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Dr. Baker

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Summary: In response to “To Boldly Go” challenge. Deleted scene from “Anne”.

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cmdruhuraFR1511,8651195222 Sep 0922 Sep 09Yes
Series: BtVS/Other TV
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
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Summary: In response to “To Boldly Go” challenge. Deleted scene from “Anne”.


Dr. Baker strode into the Blood Bank, followed by a tall, dark haired man with a rugged face.

“Nurse Smith,” says Dr. Baker in a commanding voice to the woman behind the desk.

The woman looks up a bit startled by the intensity of the voice, and answers a bit hesitantly, “Yes?”

“I’m Dr. Baker and I’m here to give you the chance to do the right thing.”

“What do you mean ‘the right thing’?” replies the nurse trying to sound affronted but failing to hide all of the worry Dr. Baker’s statement made her feel.

“I mean I’m going to allow you to voluntarily tell your superiors and the authorities about your extra-curricular activities as a procurer in providing the names of healthy street kids to a shady organization. Street kids who shortly thereafter disappear.”

“Look, Doctor,” said Nurse Smith, “I don’t know what you’ve heard but no one is going to believe a bunch of rumors from runaways and punks over me.”

“I am quite aware of that,” said Dr. Baker. “That is why I hired a private detective to check things out.”

With that said, the dark haired man spoke up, “I just love it when the bad guys makes it so easy to locate evidence of their wrong doing. Your extra undeclared income alone will get you put away for tax fraud. It’s just a matter of who gets you first, the State or the Feds. In addition, even if they never find the kids you sold out or the buyers, you will definitely take a fall as an accessory to multiple kidnappings. Your best bet now is to confess and cut a deal where you don’t spend the rest of your life in prison. They’re not known to be nice places to live even for short stays.”

Dr. Baker chimed in again, “I’m giving you this one chance to come forward on your own only because I want to save the Blood Bank from as much adverse publicity as I can, but you have done something that puts nursing in a very bad light and as a former nurse I will not let you continue to do so regardless of the consequences. I will insist that a full investigation take place and I have the friends and influence to see that it is done so there won’t be anything swept under the rug. It’ll be up to the Blood Bank’s PR Department to mitigate whatever damage is done to their reputation by your actions.”

“Now I suggest you call your supervisor to arrange for your replacement and then we can go down to the Blood Bank’s main office where you can let them know what you did,” continued Dr. Baker. “Jim here will arrange for the police to meet us there.”

Before Nurse Smith could answer, Dr. Baker added with a smile on her face and menace in her voice, “Your only other option is a visit from Anne, who sends her regards and wonders if you’ve replaced the phone yet.”

The blustering outraged refusal that had been on her lips died without being spoken. Instead her eyes shone with fear.

It was with a trembling hand that she made the call that would lead her to a very bleak future.


Later that afternoon, as the left the Blood Bank’s headquarters, Dr. Baker said, “I can’t thank you enough for you help, Jim. Even with my connections I wouldn’t have been able to force an investigation without the evidence you found. She was right about the word of Street Kids not carrying enough weight and I would have had to admit that they were the source of the allegations. Something might have come of my involvement but it would have taken a lot longer and probably hushed up if anything was found.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Jim replied. “You’re one hell of a force of nature when you want to be. Though the way Smith paled when you mentioned ‘Anne’ makes me think she’s somewhat of a force of nature herself.”

“That is one way to describe her,” said Dr. Baker with a chuckle, thinking back to how she learned about the goings on at the Blood Bank.



While living in the back of the clinic saved money, it also made it inconvenient when someone showed up to disturb her sleep. The incessant banging on the clinic door being a prime example.

Looking through the barred window next to the door showed a crowd of about a dozen or so people. A closer look revealed they were kids and the one banging on the door was the waitress that sometimes delivered lunch orders from the restaurant down the street.

Puzzled, Dr. Baker left the security chains latched but opened the door and said, “We’re closed, so unless it is some type of life threatening emergency, I suggest you either come back tomorrow or go to a hospital.”

“I don’t believe anyone’s life is in danger anymore,” said Anne. “But, since the forced labor sweat shop we escaped from was run by those who would have a hard time dealing with the symbols carved into the door and window frames of your clinic, I thought you might be inclined to help out with a physical or two, or a dozen.”

