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Back To The Beginning

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Summary: Willow makes a timely decision. B/W and others. Medium crossover begins in Chapter 26. Chapter 53 deals with 9/11. Beast-verse crossover begins in Chapter 54.

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Chapter 58

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. Ariel and the other DuBois characters belong to the owners of the "Medium" TV show. Lazarus Long and company property of the Robert Anson Heinlein estate. Daria & Co. property of Glenn Eichler, MTV, et al. Not mine, making no money.

A/N: While I am in the "TNotB" universe, I'm only using information from the first book in the series.

After Daria laid out the agreement, Willow walked with her up to the surface, to their "APC." Daria opened the hatch, and Willow levitated the trunk over to where she had opened the bay doors. Once it was on the platform, they walked over to it...and Willow slapped her head. "I'm a doofus!" She pulled her phone out, and called the silo. "Honey? Could you have Jake come up?"

After a few minutes, Jake appeared to see an APC that had the box back in it. "Ladies, how can I help you?"

Willow smiled. "I was going to help Daria shape the plutonium down in the silo, but it occurred to me that if we made a mistake, that wouldn't be the best place. Daria's APC has a continua device, do you know a good place where we could park and shape it relatively safely?"

Jake smiled. "I think that I could do that." He went over to the plane, opened the hatch, and said, "Hi, Gay! Can you give me the continua settings for label GayTermite?" It turned out that she could, and he wrote them down. He walked back over, and climbed into the commander's seat, while Daria closed the hatch behind the three of them. He adjusted the settings, hit 'execute,' and said, "There you go. Out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but giant termites at night," he looked out, "which it isn't, now."

Daria opened the hatch, and Willow levitated the trunk out again. Once she had it on the ground, she opened it, and pulled the inner trunk out, and pulled the lead from the outer trunk, and made ten smaller boxes from it.

She then opened the lid to the inner trunk, and opened the first of thirty plastic containers bearing a resemblance to an egg case(if one was carrying a thousand very small eggs). The case levitated, then disappeared, and a thousand pieces of tarnished metal came together and formed most of a hemisphere.

"Wow," Daria said.

"Keep it quiet, please, this isn't as easy as it looks." Willow opened a second container, then a third, adding more to the hemisphere. Finally, when she had formed a perfect hemisphere, she gently placed it in a lead box and closed it, then sighed. "Phew!" she said.

"What makes it so hard?" Daria asked.

"Controlling a thousand different objects, and making sure that we didn't get hit with radiation, shaping it just right. I'm just happy that we're nowhere near critical, and that when we use these things, it's just going to be two pieces - and I won't have to worry about the ...things one the away face." Since I'll probably be a little tuckered from taking out Vail, I'm glad that it'll be simple."

Daria nodded. "Well, if you need any help..."

"I could use a cuddle, but I'm married to a beautiful woman."

Daria smirked. "So am I. Two of them, in fact." She ran her fingers through her hair. "Stacy told us about Tara in the canon-verse. What would you have done if you could have married them both?"

Willow smiled. "I made that choice when I came back. Even when I was at my most head-over-heels with Tara, even when I was crazy with grief at her murder, Buffy was more important to me. And now she has Joyce, and that's worked out pretty well, too." She stretched. "Back to the salt mines," she said as she opened another container.

After three hours, they finally had all of the metal into a usable form. Willow was covered in sweat, and Jake was more than happy to get them home. After the translation, they appeared right back at the silo, with the sun right where it was when they started. They both looked at Jake.

"It's because you were experiencing time on a different axis than this universe. Practically no time has passed."

"That'd be a great thing to have if you hadn't studied for a test," Daria said.

"One of the first commercial uses that Hilda came up with for the device," Jake said proudly.

Willow, her eyes and hair completely white, stood behind Buffy as she used the Scythe on the doors of Cyvus Vail's sanctum. With one more mighty blow, the door splintered, and Willow floated in. "I'll be right back, baby," she said as she passed by her wife. Once past the door, she turned and headed straight for the red man.

"Oh, my, a white witch," he said as she approached. "I may soil myself." He snorted. "Please. Is someone going to give me any competition?" He grabbed his magic and threw a fireball straight at Willow.

A fireball that fissled as soon as it touched her shields. She smirked. "You're kidding, right? That was just to make sure that you had someone with real power up against you?"

He threw a second fireball, no more successfully than the first.

"You're not kidding." Willow sighed. "Oh, well, then I guess it's time for us to help our clansmen." She waved her hand down, and nothing was in front of her but Vail's squashed body, and then not even that as she turned back toward her wife.

All of the Circle was down, taken by various members of the Scooby clan and the Gay Deceiver crew. Buffy was especially impressed by Lazarus going through the Fell Brethren like a hot knife through butter. As her Scythe separated the Archduke Sebbasis from his head, several very large portals opened.

Everyone, back to our prepared bunkers! Willow's voice sounded through everyone's head. Into each of the portals, she made two objects fly, and, as soon as they were inside, brought them together, and held them there. After one second, all of the portals closed.

"Well," she said, "That's that."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Back To The Beginning" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 May 12.

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