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Anything But Ordinary

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This story is No. 14 in the series "Life in A Minor". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn jumped and found herself a world without magic or family.

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Song: Anything But Ordinary
Artist: Avril Lavigne

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Fast and the Furious


Dawn had jumped. Her sister had been about to and for some insane reason Dawn had stopped her and ended up landing in some demon-free version of LA. In a back alley. In down town. Without money or shoes. It had not been the best time of her relatively short life.

In this reality she'd looked up Joyce and Hank and Buffy, all living a happy little life together. Hank and her mom were still together, Buffy was at UCLA on a cheer leading scholarship. Willow had graduated 2 years early from High School and then gone to MIT, Xander had been taken from his parents custody and put into foster care, he was now in the Marines. Cordelia was modeling and making some serious bank, Giles was the head curator for the British Museum, married with 3 children. For some reason him having children was what made all this so strange and still believable.

So Dawn was a homeless 14 year old orphan with no way of getting home. She wasn't even sure if her sister and the others would remember her, she was after all a creation, a spell. It could have snapped all their memories as soon as she was gone. She'd tried to cut herself, see if any power remained, but nothing worked. Well, it worked to make her look like a cutter, but the scars would fade soon enough, she didn't want it to hurt too much.

It had taken a bit of work to find shoes and something other than a tacky purple dress with slices across the abdomen. Dawn wasn't exactly cut out to be on the street though. Spoiled enough that she went without rather than eating from trashcans until she couldn't stop herself, it wasn't long until she was picked up by the police. Too young, to sweet looking, too naive. She learned. Talking back was the easy part, learning to not simply do as a police officer told her took a few tries. Since they couldn't find her in any system and she knew better than to be helpful and tell them something crazy, like the truth, she was locked up for a few weeks and sent to foster care. When she ran off because her new 'daddy' was a little too touchy feel-ly she was thrown back into juvie. In the next home she hit the man, she was sent back to juvie. None of the homes were the type that made her feel safe. She'd stay until she left, sometimes she was loose a month, sometimes a day, and she was sent to a new home. Sometimes to juvenile detention, depending on what she'd done.

Dawn was building quite the rap sheet and not being helpful with the psychiatrists they assigned her to. She told one of them that she was ordinary, that no one was there to help her, to tell her she was special. When the psychiatrist told her she thought Dawn had amazing potention, Dawn told her where to shove the text book responses that were spoon fed to adult authority figures to kids in their care. Dawn didn't trust anyone. She'd continued to hope that her sister would save her, that one day a portal would open and Buffy would beg her to come back. It hadn't happened, so either they forgot, or they didn't care. Or they thought she was dead. Dawn didn't know what to think, so she grew more angry, more sullen. Her mother was dead, her sister was missing and her father didn't care. No one cared, she was ordinary, nothing special, nothing to care about.

Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep
It's my lullaby

Dawn sighed as she leaned back against the head board of the bed that was now hers. Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery were now her foster parents, there were 4 other kids, 2 of them girls about her age, the other 2 were twin boys that were actually the biological children of her newest dictators. The 411 from Mindy and Celeste was that the boys did pretty much got whatever they wanted, Mrs. Montgomery (call me Deb) didn't like discord, and Mr. Montgomery wanted it quiet, though every now and then he'd invite someone to go out to the garage to 'help with the car' if they were interested. Dawn wasn't interested at all. Not in Mr. Still fit, but still old and ugly, and not with the twin drool-worthy when looking, suicide worthy when speaking jackasses.

Dawn not being interested wasn't always something that people took to heart though. She didn't like being used, didn't like being pawed, and really didn't like being considered just like everyone else. It was why she was fingering the fat busted lip, that part of her chin already bruising. The other bruises she'd gotten from Blake and Danny weren't in view unless she was topless, or her shirts were a little too short. Hand prints on the thighs, and they still hadn't been able to part them. Dawn hadn't let anyone touch her like that since the third house. It was a reason she was hard to place, she was a fighter and didn't bother trying to look helpful or sweet. Her long hair dyed darker and cut in choppy layers to just under her shoulder blades, her clothing cut short and fit tight, or worn long and baggy. She was hot and used it to her advantage, look, but don't touch. Blackmail would work until the wives found out, at least on some. A lot of women didn't want a pretty young thing like her around anyway.

