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Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

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Summary: 'And sometimes, Doctor, sometimes the best things in life…are…the very most wrong things of all.' There was a brutal truth to her words, a truth Jack, and even the Doctor could never deny. [JackBuffyDoctor]

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredSerenityFR151019,83034815,40922 Sep 097 Sep 10No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy, Doctor Who, or Torchwood.
A/N: This just kind of came to me while I was watching the episode Parting of Ways. I've been working on this for a number of weeks, and i have a few chapters written. I'll try to update once a week.

Jack stared wide-eyed as the TARDIS pulsed out of existence, his mind screaming the words that his voice couldn’t. No, no, don’t leave me. Doctor, Rose! No! The floor rose to meet his knees, and he couldn’t feel the pain of connecting with the stone floor. Tears prickled at the back of his eyes, this was wrong. Everything was wrong. He should be with the Doctor and Rose celebrating. No, no.

Jack’s voice was strangled when it finally met the empty space, “Dead, I should be dead.”

The last remnants of whooshing faded into nothing and Jack kneeled on the floor, eyes glazed, looking past everything. It could have been minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months that Jack remained there, motionless, tears hovering just out of sight.

A klaxon blared above the captain, “Warning. Section X649 requires immediate service. Warning. Section X649 requires immediate service.”

Shaken from his daze, Captain Jack Harkness rose unsteadily to his feet, blood surged in his veins. His ankles were limp and he fell to the ground heavily, his arms barely breaking his fall.

Wincing, Jack rolled over he pressed his hands to his chest. It was in that instant that the world caught up with him. A shard of metal bounced up and down with his heartbeat—it was lodged in his heart.

Jack laughed roughly, “Well, this is new.”

Shaking his head tiredly, Jack wrenched the metal from his breast as darkness consumed him. Amazingly he could feel the liquid pour from him and his limbs go cold, his heart stop. But he was aware of everything around him.

His mind clouded for a second in pure pain as his heart throbbed into action again, and his vision returned and sharpened. Sitting up, Jack stared down at his bloodied vest and t-shirt.

“That is definitely not normal, but then again, what’s normal.”

“Warning. Section X649 requires immediate service.”

Jack scowled, just what he needed, the stupid satellite to fall to pieces while he was on it. Rushing over to the computer he quickly tapped into the mainframe and perused the schematics. X649 was a floor below and apparently a sealed chamber. The logs attached read that over 250 years had passed since it was last opened.

Jack, armed to the teeth, well, as much as a metal pole could fulfill that status, approached the door. There was a ‘condemned’ sign hung over the only half-there labeling. The klaxon was blaring, and a red light flashed brightly.

The door was open a crack, a pile of dust before it. A Dalek. Again his mind returned to the truth, he should be dead, twice dead, and yet he lived.

Adjusting his grip on the pole with a sigh, Jack advanced slowly. Nudging the door open with the pole he squinted into the darkness. Fumbling slightly he switched on the torch that he’d ripped from his gun. Sweeping it across the unknown space it flashed on something against the back wall. Swallowing hard he prayed to whatever was out there that it wasn’t a big bad alien. Swinging the light back he scanned up and down before swearing harshly.

It was alive, whatever it was, and it was chained to the wall. Advancing, the creature didn’t struggle to get to him, in fact whatever it was pressed further against the wall. Jack crouched down and laid down the pole. He made soft shushing noises as he advanced.

“It’s okay, I won’t hurt you.”

A distinctly human looking arm moved to cover what Jack guessed was only its face, then it whimpered as if in pain.

Jack scuttled forwards again, the light from his torch bouncing, “Oh, shit, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Jack pleaded as he hastily switched off the torch.

Plunged into darkness, Jack struggled again to see, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”

The whimpering subsided and Jack released a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“What are you?”

Husky, the voice was clearly human, a female.

“No…girl. Just a girl.”

Jack smiled slightly, “My name is Jack, I’d like to help you.”

The girl uncurled slightly, “They’ve all said that, but they leave me. They always leave me.”

Jack shook his head, the sorrow in her voice made him shudder, “I promise, I won’t leave you.”

It didn’t matter what she was, no creature deserved to be trapped in a room alone for centuries.

“Can’t help it, time, can’t stop time.”

Jack dismissed her mumbling, “Are you hurt?”

Slowly, Jack stretched out his hand, his fingers brushing against smooth skin. There was a layer of dirt covering her, for a room that hadn’t been opened in 200 plus years it was to be expected.

“Please,” she begged.

Please review! This is my baby--err--one of my babies. Ha, i just hope you all love my precious as much as i do.
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