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Bloody Tears

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Summary: Buffy Vs. Dracula? Not this time, leastwise not alone. Xander is about to learn all about his 'real family'.

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Family Revelations

Author's Notes: How many complete fics do I even have on this site? LOL One day I'll finish everything off, I know it, but I can't avoid the strange new ideas that crop up. I hope you'll enjoy this new story featuring Xander, you know I'm really big on the video games crossovers. I've got this, I've started one that's Joyce centric, which I'll share after Chemical X-Ers and this story are finished. Plus I've still got so many other ideas, but that's beside the point. Anyway I hope you'll like this.

Disclaimer: Joss owns everything and anything Buffy, the concepts and characters of Castlevania belong respectively to Konami, I make no claims otherwise. I trust you'll like what you see, most of the chapters won't be as long as this unless I merge two or three Stages segments together. Anyway, disclaimer is done, thanks for taking the time to check out my stuff.

When the castle appeared she knew that time was up, the destiny she had hoped might escape her only son, was upon them. Her husband was a drunken failure, she had been foisted upon Anthony Harris by her forebears because of his excellent breeding stock qualities. Hers was one of the only families in the world left, which relied upon such archaic notions, and for good reason.

Removing the aged wooden case from the attic, Jessica took a deep breath, it was time for Alexander to prove the world why she’d chosen that name for him. It was time for the ‘protector of man’ to go to work.

The groveling, simpering fools who came at his beck and call were gathered in preparation for the event. Many were simple minions, but a select few had the brains to go far, if he could ever reign victorious for a change.
Lesser vampires feared the Slayer, a mystically empowered boogieman, or in this case woman, who represented the balance. But not him, for he was the true Prince of Darkness. And nothing short of one person could destroy him, until the next attempt at any rate. The wielder of, the whip.

Death hovered up to his side, the only competent ally in the bunch, he offered a quiet nod. “Those who fell are restored, but as always they have but the one night. Unless we win for a change.”

"Thank you, this time I believe we shall, for this time we have brought everything here. To the active Hellmouth.”

“And the latest hero in the family line,” Death reminded.

“The curse of our lineage.” The man folded his cape across his chest. “How soon before sunset?”

Death removed a bone shaped hourglass from his cloak, instead of sand, stars spilled through the center. “Less than two hours.”

“Good, the Castle will be at full strength then, soon my friend. Soon the Earth shall belong to we rulers of the night.” Laughing wickedly he turned and strode towards his throne.

Death lowered the hourglass onto a skull shaped pedestal, transforming it into a ticking time bomb, a countdown would begin. Once again he was taking bets on how long it would take the latest wielder of the whip to reach his ally. “One should never count himself victorious, until, the blood of his enemy flows no longer.”

Xander was with his friends, smiling, as they prepared for the end of summer. It was a tradition to throw a mild sized party, until the Hellmouth decided to open up for business again. This year Buffy had Riley, he had Anya and Willow had Tara. Everything was perfect, although he did miss Oz.

“Pass the popcorn, Xander,” Buffy requested with a smile.

“What are we watching this time?” Willow asked curiously.

“A classic,” Xander replied, smiling he held up the case for Dracula.

“Isn’t it a little weird that we watch horror movies to celebrate?” Riley wondered.

“Nah.” Xander shook his head.

“It only means we can’t escape the vampires,” Willow stated with a straight face.

“I thought it was because we were all emotionally scarred?” Anya said bluntly.

“Hush, now isn’t the time to be logical.” Buffy shot Xander the look. “Put it on already.”

Sighing Xander put the movie on and moved to sit next to Anya, taking her by the shoulder he grinned as the credits began to roll. The group fell into a companionable silence, but their joy was short lived because the moment Bela Lugosi appeared on screen the picture froze.

“Oh no,” Willow complained.

“What happened?” Anya asked.

“I’m not sure,” Xander replied. “Riley, got any technical savvy?” The military man shook his head and Xander got up. “You’d think they’d train them for this sort of thing,” he muttered under his breath. As Xander reached the television screen the picture moved again.

Bela Lugosi stared with burning fire straight into his eyes. “You, you are the one. You must save all humanity, stop the forces of darkness from claiming this realm, it is in your blood.” The black and white picture pushed clear of the t-v screen and grabbed Xander by the arm. “You bear the mark of destiny on your brow, you must stop him, you must. Claim your birthright young Belmont, claim the Vampire Killer and stop Castlevania. Stop Dracula.”