A car screeched from a few streets down, followed by another and another. Dawn crept out of her bed and over to the dresser. It took moments to pull on a pair of black denim pants and a sheer long sleeved shirt, her thumbs slipping through holes she'd cut as she pulled a bright purple tank top over the top. Her black boots were quickly laced, even in the dark, and she was just about ready. Dawn snagged her wallet from under her pillow and grabbed her purse, makeup inside already, before climbing out the window. The other two girls didn't say anything, though she knew they were awake. They were cowed by the mostly decent treatment they got. Dawn wasn't.

Outside she used the light of a streetlamp and the mirror of a car to do quick application of thick black eyeliner, lots of mascara and some chapstick before she jogged toward the sound of cars. She swayed her hips a little more, taking careful strides as more cars came around the corner a few blocks from her house. One pulled over and she didn't say a word as she climbed into the back seat. She nodded to a random girl she had never seen before and the guy driving took off again.

Sometimes I drive so fast
Just to feel the danger
I wanna scream
It makes me feel alive

Half the point of showing up to one of the street races was to show off what you had; cash, cars and chicks. Even if you just picked up the girls and didn't know their names. It was why Dawn always got a ride in, and why it was so easy for her to disappear into the crowd. She chuckled and shook her head as she looked around at all the other women, almost none of them as covered as she was. Dawn looked hungrily at the cars. She didn't have a license and actually drove really well, which had surprised her considering her sisters luck with motorized vehicles. A young man who'd wanted to help her, save her from a life of broken dreams or some horse shit, had taught her. She'd crashed his car and then broken his heart when she'd left without saying goodbye. It hadn't been love, not even a little. It had been a need to stand out, to feel special.

"Baby girls got hungry eyes," a Hispanic man commented, leering at her, a knowing smile on his face as he came closer. Dawn ignored him, looking over the cars. "What's the matter chika, shy?" he asked, running a finger over her hair. She turned and glanced up and down.

"Not shy, not interested," she moved away, her eyes raking over a new car when his hand looped around her narrow waist, pulling her against him.

"Come on baby, watch the race with me, I could grow on you," he shoved his hips into her and her eyes narrowed. She jerked his pinky backwards and stomped on his foot just as someone else grabbed his other arm.

"Little young for you Ricky, don't you think," a young Hispanic woman commented, Dawn noticed that she was in leather pants and almost smiled, short chicks in leather pants made her miss her sister.

"She said she wasn't interested," the big man was still holding onto Ricky and the asshole just nodded. The big guy let go and Ricky shoved over to his car quickly, ignoring the jibes and dirty looks he was getting from the other drivers.

"I had it under control," she informed the two calmly as the big guy walked back over to the shorter chick.

"Ricky hits back," the chick informed her. Dawn raised an eyebrow, a trick that she had learned long ago from Spike, she'd ended up needing a lot of things she'd learned from Spike. He and Anya and Cordelia had been more helpful, more honest about real life, than anyone else. They hadn't coddled her and she was infinitely glad, though she was just as glad the others had wanted to take care of her so she wouldn't need to know about real life.

"So do I," Dawn informed them. The big guys eyes dropped to the left of her jaw and he didn't say anything.

"He's bigger than you," the chick went on, more people seemed to be joining the two as the conversation continued. Normally Dawn would have already left, deeming them uninteresting and therefore unimportant to her, but she was tired and bored and didn't know anyone.

"Most of them are," she shrugged a little, arms crossing her chest, lips set in an unimpressed line.

"Scrub off the makeup and she's probably 13," another guy commented, scrutinizing her face, not focusing so much on her lips as her eyes. She glared at him.

"Cute," she refused to rise to the bait, She was 17 and a half. 3 years of taking care of herself and dealing with people that liked to upset you for fun had made her immune to most teasing.

