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Tales from Atlantis

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Tales from Atlantis". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sometimes Evan Lorne was fairly certain he didn’t deserve this.

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisJadedFR1375137,25282784439,97029 Sep 091 Apr 10Yes
CoA Winner

This Is Home

Author: Jaded
Story: Tales from Atlantis
75 Ficlet: This is Home
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, SyFy owns Stargate. No suing please!
Story Summary: Sometimes Lorne was fairly certain he didn’t deserve this.
Ficlet Summary: Evan is finally home.
A/N 1: Ficlet title comes from Switchfoot.
A/N 2: 6 Months. 75 chapters. Nearly 50 rec's. Over 700 reviews. When I started this, I did so on a whim. I never imagined it would go so far or get so popular. This has been a whirlwind and while I'm sad to see it end, I'm happy with how it did. I hope all of you readers are too.

Special thanks to everyone who stuck with me through all my ups and downs and random fights with the net and my computer. The arguments with the characters and the plot. While Tales of Atlantis has ended, I do plan to return to this universe in the future. I want to explore the Earthbound Scoobies and the lives they've created for themselves. Until then, I leave you with my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

This is Home

Subject: (no subject)

I heard about your little trip. was it?


Evan wasn't sure what was going on. One minute he was standing by some new piece of technology waiting for a scientist to make sure it wouldn't kill everyone, the next he was surrounded by military men.

“What the...” he muttered, looking around frantically. A familiar looking man approached but for the life of him, Evan couldn't name him. “Who are you? Where am I?”

“Sir, if you'll kindly put down your gun and come with us, we'll explain everything,” the man promised. “Sir?”

“Sure...” Evan said. “Am I still...”

“In Atlantis?” the man asked, smiling. “Yes. In your own”

Evan blinked at him. “Excuse me?” he asked, fingers going slack around his P-90. The man smiled again.

“The machine was a prototype made by Janus years ago,” he explained as a soldier took his gun the same reverence his uncle gave Winchestor rifles. “Your gene accidentally activated it.”

“Of course it did,” he muttered as he followed the man. “How do you know?”

“Our records,” he explained. His lips twitched. “And my...grandmother...indicated she'd have my hide if one of us wasn't here to greet you. We've been guarding the room for over six hours.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” was out of Evan's mouth before he could stop himself. Things like this didn't happen to him, they happened to Sheppard. He was the one who dealt with vampire armies and crazy witches who wanted to skin Dawn for her power, not time travel.

The man chuckled as they came out onto a walkway. Evan stopped, stunned. He could clearly see the ocean from his view point but it wasn't the right one...

“Are those islands?”

“Yup,” his escort agreed. “Sixteen in all. And before you ask, yes, the Navy ended up sending the ships.”

The ocean was filled with vessels of every conceivable type and size. Two much more advanced navy warships were docked at one of the piers, several yachts could be seen on one of the islands. He looked down and realized the city was crawling with people and not all of them seemed to be military or scientist. Many, in fact, seemed to be Pegasus natives and he was fairly certain the group on the edge of the pier, pointing and taking pictures, was a group of tourists.

“What...happened?” he asked, baffled. A thought hit him and he looked at his escort. “What year is it?”

“Twenty-five twenty,” he answered. “You're over five hundred years in the future.”


“Welcome to Atlantis and Nea Lantea,” an older gentlemen greeted him when they came into the conference room. “It is an honor to meet you, Colonel Lorne.”

“Yeah," he said, staring around. “Wish I could say the same, er...”

“Oh, of course,” he smiled, eyes twinkling, and Evan suddenly got a bad feeling. “Commander Jackson Tyler. The third.”

Evan stared at him. “Excuse me?”

Several people laughed. “I'm the great whatever grandson of Jon Tyler and Dawn Summers,” he said. “Which, if my memory of the family tree serves correctly, makes me your great something something grandson.”

Evan continued staring, scrutinizing everything. Dark brown hair the same shade as Dawn's, familiar gray eyes he'd learn to run from when they started laughing at him. He was tall, over six feet, and his hair was cut haphazardly. He was slouching as he regarded Evan with amusement.

“Why me?” he muttered and a familiar laugh made him twirl around. His eyes bugged.

“I've been asking the same damn thing for years,” Dawn assured him. “Hi!”

She was older; in her late twenties if he had to guess. Her once long brown hair was cut to chin length and streaked with green that he was fairly certain was not dyed. She was wearing a skintight black suit with a plunging neckline, a green belt set on her hip, and a gun strapped to her thigh. She had on green fingerless gloves and her only jewelry were green stars in her ears and thin silver chain around her neck with a green key pendent attached so it hovered just above her breasts.


“It's not actually, well, me,” Dawn assured him and something in her form shimmered. “I'm a hologram, Ev. Created by Rodney McKay and Willow Rosenberg to assist in the facilitation and use of the city.”

“Say again?”

