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Best And Promised Fate

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Best And Promised Fate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's changed quite a bit in the five years since Sunnydale's fall. Things are about to change even more as she walks through a rock formation called "Heaven's Gate" and discovers her mother's biggest secret.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredBeriaearwenFR1347,02374512,65423 Sep 096 Sep 10No

Best and Promised Fate: Light (part 1)

Disclaimer: The character of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" belong to Joss Whedon, etc. The characters of "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy belong to J. R. R. Tolkien. Both are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

WARNING: Not canon. Probably out of character

Best and Promised Fate: Light (part 1)
By Beriaearwen

From the elder of the same
And mother elf lost in flame
Ere darkness steals across the land
And all the people make a stand
She shall return through heaven’s gate
To reach her best and promised fate
When hope falters and darkness soars
She will purpose to friends restore
And should light triumph in the end
Peace and joy shall reign again
But should her heart remain unclaimed
Darkness will a foothold gain
-- Prophecy of Alleran the Wise - Year130 Third Age – sent to Galadriel upon the birth of Elladan and Elrohir


At The Edge of the Golden Woods

The weary trio stood in a small clearing a short way inside one of the most beautiful forests she'd ever seen and waited.

Though tired and desperately wanting a long soak in hot water, Buffy knew this would be one time she needed to follow her father and uncle. The fact that they took the time to explain the procedure and reasons for it to her first went a long way to smoothing over the situation for her.

Given how far she, her father and her uncle had come since her breakdown in the woods, Buffy honestly felt amazed at their relationship. Things seemed to be progressing quickly, but she knew they still had a long way to go in the firming of their relationship. The fact that none of them particularly cared to discuss emotional issues probably didn't help matters. Still, they were making headway.

Now, however, they were about to meet two people who her father respected and, she thought, feared – her great-grandmother and great-grandfather, Galadriel and Celeborn. They'd also warned her about her first meeting with other elves and how respectful she needed to be. They coached her on what to say and do, but they also couldn't seem to resist teasing her mercilessly about the small mistakes she made in her efforts.

According to her Uncle Elrohir, the last time they visited Lothlorien, Haldir, the Marchwarden, kept them waiting at the border for the better part of a day. Both believed their wait would be shorter this time because of her presence.

Still, Buffy had learned the hard way that her idea of a short wait and her father's were two very different things. She wondered if she would ever start thinking in Elven terms of time.

Pushing aside such thoughts, she closed her eyes and attempted to calm her mind. Her father informed her of the link all Eldar had to nature and how, if they were attentive, they could hear what it had to say about the world around them.

Though still difficult for her at the moment, Buffy was slowly beginning to hear what the world around her had to say. She made a major step forward when she realized it wasn't all that different from using her slayer senses to pick up on vampires and such. Of course, for years Giles and she both despaired of her actually being able to sense anything. Once off of the Hellmouth, however, Buffy discovered she actually had a very acute sense of evil's presence. They figured there had just been too much evil interference in Sunnydale for it to have worked right there.

When she first arrived on Arda, she'd been able to sense her father, though, he certainly did not register as evil, just as something powerful.

Sitting and waiting for their escort, Buffy could feel someone new approaching. Someone who resonated as “elf”. Focusing on the position of the feeling, she tried to hear what the trees and earth had to say. After a few moments listening, she realized she couldn't comprehend the words, but she could easily understand the emotion. The trees and earth were welcoming a friend.

“Elf coming. About an hour away by foot,” Buffy informed, meeting her father's eyes to check if she read things correctly. “The forest greets him as a friend.”

Elladan smiled at her in parental pride. “Very good, Sila. Most likely Haldir has been sent to greet us.”

“And knowing him, he may arrive in an hour, but he'll keep us waiting four,” Elrohir added wryly.

Buffy grinned as her father rolled his eyes at his brother's comment.

When the elder elves fell silent, Buffy settled in to wait. She really hated waiting, but it seemed a thing elves did - a lot.

What seemed an eternity passed before Buffy felt their guide nearby. Unlike her father and uncle, she didn't pretend to be oblivious to his presence. She felt curiosity at finally seeing an elf who didn't look like her father. Not willing to wait, Buffy stared straight at his hiding place and waited, rather impatiently, for him to appear.

When he finally stepped out of the woods, Buffy felt her breath catch. She knew elves were beautiful from her father and uncle, but they were family so the full impact of Elven beauty hadn't really registered. Seeing this blond-haired hottie drove the point home beautifully.

“Rumil,” Elladan called out in greeting, the smile on his face mirrored by Elrohir.