"I like her," another woman, taller than the first but not as curvy, smirked up at the big guy.

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breath?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed

"Got a name?" the big guy asked, his gravelly voice a little amused, so were his eyes when she looked at him.

"Do you?" immature responses said with crossed arms and a straight back could be taken as a challenge or an insult. When people were insulted you didn't want to indulge in your curiosity with them, they tended to have short tempers.

"I'm Dom, this is Letty, Mia, Leon, and Vince," the big guy gestured vaguely but Dawn pinned the name to the person

"I'm Dawn," she said after a moment of watching him. He wasn't irritated, just amused. She found herself intrigued by him and by Letty. She wanted to know why they were gonna stick up for a little white girl that probably looked like she didn't belong. Though if Dawn were honest with herself, she really didn't belong, likely never would. Not anywhere in this dimension.

"He was right about one thing," Dom said as her eyes wandered back to the machines.

"What's that?" she asked, not really caring as her eyes focused on the paint job of a Spyder that was pulling in.

"You've got hungry eyes," Dom grinned as she turned toward him.

"If you break into song in some kind of bad Tom Cruise imitation I'm stealing a car and running you over," she informed him flatly. The group burst into smiles and laughter.

"I definitely like her," Letty agreed with Mia, laughing and looping an arm around Dom's waist.

"Come on kid, you want to see real cars you need to see ours," Dom informed her, turning with Letty and walking away. The men followed and Letty was still attached to him, leaving Mia to watch her. Dawn frowned, concentrating on the group walking away, ignoring the girl that was studying her.

"He invited you because he's intrigued. He doesn't like most people," she raised an eyebrow, daring Dawn to follow.

"Funny, neither do I," she followed because she too was intrigued ... and because she couldn't resist a dare, verbal or not.

Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please

"He mocks the ride, but he granny shifts and doesn't know how to use his NOS, almost feel bad for him, can't drive and has a crap car." a skinny guy was glaring at a big black guy as he talked to the group, one leg jumping quickly as he picked at his lower lip, not paying much attention.

"Smoke him Jesse," Leon clapped the guy on the shoulder and Jesse stood up, walking over to the guy.

"You made it," Dom said after a moment. Dawn's eyes were drawn to the pretty paint job on one of the cars.

"Haven't seen you around here before," Letty told her, leaning her hips back on a red Mazda. Dom was watching her as well. She shrugged a bit, glancing around the crowd. People seemed to give them a bit more room than they gave others.

"Might not see me around here again," she didn't put any kind of inflection in her voice, she didn't want to seem like she cared one way or another. She wasn't actually sure if she cared one way or another, though she liked the car and she liked the feel of the place. Still, a group like this didn't happen anywhere near the same place every time.

"That got something to do with ...." Vince gestured to the side of his own mouth and Dawn's eyes narrowed as she turned her gaze to him.

"Usually does," she remarked before walking around the Mazda Letty was sitting on, circling, peeking inside and circling again.

"Want to see under the hood?" Dom asked a moment later.

"Wouldn't know what anything is. I know the basics of cars; gas, oil, battery, throttle, clutch," she ran a finger down the side as she came back over to the group.

"You interested?" Dom wanted to know, still watching her more intently that she was comfortable with. No one else said anything, just went on like nothing special was going on, but it was special. Dom didn't invite people to their home, he wasn't interested in people.

"I don't know. Never really thought about it except as a means to an end," she shrugged a bit again. They turned to watch as Jesse pulled in, 17 seconds before the other guy, grinning widely as cash was slapped into his palm.

"Cops, Cops Man!" someone shouted in the distance.

"Need a lift home?" Dom asked. She glanced quickly at Letty, who seemed unconcerned as she jumped into another car, Mia winked and joined the other woman as others melted into metal and fiberglass structures.

"Yeah," she agreed.

To walk within the lines
Would make my life so boring
I want to know that I
Have been to the extreme

"This it?" Dom asked, pulling up to a small house with blue peeling paint on the side and a couple beat up cars in the driveway.