Xander blinked in stunned silence as the picture returned to normal. “Everybody just saw that, right?”

“What does it mean?”

“Xander, you didn’t tell me you were descended from the Belmonts,” Anya said, a proud smile gracing her lips.

“What’s so great about that?” Riley asked.

“The Belmonts are the premier vampire hunters of the human race. For years they’ve stood against Dracula himself, the baddest of the bad. Even D’Hoffryn steered clear of anyone in their family tree.”

“He’s real?” Buffy blurted.

“Of course he is, what did you think Bram Stoker made him up? Ha, that’d be the day. Although I’ve heard Dracula originally encouraged mister Stoker in writing that book, except there are notable differences to what actually happened, Quincy Morris is actually a relation to the Belmonts as well.”

“Ok, so I’m a Belmont, what the hell did we just witness here? And more importantly. What’s Castlevania?” Before Anya could make with the explanations a knock came at the door. Slowly all eyes turned to it.

“Maybe it’s Giles,” Tara said, her expression was subdued, and she was looking at Xander with a strange expression of pain and sudden understanding.

Buffy nodded and went to answer the door. “Hey Giles.” She froze when she saw the mysterious woman outside. “You’re not Giles.”

“Mom,” Xander blurted. And his shock was well justified, his mother was dressed rather smartly compared to what he usually saw her in. And for once she appeared sober, in fact her eyes seemed to burn with the remnants of tears shed before arriving.

The woman eyed Buffy briefly, then she strode past her without so much as a backwards glance. “Alex, honey, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Can’t it wait?”

Jessica Harris shook her head. “No time, I should have explained this to you years ago, it’s too late now for recriminations. Castlevania has appeared already, I had a feeling it would, fortunately it has manifested here and not in Transylvania otherwise your grandmother would have had to use a teleportation spell to get you there in time. I should have realized that Dracula would try to harness the powers of this Hellmouth once it became active.”

“Say what?” Xander stammered, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You know about the Hellmouth?”

“Hard not to when you’re descended from the Belmonts,” Jessica returned with a smirk, then she realized the ramifications of what her son had said. “When did you learn of its existence?” she demanded.

Anya shook her head slightly in exasperation. “Honestly, you’re actually a Belmont descendant and you didn’t even notice who your son was hanging out with, no wonder you waited so long to even tell Xander. You must have been seriously in the bottle, that is the expression right?”

Xander shot his girlfriend a glare. “Ahn, now isn’t the time to bring that up.”

Jessica eyed her son’s friends, noticing for the first time things she should have realized. Shaking her head she chose to ignore all of the questions she had, for the moment, she needed to get her son ready and had very little time before sunset. “Alex, I’m sorry, but now is not the time for these discussions and questions. You must prepare for your quest, you’re the only one who can stop Dracula.”

“I don’t understand any of this, if you knew why are you here now, mom?”

Anya shook her head a second time. “She’s here to give you the whip silly.”

“Whip,” Willow repeated edging slightly further away from Mrs. Harris. “This isn’t something kinky you two planned, is it?”


“The whip, the Vampire Killer, the sign of the Belmonts,” Anya reminded, “you know what Lugosi just told him about?”

Jessica eyed the group with a slightly wary expression. “Alex, what exactly happened just before I arrived? How is it your friends already know about these things?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe it was the message I just got through the T-V from Bela Lugosi,” Xander quipped sarcastically.

“Oh my,” Jessica remarked with a gasp. “I did not realize there were others who would contact you, one of your ancestors must have felt the urgency involved. I promise I will explain it all, tomorrow, right now we have to hurry. So it’ll have to be the crib notes version.” Jessica put the heavy case she was carrying down on the table drawing attention to it for the first time, she opened it revealing a very old looking suit of leather armor, and an older looking leather whip.

“I think you were right, Willow, definitely getting the kinky vibes off of this,” Buffy said with a sly smile holding up the leather armor.

“Why me?” Xander muttered to himself as his gaze drifted heavenward.

“The armor is enchanted, it is mystically empowered to protect you from Dracula’s powers. And those of his minions, the whip is called Vampire Killer because only with it can you slay Dracula for the next one hundred years. You will find other weapons along your way, you have until sunrise to reach Dracula’s tower and defeat him before Castlevania achieves full power, after that… Earth will belong to the Prince of Darkness.”

