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Best And Promised Fate: The Beginning Of Healing

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Best And Promised Fate". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Injured while hunting Orc five years after his mother sailed West, Elladan meets a female elf named Joyce. First in a series depticting Buffy in Arda.

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Lord of the Rings > Joyce-CenteredBeriaearwenFR1311,855251,96823 Sep 0923 Sep 09Yes
Disclaimer: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” belongs to J. Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. The “Lord of the Rings” universe belongs to J. R. R. Tolkien. Both are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes: 1) Since my LotR books aren't available at the moment, I've relied on the time-line for the Third Age as shown on Wikipedia for the dates.
2)The elvish names for Joyce and Buffy were chosen from
3)Since I don't know how often I'll have parts of this ready to post, I've decided to make it a series of short stories.
4)The prologue of this story starts in 2515, roughly five or six years after Celebrian suffered the orc attack and sailed to the West.
5)Between the first story and Buffy's appearance in the second, roughly 400 years will pass on Arda, so the main part of the series begins in 2915 (roughly 15 years before Aragorn is born).
6)I'm not entirely sure where all of this is going, so, we'll all just need to wait and see. :-)

WARNING: Do not expect 100% accuracy with regard to minute details to either world! Certain elements have been changed to suit the needs of the story. If this offends you stop reading now.

Pairing: Elladan/Joyce(Alasse)

Rating: FR13

Best And Promised Fate: The Beginning of Healing
By Beriaearwen

From the elder of the same
And mother elf lost in flame
Ere darkness steals across the land
And all the people make a stand
She shall return through heaven’s gate
To reach her best and promised fate
When hope falters and darkness soars
She will purpose to friends restore
And should light triumph in the end
Peace and joy shall reign again
But should her heart remain unclaimed
Darkness will a foothold gain
-- Prophecy sent to Galadriel upon the birth of Elladan and Elrohir, Year 130 of the Third Age


The Beginning Of Healing – (Year 2515 Third Age)

Using a too-large portion of his remaining strength, Elladan raised his head.

His eyes blinked several times as he attempted to focus on the scene before him.

With his home days away and his situation quickly becoming dire, he had little hope but to trust his horse to lead him to aid. Before him was a house of man, not of the Eldar. He could only hope that those within knew enough to help.

Normally he would have avoided such contact, relying on his twin brother, Elrohir, to aid him. Unfortunately, the fairly large orc band they had been following had split their path, and so the twins split theirs. His portion of the orc band no longer lived, but the price he paid had been severe. His wounds, though not mortal on their own, were numerous, sapping his strength slowly.

As his horse plodded into the yard of the house, Elladan struggled to maintain his seat. He needed to stay conscious long enough to greet the house. A task that would be much easier if the world weren’t slowly fading into blackness.

He never felt his horse stop, or his impact with the ground.

A strange sound outside caused Joyce to stop mid-way through de-boning the rabbit she would be using in the stew.

Setting her knife aside and wiping her hands, she headed toward the front of the house. She took a moment to peer out through the window, making sure to keep herself hidden from view of those outside. A momentary shock froze her as she took in the sight - the riderless horse, the dark-haired body slumped on the ground, blood visible to her even from this distance.

Her heart responded to the sight, one she had seen in her nightmares many times. It only took a moment, however, for her rational mind to engage and for her to act. Opening the door, she checked the area and moved to the side of the fallen rider who wore the same ranger gear her late husband had years before.

A quick check revealed the man she expected was, in fact, a male elf. She vaguely recalled her husband mentioning two elves of Rivendell who rode with the Duendain and slaughtered orc. That the elf seemed to be breathing normally eased her mind. The wounds themselves needed to be cleaned, treated and bound.

She shook the elf in the hopes of awakening him, but received no response.

Letting out a sigh of resignation, Joyce glanced down his long, lank form and prepared herself to drag him inside.

Elladan first became aware of pain. The ache he felt, however, seemed less sharp than he expected. Memories of recent events returned and the constant emotional hurt and anger he felt since watching his mother sail West intruded once more. A low groan escaped him before he could stop it; whether than groan came from physical or emotional pain he could not say.

His eyes flew open as a hand rested upon his cheek. He met the shadowed eyes of the elf woman.

“Do you hurt much?” the woman asked.

It took him a moment to process the question completely, having become lost in her eyes. As he looked into the other elf’s eyes, Elladan found the same shadow dwelling her eyes that he knew dwelt in his own and his twin's. “Some,” he finally responded, shaking himself.

Reaching out, she placed a hand on his shoulder and gently squeezed. “My name is Joyce.”

