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Dawn Graison

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Summary: A snippet for my challenge. Title subject to change.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)MistressAshleyFR1567,20124014,68229 Sep 0928 Dec 10No

On A Leash

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy nor do I own Anita Blake ... just the time I've put into this.

AN1: Thank you all for your wonderful reviews!! Talk about inspiration.

I've got some pretty good news I want to share so forgive me for the long AN. I'm an Aunt ... again! She's about 2 months early, born this morning at 9:13, so we're crossing our fingers. The doctor says she's doing really well for her age. She weighs 2 lbs 5 ounces and is 13 3/4" long. They've finally, after much debate today, decided on a name ... Anna Grace. Any out there who are religious send out a prayer please?

AN2: This probably will never turn into a full story for I am not the magnificence that is Jezaeiri. I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with the books so well.

I’ll go back through the books and try to write a few snippets through the life of Dawn Graison and hopefully that will keep everyone, including me, happy.

Pairing suggestions are welcome. I’m hoping for something unique but not too out there that will give me trouble writing it. Any suggestions, send them all, I’ll see if anything catches my eye. If I can do it, this will be my first ‘full’ romance. Cross your fingers because mine already are. XD

Dawn looked at the broken body of Raina laid out before her. It was pity she couldn't kill her but a war with the pack was not what her pard needed right now. She'd just have to use Raina as an example and each one they sent after her pard next would be sent back as an updated message.

Now, to deliver the message ... but where? Not the Lupinar as the full moon wouldn't be for a few more days and Raina would be healed by then. It couldn't be too pack public as then she'd have a humiliated Raina and a humiliated Raina was vindictive ... well, more vindictive than usual. That meant the Lunatic Cafe was out. Guess that meant she'd have to deliver her right to Marcus.

"Zane!" Dawn called up the stairs of the house they were using. It had been one of Gabriel's and Raina's filming houses - a nice, normal house for their more 'preppy' porn. It held some bad memories but it was the only place they had since it was only in Gabriel's name, with him dead it fell to the pard's control.

There was a tromp of feet as Zane tumbled down the stairs. "What is it, Nimir-Ra?" He asked as he knelt in front of her, barely sparing Raina's still form a glance. Kneeling before her was something she was trying to break them of when they were alone but it hadn't stuck yet.

Dawn's fingers wound their way through his dyed white hair as she answered. "I need to take the trash," Dawn gave Raina's form as swift kick, "back to where she belongs."

"Why not just kill her?" Zane asked, his voice deep and growly as he glared in barely disguised rage.

Dawn knew she could be blunt with Zane. The others might look at her with hurt eyes but Zane was the closest to Alpha and in a pinch he could think like one. He'd understand. "We, as a pard, are weak. Not only are we weak in body but in size as well. If I were to kill her the pack would come for vengeance ... even if they don't want to. Their Alpha will lead and they will follow. They will overwhelm us. We can not afford a war but we will send a message that we are not meat anymore." Dawn finished in a growl.

Zane nodded. That he could understand even if he still wished they could kill Raina. "What do you from me, Nimir-Ra?"

"She may have made other arrangements. I need you to protect them while I am gone." Dawn knew he could do it as long as the numbers sent were small. She had been teaching him what she had learned from watching Buffy. It wasn't so hard to learn with a body that could move like a Slayer - sometimes better. Given enough time and care Zane may even develop into an Alpha though he'd never be high in the hierarchy of a normal pard. For now he was her second and she'd worry about anything else later.

Zane nodded hesitantly.

Dawn smiled. "I have faith in your ability to protect them. Now I need you to have faith in yourself."

Zane's nod was more firm this time as he flashed kitty fangs at her.

"Good." Dawn leaned down, placing a reassuring kiss on his brow before she scooped up Raina and made her way outside.


Dawn was frustrated. She'd had to knock Raina out again when she'd started to come to but finally they were at the house she shared with Marcus.

Dawn opened her door and made her way around to the passenger's side, hauling Raina out by the back of her neck. Dawn dragged her to the door and let her tumble to the stoop. A sharp knock on the door got an instant response as the man Dawn knew was waiting on the other side wrenched the door open with a snarl.

Dawn reached down and pulled Raina up, giving her a forceful shove into the man's arms. "Keep your bitch on a tighter leash Ulfric, lest she slip it and not come back one day. My pard is off limits from now on and you'd do well to make sure Raina gets that." With that Dawn turned from the stupefied Ulfric and returned to her car before he could shake off his shock and challenge her.

It wouldn't be the last she heard of the Ulfric and his bitch but it would buy her time to get her pard in shape.

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