

It seemed that this comment was the straw that broke the snakes back. Voldemort leapt up, red eyes blazing, and shouted. “CRUCIO!”

Her world became a haze of pain. She had been good at blocking out physical pain in the past because of her slayer strength, but this…this seemed to get past all her defenses. She was twitching and screaming on the floor, trying to escape the pain somehow. The pain kept going deeper and deeper into her until it reached her core and pulled her apart. When that happened, she felt that empty place within her explode. There was a blinding flash and she was gone.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“HEADMASTER!” bellowed Hagrid as he came barreling through the front doors of Hogwarts, soaking wet from the storm. He was carrying the limp form of a dark haired young woman in his arms. Dumbledore, having been alerted by the castle of a powerful burst of magic at the gates, was waiting for him in the empty front hall with professor McGonagall. Dumbledore leaned over the unconscious girl and brushed aside her damp hair to reveal her face. Dumbledore and McGonagall both let out a gasp.

Dumbledore turned to Hagrid. “Get her to the hospital wing now…and do not let her be seen.” Without a question, Hagrid took off at a thundering run.

“Minerva, please alert Severus and have him meet me in the hospital wing immediately. We have no time to waste.”
The normally stoic McGonagall was shaking. “Albus…is that…is that who I think it is?”

Dumbledore let out a heavy sigh as his eyes followed the path that Hagrid had taken with the poor young woman...

“Yes my dear…it seems that at long last, the lost Black sister has been found.”
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