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Summary: The Cleveland house is getting a little crowded. Xander is in San Francisco, checking out the local "community" when he comes across a face long thought gone.

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Paige MatthewsskabsFR1816,2831316,10321 Sep 0921 Sep 09No
Disclaimer- I do not own Charmed or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are owned by Constance Burge (I think) and Joss Whedon.

Summary- Xander knows he has to expand his branch of the Watcher Council. He sets out to San Francisco, having heard of some recent activity through various sources, to see if they can handle some Slayers. While trolling around he meets up with someone he was quite sure they'd vanquished. How's he going to get out of this one?

Author's note- This is my first time posting on this website. Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself, and that my story is interesting enough for you. Be warned! Slow updates ahead! I was not a big Charmed fan before, but I am slowly catching up on episodes... I will occasionally get things wrong. You can point them out, but it's unlikely that I'll change what I wrote unless it's a MAJOR mistake. That being said, please do point them out, you never know when a better idea will spring forth!

He knew what hunted the night, he’d known since he was sixteen and stumbled upon secrets better left untold. He knew what hunted the night, and he was always prepared for a showdown. San Francisco had turned out to be one of those city’s that attracted trouble, most likely because of the portals that took shape in parts of the outlying suburbs. So he’d been sent to open negotiations, maybe build a branch of his teams defenders. It was a large city, and it could use all the help it could get.

Maybe trolling around in the dark, looking for trouble, wasn’t the best way to find the light ones, but it sure as hell took less time than looking in the yellow pages.
Besides, he was a tough guy, and he’d survived a lot worse than the vampire brat who’d been stalking him the past block and a half. He really didn’t know why it hadn’t tried to attack him yet, but he admitted he could cut an intimidating figure.
At just over six feet tall, broad shoulders and a walk that pronounced him hunter, he was the very image of “leave me the fuck alone”. Usually though he could add a limp or hang his head, projecting the very geek he’d been in high school, fooling those of the darkness completely.

Quickly he made a decision; he turned around, fast enough that the vampire had no choice but to look him in the eye or bolt. Vampires didn’t like to run away, but this one paused long enough to get a wooden stake right through the heart. The element of surprise, he thought with a sigh, fingering the satin smooth patch over his eye. There were rumors about him, warning creatures of the dark away from the one-eyed man. But the surprise only lasted a little while, and if it’d been more than one vamp he’d probably been in trouble. Not only did creatures of the night warn others away from him, they also had fun trying to hunt him down. He’d heard he had several impressive prices on his head.

“San Francisco… city of harlots and unnatural crusaders… hmm…” the soft drawling voice brought sweat to the mans forehead, a quick tremble of limbs that ended in a steel lock. He turned around to face the voice that had suddenly brought all his worst nightmares flooding back into his mind.

“No.” Just the single word was enough to remind him, to make him take a breath. It couldn’t be him, he’d died and gotten pulled right into hell. He’d seen it himself, with his single eye, the only one he’d been left with after Caleb had punched his thumb through the other.

“Yes, young Alexander. You think your friends are the only ones to ever arise from death? Blasphemy,” the preacher drawled, and walked out from the shadow of the alley. It was just like the last time he’d seen the man. The stiff smirk, the priests collar, and the absolute lack of anything resembling mercy in his cold gaze.

“We killed you, you’re dead.” Xander shook his head, then shifted a little to keep the man in his sight as he circled around.

“I was brought back through the infinite wisdom of The Source who, while not quite as brilliant as my First, is still an original evil even you should think twice of taking on.”

“Pride goeth before a fall,” Xander smirked. He used the distraction Caleb snarling and spitting on the ground to pull a wicked dagger from the sheath under his shirt.

“Now don’t go ruin’n a perfectly good reunion young man,” and suddenly Caleb was on Xander, hands grasping at wrists and twisting to release the dagger to the ground. “And if I recall our last meeting didn’t exactly end the way I wanted it to… I left a job half done Seer.” Xander could only cry out in pain as Caleb dug his fingers into his shoulder and forced him down on his knees. His other hand went under his chin and forced him to look up. “First lets get rid of this little thing so I can observe my handy-work.” He ripped the eye-patch away and smiled down at the gaping hole, the scars that had been left through the surgical need to remove what was left of his eye before it festered and killed him.

