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Sweets is back?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "HSM meets the Scoobies". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy gets a frantic phone call. When she finds out who's resposible they will pay. She ruined her shoes last time that tap dancing demon was in town.

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Movies > High School MusicalcarmsficFR151474071,17923 Sep 0923 Sep 09Yes
Disclaimer: No recognizable characters belong to me. They are owned by their respective owners I’m just borrowing them. I know there was already a fic in this category but I couldn't resist.


Buffy was just getting out of the shower when her cell phone rang. She has been on this road trip for too long. Ever since Sunnydale collapsed Buffy and the other Scoobies have been taking turns going out and recruiting new slayers until the Watchers ranks can be refilled and it has been over two weeks since Buffy started this trip she is more than ready to go home. Home is now a small town in Albuquerque over a mini hellmouth that has been fairly inactive in the last decade and the only reason they even have a slayer on site is that because despite its inactive status it is still a Hellmouth. Buffy volunteered to go there because it was a quiet town and it’ll give Dawn a chance to attend high school and be a normal kid, an opportunity that had been taken away from her. Buffy knows that Dawn is just bidding her time and as soon as graduation is done Dawn would be off to Cambridge and into watcher training but for now both Summer sisters seems content in their leafy little hamlet.

Seeing her little sister’s caller ID Buffy quickly opened up her cell phone to find out what had gone wrong. Since Buffy had left Dawn and her have made a habit of calling each other before Dawn’s bedtime to touch base with each other so the fact that Dawn is calling in the middle of the day means there might be trouble.

“What’s happened Dawn? What did you do?” Buffy quickly said before Dawn could say anything.

“Nice Buffy! It’s not me and it’s not Xander I swear! You need to come home I think Sweets might be back and trying to take me back to his hell dimension. Please Buffy you need to come home!”

Buffy quickly grabbed a change of clothes from her bag and proceeded to throw all her other belonging back into her luggage as she tried to calm down her hysterical sister. “Okay Dawn tell me what happened?”<br> <br>

“Okay I was in school today and I was just about to sit down at lunch when the kid in the next table over starts singing about sticking to the status quo. Then before I knew it the whole cafeteria was singing and dancing fully synchronized steps. Ooh ooh then there was the Basketball team they apparently were singing and dancing while in practice yesterday. They had this whole routine with the basketballs and stuff. Goddess Buffy I swear Xander and I didn’t do anything.”

“It’ll be ok Dawn. I’ll call Willow and she’ll be there before I will and I’m on my way now. I’m in Houston right now I should be there by tonight. I’m headed to the airport now. Just stay put and try not to sing anything ok??”

The End

You have reached the end of "Sweets is back?". This story is complete.

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