“We're AI's,” a familiar blonde said. Cassie's green eyes sparkled as she smirked. “Rodney created us to look after the city. He didn't trust just anyone.”

“He was going to make all the AI's himself,” another one popped in next to Dawn, this one of Tyler. “But Sheppard vetoed that almost immediately even though Sheppard was the one who gave him the idea.”

“Would have made it easier to recognize them on sight though,” someone behind Evan muttered.

“Nah, Mason McKay looks too much like his grandfather,” another voice asnwered. “Seriously, sometimes I'm not sure which is the AI. And do you really want a couple dozen AI's who all look and act like Mason running around the city?”

“At least with the AI's we can turn them off,” a third voice spoke up when an odd choking noise came from the second guy.

“He managed to get a fair number of the people he trusted most integrated into the program,” Molly said as she appeared. Evan focused back on the artificial intelligence holograms. She paused a moment. “We have complete access to the cities systems but have some very...well, Rodney didn't want a repeat of the Replicators. Our programming can't be re-written like the nanite base code. We go kerplooey if they try. And the city counsel can turn any of us off at any time and we can't override any of their commands. ”

“He usually turns me off when I tell him he's being stupid,” Tyler jerked his head at the watching Commander.

“That's cause most of the time he realizes he's being stupid and doesn't want to be reminded,” a familiar voice drawled and Sheppard appeared. “Hey Lorne.”

“This is all your fault,” Evan accused before he could stop himself and accept he was not talking to the real Sheppard. Sheppard the AI frowned at him as the AI's and half the actual humans all laughed.

“How do you figure that?”

“You go back to Earth for something, I get sent to the future,” Evan shot back. “If you'd stayed, I'd be happily in bed with my girlfriend and you'd have been in that room.”

“The man has a point,” Tyler said as Dawn gagged.

“Ew, okay, I have all the memories of the flesh Dawn and. Um, yeah,” she made a face. “Lets not talk about you and Tenny like that, kay? I have nightmares from the time I accidentally walked in on you two as it is. ”

Evan frowned at her. “Who all did Rodney...recreate?”

Almost immediately the room filled with people, all dressed similarly to how their human counterparts would have dressed. Sheppard had been joined by Ronon, Teyla, Ford, and Rodney. Carson, Jennifer, Dr. Weir, Radek, Katie Brown, Jeanie Miller, Caldwell, Jackson, O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c, Vala, Mitchell, Jonas, Lam, Fraiser, Hammond, Jacob Carter, Davis, Landry; they all came from the Stargate program. But then placed in between were the Scoobies; Buffy was next to Paul, Xander, Willow, Tara, Anya, Angel, Spike, Oz, Faith, Andrew, Caridad, Rona, Joyce, Giles, Riley, Sam, Shannon, and several of the city slayers, including, to Evan's surprise, Leah.

Standing directly in front of Evan was his team, his family. The Spooks. Vi was leaning against the table by Dawn, arms crossed and a smirk on her face. Chuck was smiling next to her, and Graham was standing next to Cassie, with Cadman on his other side. And standing directly across from Evan was himself and Tenaya, both looking amused.

“I told Rodney this was going to be weird,” he commented and there was an indignant huff from the direction of team Shep. Slowly, one by one, the AI's all faded until only the Spooks remained. The city descendents also left to give them privacy. Evan wasn't sure he should be amused by that or not.

“We all survived?”

“Technically, we're all dead,” Vi told him. “But we all died of old age.”

“Tyler and I had three kids,” Dawn smiled sheepishly. “Only the youngest wasn't out of wedlock.”

“Chloe became a wicca and linguist like her momma and George and Jackson became soldiers like their daddy.” Tyler's smile was proud as he spoke of the kids Evan himself had yet to meet. “Jackson was a linguist, George an explosives expert. All three ended up back in the program as adults.”

“Laura and I married,” Graham told him. “Had a little girl and a boy. Nikki and Nathan.”

“They drove everyone batty,” Cadman added. “No one was too surprised when Nikki was called and Nathan dived into magic to help her.”

“They and the Finn twins had a good record,” Graham agreed. “Their tactics are still taught at the council academies back on Earth.”

“I married Jordy,” Cassie told him. “Had twins, Artemis and Apollo. Apollo was a seer, like me, and Artemis was a wolf-changer, like Jordy and Oz only she inherited it.”

“The first time she changed, Cassie swore Apollo had found and brought home a puppy,” Dawn snickered. Cassie stuck her tongue out at her.

“Chuck and I got engaged four times before we actually married,” Vi bounced and Chuck rolled his eyes good-naturally.

“The only reason it wasn't more was cause you and Dawn threatened bodily harm if we called it off again,” he told Evan. “We had one little girl, Allyson.”

“Was she...?” Evan trailed off as Vi shook her head.

“She was a potential in my line but was never called,” she answered. “Every slayer's first child is a girl who joins her mother's line. After that...well, it could be any gender.”