"For now," she agreed, looking at it tiredly. She didn't want to get out of the car, but she wasn't about to go to some strange mans house in the middle of the night, no matter how hot he was, and no matter how much he fascinated her. Besides, she wasn't actually physically attracted to him.

"Move a lot?" he asked. She turned toward him, noting the knowing look.

"Kids in the system usually do," she shrugged a bit, as though it didn't matter. It didn't matter that she'd grown up in a loving environment, surrounded by people who were willing to die to keep her safe. Hugged by her mother every morning. People that made her breakfast, kept her in new clean clothing, made sure she kept a room that was all hers and hers alone.

"I don't know anything about that. We had a big family. Not all blood, but that doesn't always matter," Dom told her. He was watching her intently and she got the feeling he was inviting her to meet his extended and collected family.

"I used to have people like that," she nodded and looked toward the house again. Dom watched her carefully, the 'I can take care of myself' attitude wasn't as strong when she didn't feel like she had to prove it every moment. She was a lost kid, she looked it when you saw her eyes, though she looked more like a spit-fire little fox when you weren't watching her big blues. The reason he'd stepped in before was because Letty was going to, and while he liked watching a man get knocked on his ass by Letty, Ricky held grudges against girls. Mia called it mommy issues. Still, he'd liked that Dawn hadn't been offended, she'd been calm in her assertion of her abilities.

"Got plans tomorrow?" Dom asked, watching her with a slight smile on his face. She looked back at him, her expression distrustful.

"It's Saturday and kids at school know better than to even strike up a conversation with someone like me," she told him.

"Why's that?" he asked, taking the bait. She smirked.

"I probably wont be around for long and I bite," she raised both eyebrows as he chuckled at her.

"Tell you what, I'll pick you up at 1 this afternoon. You're coming over for a barbecue and to learn something other than basics," Dom informed her. She didn't say anything as she stepped out of the car. She waved a negligent hand and ignored him as she raised the window of the bedroom she shared with 2 other girl, slipping through the window and closing it behind her, no lights turning on. When Dom was sure she was fine he drove home.

So knock me off my feet
Come on now give it to me
Anything to make me feel alive

Dom was waiting outside in his red little racer, Deb was watching from the door, a frown firmly on her face as she sucked on a cigarette. Mr. Montgomery was yelling at her, gripping tightly on her arm telling her she couldn't leave, not giving a reason just wanting to be in control. Dawn ignored him, yanking her arm free and twisting away. His boys had already discovered she knew enough about taking care of herself to keep them off. She wasn't some soft little victim to let them play as they liked. Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail, her eyes lined darkly again. She was in black skinny jeans and a pair of black boots, a bright green tank top with a black hoodie over the top. Her plain black purse was swinging from one hand as she flipped off the couple and pulled the door open.

"You be back by 9 Dawn Summers," Deb shouted as her husband turned back into the house. Dawn was a meal ticket and the Montgomery's weren't gonna ship her off for being smart mouthed and tough. Dom didn't say anything as Dawn tugged the seat belt on and sunk low in the seat, but as soon as she looked ready he took off down the street.

"You alright?" he asked after a few moments. Dawn glanced up at him, a blank expression on her face.

"You don't look like a fairy godmother, don't bother trying to make everything better," she told him a few moments later, face turned to stare out the window.

"He do that?" Dom glanced at her face and back to the road.

"Nope," Dawn didn't glance his way at all. She knew what he was talking about and she wasn't going to make it easier for him. She wasn't even really sure why she was going. The night before had been interesting, but the light of day brought more shadows to her already distrustful mind.

"You mind if I ask who did?" he gripped the steering wheel a little tighter and Dawn chuckled, a sound that wasn't amusing.

"Ask whatever you feel like, apparently it's a free country. Fought a war and everything," She told him, sarcasm in her words. He didn't ask again. Dom had dealt with Letty and Mia too often to not know when the weren't going to answer, and he didn't know this girl well enough to push.