“No,” Xander tried to fight, to struggle away, to do anything goddamnit!

“Hmm,” Caleb smirked and stroked the side of Xander’s face as if admiring a nice bouquet of roses. Delicately he observed his work and found it pleasing. “Even with only one eye, you still see too much.” He leaned down to rest his forehead on Xander's and smiled wickedly. “Oh, please do continue to fight, please, it makes it more… pleasurable I suppose, to mutilate you while you cry for your harlots to rescue you.”

“HELP!” Xander was never a coward, and he was never a fool. Sometimes when you asked for help, or in his case screamed it to the high heavens, you got it.
Of course with his cry echoing down the street, with his heart felt plea to rescue him from his personal nightmare, with his luck he’d be dead before anyone showed to answer it.

“Oh, poor White Knight,” Caleb dug his fingers deeper into Xander’s shoulder and relished the sudden tang of blood in the air. “No little bitch to help you this time, no good guy Vampire to drag me away from your despairing soul.” the tone wasn’t more that the usual bad guy taunt, but his glee was unmatched by any villain Xander had ever encountered before. “Now lets just get rid of that pesky eye and send you back to the Slayer in multiple boxes, shall we?”

“I don’t think we shall,” came a dry tone from the end of the street. Xander couldn’t see through the tears of pain, and the sudden clamping of Caleb’s fingers in his shoulder once again made him gasp out. But he could swear it was a female voice, and the only thing Caleb hated more than him was women.

“Whore,” he sneered, but didn’t let his attention shift from his prize too much.

“Now that’s not nice,” came a voice from the other end of the street. “She spent a lot of time on that outfit, and I think it looks cute on her.” This voice was bright, but sharp with implied threat.

“Let him go.” The first woman commanded.

“I don’t think so, little girl, I spent a lot of time tracking him down and I intend to finish the job.” Quick as lightening his thumb descended, Xander could see it, but couldn’t move. It was as if time had simply stopped for him, and the past came up to kick his ass. He could remember the first thought that had been in his head back then, it was a pause and the pure incredulousness. He couldn’t believe it was happening, and then the sudden pain had overruled any other thought. He’d screamed for what seemed like days, and it was only later, at the hospital that he’d realized he’d screamed his throat raw.

But this time instead of pain and the smug laughter that had echoed in his nightmares for days, months, years, he saw flashing blue lights and the sudden cessation of fear.

“It’s all right, I’ve got you,” this girl was soft in her tone, in her delicate hands as she pulled out a Kleenex and wiped his eye free of tears. He found himself shaking in her arms. It was very different from any rescue he’d ever had before and he wasn’t quite sure how to react.

“Caleb, he’ll hurt them!” Came the immediate thought. He tried to struggle away from the calm grasp, to help, to protect. He scoffed at himself in his own mind… who did he think he was really? He’d been a shaking mess until they’d saved him. Still, his instinct was to protect his girls!

“Naw, little bastard ran away,” the first voice came up behind him, causing him to flinch back against the body of the one who’d snatched him away.

“It’s okay, they’re my sisters,” she murmured in his ear. “That’s Phoebe,” she gestured toward the first woman. She had short curly hair and a smug smirk. She dressed in what Faith might have called orgasmic fighting gear. Leather and lace, supportive but made with causing mass erections in mind. She smiled down at him and then crouched, holding out his discarded eye-patch. “And that’s Piper.” the second woman was looking down at the street, her long brown hair pulled back in a simple braid, dressed in a plain blue dress that fell to her feet, her hand rested casually on a large pregnant belly.

“He could have hurt you, he’s…” Xander couldn’t think of a word for the vileness that was Caleb. He feared the man even more now that he had a new backer. “You’re pregnant! You shouldn’t be out vanquishing evil!” his voice was more than a bit unsteady, but suddenly he felt just as pissed as the first time one of his girls got pregnant and didn’t tell him about it until she started to show. She’d known for weeks and was still going out on patrols!

“Don’t worry about me. I don’t do anything more strenuous than standing and looking intimidating.” She thought it was sweet that a man who’d been terrified out of his wits not more than five minutes earlier was worried for her safety. “But it’s nice to meet you Mr..?”

