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What to do, What to do

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Summary: If only he knew someone with experience with Vamps....... Sam/Xander pre-slash.....sorta

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesBlackBettyFR1511,0191132,05419 Sep 0919 Sep 09No
Disclaimer-not mine, i wish they were but alas they are not

A/N-this is set in the first season around the time Bill is "missing". I hope you enjoy, or at least know that if you dont there is a niftly little escape button at the top of ur screen. Alright on with the story.....


Sam didn’t know what to think of the man sitting at his bar. He had shaggy dark brown hair, a chocolate brown eye (the other was covered by an eye patch), and every time Sam saw him he was either wearing horrendously bright Hawaiian shirts with cargo pants or a black indecently tight t-shirt and jeans. The man was also intently focused on him, he never looked at the waitresses in their tiny shorts and he never looked at any of the men in the place either. Not even Lafayette, when he tried to get his attention after Sam asked him if he saw the way he focused on him. Afterwards Lafayette’s only response was “You have one devoted puppy over there, cher.”

It had not started out that way though, when Xander Harris had first shown up in his bar, all Xander had wanted to do was drown his sorrows in a bottle of Jack. A few weeks later and some good conversation later Xander didn’t even order any alcohol. He would come in about three nights a week, order food, and keep Sam entertained with stories until closing. On nights when Sam wasn’t working Xander would order his food, tip well, then leave, he didn’t ignore anybody if they tried to make conversation with him, but he never stuck around.

By the time Sam figured out Xander’s attraction to him, he was in no state to do anything about it. He had finally given up on Sookie ever seeing him as anything more than a friend, especially with that Vampire around her all the time. His little fling thing with Tara had turned into a disaster, and at this point he was so dissatisfied with all his relationships that he was sometimes glad for his loneliness and solitude. That along with the secrets that he kept from everybody made getting involved with anybody a complicated mess.

For a time he had been confused about his own feelings for Xander, after all he barely knew the man. Xander had only been around for a few weeks before they had started to be friendly, not the drunk-to-bartender relationship they had before. Xander told him he had been traveling around the world trying to find something……or someone, Xander was never very clear about which it was. Every once and a while Xander would disappear for a couple weeks and when he got back he would have more funny stories to tell, but for six months now Xander had been living in Bon Temps. After they had started to become friends, Sam found that Xander was quickly becoming his best friend; they even went so far as to hang out even when Sam wasn’t working. Despite the fact that Sam had such a problem letting people close, he found that Xander was very easy to confide in. he could talk to Xander about his troubled childhood, well with a very big exception but that was par for the course. He had a feeling that Xander had secrets of his own but that was fine with Sam, he had his own. He knew of course that Xander had had dealing with Vamps before but he never elaborated on them and Sam didn’t really much care until the “Bookie” thing went down, at least that was Xander’s nickname for Bill and Sookie. His feelings had grown for Xander since they started spending more time together, but Sam still didn’t know what to do about it. He liked Xander, sure, but he wasn’t ready to tell him about being a shifter, and he didn’t want to get into something with Xander only to be abandoned, again for being a shifter. However Xander never asked anything from him, he never asked him out, and never asked him to go out back and dirty on a squeaky cot. For that he was grateful. Xander did let him know that he was attracted, but made it clear that he didn’t expect anything from him.

What amused Sam though was everybody else’s reaction to Xander, nearly everybody loved him. Lafayette was jealous that Xander only had eyes for Sam but loved him all the same. Rene and Arlene doted on him whenever they were around. Even Tara liked him, it was kinda freaky to watch them snark back and forth. Xander was the only person he knew that wasn’t the least put off by her sarcasm. When Sam asked about his reaction to Tara, Xander would shrug and say “It’s an art.”

He did find it weird that Sookie couldn’t stand to be around him for more than a few moments. Sam had asked her about it and she said there was something off about him and that he needed to be careful. To which he had responded that she should take her own advice. Of course that had started off an argument that Sam couldn’t care less about anymore. It was the same thing every time; Sookie just always assumed that it was a personal attack on her vamp. Not that Sam didn’t still think of her as a friend, but he just wanted her to be weary. However she wouldn’t listen to him and would go running back to her precious vamp. He knew that she had a lot on her plate recently, what with all the tragedy she had been through recently, but she acted like nobody understood her, but neither did she let them in.

What he needed was someone who had experience with Vamps, both good and bad, that could give her Sookie a facts-of-life speech, so to speak.

Who knew he had just such a person sitting at his bar right now, telling him stories about his travels.

The End?

You have reached the end of "What to do, What to do" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Sep 09.

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