Buffy knew this wasn't the standard greeting, but obviously the older elves had a slightly different relationship with Rumil than they did with Haldir. When the blond elf smiled at the greeting, Buffy had to remind herself to breathe.

Allowing her eyes to slide over to her father and uncle, she couldn't help but wonder if they were suffering insanity in choosing to bring her to a city full of such tempting ellons, or if they were just clueless.

After giving it a moment's thought, she realized that first, they probably didn't think about it since they didn't see male elves that way; second, they obviously didn't have a clue how she thought; and third, she really needed to get used to being surrounded by all this salty goodness pretty quickly or she'd be in real trouble.

Buffy startled out of her thoughts when her father called to her. She stepped forward and could feel a blush begin to rise on her cheeks at Rumil's open and appreciative perusal of her.

The expression of appreciation on the blond elf's face quickly disappeared as both Elladan and Elrohir stepped forward, scowls on their faces.

Looks like no dating for Buffy, she thought sadly with a mental sigh. She gave Rumil credit, though. Despite how intimidating her father and uncle looked, he recovered enough to bow to her and offer a brief greeting and charming smile, which Buffy returned with a brilliant smile of her own causing her relatives to narrow their eyes at her before glaring at Rumil. They moved to take up protective positions around her – Elladan at her side and Elrohir a step or two in front of her.

Getting the hint, the blond elf turned toward the woods and commanded, “Come.”


The quartet had rested for the night in a flet. Buffy found the idea of sleeping on a small platform in a tree a little strange, but since all of Caras Galadhon was built in trees, she assumed she would get used to sleeping in trees quickly enough.

Now, as they approached the heart of the forest, Buffy felt her doubts and insecurities begin to rise once more. Sure, her father and uncle loved and accepted her, but what if her great-grandparents rejected her? What if they didn't or couldn't accept her?

As if sensing her thoughts, Buffy felt her father take her hand in his own. Looking up, she felt her fear fade and confidence grow as he smiled down at her. Returning a small smile of her own, she gently squeezed her father's hand, confidence filling her steps once more.

Reaching the outer edge of the elven city, Buffy felt a mind brush her own. Before she could try to push it out, a beautiful, comforting voice whispered, “I have waited a long time to meet you, Silacladhiel. You are most welcome.”


Buffy took one last look in the mirror, smoothed her hands over her dress and stepped toward the common room where she knew both her father and uncle awaited.

In truth, she felt more than a little self-conscious in these clothes. They weren't normal for her and it had been a long time since she'd worn such a long, formal dress. She really hoped she didn't trip or tear it.

She'd also spent several minutes just staring in the mirror absorbing the changes in her appearance. As best as she could guess, while on Earth, the human in her influenced her appearance and being, but here on Arda, her elven side took over, which made sense since she carried more elven than human DNA.

Stepping into the common room, she waited for the twins to notice her. She watched their faces carefully as they turned to see her. Their response didn't help build her confidence as their eyes widened and mouths opened slightly. A second later, however, their mouths clicked shut, jaws clenched, their bodies straightened and their eyes narrowed as they exchanged a glance.

“I'll get the swords,” Elrohir said, his voice void of any humor.

“Forget the swords,” Elladan countered as he took a step toward Buffy. “I'm just going to lock her in the room and not let her out until all the ellons are out of the city.”

Elrohir tilted his head as if thinking about it before nodding his head and following his brother.

“A-adar? Uncle El?” Buffy stammered, stepping backward and holding her hands up, uncertain as to why they were angry with her. “You're scaring me.”

At her words, the twins stopped, closed their eyes and took a deep breath before slowly releasing it.

Good grief are they creepy when they do the twin thing, Buffy thought as she felt some of her fear recede.

A much calmer Elladan opened his eyes and stepped forward, taking Buffy's hand in his own, meeting her eyes, he spoke softly. “I apologize for scaring you, little one,” he began. “I've known since you arrived that you were a beautiful elleth, but seeing you dressed as this...”

Buffy felt herself relax as understanding dawned. A soft smile appeared on her face. “You're worried about guys coming on to me.” Seeing their confusion, she tried to clarify, “Uh, wooing or seducing me. Don't worry, Ada, now is not the time for me to become involved with someone. I still have so much to learn and see.” Smiling, she squeezed her father's and and felt herself relax as they did.

Leaning forward, Elladan placed a gentle kiss on Buffy's forehead. She looked up at him with awe, relishing the fatherly attention.

“We will still worry and protect you,” Elladan assured.

“And unfortunately, we must leave now,” Elrohir prompted. As the trio turned toward the door, the younger twin asked, “Are you sure you don't want me to get the swords?”

tbc in “light -2” where we meet and get some information from Galadriel. (finally!)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Best And Promised Fate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 10.

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