“Buffy never had kids,” Evan told him. “At least, not like Dawn.”

“She and Paul adopted three slayers and a little boy with magic coming out of his butt,” Dawn added. “Plus Rachel, who swore Buffy and Paul was her mother and father till the day she died.”

Evan nodded, recalling the tiny slayer the two had taken in recently. He focused on himself and Tenaya. “What about, well, me?”

“That would be telling,” Tenaya said, arm threaded through his counterparts. “But since you asked so nicely...”

“You're gonna have three,” Evan told himself. “Two little girls and a boy.”

“Does that include Dawn?”

“I'm not sure if I should be offended by that or not,” Dawn muttered. “And no, it doesn't include me or Lillian. Arleen was the oldest, then Tristan, and Alexis was the youngest.”

“Lillian...Willow's daughter?” Evan asked, connecting all three with people he respected who'd passed on. His aunt, an old military buddy, and the slayer who saved him on Namorn.

“Uh huh,” she nodded. “Willow wanted either a flower name or to name her for someone who'd been a force of good magic. You wanted to name her after a family member.”

“After I shot down Glinda and she shot down Mary, we settled on Lillian, after mom's baby sister who died of Leukemia,” the AI Evan added. “Willow nicknamed her Lily, after the flower and the Harry Potter character.”

Dawn snickered. “Lily went to her grave not knowing if she should be proud or horrified she was named after a fictional character,” she told him. “But she loved you four so much. You were her daddy.”

“What about...what about the rest?” he asked, leaning against the wall. Dawn's smile was bittersweet.

“Spike and Amy fell in love,” she told him. “They married and had four kids, Daniel, Rose, Dru, and Joy. When Joy was four, Amy, Andrew, and Anya closed the Cleveland Hellmouth permanently. Andrew and Anya survived. Amy didn't. The magic overwhelmed her.”

“Spike never remarried,” Cassie added. “After losing Amy...he stopped dating altogether.”

“He and Angel were killed stopping an apocolypse when they were in their sixties,” Vi added sadly.

“Jonas married Carolyn Lam,” Dawn shook off her meloncholy. “They adopted a little boy and named him Kieran. He was disgustingly normal and ended up following Xander's footsteps. He became the Silver Knight to Xander's White.”

“Actually, there was a whole group of knights,” Tenaya noted. “Xander liked joking they were like the Knights of the Round Table.”

“Yeah,” Dawn agreed. “Up until Willow told him that's exactly what they were; the reincarnated Knights. He stopped joking about it after that and tried figuring out which was which so he could try and avoid the Arthur, Gwen, Lancelot triangle.”

Cassie, Tenaya, and Vi all giggled and Evan got the feeling there was a story there. “Xander and Anya had two kids, Hallie and Jesse. Tara gave birth to Tamara, named for her mother. Molly and Andrew had four.”

The AI Evan shook his head. “They named them James, Arwen, Luke, and Leia,” he told him.

“James?” Evan asked warily.

“James T. Kirk,” they all chorused.

“Basically, what it comes down to, is that Giles and Joyce ended up with like, twenty-seven grand-kids,” Cassie told him.

“Thirty if you count Cordy's two and Oz' son,” Dawn added. “And Giles always did, even though he had no legal claim on them, fake or otherwise.”

“Drove Angel nuts,” Cassie noted. “But Cordelia loved it so Angel dealt.”

“Christmas was insane,” AI Evan told him seriously. “And just a warning—do NOT get Lily a Barbie. Her mother will throw a hissy fit, break the house, and you'll have to sit through a six hour long lecture about how Barbies are the gross misinterpretation of the strong woman and make girls have unrealistic expectations of beauty.”


“So, you ready?” Mason McKay, great something grandson of Rodney McKay and John Sheppard demanded. According to what the AI's had told him, Rodney McKay's daughter ended up marrying Sheppard's son which eventually resulted in the man standing before him. Evan nodded, still a little freaked by the fact Mason looked almost exactly like Rodney. The only difference was his eyes, which were Sheppard's.

“Beam me up, Scotty,” he quipped. The AI's in the room all laughed but Mason just rolled his eyes and pressed the button. The room fizzled and when it came back, was empty save for Sheppard and McKay. Not wanting to assume, he moved forward and poked Sheppard. The man glared at him.

“What was that for?” he demanded but was overshadowed by McKay demanding to know where he'd come from.

“I think the better question would be, where did he go?” Dawn asked, her hair back to her butt and no magical green streaks in sight. He smiled as he saw his team, including Tenaya, Chuck, and Cadman, standing just behind her, looking relieved. He was home. He turned to Rodney with a small smile.

“Hey, you ever think of creating AI's for the city?”

And now, after all my searching
After all my questions
I'm going to call it home
I got a brand new mind set
I can finally see the sunset
I'm gonna call it home

The End

You have reached the end of "Tales from Atlantis". This story is complete.

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