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A Whole New World

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This story is No. 2 in the series "New Worlds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow went to bed crying in the agony of her breakup with Tara, only to wake up across the country, in another house, with another woman in her bed - and missing over half a decade. Inspired by TTH Challenge 1737

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Kennedy/Willow(Recent Donor)ElessarNettFR181113,36953613,84929 Sep 0915 Mar 10No

Chapter Four

Disclaimer: So, yeah, Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to me and I own the rights to all the characters and concepts I use in this story.  That’s why I’m posting it for free, online, and live in a small dorm room.  Seriously, no, this all belongs to Joss Whedon.


It was another few hours or so – Kennedy really hadn’t been paying attention – before anything new happened.  Willow had ventured from the bedroom once, asking for the bathroom.  Anna had directed her there.  After a delay, she had gone quietly back to her room.  Kennedy knew the look she had seen on her wife’s face.  It was shock.  Willow was still shell-shocked from what had happened.  And why shouldn’t she be?  She’d lost all her memory of seven years of her life!

Kennedy had managed to pull herself together, with Anna’s help.  Dawn had promised to come as soon as possible, and Anna had left a message for Faith.  Wherever she was, she wasn’t getting cell service.  Not abnormal for her.  She was the Council’s ‘Independent Operative’.  The muscle they sent when one rural demon clan or another needed a reminder that the Council was still working.  A message that, before, would have been sent by one of their ex-SAS teams, before they had been systematically taken out by the First.

Buffy didn’t go on those missions.  Once, Kennedy would have said she was just lazy.  Now, Kennedy knew – Buffy wouldn’t be able to deliver the message.  She’d lose patience with them laughing at her size and start a war.  No, that was not the job for Buffy Summers.

And, back to the present, Faith would probably come when she got the message.

The change in situation came around twenty after two, when the doorbell rang.  Anna was the one who went to get it.  Kennedy used it as an excuse to come downstairs, partway.  She was standing in such a way so she was just out of sight when the door opened.

“Hi!  Are you-“

“Yes.  I’m Anna Novak, one of the witches in the coven here.”

“Oh!  Right.  Dawn Summers.  Watcher extraordinaire.”

Anna laughed, and spoke, “Come in, come in.  Willow and Kennedy are upstairs.”  Kennedy heard the door close as footsteps indicated Dawn’s entrance into the house.  Anna spoke again, “Why do you have an umbrella?”

“Five years in merry old England.  I learned very fast, never go anywhere without an umbrella.”

Kennedy chose this moment to come down the turn in the steps, coming into sight down the stairs, announcing her presence.

“Hey, Dawn.”

Dawn looked up, “Hey, Kenn.  Anna said it was an emergency, so – I came right from class.  What’s up?”

Kennedy turned to Anna, and asked, “You didn’t tell her what happened?”

Anna looked back up at her and responded, “It’s not really the kind of thing we should talk about on the phone.”

“Guys!” Dawn interrupted, “What is it?”

A few more seconds passed in silence before Kennedy broke the silence, “It’s Willow.”

Seconds passed, as Dawn’s eyes widened and she stepped back.  Kennedy suddenly realized how bad that had sounded, and she quickly moved to amend her statement.

“She’s not dead!  She just – lost her memory.”

Dawn’s eyes widened for a few seconds before her tongue became functional again, “What?  How?  Why?  What happened?”

Kennedy interrupted Dawn’s babble, “Well, I don’t know.  Uh, last night, Willow and I went on patrol with Kerstin, Simone and Alex.”

Dawn’s face puzzled, before asking, “Wasn’t it a school night?”

“Huh?  Oh, yeah.  Alex shouldn’t have – but wait,” Kennedy thought for a little while, “she must have convinced us that nothing would get done today at school, anyway.  Inauguration and all.”

“Oh.  So, what happened on patrol?”

“Nothing big.  Five or six vamps.  Nothing we couldn’t handle.  We got in around two.  We left Kerstin at her apartment, and Simone at her dorm, as usual.”  Kennedy stopped for a few seconds, trying to remember, “I woke up around six, and helped Alex get ready for school.  Didn’t bother waking Willow up.  She does the same without waking me up, most of the time.  My turn, I guess.”

Kennedy made a small smile at Dawn, though it didn’t reach her eyes.  “Went back to bed after Alex left for Central.  Then, uh, Willow woke up around noon.  She had totally forgotten everything.  She didn’t know where she was, who I am, or – anything.”

Kennedy stopped for a few seconds, and Dawn invited her, soundlessly, to finish.  “Willow fainted when I told her we were married.  I got her dressed, got myself dressed, went across the street to Anna’s house to get help.”

Anna spoke up now, “Uh, when I came over, Willow woke up a little later.  I talked to her, for what I can.  She’s completely forgotten a lot of things.”

“How bad is it?” Dawn asked.

“Um, her latest memories are of the early Bush Administration-“

Kennedy interrupted Anna, “Before Tara died, Dawn.  We don’t know exactly.”

Dawn turned to Anna and asked, quickly, “Did she use any magic?”

Anna looked at her and nodded, “Uh, yeah.  She accessed her reserves once or twice when I was there.  It wasn’t any big deal.”

Dawn sighed, “Probably pre-Rack then.”

Anna’s eyes widened, “The warlock that Willow killed in ’02?”

“Yeah.  Uh, I’m not sure exactly,” Dawn started, “but Willow started going to him in 2001, when she was addicted to dark magic.  If it were during the time of Rack, she’d be trying to magic herself back to Sunnydale in a panic.  If it were after, she wouldn’t be touching her magic.  She was trying to stop cold turkey.”

Anna nodded, and the three of them remained in silence for a few awkward seconds.

“So,” Dawn said, “are her magic reserves still-“

“They’re as high as ever,” Anna said.  “I called a few others from the coven to do an aura reading and other magical tests.  I figured that if we could keep the news of this local, it’s less likely to spread to the demon world that the Red Witch is out of commission in any way.”

“Alright,” Dawn said.  “We’ll have to call Giles if you don’t find anything quick, though.”  Dawn stopped for a second, then said, “Do you think I should go up?”

Anna nodded, “It’s probably good.  Were you close back then?”

Dawn sighed, “No one was close to Willow, then.  No one was close to anyone then.  Life was kinda – backfiring in general.  Everything and everyone was screwed up,” she spoke, turning from Anna to Kennedy.  “Tara was the only good thing in anyone’s life.  And then-“

She swallowed, “I’ll go up, then,” she said, averting her eyes and going up the stairs with a fast pace, leaving Anna and Kennedy alone in the first floor.
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