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Singularity un-Questioned?

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Summary: She likes computers, He likes rocks....I mean artifacts. Why can't Daniel and Willow make it work? Sometimes the library is just the place to find a truly great piece of work. (First Fic ever, Please review and let me know how I did.)

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Past Donor)DianasisFR728940102,30728 Sep 0929 Oct 09No

She's Humming Our Song.

Disclaimer: Once upon a time a lovely redheaded orientation confused girl spotted a hunkalicious geeky archaeologist and said - "Nope, not yours!" They belong to Whedon and Stargate Productions and friends , I just spoil them and then send them home to be cranky.

~Adir hu, adir hu.~

She was humming to herself the first day Daniel noticed her, a slender young woman with fiery hair flowing down over her shoulders. A delicate silver pentangle dangled at her throat. Neat stacks of notes and worn journals were laid out around her on the large oak table and a pencil rested securely in the grip of her fingers. Though her looks alone were more than enough to merit the regard of any man; the melody itself caught Daniel’s attention pulling him into memories of Egypt and his parents.

~Yivneh veito b'karov. Bim'heirah, bim'heirah, b'yameinu b'karov.~

Daniel could still remember the first time he’d heard the song.

~Bachur hu, gadol hu, dagul hu,~

Young voices and old had joined together weaving a beautiful tapestry of music and history.

~Yivneh veito b'karov. Bim'heirah, bim'heirah, b'yameinu b'karov.~

He’d recognized the language, but didn’t know enough to understand the song.

~Hadur hu, vatik hu, zakai hu, chasid hu,~

Father had succumbed to his impatience that evening after they’d eaten. Recounting the story the words conveyed to those who sang it year after year.

~Yivneh veito b'karov. Bim'heirah, bim'heirah, b'yameinu b'karov.~

Patiently and carefully, Daniel learned the Hebrew letters that started each stanza one by one following the alphabet through. Such simple lyrics blessed with the dedication of generations of voices singing one after the other.

~Tahor hu, yachid hu, kabir hu, Lamud hu, melekh hu, nora hu, Sagiv hu, izuz hu, podeh hu, tzadik hu~

In a way, the song reminded Daniel of the hieroglyphs his parents and he studied. Their meaning carved deeper and deeper through the brush of time and care.

~Kadosh hu, rachum hu, shaddai hu, takif hu~

Daniel supposed he shouldn’t be surprised to hear the song again. Maybe he could ask her where she’d learned it. Synagogue school, perhaps? Were her family Jewish like some of the children he’d grown up playing with on digs?

~Yivneh veito b'karov. Bim'heirah, bim'heirah, b'yameinu b'karov.~

Shaking his head, Daniel recalled his attention to the passage in front of him. He really needed to get some work done. Sam would be picking him up in a few hours. He should at least attempt to read the manuscript he’d waited so long to have a chance to study.
The redhead had stopped humming anyway.

The song is "Adir Hu" which is sung on the last night of Seder each year.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Singularity un-Questioned?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Oct 09.

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