“Harris, Alexander Harris. But please,” Xander sat up on his own power, suddenly realizing he hadn’t moved from the comfort of the other girls arms, and for some reason he now felt very proper. “Call me Xander,” he held out his hand to the Vixen- Phoebe?- and smiled when she hauled him to his feet. It wasn’t the extra strength of a Slayer, but it held a little Oomph to it. The lady was no stranger to a good workout. He turned to help the other girl to her feet and froze a little before knocking himself out of it. She was pretty in a sharp features sort of way. Pale skin and ruby red lips framed by red hair that could not be natural. Her jeans were tight, her boots stiletto sharp and her breasts were pushed up by a lacy miracle that could loosely be called a bra under a proper cut shirt that was almost completely see through. The juxtaposition of sex under prim made his brain stutter. He held his hand out and pulled her up, noticing the smooth texture of her palm against his rough one. Suddenly he felt like he was back in high school and could only cough out a shy greeting. “Hi.”

“Paige,” she said. “Is my name,” she stuttered out herself. She hadn’t noticed it before but, damn, the boy was big. And fit, and very, very yummy. His broad shoulders were at advantage in the canvas jacket he wore over a plain white tee, his jeans hugged his hips and were worn at the knees. He worked for a living, according to his rough hand, and according to the placement of calluses he knew how to fight. If his complete lack of shock at the supernatural was anything to go by, and the snatches of conversation Phoebe mentioned from her vision were correct, then this guy fought demons, and was one of the good guys.
“You have really pretty eyes,” he said without any internal editing. She could almost see the panic the instant he realized what he had said. “and I’m very sorry.”

“You’re sorry I have pretty eyes,” she asked, confused.

“No! I mean, I don’t…” Xander let out a huff of breath and took in another deep one before continuing. “Hi, my name is Xander Harris, I work for the North American Branch of the International Watchers Council. I am in the area hoping to meet the Good Witches and Demons in San Francisco so that I can determine if this city is in need of our help. Since you all rescued me from something I was sure was deceased and rotting in a very large crater, and you’re all very tingly in a good way, I assume you’re Good Witches?” Phoebe smiled and nodded. Piper just smirked a little as she watched the man pull himself together. He was a strong one… he’d need to be if that little light in Paige’s eye was anything to go by.

“Let’s get you back to the house and patch up that shoulder, shall we?” the mother-hen in Piper called out. Xander looked over at his shoulder, as if surprised to find the arm still attached. Now that she’d said it he could feel the dull throb.

Usually he just patched himself up, after fixing his girls of course. Having someone to actually look at his "minor" wounds was a new experience. He usually had to be gushing blood before he'd let anyone know he'd even been scratched. Before he knew it he was once again surrounded by pretty chiming blue lights and transported to a new location. This time when he opened his eye he was in a cheery kitchen, complete with cookies cooling on a rack next to the stove.

“Take off your shirt and I’ll give you a cookie,” Piper teased.

“I don’t usually strip for my girls, even with a bribe, but in this case I’ll take the cookie,” he smiled back as he unbuttoned his light jacket and pulled his tee over his head with his uninjured arm. Piper heard the quick intake of breath and the soft, “oh my god” from her sisters and was prepared better when she turned around with a cookie in her hand.

It was an even toss up of what shocked her more, the tanned expanse of pure muscle (which was nothing new considering hunky white lighters and demon husbands) or the sheer amount of scars that filled the space (which was new considering how fast the aforementioned mystical beings healed). She shook her head to focus on the holes in his shoulder and met his eye as he smiled at her sadly.

“I know, kinda like Frankenstein’s monster huh?” he took the cookie she offered and pointedly didn’t look at the blood dripping from the new wounds.

“Well, lets clean this up, shall we?”

“What did you mean?” Phoebe asked as she took a seat at the island table, stealing a cookie as she watched Piper clean Xander’s wounds.

“Hm?” He asked, mouth full of chocolate and pecan.

“When you said “my girls” it sounded like you’ve got a harem somewhere.”
Xander almost choked on his cookie, then winced as Piper’s finger accidentally caught on one of the holes.

“Phoebe!” Piper hissed at her.

“What?” Phoebe defended, “It did!”