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breath?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed

The two pulled into the drive almost 20 minutes later. Dawn wasn't sure if she would be able to find the place again, but she had a feeling she might want to. Mia was tossing something on the grill and smiled widely at them, waving as Dawn climbed out of the car. Leon and Vince were drinking and giving Jesse a hard time as he did something on his laptop. Letty had the hood of a car up, a beer sitting on the engine block and a wrench in her hand. What looked like a dirty t-shirt was hanging from her belt and as she stood the shorter brunette wiped her hands on it.

"It's the sassy little girl from the race," Vince declared as he came over with a newly opened beer, handing it to Dom.

"The sassy little girl prefers to be called Dawn," she told him flatly, her face unimpressed. The older man smiled a bit and walked over to pester Mia, who looked like she was used to it.

"Come on over here Dawn," Letty called before she took a long gulp of her beer and turned to look at the inside of the car. Dawn made her way over, unconsciously edging out of arms reach of everyone as she did so. Leon and Dom shared a look and a silent conversation in the space of a few moments and agreed to give the girl her space, let Letty deal with her for now.

"Hope you're hungry," Mia called as Dawn stood beside Letty. Dawn didn't respond.

"She's too skinny, needs some meat on her bones," Vince told Mia loudly, grinning at the younger woman's back. The only response was Dawn lifting her hand and flipping him off.

"Pay attention to me, not to the monkey who can't fix an engine without a picture book," Letty told her, not bothering to even glance at the now sputtering Vince. Dawn grinned and focused on the brains of the car in front of her.

Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please
I'd rahter be anything but ordinary please.

"You here again?" Vince demanded, grabbing a beer with oil stained hands. Dawn raised an eyebrow and walked around him to grab a snapple from the cooler.

"Dawn, hey cool. I found those schematics I was telling you about," Jessie grabbed a handful of papers and waved them in her direction. The lithe brunette walked over and snatched them, reading the first couple sentences before giving Jessie a big smile.

"Thanks," She took a seat on one of the lawn chairs and quickly became engrossed.

"What are those?" Vince asked the younger man.

"Nos system integrations," Jessie shrugged a bit.

"Looks like we might have another mad scientist on our hands," Leon said with a grin. He Dom and Letty had just gotten back from the garage where they'd been finishing up a project.

"As long as I don't have to sign up for a secret decoder ring," Dawn commented dryly, not bothering to glance up from the papers.

"I think my seat belt uses more material than your skirt," Letty commented, sending a dark looking at the tiny dark denim that graced the teens long legs. Dawn sent the other woman a wicked smile.

"You're just jealous that your legs are too short to pull it off," Dawn informed her. Letty raised her eyebrows and chuckled a bit. Dawn dressed to be noticed, but she didn't let anyone touch her. Letty could respect that, even if she thought it was stupid.

"Hey Dawn. Staying for dinner?" Mia came out of the house, hair wet from the shower and a smile on her face for the younger girl.

"As long as I can get a ride back before 9. Apparently it's a school night," Dawn was back to looking at her papers, her tone sarcastic and a little bitter.

"School's important. Graduate," Jessie told her, tapping away at his laptop again. Dawn sent him a dirty look and muttered something about his not graduating, but she caught the look Dom was giving her and stopped. She bit her lip as she carefully watched the group, none of them noticing her eyes. It was kind of like being home again; everyone was joking and teasing and having fun.

She wasn't sure when it had happened over the last 3 weeks, but she was comfortable with them. It was actually rather scary how much she'd come to depend on them for her emotional security. Maybe dependence was stretching it a bit, but Dawn no longer felt like a caged animal trying to escape. She wasn't afraid of them either. Not really. She knew that Mia worked at a family owned cafe and the Dom had the garage with everyone else. She knew that Dom had been in prison, that Jessie's dad was currently in prison, that Letty had grown up down the street and that she and Dom had been together since they were in high school. Dawn knew that the Toretto's had adopted the other three men into their patchwork blanket family because they hadn't had anywhere else to go, no where they belonged and no one who cared where they were. Now they belonged with Mia and Dom, they had a home. She was jealous.

