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Singularity un-Questioned?

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Summary: She likes computers, He likes rocks....I mean artifacts. Why can't Daniel and Willow make it work? Sometimes the library is just the place to find a truly great piece of work. (First Fic ever, Please review and let me know how I did.)

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel Jackson(Past Donor)DianasisFR728940102,30728 Sep 0929 Oct 09No


Disclaimer: Stargate - not mine. Buffy, definitely Joss's property. The Smithsonian? Not in this life, but I'm entreating karma with everything I have. Enjoy, Review...Maybe I'll write more than just this first ever fic.

Hacking into the Council mainframe and posting pictures of Travers in a tutu?


Telepathically coordinating a hunting party of slayers and watchers to take out a large nest of Vampires?

Piece of cake.

Researching non-stop for 72 hours to prevent the latest apocalypse?

No problem.

Asking the new cutie named Daniel out on a date?


Willow sighed as she glanced across the library’s restricted section to where the man of the hour sat translating some of the treasured manuscripts of the Smithsonian’s new Egyptology display. His light brown hair had once again fallen across his eyes, blocking them from her view. Glasses hung low on his nose and his hand held a swiftly moving pen scribbling notes on yet another pad. The surrounding table held a veritable forest of reference works and notes.

Mentally shaking herself, Willow pulled her gaze and her wandering attention back to the work before her. For once, the research had nothing to do with the latest baddie or impending disaster. Just some practice translating a few texts from one obscure language to another even more obscure text. Recently Giles had been mediating a intellectual competition of sorts between Willow, Dawn and a few especially brainy watchers. Dawn had completed last month’ s assignment, an ancient Akkadian to Modern Italian translation, two full days before Willow and nearly a week faster than the best watcher. Evidently Dawn had done more than shop for shoes while in Rome. This month, Willow was confident in her ability to complete the Archaic Russian to Egyptian Hieroglyphs challenge with plenty of time to spare. Russian was one of the few languages that Dawn abilities as Key seemed not to help at all. Willow however had picked up quite a bit of the language during her time traveling with her former girlfriend Kennedy.

Willow grimaced as she picked up her pencil to begin anew. “That’s quite enough of those thoughts for today,” she rebuked herself. Their nigh epic fights had ended with Kennedy requesting a new posting, preferably on different continent from Willow. After that debacle, Willow had firmly placed dating in the “not going there” corner of her life and mind.

Until she had spotted the man named Daniel taking a the table across the way.

Not that Willow had asked his name. Oh, no! She wasn’t that obvious or brave. She’d simply heard a trim blond woman call his name as he left the library one evening. He’d waved and walked quickly toward her jeep before climbing in and driving off.

Yup, see subconscious? He probably already had a girlfriend, or a wife, or whatever. No need to risk embarrassment by trying to ask him out for coffee or something. Nope, staying safely single and silent was the best way to go in this case. Not gonna go there. Totally attachment-free Willow, Really.

Then why did her heart beat faster as she saw him stand and approach her table?
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