“It’s okay, I know how it sounds,” Xander admitted shook his head. “Trust me, it’s nothing like that. I told you I was from the Watcher’s Council right?”

“Yeah,” Paige answered as she poured some milk into cups and passed them out, snagging a cookie for herself as she sat next to her sister.

“Well, the Watcher’s Council used to be these stuffy British men who looked after the interests of the Slayer, one girl in all the world with the strength to fight vampires and such and such and so forth and so forth.”

“An entire Council to help one girl?” Piper mused, thinking about what she could do with that sort of help.

“That was the idea, but the Council was so old and stuck in its ways that it usually was more of a hindrance than a help. At least with us it was.”

“So you decided to join up and change that?” Piper asked.

“Goddess I wish!” Xander hissed a bit as Piper cleaned. She apologized and started to apply ointment.

“No, basically what happened was this Big Bad Evil came to town, and we ended up activating all potential Slayers that were in the age range and answered to our call. It was a choice, we sent the images and thoughts, feelings of the current Slayers to the Potentials, good and bad, so they’d know what they were getting into. We stopped the Big Bad, and now we have upwards to hundreds, maybe thousands of Slayers around the Globe. The original Council got blown up, so us that were around "The" Slayer decided to organize and heft the mantle ourselves. Only with so many girls, we need help.” Xander took the next cookie that Piper offered him and smiled. “Most of the girls that I refer to as “Mine” I found in Africa, a few of the more troubled ones that are from various parts of the States. And so far it’s working out well. We have a base of sorts, but it’s getting a little crowded. So I volunteered to look into the most Supernatural laden spots to see if help is needed.” Nothing so far, Xander mused, was a lie, or wasn’t available to anyone who wanted to look it up. There was a lot of information out there that was floating around the web, including their very own website that had been set up that explained just what a Slayer was and where they could get help.

“And you want to set up in San Francisco?” Paige asked as he pulled his shirt back over his head, ignoring the protests that Piper set up about the blood stains and holes in it. Without warning she snatched it back and sent it down the laundry hamper in the hall way.

“Yeah, if I didn’t get any objections from the local practicing good witches. What am I supposed to wear now?” he called as Piper started up the stairs toward the second floor.

“Nothing,” Paige smirked and watched as his cheeks started to burn a little pink. Wow, he was easy to get flustered.

Xander couldn’t believe she was getting him so bothered. He lived with Slayers for the goddess sake! They held underwear modeling competitions for him and all he ever bothered to say to them was,” Nice, but you’ll never be able to fight in that.”

Phoebe had to look away or burst out laughing. Here was this giant of a man, blushing because her tiny sister was ogling him! Piper came back into the room holding a large blue shirt and handed it to Xander. Gratefully he pulled it over his head and sighed as he felt the heat from Paige’s smirk subside.

“Let us double check with some of our more esoteric friends, but I don’t have any objection to you starting a chapter here.” Piper sat, and was well aware of the incredulous stares her sisters were giving her. Piper was the one who thought things through. She was the one everyone considered to be, “in charge” when something needed a leader. This was a snap decision that they’d never believed her capable of.

“I appreciate that,” Xander smiled genuinely. “Now I should probably call a taxi or something, to get to my hotel… I have no idea where I’m at.” he laughed a little sheepishly. “But thanks for the assist, and for patching me up!”

“No, you’re staying here tonight. We have a guest room you are more than welcome to use and tomorrow we’ll take you on a tour of the city so you can learn who the good witches are and what areas to avoid. You really had no idea, but the part of the city you were in is pretty much demon central.” Piper insisted.

“Thanks for the offer, but,” Xander started as he got to his feet.

“No, it’s not an offer. You’re staying.”

“Yes ma’am.” Xander sat again, well aware that a nesting female would not loose him from her grasp until she was good and ready. Kitoko had been horrible while she was pregnant. There was that entire week she wouldn’t let him out of her sight. Going to the bathroom had been incredibly awkward.

“Paige, show him the guest room, Phoebe clean these glasses. I’m going to bed, and Xander, we’ll see you in the morning,” with a rare show of affection she kissed his forehead and waddled gracefully away.

