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Dawn Graison

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Summary: A snippet for my challenge. Title subject to change.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)MistressAshleyFR1567,20124014,68229 Sep 0928 Dec 10No

Interlude with Nathaniel

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy nor do I own Anita Blake. I make no profit from writing this story, only personal enjoyment.

AN: Has it really been a year?? I had no idea! I've started reading Anita Blake again, and I've found my love for it again. I hope this chapter makes someone out there happy, even though it's so short. Here's hoping it doesn't take another year for an update.

Nathaniel sat in front of the computer; it was new, something that the pard had all contributed to. It wasn’t perfect, an older model that was slow to load but it was getting the job done. It was up to him to get this site up and running before weres started pouring in to get their product. Sadly, there were a lot of blank spots because no one had been able to come up with a name. Dawn refused to call it Pepper-Up for some reason, not that they thought that was a good name for it; it was a bit silly, wasn’t it? But it wasn’t up to him to question things anymore.

Life was both simpler and harder now. He didn’t have to worry so much about Dawn, about coming back to their cardboard box after meeting a trick to find her gone ... or worse. He didn’t have to worry about money, shelter, or food for them both; all that was up to Dawn now, and she was so much better at it than he could have ever been. She was stronger and it was his turn to look to her for protection. He didn’t have to worry about selling himself for all those things, but it was harder because of that. He was so used to pain and pleasure going together that he couldn’t have one without the other. He couldn’t have a normal relationship, because what would a normal girl know of that?

He had a job now. This whole internet website thing that Dawn trusted him to set up just right. It took incentive and decision making skills, and life had beat those things out of Nathaniel. He was so scared of disappointing Dawn, his little sister, his new Alpha. He had always been scared of disappointing her, of disappointing Nicky; Nicky had given his life for them, in an expectation that Nathaniel would keep them both safe. He hadn’t done a very good job of it, he didn’t think. Dawn said he had though, and Dawn never lied to him, so maybe he had. They were both still alive, no matter how many times he had put them in danger, and the pard was now under the rule of someone who would help build them up; someone who wouldn’t tear them to pieces just to see them bleed.

Dawn was a good ruler. She taught them how to fight, got them jobs they liked doing, and protected them from the other animal groups. If all she asked of him was to create a website, to make decisions based on that command, it was the least he could do.

With renewed determination, Nathaniel turned his attention back to the computer. The coding had taken a bit of time to learn, but he hadn’t wanted a generic website. This site would be attracting attention from all over the world soon; he wanted them to find something interesting and attention grabbing when they arrived. He sighed; they still needed a name though.

His fingers worked the mouse, opening a search engine. What could they call the site? Hell, what could they call the potion ... elixir ... tonic. Tonic, he liked that one. What went with tonic? He liked those silly names that began with the same letter so he should keep with a ’t’ name. Tiger tonic would sound cool, but it was for all wereanimals. He searched out an online dictionary, scrolling down through the ‘t’ words, he came upon taboo. Would that fit? Weres were something of a taboo; you couldn’t legally fire them but work places suddenly had ‘cutbacks’. Weres couldn’t raise children either, if there was another option available–just look at the rat king. He was an upstanding and honorable man while his ex-wife, from what Nathaniel had heard, was a real bitch … yet, she got his son in a custody battle. They were taboo, so why not name the very thing that would allow them to hide in plain sight better, Taboo Tonic?

Nathaniel gave a firm nod. That sound okay, didn’t it? It wasn’t like he could ask anyone; his pard members were all at work, and Dawn had gone out to deal with a wolf problem. Straight, white teeth nibbled his bottom lip nervously as he typed the name, filling in the descriptions that had been left blank on the website. Now, it just needed a name for the website itself. Why not keep with the ‘t’ names? Hadn’t there been something not far after taboo–tabolo, tabola, or something like that?

A quick search found what he was looking for, Tabula Rasa: to have a fresh start or the mind before experiences. That would work perfectly. Taboo Tonic may not be a cure, but it gave something of a fresh start. It was a step in the right direction.

Nathaniel smiled wide as he typed in the names. Tabula Rasa now sold Taboo Tonic.

He never realized how much of a break through he just made, never realized that he made not one, but two decisions all on his own.

The future was bright with possibilities.


I'm sorry; I couldn't help but give a nod to Tabula Rasa. It was just too perfect an opportunity!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dawn Graison" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Dec 10.

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