“You’re joking,” Riley said.

“Of course not, you shouldn’t even be here, this is Alex’s destiny.”

“Destiny,” Buffy repeated, “I don’t think so. We’re Xander’s friends, we aren’t about to let him run off and get himself killed.”

“I hardly think you could be of any help,” Jessica scoffed.

Buffy’s eyes narrowed. “Looks can be deceptive.”

Jessica studied Buffy and then, strangely enough, nodded. “The Slayer, that answers several questions of mine. Curious though, I would have thought Alex might have attracted your eye, Belmont men are quite the female babe magnets…”Jessica trailed off with a wink.

Buffy’s jaw dropped. “How did you? Wait a minute, no way could I ever feel that way about Xander, he’s like, my brother… Although there was that love spell incident.”

Jessica interrupted her with a dismissive wave, not wanting to relieve those memories any more than Alex probably would. “Later, the gates of Castlevania close at sunset. No time to argue or explain lengthy family histories, Alex, quickly. You must get into the armor and reach Castlevania before the last rays of the sun fade.”

Xander stared at his mom angry, and embarrassed at his own love spell memories. “You expect me to drop everything, no explanations, no warnings, to go fight Dracula! Not to mention who knows what else he’s got in this Castlevania place, with a whip and something out of a fantasy role-play as my only weapons!” he snapped.

Jessica frowned and placed a hand on his shoulder, for the first time she realized how tense he was. “Do you think I wanted this for my son? I meant to tell you, I tried to tell you, Alex, so many times. Your family heritage means more than you could possibly imagine to me, but Anthony… He was the perfect man to breed with, but not the perfect man to fall in love with,” Jessica admitted with a sigh. “I was foolishly hoping that you would escape this fate, I selfishly tried too hard to keep the life my father led from claiming you as well, it should have been ’99, that was the year it was supposed to happen. I can’t imagine why it didn’t, when that year passed and Dracula didn’t appear I thought it meant somehow that you would have a long life with a happy family, perhaps they would be the ones to face the dread Prince of Darkness.” Lowering her head, Jessica gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I chose the name Alexander because of my pride and joy for you, please I promise to make up for my stupidity, all those years of neglect, but you must do this… There is no other choice, unless you want the world to end, in which case I wouldn’t really blame you.”

“Oh hell, mom, that isn’t it. It’s just, you’ve thrown a lot at me, here’s me, here’s my brain.” Xander laughed, trying to lighten the mood didn’t much help him at the moment.

“He’s not doing it alone,” Willow said, resolve face firmly in place.

“Absolutely not,” Jessica stated whirling on Willow.

“You don’t know everything about us, Mrs. Harris,” Willow countered, her tone defensive.

“I can guess, it’s the Belmont curse to attract those fate has chosen for the demon slaying game. This isn’t the first time a Belmont and a Slayer were allies, but to venture into Castlevania is a certain death sentence for any who have not the gifts of the righteous.” Jessica gave a slight shake of her head in Buffy’s direction. “The Slayer might stand a chance at Alex’s side, but you, I’m sorry, Willow, but there is more than mere luck involved here.”

Willow shot the older woman a glare and levitated off the floor. “I’m more than some lucky fool,” she said, her tone sharp.

“Magic won’t be enough,” Jessica argued, Xander tried to say something, but she wouldn’t let him. Grabbing an ancient tome from the lid of the case she flipped to a certain page. “These are some of Dracula’s soldiers, he has a veritable army within the walls of Castlevania. Its magic creates most of them, Medusa Heads which float about, Fishmen waiting to strike from murky waters, skeletal foot soldiers, evil crows and bats bent to do Dracula’s bidding, animated suits of armor. The list goes on, and that doesn’t even cover the so-called ‘Guardians’ of his many rooms and wings.” A loud sound interrupted her tirade, Jessica turned to find her son, who had collapsed, she sighed.

“He fainted,” Anya stated with an incredulous stare aimed at her boyfriend, “what kind of a Belmont faints at the prospect of dangerous adventure, and certain death, I ask you?” Her attitude huffy Anya crossed her arms over her chest.

“The whip and armor will instill him with instinctive knowledge and skills, not to mention a little extra bit of fearlessness and courage, come on, Anya, help me dress my son for battle,” Jessica requested. Reaching down she took him by the legs. “You, soldier, bring that,” she added indicating the case resting on the table.