“So, this is the guest room. Bathrooms right across the hall,” Paige told him as she opened the door and waved him in. It was a nice room, obviously decorated with a male in mind. Plain tan walls with blue curtains, dark blue carpet and unadorned cherry wood furniture. The bed wasn’t made, but Paige walked across to the closet and pulled out sheets and a comforter then set them on the mattress.

“It’s really nice of you guys to let me stay here like this.”

“No it’s not,” Paige replied.

“Yeah, I know. Keeping an eye on me just in case,” Xander smirked. Really, he wasn’t the one anyone should be worried about. Yeah, so he got buff in the years he’d tramped around Africa, so what if the hyena and soldier in his head had finally merged with him to give him a bit of an added bonus? It wasn’t anything major, he was still pretty much the same Zeppo he’d been in high school. He was fine with that now. He could do his part and help his girls stay alive. That was what he found important. That’s who he was. If he needed an out he just had to call…



“I need to use your phone!”

“There’s one on that desk…” Paige didn’t even get the entire sentence out before he vaulted over the bed and grabbed the receiver.

“It’s long distance, I’ll pay you back!” he muttered as he dialed.

“That’s okay…” she trailed away as someone on the other side answered.

“Put the voodoo doll away Sadiki, I’m perfectly okay… Yes, I’m very sorry I missed check up… Yes, I know I yell at you when you miss check up… No, I haven’t been kidnapped… It’s only a minor wound and it’s already stopped bleeding… No, do not, I repeat do NOT call Willow.”

He turned to glare at Paige as she chuckled.

“No, she’s not a demon… She’s a nice witch and her sister’s helped me out of a tough spot… No she’s not going to cook and eat me… you should not know that term young lady!”

Paige kept the laugh behind her smirk this time, but the mirth tickling at the corners of his mouth made that hard.

“I will call you tomorrow at the scheduled time, if I miss it then you have my full permission to call Willow and Buffy to de-monster me. All right? Good… I love you all too, tell Kinfe that she still has to do her math homework, have Zula help her, sleep well. Good night.”


“Are very possessive,” Xander shrugged as he hung up. “If I miss check up they’ll burn the city down trying to find me. They like projectile weaponry and large explosions. I gave Buffy a rocket launcher for her seventeenth birthday.”

“Sounds like a fun party.”

“You have no idea.” he grabbed the other end of the fitted sheet as she tossed it to him and helped make the bed he’d sleep in. “Monster parts everywhere.”


As the scream rent the air Xander jerked out of bed and onto his feet. He assessed where he was and grabbed the knife he’d placed under his pillow before bursting into the hallway and across, kicking out to the door he’d heard the cry of distress from. He backed out of the room quickly though, blushing beet red because Phoebe slept in a very risqué lace teddy.

“Sorry!” he managed to eep as he realized the scream was from a nightmare, not an attacker.

“Oh my god,” he heard Phoebe gasp, then her feet hitting the carpet. She rushed out of the room and flung her arms around his shoulders. “I am so sorry!”

If Xander thought he was blushing before…

“Are we interrupting something?” he managed to keep the groan to himself, but he glared at Paige as the red-head smirked. He was slightly disappointed that her taste in pajamas was wildly different than her sisters. Paige wore a tiny tank top and large worn sweatpants that had to have belonged to a guy at some point. He’d bet money on it.

Piper, on the other hand, wore a long sleep shirt over her baby bump and tiny shorts with huge, puffy pink socks. Xander was just happy that he’d long outgrown his preference to sleep naked, especially in a strangers house. It had been fine when he’d been with Anya, but now… He was just hyper aware that he’d been warm enough not to be wearing a shirt. It was nothing that these girls hadn’t seen before, as evidenced by the bandaging, but when he had one of the sisters twined around him like a vine, when she herself wore incredibly little, was a bit disconcerting. He looked down, aware of Phoebe’s gaze, staring intently at the hollow of his eyeball. He rarely slept with the patch on anymore, and really only regressed to it when he had a new girl in the house, to let them get used to him. He often forgot that he should wear his patch and walked downstairs, yawning, to get his share of Fruit Loops. The fact that he was comfortable enough around the sisters to forget to wear his patch, he thought, said something.

But the way Phoebe was looking at him… and her strange apology when she flung herself at him… He cleared his throat and gently removed Phoebe’s hands from his shoulders.

