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A Whole New World

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This story is No. 2 in the series "New Worlds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow went to bed crying in the agony of her breakup with Tara, only to wake up across the country, in another house, with another woman in her bed - and missing over half a decade. Inspired by TTH Challenge 1737

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Kennedy/Willow(Recent Donor)ElessarNettFR181113,36953613,84929 Sep 0915 Mar 10No

Chapter Five

Disclaimer: So, yeah, Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to me and I own the rights to all the characters and concepts I use in this story.  That’s why I’m posting it for free, online, and live in a small dorm room.  Seriously, no, this all belongs to Joss Whedon. Also, an excerpt is taken from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien, who deserves full credit for that.


Willow had picked up one of the few things which had been consistent from her old bedroom to the new one and, she’d gone back into it at full speed.  Even if she hadn’t read it ever since that time, to her, she’d only been reading the classic a few nights ago.

‘Then there was a bit of trouble, but not enough.  Old Will the Mayor set off for Bag End to protest, but he never got there.  Ruffians laid hands on him and took and locked him up in a hole in Michel Delving, and there he is now.  And after that, it would be soon after New Year, there wasn’t no more Mayor, and Pimple called himself Chief Shirriff, or just Chief, and did as he liked-

“Hi, Willow.”

Willow looked up from her book, closing it with a start and standing up from the bed quickly, and running across the room to the door, “Dawnie!”

She encircled the younger, though quite taller, girl in a complete Willow-hug.  Dawn quickly hugged her back, in a strong embrace (though not nearly so strong as her sister, obviously).  A few seconds later, they released one another, and after a few seconds of silence, Willow’s brow furrowed a bit, and spoke.

“You feel a bit like Spike.”

Dawn had a questioning look for a second, before wincing, her cheeks flushing, and responding “Um, yeah.”  Dawn, however, quickly plowed in, while guiding Willow with her hand,“How are you feeling, Willow?  Kenn said you had forgotten a bunch.  I bet she and Anna didn’t even tell you anything about what’s happened, have they?”  As she finished the question, she sat them both on the unmade bed in the center of the room, both looking at one another.

Willow was quiet for a few seconds before responding, “I’ve – I’ve barely seen, uh, Kennedy?” she said, a slight questioning lean to her voice, before she continued, “She – she left when I said I couldn’t remember her.  I – I mean, I guess it makes sense if we’re – um –“

“Married?” Dawn said, “Yeah.  It was a big wedding.  Kenn’s dad paid for it.  It was,” Dawn searched for a word, hesitating, “wow.  I mean, bestest Scooby wedding of ever.  No one will ever match it.  I mean,  Xander and Vi’s last year was pretty small, compared to it.”

Willow spoke, “So, gay marriage is actually legal, now?”        

“Well, just in Massachusetts.  And Rhode Island, I think.  It was legal in California for a while, last year, but there was this big thing where it got banned by referendum.  You and Kenn got married in Massachusetts.  Her uncle owns a house there, or something.  Both of your families came, pretty much everyone.  Even your parents showed up.”

Willow looked at Dawn, shocked, “Ira and Sheila ‘It’s a phase’ Rosenberg?”

Dawn grinned, “It was your bubbe.  Like, two days before the wedding, she called your father and yelled at him.  They flew in the day of the ceremony.  Of course, you’d been planning for them not to be there, so they weren’t part of it.  You know, I thought Mom was good at that kind of thing.  I really did.  But – wow.  I have forever forsworn Catholic guilt for Jewish guilt.”

Willow smiled, “You know, I’ve never known Bubbe Debbie, that well.  She always lived in Philadelphia, and we’ve always lived in Sunnydale, and-“ Willow trailed off at Dawn’s wide eyes.

Dawn collected herself quickly, “Well, you know her much better now.”

Willow looked at Dawn incredulously, before Dawn’s eyes widened, “Oh my God, did they even tell you where you live?”