Elladan's brow furrowed for a moment. That name was the name of man. He had known one other with that name and remembered its Elvish equivalent. “Alasse.”


“Your name in Elvish. Alasse.”

She smiled and patted his shoulder. “I’ll bring over some tea that should help ease the pain of your wounds.”

Elladan watched as she walked away, wondering what tragedy had befallen the elf and wondering even more why he seemed to care.

With a final smile at his friend, Elladan set off to meet his brother. Three weeks with Alasse and he now considered her a good friend, though he could and did understand why others of his kind might not. Still, the comfort he found with her in all forms, he knew to be special, something that no other human or elf could supply. More than his physical wounds had been healed in his time with Alasse. He could feel the wound at the loss of his mother starting to heal as well.

Disappearing into the woods, he pondered Alasse's story and wondered if he would have made a similar decision. Of course, given how he and his family were sometimes viewed by the other Eldar due to their mixed blood despite their status and connections, Elladan had little doubt that some elves would react other than favorably to such a human-acting Elf. A smirk lifted one corner of his mouth as he thought, never let it be said an elf lacks arrogance. At first, even he had been surprised by his friend's overly-human actions. That had changed as they began to know each other.

He found himself still amazed by her story.

Alasse had been raised by humans who had little to no knowledge of the Eldar. How she came to be in their care, she didn't know and her parents never told her. The couple loved and cared for her, raised her and did what they could to help her become a loving, kind and generous being. When the couple died, their children, her brothers and sisters, continued including her in their family, acknowledging her difference without making her feel like an outsider.

Several centuries before, she met a young Ranger and fell in love. The two wed, but, as with all mortals, he died. Not knowing what to do other than continue to live, Alasse lived her life quietly. One day while traveling to meet her family, she crossed paths with other elves. Though they made their dismay over her manners very evident, they did inform her of her people and some of their traditions. They invited her to visit them, though she never did. She felt uncomfortable with the way they all seemed to look down on her.

In thanks for all of her assistance, he gave his friend the pin he used as a clasp on his cloak. The mithril ornament originally belonged to his mother, but is seemed only fitting to him to give her such a priceless gift, after all, by giving him his health and taking away some of the ache in his heart, she, too, had given him a priceless gift.

As he headed toward the spot where he would meet Elrohir, Elladan made a mental note to visit Alasse the next time his travels led him near.

Six Months Later

As he approached the small clearing containing Alasse's home, Elladan knew something was wrong. His eyes picked out the broken branches and confused footsteps indicating a large number of orc.

Suppressing his panic at the thought of his friend being under attack, he allowed his determination and his hatred for all things orc to guide him and hurry his movements.

Though it only took minutes, to Elladan it felt as if hours had passed before he broke through the tree line.

The sight that met him caused his anger to boil over. Consumed in smoke and flame, Alasse's house burned, providing a garish backdrop the the scene playing out before it.

The orcs surrounded Alasse and were taunting her. As he moved closer, his mind noticed a few changes in her. She seemed to be glowing more brightly, a little heavier and her flat belly was now rounded. These details were noted and stored away as unimportant to the battle.

As he began slaying the outermost orcs, Elladan heard the sound of Alasse's voice, it sounded almost like a prayer.

He had no time to contemplate such things as the orcs began to turn their attention toward him and press their attack.

All battle stopped momentarily as a blinding light filled the clearing. When it cleared, no sign of Alasse remained. Though worried for his friend, Elladan used the distraction to his benefit and soon dispatched all remaining orcs.

Only when satisfied no threat remained did he begin his search for his friend and review the observations he dismissed earlier.

The residual smell of magic or something more powerful filled his senses, unlike anything he had ever sensed. Whatever caused the flash of light and disappearance of Alasse came from something far more powerful than even the Istari. Recalling his impression of his friend praying, Elladan could only assume that the Valar themselves had a hand in this.

As he thought more of his friend, her appearance came back to mind – the stronger glow, the rounded belly... His eyes widened and he felt his knees grow weak. Sinking to the ground in shock, Elladan realized that the physical comfort he and Alasse indulged in during his stay had far reaching consequences. Wherever the Valar sent her, Alasse now resided with their child.

Joy began to overcome the shock at the revelation and Elladan whispered, “I am a father.”

The joy began to fade to sorrow a few moments later as he also realized that he might never meet his child.

That realization began to undo some of the healing to his soul he and Alasse achieved. Closing his eyes to shut out the painful emotions, Elladan offered his own prayers to the Valar.

Up next: Best and Promised Fate: Through Heaven's Gate

The End

You have reached the end of "Best And Promised Fate: The Beginning Of Healing". This story is complete.

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