Let down your defenses
Use no common sense
If you look you will see
that this world is this beautiful
accident turbulent succulent

This time Leon was driving Dawn home. They took turns taking her, as though it were a chore. If it was a chore to them they never complained though. Dawn was slunk down low in the seat, staring out the window. Driving was different with everyone. Leon was the most relaxed. His turns were clean, his shifting smooth. It was as though the car was almost a part of him. He didn't fill the air with constant chatter the way some might. It felt like a different lifetime when she'd been the bubbly cheerful chatty girl that teased her older sister to distraction.

"You have any siblings?" Dawn asked after a moment. She'd never actually asked personal questions of any of them before. If Leon was surprised he didn't show it.

"Used to," it was a few moments before he responded.

"Me too," she didn't say anything else until he pulled up in front of the house. "It's harder to get out of the car every time you guys drop me off," She made no move to get out.

"I get why you don't say anything," Leon offered after a long pause. Her big blue eyes were drawn to his face as he looked straight ahead. "About the bruises I mean. You're tough. You have to be. Thing is, I know what it's like, and it's not happiness and sunshine." Dawn didn't say anything as her hands both moved to hover over the bruises on her arms that were hidden by her hoodie. "But it's not all flash floods and hurricanes either," He turned to look at her this time.

It wasn't the first time Dawn had noticed his intense hazel eyes, or that the scruffy look actually worked for him. She didn't mind the toothpick so much, apparently it was an oral fixation that kept him from smoking. That conversation had ended up with everyone in the group trying to turn everything anyone said into something dirty. Dawn had won. He was still staring at her, looking at her with an expression she couldn't decipher.

"Promises promises," she'd meant to say it airily, as though nothing mattered. The words had come out hollow and bitter. Dawn shoved the door open and slipped out. She glanced out the window, ignoring Mr. Montgomery's growling as she watched Leon drive away.

I'm feeling permanent
No way I won't taste it
Don't wanna waste it away

"What the hell is wrong with you two? You're twisted, sick!" Dawn shouted at the other two girls as she pulled clothing out, shoving it all into the large black duffel bag that she'd had for so long. She could feel her eye swelling shut, making it harder to see as she finished her haphazard packing. Clothing, toiletries, her sneakers. The didn't have a lot, having learned long ago that anything you prized would simply disappear.

"We aren't the ones getting knocked around," Mindy reminded Dawn. She was sitting calmly on her bed, watching as Dawn wasted precious moments lacing her boots. They had gone to the pool and Dawn had gotten teased for wearing the turquoise cover over her simple black bathing suit. She'd been thrown in the pool and people had seen the bruises on her torso as she climbed back out. She still wasn't sure how that was her fault, or why Mr. Montgomery would lose it over something that little. She wasn't sure of a lot of things. Like why Mindy and Celeste didn't put a stop to the pawing.

"No, you're the ones that are gonna end up knocked up," Dawn bit out as she tossed the duffel and her school bag (her purse safely inside it) out the window and climbed out after them.

"They're just gonna bring you back," Celeste called, her voice flat. Dawn didn't say another word as she ran down the street, barely catching the bus.

Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh my self to sleep
It's my lullaby

It was raining. Dawn shook her drenched hair out of her face, and tried to pretend like she didn't care that her eyeliner was running in rivers down her face like she was in a bad made-for-tv drama or something. The jeans she'd pulled on over her bathing suit were soaked, but at least they didn't turn sheer like the bathing suit cover. Sheer and stuck to her skin, leaving shadows of dark bruises visible. Dawn didn't want to take the time to stop and dig a sweatshirt out of her bag, so she just kept walking to the big white house that had been her haven for the last few weeks. Hoping they would let her stay the night until she figured out where she'd go.

She knew that no one was home when she saw the absence of cars. No cars meant some kind of street race. They wouldn't be home until late. It had taken her 3 hours and 5 bus transfers to get there, and they weren't home. It was just her luck. Dawn laughed as she walked up and sat on the porch, shoving her bags behind her. She was too tired and defeated to even be cold anymore. She was half asleep, not sure how long she'd been there, when she heard the sound of multiple cars coming closer. She huddled down as she watched cars start lining the street, scantily clad women and cocky men tripping out of them. Some kind of victory party then. She'd never stayed for one before.

