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To Save A Life

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Summary: In response to "To Boldly Go..." challenge. Buffy finds herself on a bridge and in an curious situation, BtVS/Harper's Island

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Television > Harper's IslandgrrovvyhevensFR1515100157422 Sep 0922 Sep 09Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing at all. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Harper's Island belongs to Ari Schlossberg

Buffy Summer’s stood on the bridge over looking a fast moving river with trees surrounding her and wondered how she got there. She pinched herself and was convinced that she was in fact not dreaming and somehow had changed dimensions and had ended up on this bridge. She started to walk down the bridge to the other side when she saw a man and a woman come out and appear at the other end of the bridge, they look tired, cold and wet. They sat there and started kissing, she smiled and was about to say ‘hi’ when she saw them move quickly, they raced from where they were, towards her. They looked confused but came closer, clutching together as they raced forward. Buffy looked behind them and saw a man holding a large knife, smiling to himself.

“Whoever you are, move!” the man yelled once they got close enough to Buffy, he pushed her and Buffy stood her ground. He moved around her and grabbed onto the gate shaking it. Buffy could hear them talking behind her, saying their last goodbyes as the man walked closer and closer. She heard the word ‘locked’ and knew that this was her time to not just stand there. Buffy walked towards the couple quickly and moved them aside, they stood back as Buffy kicked the gate open, their mouths open wide but quickly ran from the man with the knife.

Buffy put her hands to her hips and stood her ground, watching as the man moved closer, knife still gleaming in the sunlight.
“Didn’t your mother ever tell you about playing with knifes?” she said. The man stood perfectly still, cocked his head to one side and stared at her. He moved closer and tried to stab her; she moved behind him and kicked his back, pushing him forward. He turned back and came at her again, fury beating from his eyes. It took Buffy a good minute to have him weaponless, the knife flying over the edge and moving down towards the water. The man didn’t give up, he worked with his fists, aiming for her head and torso and leaving no stone unturned as he fought. Buffy put up with his annoying attempt to attack her and made swift work of having him unconscious.

Henry Dunn, or Wakefield as he knew, watched on with Abby as he saw his father getting beaten up by the Chloe look-a-like. She was a complete Lucy and Chloe clone, which should have been easy for his father to kill but the girl toyed with him and made quick work at having his father beaten. He stood there, shocked as she shrugged and walked off after Cal and Chloe. Henry turned to Abby who was smiling, Henry loved that smile and knew he soon would be the reason she was smiling but that was as soon as he got their plan back on track. He would have to first deal with the blond whom so easily defeated John Wakefield in a fight.

The End

You have reached the end of "To Save A Life". This story is complete.

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