At Willow’s shaking of her head, Dawn rolled her eyes, “God.”  She then looked Willow back in the eyes, and said, “This is Philadelphia.  You live maybe twenty minutes from your bubbe’s house.  You and Kenn go there all the time.  Hell, you and Kenn just dragged me there for Sabbath dinner last Friday.  She’s really great.  Like, really. Best grandma ever.  I wish I were your sister so she could be my grandma.  Heck, everybody wishes she were their grandma.  I think half of Kenn’s extended family came off with that after just a week knowing her before your wedding.”

To Willow’s skeptical appearance, Dawn rolled her eyes, “God, when was the last time you saw Bubbe Debbie, that you remember?”

“My bat mitzvah,” Willow responded, a hint of anger in her tone.

Dawn’s eyes widened.  “Wow.  Just – wow.  I cannot believe it.  Your parents really did suck.  Well, whatever you have against your bubbe, get over it.  Really, it’s not her fault.  Trust me.  I’m sure you’ve talked to her about it, since then, because you’ve talked to Buffy and me about it.  Your sucky childhood was because of your sucky parents, not because of their religion.  You came to that point years ago.  I mean, you’re still pretty much secular, now, but – yeah.”

At this point, Dawn trailed off, a few seconds of silence, before Willow spoke again.

“So – do they call it a Dawn-babble now?”

Dawn’s questioning look was countered by an impish smile from Willow.  Dawn’s realization came suddenly, and, with a smile of her own, good-naturedly shoved Willow, “Hey!”

At this point, Willow was smiling.  This was definitely Dawn.  It wasn’t a trick.  Somehow, she was actually in the future.  No, the present.  2009 is now the present.  She’d just lost her memory.  As different as Dawn was – a bit taller, fuller, more Ack, no, best friend’s little sister, bad thoughts! – it was still Dawnie, in the sum of it.  Willow began running through the conversation, again, to comb it for more information about Scoobyville 2009.

Dawn spoke again, “So, Return of the King.”

“Yeah.  It’s a classic,” Willow said.  “I was reading the series through, again, because of that movie that was coming out.  I was most of the way through this one when that stupid spell overloaded and-“

Willow trailed off as Dawn nodded, thoughtfully.  At this point, however, Willow, running the conversation through, came upon something.  Well, several somethings at once.  It suddenly hit her, again, first, that clearly, Willow was married.  To a woman.  A woman who, as pretty as she was, was not Tara.  Second – well, that was the first out of her mouth,

“Who is Vi?  Why did Xander marry her?  What happened to Anya?  Heck, what happened to Tara?”

Dawn didn’t respond at first she took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling, before she said, “First, I have to ask you something.  Do you have a spell you should cast?”

Willow had a questioning glance, and then a thoughtful one.  She scoured her memory for some spell that could be cast in this situation.

“N-no, I don’t think so?  Should I?  I – I mean, we could always do some research, but I don’t think anything is really necessary.  I, I mean, if you think so, maybe-”

Dawn let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, “Thank God.”  Willow’s eyebrows went up, as Dawn started.  “I’ll tell you everything.  Do you think you have a few hours?”

Willow shrugged, “I have nothing to do.  Though I’m kinda hungry.”

Dawn looked thoughtful for a second, “Me too.  Hold that thought.”

Dawn rushed out of the room.  Willow looked after her for a few seconds and minutes.  Not a little trepidation was in Willow’s mind as her mind voraciously jumped from theory to theory about what could have possibly happened – all of them probably worse than what actually did.

Before she could think too long, Dawn came back, “Right, sorry.  Kenn and Anna will take care of the food situation.  I’ll, uh, start now, then.  What’s the last thing you remember?  What happened?”

“Um-“ Willow said, thinking, “Well, that stupid spell.  I wiped all our memories by accident and- and Tara-“

Dawn nodded, “Was that before or after the musical?”

Willow’s eyes widened, “After!  Of course.  The musical is what made me try to wipe the memories.”

Dawn spoke, “Sorry, sorry.  It’s been seven years for me.  And I was really trying to suppress some of those for a while.  So, I’ll try to start from there as best I can.  Ask questions if you have to, but try to keep up.”

At Willow’s nod, Dawn started, “So, um, around then you were, and, I guess, for months, maybe years before that, though none of us admitted it, except Tara, you were physically addicted to dark magic…”
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