"Dawn?" Leon and Vince were both walking up to the porch. Dawn felt her chin wobble and swallowed hard, tears starting to fill her eyes.

"Mind if I crash here tonight?" She asked, tears starting to fall. Leon grabbed her arm, lifting her to her feet and pulling her inside while Vince grabbed her bags. She could hear others behind them asking questions but Vince stalled them, telling them where to stash the beer and where the stereo was.

"Shower, warm up. I'll grab a towel," Leon led her into the bathroom and disappeared from site as she stared at herself in the mirror for a moment. Her left eye looked worse than she'd thought it would, swollen and red with veins. She pulled off the blue shirt, standing in her halter bikini top to try and see the bruises she already knew were on her. She stopped after a few moments and used toilet paper to remove what was left of her makeup.

"Here," Leon paused as he came back, his face carefully blank as he took in the shape of her. He sighed as Vince came up the stairs to check on her. Leon shook his head and Vince went back down as Leon slipped into the bathroom with her, closing and locking the door. "Stay still," she knew that he was checking for broken bones and other injuries, she'd been checked over often enough. She watched his blank face in the mirror.

"What's the verdict doc?" her voice was a little hoarse and seemed loud in the small room.

"You'll live," he told her. She nodded. "The girls aren't here yet, the pants are drawstring so they should work," Leon made a vague gesture toward the sweatpants and t-shirt that were on top of the towel he'd brought her.

"Thanks," She didn't move until after he was out of the room.

Is it enough?
Is it enough?
Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breath?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed

The party was in full swing when Dawn came out of the bathroom. The music thumped up through the floor and breathed a little bit of life into her tired limbs. She wasn't quite up to dancing, but as usual music made her feel a little better. The black sweatpants were too long, but the stayed up after she'd cinched them tight at the waistband. The shirt was too big also, leaving her looking like she was playing dress up. She'd left her wet clothes hanging over the shower rod and hoped nobody questioned it. Her wet hair hung around her like a curtain as she walked down to join the party, snagged a beer from a toasted young man who didn't argue, and shoved a skank off the couch so she could sit. She didn't see anyone she cared to speak to, so sat in silence. The black eye and clothes kept most people away from her. She finished the first beer and got a second, and then a third. She saluted Vince with the fourth one as he came through with a buxom blond on one arm.

"Dawn, I though you'd be asleep," he commented, walking up to her with a dark look on his face.

"Yeah, likely to happen with this shit going on," Dawn laughed and took a long drink from the Carona as her free hand waved around the party.

"Where's Dom?" he asked after a moment. He looked like he wanted to drag her out of the room, but didn't want to come closer.

"How the fuck should I know? Do I look like a babysitter?" She demanded finished off that beer as well. She was a lightweight and knew it, but she also wanted another beer. Staggering to her feet Dawn made it over to a couple that were in a heavy make out session, stealing the beer from the guy that was having problems feeling up the girl and keeping hold of his full Carona.

"Yeah, you do," Vince informed her, trying to take the beer. Dawn pulled it out of his reach and frowned up at him.

"Yeah? Well you look a fucking extra for Deliverance," she drank some of the beer and turned around, only to walk into a wide, well muscled chest. She frowned again as she looked up into Dom's frowning face. "What? He does!" She frowned mulishly and flinched when one of his hands came up to touch her face.

"Leon," Dom called and the younger man came walking in. "This what you were looking for?" Leon smirked around the toothpick and nodded. Dom plucked the beer from Dawn's hand and Leon herded her out of the room.

"What the hell, the party isn't over," Dawn glared at him, moving where he shoved her. When the got to the stairs leading down to the daylight basement he took hold of her elbow so she wouldn't stumble.

"You're drunk," he informed her.