Riley shot Buffy a look. “Is it that obvious or something?”

Buffy squirmed slightly. “Well, you do kind of have the fashion sense of someone trained by the military.”

“There’s a fashion sense?”

Willow nodded. “Yep. But it’s so totally not your fault.”

Riley sighed and quickly followed Anya and Mrs. Harris into the bedroom, while Buffy started selecting weapons to take with her Willow began to read the book Mrs. Harris left behind. Tara meanwhile eyed the bedroom door nervously, she wasn’t sure what she should do, she knew Xander would need mystical help as well as the physical strength of Buffy to make it through Castlevania alive. She also knew Willow wasn’t the one to go, only one person could go with him, someone with a particular brand of magic. Someone like a Belnades.

Standing outside the castle forty-one minutes later, Xander felt ridiculous, but a little more confident than before. Anya gave him a kiss for luck, Riley eyed him briefly with a smirk and Buffy and Willow giggled at his ensemble.

“I wish the Belmonts thought to update their wardrobe,” he complained, tugging a little at the, too short for its own good, leather skirt.

“It’s tradition,” Jessica said, absently she straightened the headband ensuring it was secured. Smiling with pride she hugged him. “Trust nothing inside the castle, except the candlesticks.”

Xander shot her a confused look. “That makes sense,” he quipped in a sarcastic tone.

“The castle is evil and bent to Dracula’s will, but his son Alucard, he was rather fond of a particular Belmont.” Jessica smiled with secret knowledge. “He had the candlesticks enchanted somehow, if you need help use Vampire Killer on them.”

“Check the candlesticks, gotcha.” Xander turned to his friends. “Who’s coming in?” he asked.

Buffy lifted her crossbow. “You don’t think I’d abandon you, do you?” Xander smiled and shook his head.

Riley took a step back. “I wish I could, but from everything Willow said about the stuff in there. I’m sorry, Xander, but we ordinary types aren’t of much help even with military training.”

Anya stepped back also. “I’m with you in spirit, Xander, please don’t die. I want you to come back and wear that for me when we have sex to celebrate your victory.”

Xander’s cheeks burned red with embarrassment. “Ahn, not in front of my mom.”

Jessica laughed. “You think she can shock me son? If I couldn’t figure out what you two were up to from her screams back when you lived in the basement, well I don’t deserve to be your mother. I trust you used proper protection, at least until the rest of the family has a chance to figure out if Anya here is compatible enough for good breeding.”


Willow stepped forward bravely. “I’m going too,” she declared. Jessica’s expression darkened, but to her surprise someone reacted before she could.

Tara raised a hand and quickly incanted a spell. “I’m sorry, baby, but your magic isn’t-isn’t strong enough for this ordeal.”

“Tara,” Willow said in shock. She couldn’t move, something was preventing her.

“I’m a Belnades, we’re practically related, Xander.”

Xander blinked. “Say what?”

“Your ancestor Trevor married my ancestor’s sister Sypha,” Tara explained. “G-G-Generationally speaking we are, roughly, third or fourth cousins. Give or take a few hundred generations.”

Willow shot Tara a betrayed look. “I sense more power in you than before.”

“The Belnades family isn’t as proud of their heritage, my f-f-father controlled my mother, and me when I was born. Which is why I escaped him, tonight I need to stop h-h-hiding, it means they can find me now. But Dracula c-c-can’t be allowed to win.” Tara pleaded with Willow for understanding with a look, Willow didn’t know how to react, and she had no more time. The last rays of the sun began to fade.

“Go, now!” Jessica urged, thrusting an aged piece of parchment in her son’s hands she pushed him onto the drawbridge. “The map is enchanted as well, it shall guide you, Castlevania is much larger than it would appear to be. Try not to get lost, and trust in Alucard if he offers assistance.”

Xander nodded, gripping ‘his’ whip tightly in one hand he led the way. “Buffy, Tara, let’s go.”

Buffy shot Willow an apologetic look. “Keep the home fires burning guys,” she called to the others. Secretly she was glad Willow wasn’t coming too, she wasn’t even sure if she could survive the night, and she didn’t want to see Willow die. Or Xander either, but in a way Xander at least had more protection and knowledge thanks to the whip. Together the trio of unlikely heroes walked across the drawbridge and through the gate, which slammed shut the moment the last tiny rays of sunlight disappeared.

“God protect them,” Jessica prayed.

To Be Continued
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