Dr. Baker said nothing but closed the door so the security locks could be undone.

Once the door opened again, Anne and the others entered without waiting for an invite. Not that Dr. Baker would have extended one anyway.

After a brief explanation about the time differential between Ken’s dimension and Earth, Dr. Baker ran some simple tests and collected blood samples for further checks. So far there had been no signs that their brief exposure to the other time rate had any adverse effects.

After being told to stop by the clinic in a couple of days for the results, the group sacked out to wait for morning.

Anne being the one exception, taking up residence on one of the stools used by the clinic to keep vigil through the remainder of the night.

Dr. Baker approached the petite young woman and asked, “How did you recognize the carvings?”

“Saw them in a book Giles had while researching some artifact a Vamp was after,” Anne replied.

She then added, “How did you find out about the ‘real world’?”

“My son, Corey, and his family were saved from what he initially thought were muggers by a young girl a few years back,” Dr. Baker replied. “At least that’s what he thought until they turned to dust when the girl stabbed them with a piece of wood. She’d gotten clawed up a bit since there were six of them and when Corey offered to take her to the hospital to get some treatment and possibly some stitches, she declined saying she wasn’t too fond of hospitals. Wanting to do something to thank the girl for saving him and his family as well as possibly get an explanation for what had happened; he offered to tend to her wounds himself since he was a Doctor.”

“The girl reluctantly accepted since she said she’d had planned on seeing them get home safely anyway. Corey later believed it had more to do with wanting to wash the blood off so as not to attract anymore attention from the night life while seriously injured.”

“Anyway, Corey has always been bright and intuitive, as well as pragmatic. He convinced the girl that he wasn’t going to put what he’d seen out of his mind as she strongly suggested. She made him promise not to seek out trouble before explaining things to him and pointing to some references where he could learn how to better protect his family. He was the one who provided the door and window frames for the clinic. However, it wasn’t until I saw what happened to someone who I thought as a another early evening walk-in that I understood the vague warnings he’d given me while he was installing them. The guy got suspended in the doorway and his face got all twisted into something hideous. Then a couple of seconds later he was tossed back out onto the sidewalk where he jerkily got to his feet and ran off to an alley. I foolishly followed him but by the time I got there he had collapsed and then began to melt. Somehow I knew what had happened was due to those frames. I called Corey and he came and told me all about demons and vampires. Or at least as much as he knew.”

“I didn’t believe it at first. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew Corey wasn’t crazy and knew that if he believed it then it was true. Finding out at 55 that the world isn’t like I thought it was a bit of a shock to say the least.”

“Not much better at 15,” said Anne forlornly. “Especially when that includes finding out that it’s your job to go out to hunt and kill the things that hunt us.”

This put a scowl on Dr. Baker’s dark face, but from what her son had told her, there wasn’t much to be done about it.

They talked a bit more and Anne told Dr. Baker about the nurse at the Blood Bank and her role in helping Ken locate potential workers.

Dr. Baker was not pleased with that bit of news and decided to do something about it since fighting the likes of Ken was beyond Dr. Baker’s capabilities. Dealing with a human who abetted Ken’s endeavors was not.



Recovering from her musings, she said, “Now Jim, about your fee . . . .”

“I told you before, Julia, that you can pay me in installments when you have money to spare,” he interjected.

“I was thinking more about making you dinner at my place tonight,” she said sweetly. “And we can discuss something else you might be able to help me with.”

There was silence for a few beats before she added with an enigmatic smile, “For which I will gladly make you breakfast. You know how it goes Jim. I scratch your back and you scratch mine.”

Jim Rockford thought back to the last time Julia Baker scratched his back and mentally winced. Even with her medical care, and the additional nightly ministrations of her own brand of nursing TLC, they had taken a week to heal sufficiently not to bother him when he twisted the wrong way dodging cars or bullets. She, of course, had made up for every minute of that discomfort by ensuring he had thoroughly enjoyed himself. Just as he had made sure to put a contented smile on her face.

“Why not,” he said laughingly as he thought to himself that ‘Man, or hot sexy older woman, does not live by bread alone’.


AN – Cross is with “Julia” and “The Rockford Files”.

AN – Couldn’t find the name of the nurse character so I made one up.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dr. Baker". This story is complete.

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