“It’s ok,” he soothed. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Really, he thought ruefully, nobody should have to see that. He always felt sorry for people who had visions. He didn’t have them himself, which was what made him scoff at “The One who Sees” title, but he hated the Powers that gave them to others.

“I couldn’t stop him!” Phoebe sniffed against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and cuddled gently.

“Nobody could,” he put his hand on the back of her head and smoothed down her hair. He had yet to find a girl that didn’t melt like a cat at that move. Phoebe wasn’t even really awake, so the deep, soft rumbling of his voice combined with the soft combing motion lulled her back to sleep quickly. He ignored the sisters, who watched him curiously, and stepped back into Phoebe’s room to settle her down on her bed. He tucked her in and backed out, leaving her door open just a crack. He’d warped the wood when he kicked it down. He’d fix it in the morning.

“What was that?” Piper asked, meaning his ability to calm down her sister, not the instinctive kick down the door to battle evil mode.

“I live in a house with about forty to fifty young girls at any given moment. These girls battle the forces of darkness in a way you couldn’t even imagine. Nightmares are pretty constant.” Xander shrugged and went back to “his” room to grab a shirt. “Do you mind if I go get a glass of milk? I kind of need to unwind.” His heart had stopped beating furiously in his chest, but the adrenaline coursing through his body would make it very hard to fall back asleep.

“Not at all,” Piper replied as he passed her, but she glared at Paige who nodded and followed him.

“So, not to get you all uncomfortable,” Paige prodded as she sat at the kitchen island and Xander poured milk into a cup.

“But you want to know what Phoebe’s dream was and you won’t leave me alone until I tell you how I knew,” Xander managed to smirk, it twisted the skin around his eye oddly. It surprised Paige to note that, she hadn’t even noticed he wasn’t wearing his eye patch, and he hadn’t fetched it when he went to get his shirt.

“Something like that,” Paige nodded when he pulled down a second glass and quirked the eyebrow over his good eye in question.

“Short answer is misplaced guilt,” he said as he poured her milk.

“Long answer? Because the short answer means shit to me.”

“She had a nightmare, and considering that she’s a witch who has visions she was probably tuned into me, and had the same nightmare I had,” Xander shrugged as he took a seat and handed her the milk. “I have it periodically, and the encounter I had tonight practically ensured I’d have it the second I settled down. So she saw me getting my eye poked out. She heard my screaming, and she wasn’t able to save me.” Xander took a sip, “So like I said, misplaced guilt.”

Paige took a long moment before answering, drinking to give herself time.

“I think you’ve got that wrong,” she shook her head before Xander could say it was ok. “No, I’ll give you a few points, because that’s part of it, but since you don’t know us you wouldn’t know.”

“I wouldn’t know?”

“Phoebe knows she can’t save everyone, it doesn’t stop her from wanting to. But I will tell you, most of it is empathy. She is genuinely upset that it happened at all, that it would happen to you. We’ve only known you for a few hours, but she feels for you. She, we all really, know you to be a true innocent,” again she had to stop Xander before he protested. This time though she stood and covered his mouth with her hand. She made him look at her, eye to eyes. “Phoebe had a vision of you, that’s what got us there in time to prevent your de-eyeing. Phoebe only gets visions of innocents that we have to save. Even then, we weren’t sure if her power was on the fritz. Here you are, and you know all that you know, and she still got a vision.” she lifted her hand and kissed his cheek. “Do you realize how rare a man like you is?”

“Medium?” he quipped.

“Cute.” Paige leaned forward and placed her forehead on his, “Go ahead.” she urged.

“Go ahead and what?” he asked, the answer swimming behind his singular ocular.

“You don’t have to be big bad daddy to a bunch of super powered teenagers here. Go ahead.” She wound her arms over his shoulders and drew him in as the tears began to fall.

“I hate crying. It stings,” he laughed without humor.

“Hold on,” Paige ran her fingers through his thick hair. “I won’t break.”

Xander wrapped his arms around her waist and just let her support his slumped body.

“I was scared,” he admitted. “Of all the villains we’ve ever faced, he was the only one I couldn’t break away from. Even when he was dead, we were irrevocably tied together. It’s not there all the time, but I’ll look in the mirror, or I’ll see a twisted smile… it’s a flash, a moment,” his voice kept getting smaller, quieter as she pulled him even closer.

