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Desperate Characters

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Summary: In the comics, the new Council pulled a jewel heist for funds. What if Red Robin decided to investigate? [Dead. Returning soon in different incarnation.]

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DC Universe > BatmanBrownFR151654061,17920 Sep 0920 Sep 09No
Tim hadn't meant to get involved. He'd been shaving to the dulcet tones of the Italian police band, tuning out the litany of drunk drivers and domestic disputes. But then the radio chirped about a major theft from the Goulding Building. The Goulding Building's security was legendary; Selina said that the most fun she'd ever had in Rome was breaking in there. The Goulding family had been dealing in precious stones and jewellery for hundreds of years, and had moved into the antique market as soon as the concept of antique was created. Their security systems were cutting-edge, you couldn't find any better in Rome, and the security guards were ex-military, many of them metahumans.

Tim's interest was piqued. He'd spent the last six weeks rolling up a drug pipeline, tracking ecstasy distribution in Europe from the distributors, back to a series of labs here in Rome. Organising the bust had been tricky, as he'd had to work around certain corrupt officials that he didn't have the time to remove. The controller of the network would probably get off, but production would be cut for the next few months. One of Tim's first lessons, all the way back in Gotham: you have to be content with what you achieve. You can't get every criminal.

Jewel thieves good enough to hit the Goulding family? That sounded like something fun, to get his mind off drugs and crime networks.


The Guardia di Finanza had been kind enough to archive the reports digitally. Normally the Finanza wouldn't get involved with a simple robbery, but the Gouldings had pulled some serious strings and gotten them on the case. Incident report, statements from the security guards, preliminary crime scene reports. It painted quite a picture. The entire security system had gone down at ten fifty-two. The guards, not being idiots, had attempted to call the authorities - but neither phones nor radio worked. Reasoning that it was probably a localised effect, three of the guards had been sent to get outside the building. They had been taken out in hand-to-hand combat by what they swore was a teenage girl in a minskirt, tank top and balaclava. Teenage girl taking out three former Spetsnaz agents? That said metahuman to Tim. Or it was Cassandra, he thought, smiling to himself.

The preliminary report on the security system was even more interesting. No signs of anyone bypassing the vault doors, but there was a long list of jewels missing from the vault's strongboxes. Again, no signs of interference with the locks. They had just...opened. Tim frowned, and refreshed the casefile - ah, someone had uploaded the security camera footage. It was lovely to see police embracing the twenty-first century. The footage showed nothing until ten fifty-two, when there was a wash of static across the image, and then the cameras (like all the security) was nonfunctional for half an hour. Tim played back the single moment of static again. The Italians probably wouldn't get it for a while, but Tim had seen a similar pattern in Bludhaven; a couple of kids who'd developed magical abilities had put them to use robbing convenience stores; talk about limited imagination. The hexes they had used to disable security cameras had produced similar patterns.

So, a mage powerful enough to disable all technology within a building, teleport into and out of the vault, and unlock the strongboxes. Tim rubbed the corners of his eyes. Magic and crime never mixed well. Teleport spells...he needed more information. Tim opened a web browser, and logged onto a particularly unassuming message board. He left a detailed post on the 'Non-urgent' board, then signed off. He checked the Guardia server again, and sighed. They still hadn't uploaded the forensics report. Illegally monitoring police investigations was so frustrating.

I disclaim all rights to the DC and Buffy universes. Need to increase my crossovers, you go.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Desperate Characters" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Sep 09.

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