"You're point being?" her tone was sarcastic as she could get. He chuckled a bit and pulled her into the first room. She paused and looked around. Couch, bed, dresser. It was clean and there weren't any pictures on the blue painted walls. The door to the closet was open and she saw shoes spilled across the floor, belts and shirts hanging above them.

Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please

"Sleep it off," he made a gesture toward the bed and kicked off his shoes, tossing himself onto the couch.

"This is your room." Dawn looked around again. She wasn't sure why she was so surprised by how clean it was. She sat down on the bed as he asked and pulled her knees up to her chin, looking at him with her big blue eyes.

"I'll keep an eye out," he told her. She nodded, not moving from her position.

"Is Dom gonna be mad at me tomorrow?" she asked after a few seconds, burying her face in her knees, her arms pulling her legs closer.

"Not unless you do something stupid tomorrow," Leon said.

"What happened to your family?" She asked after a few moments.

"Car accident," there was a long pause. "Yours?"

"Dad took off, mom had a brain aneurysm and a crazed psycho with delusions of grandeur tried to kill me, and my sister got in the middle of it," Dawn didn't tell him that her sister was likely still alive, but in another dimension. Sometimes it was easier to pretend like magic didn't exist.

"Seriously?" he sounded surprised and Dawn laughed darkly, standing up and pulling the large shirt up, to point at the vicious scars crossing her stomach.

"I was supposed to be bled out slowly," she looked at his shocked face and leaned forward, pressing her mouth against his, pushing him back against the couch. Her hands pulled him close as she pressed as close as she could. One of his hands tangled in her drying hair and the other rested on her lower back, pulling her closer.

"Dawn, baby, you're drunk," he pulled away for a moment and Dawn sighed, shaking her head.

"I'm not that drunk. I'm tired and I'm cold, stop arguing and make me warm," She pressed her mouth to his again, rubbing her chin against his scruffy one.

Is it enough?
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life

Dawn woke up wrapped in big arms, completely clothed. She sighed a little in disappointment, but couldn't stop the grin that spread across her face. She remembered the entire make-out session, and the party before that. Leon's hands had been gentle and firm, something she'd never experienced before. Now she was spooning with him. She hand't actually spooned with anyone before, it was novel and somehow comforting. The lithe brunette snuggled down deeper under the red comforter and Leon's arms pulled her more tightly against him. She smiled a little and closed her eyes.

"Probably time to get up," His voice, gravelly to begin with, was deeper with sleep. She wriggled around a bit so that she was facing him and grinned a little. "That was mean," He told her, his eyes dark and the rest of his face still.

"I don't want to get up. I want to stay under the blanket and pretend I'm asleep," She informed him. He raised a single eyebrow at her and she giggled a little. Leon didn't want to say anything or make even the smallest movement. It was the first time she'd ever made a sweet noise like that, and it reminded him painfully that she was still young.

"I'm hungry," He informed her as he flipped the blanket down to their waists.

"I'm tired," She pulled the blanket back up and grinned at him. Neither of them heard the footsteps until his bedroom door was suddenly thrown open. Leon's back was to the door so he could see who it was.

"Someone might want to say something right about now," Dom's voice was a little too calm.

"What's up?" Vince's voice asked as Dawn pushed herself up on an elbow to look at the two men. The look of shock on his face made her smile.

"Leon refused to have sex with me. Refused to even let me take my shirt off. It was rather hard on my ego," Dawn told them calmly, making the man beside her groan and flop over onto his back. So that he could see the two.

"He's a stronger man that I am," Vince informed her, patting Dom on the shoulder and moving around him to head up the stairs.

"I'm not sure it's safe to let you stay here after all," Dom informed the teenager after a long moment.

"Oh come on, like Leon's gonna do anything to hurt me," Dawn told him archly, ignoring the throbbing pain of her black eye.

"I'm worried about Leon," Dom informed her shortly before closing the door again.

"What does that mean?" Dawn demanded, staring down at Leon, her hair a mess around her face.

"It means your staying. When's your birthday?" He asked.

"17 days," She told him. He smiled a bit.

"It's gonna be a long 17 days."

I'd rather be anything but ordinary please
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please.

The End

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