“Let’s go upstairs, get comfortable,” Paige whispered pulling him to his feet. She was more than worried when he followed her without even a little of the bumbling awkward questioning that she’d come to expect.

Xander was half asleep, most likely from the combination of adrenaline suddenly bombing out and the confession and crying Paige had coerced from him. So he followed her, his mind numb, as she pulled him back into the guest room and tumbled him into bed. He had a slight bump in his heart as she climbed in beside him, but when she just hugged him like a giant teddy bear he relaxed. His mouth started moving, without any editing, telling her all about his girls. He told her how Emily liked to play pranks, and it was her fault he’d had blue hair last week. He told her how Janet wanted to be a doctor, and he put her acceptance letter to Princeton-Plainsboro on the refrigerator with a Mickey Mouse magnet and she’d laughed. He talked about Arnia, Loba, and Amadika dubbing themselves the “Three Musketeers” after watching the Disney version and making Badu run around like D’Artagnan. Hanzila was on a rampage because Omarosa kept making bad Godzilla references around her. He fell asleep repeating a joke that Kijana told him. “Where does the King keep his Armies?” he asked. Paige had to think, but as she did he fell asleep, snoring softly.

She pondered leaving him and returning to her own room, but she was comfortable, and Xander had turned into an excellent pillow at some point. Screw it, she thought, and surrendered to sleep herself.

Xander woke quickly, as he normally did, but with an unfamiliar weight on his arm. He opened his eye slowly and peaked at the body that was curled up against his side, her head resting on his chest, her body on top of his arm. He sighed, well aware that the second she got up he was going to be feeling pins and needles shooting through the limb, so he debated trying to keep her asleep. Willow might know some spells…

“Xander?” Paige muttered as she shifted. It was too late now, the uncomfortable stabbing sensation began as she scooted closer and draped her arm over his torso.

“Ah!” Xander hissed out, trying to pull the arm closer to massage out the feeling, but really only managed to tangle himself further in Paige’s arms. She truly began to wake up as Xander rolled her over his body, as it was the only way to shift enough weight to shake out his arm, and opened her eyes only to look straight into his.

Of course Xander was solely focused on his arm, completely missing the fact that he had shifted a hottie onto his lap. His focus changed as she sat up, straddling his hips, he looked up with a sheepish grin.

“Ah,” he cleared his throat. “Good morning.”

“Your arm fell asleep?” Paige smirked, her eyebrow raised as Xander blushed slightly.


“Well, we can’t have that, now can we?” She placed her hands firmly on his abs and slowly brushed them up his naked chest, then toward his shoulder, then dug her fingers into the tissue to massage out the kinks. Of course with that little maneuver Xander was now thinking of completely different kinks than that of his arm.

“Are you trying to kill me?” he asked, incredibly aware that she was aware of the awakening "object" she was now straddling.

“Just shut up and kiss me,” Paige let the teasing smirk fade to a soft grin as Xander levered himself up and wrapped his arms around her waist, tilting his head up to accept her lips with his own. When they separated with a soft sigh Xander pecked her cheek and rested his head on her shoulder.

“You know, this is probably a bad idea,” then he kissed her right under her ear and trailed down her collar bone slowly.

“How so?” Paige asked as her head tilted back to give him better access.

“I’ve never really had a girlfriend who wasn’t evil or pre-evil or post-evil… I might evil you up.” He nipped right above her breast and smiled against the flesh as she laughed.

“Evil me up?” she tilted his head up and kissed him deeply. “I think I’m ready to take that chance.” she rocked slightly against him as his hands started traveling down her back to sneak under her sweatpants.

“Good,” Phoebe commented from the now open doorway, “Just let me know when you’re planning your fall. I’ve got a busy couple weeks coming up.”

“J-Ah!” Xander yipped, in a very manly way, jerking his hands up in the air for some reason. Piper started laughing when she peeked around the doorway.

There Xander was, blushing a horrible red, his hands innocently up in the air, their sister straddling him and glaring at Phoebe, her hands tangled deeply in Xander’s hair.

“Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Piper hummed. “Who wants pancakes?”

“Oh!” Xander raised his hands over his head with a ridiculous grin. “Me!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Three" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Sep 09.

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