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Summary: Dean sacrifices himself to save Sam, yet again...extremely dark fic, so please do read and pay attention to the warnings. Slash Fiction, but not Wincest...well you'll see.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesDennSedaiFR2111,8000149430 Sep 0930 Sep 09No

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Rating: FRAO
Pairing: *smirks* It's a surprise. Nope, not Wincest...
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to the CW, Eric Kripke, etc. I don't own any rights to it.
Warning: VERY, VERY Dark Fic, Non-Con, Self Sacrifice, BDSM, Torture, etc. *sighs* The muses are evil, and I foolishly listened to them *groans* Please don't hate me.

"Ah, so good to have the pleasure of your company," Lucifer said, his voice a soft purr of contentment, as he let his fingers trail through Sam's hair. "As I promised you, your brother is unharmed... at least physically. His mind will recover in time as well."

"You son of a...."

"Careful there Dean," Lucifer said with a small grin. "I believe our agreement was very precise, simply because you weren't as clear as you hoped... well that's hardly my fault. Now, if you breach the agreement, well then....let us just say you wouldn't enjoy the consequences."

Dean forced himself to calm down and take several slow breaths. "Fine, I'm here, let Sam go. I told you, I'd surrender myself for his freedom and I will."

Lucifer chuckled ever so softly at that. "Indeed, and once you have signed this simple contract, I shall indeed release him." With a small snap of his fingers a scroll and a quill popped into existence.

Handing it over he waited while Dean finally took it and read it over slowly with a frown of intense concentration. "Simply sign it Dean Winchester and your brother is free to leave and I'll even remove his memories of his time with me."

"Don't...." Sam said softly his voice the barest whisper.

"I have to Sammy, I promised Dad I'd keep you safe no matter what," Dean said his voice filled with sorrow. "Where's the damn ink, so I can sign this thing?"

"It doesn't need ink, merely set the quill to the paper and sign Dean," Lucifer said with a small smile. "The quill will automatically ink it's self."


"I do have to admit, Alister was a tad crude in how he went about breaking you," Lucifer said softly with a smirk as he watched the young man stretched out on chains before him. "But he did certainly get there eventually. Still there is much more to be said for a more delicate approach to breaking a person. Take Ruby for example, she had your brother completely under her control oh so quickly and easily. Only took her a few months, where as it took Allister decades to finally break you."

Dean growled softly at that, but didn't say a word. Of course the gag in his mouth might have had something to do with that.

"Yes, I do have to admit Ruby did train Samuel very well...he managed to keep me quiet entertained while we waited for you to get here," Lucifer admited with a soft chuckle, prompting Dean to struggle even harder against the chains that held him spread eagle between the two pillars.

"I know, you would love to rip my throat out or some equally unpleasant thing, wouldn't you Dean. Still, you can't do that can you. Even if I unchained you, you still wouldn't be able to harm me, even if you had Michael's Sword in your hand, simply because when you signed that neat little contract it bound you to me, and made it so you can not act against me in any way, shape or form," Lucifer offered pausing as he stood behind Dean once again.

Reaching out with one hand, he let the fingers gently, oh so teasingly trace the path of Dean's spine, before coming at last to rest at the top of the underwear that Dean was wearing. Leaning in closer he breathed in the scent that was uniquely Dean Winchester before nipping ever so gently at his captive boys ear.

"Still, I'll enjoy letting you watch the show, so that you'll know what awaits you, as when I'm finally done breaking you in, you'll be just like your little brother was. A total slut, just begging to be fucked, begging for release. And you'll have to earn that release the hard way Dean, just like Sammy boy did."

Snapping his fingers, Lucifer sat down off to one side, as the images unrolled in Dean's mind, smiling as his 'enemy' was forced to watch him take his brother.



Smiling as he watched Samuel writhe on the bed, as the waves of pleasure and pain flowed over him he couldn't help but remember how defiant the boy had been at the start of things. Now here he was begging and pleading for release, promising to do anything to have just a tiny bit of relief.

"I don't think so haven't earned it yet. The begging is certainly pleasant enough, but you aren't quite motivated enough it seems."

"Please....oh god.....just let me come....please I'll do anything....." Sam said between moans of pleasure and groans of pain. "Whatever you want I'll do....please....."

Smirking Lucifer just shook his head at that before snapping his fingers and banishing the chains restraining his chosen one to the bed. "Words are cheap Samuel, you now have a chance to prove you mean it, but I'd be quick about it, or you'll find it's going to be far worse."

Scrambling to his feet, Sam quickly knelt down before Lucifer and hurriedly undid the belt and his pants pulling them down, before looking up, his eyes begging permision which he received with a single nod.

Eagerly he grasped the soft cock in front of him stroking it, before taking the head into his mouth to lick and suck on. Swallowing down the rapidly hardening length, he was soon deep throating it, while Lucifer let out the occassional soft groan.

"Oh I'm very impressed Samuel....not surprising with all that Ruby told me, she had you learn....but still very pleasant indeed," Lucifer said softly. "Now up on the bed my little slut, spread those legs wide for me. I'm going to enjoy hearing you scream."


Dean screamed in horror at that, some of his outrage making it past the gag and making Lucifer smile in spite of himself.

"Surprised Dean," he asked with an amused tone to his voice. "Surely you knew that about your 'little' brother. I mean, you've lusted after him for a long time. Even if you've never acted on it. Or is it the fact that he willingly serviced me that what bothers you so much? I can promise you, it's going to soon be your turn to serve me as well. Of course, I may just decide to make you scream even louder and not give you the choice of serving...."



"Oh yes, so nice and tight once again Samuel....such a naughty boy you've been over the years to be that loose, well not while I'm enjoying your charms," Lucifer said his voice husky with desire and need. Enjoying once again the pleasures of the flesh, after millenia without. "I'm going to make sure you stay nice and virgin tight every time I take your sweet little ass."

" Master...." Sam whimpered as Lucifer thrust in and out of him, constantly shifting his thrusts, as he writhed under him.

"Oh yes, such a pretty little slut Samuel....all mine to enjoy..."

Reaching up Lucifer grasped and pinched at Sam's swollen nipples, pulling them hard, drawing an anguished scream out of Sam.


"Oh yes indeed, all those things you've considered doing to him Dean, I did and more," Lucifer said softly at Dean's ear, letting his hands caress the solid chest of the mortal he stood behind. "And you know what, he begged me for more every time....such a slutty boy, if your father knew, it would have killed him. And if you had known..." chuckling Lucifer let that thought sink in to Dean's mind.

"Oh yes, where was I, I'm going to do all those same things to you my luscious Dean Winchester. You'll be screaming though from pain, rather than pleasure at first. Although eventually, it will be pleasure as well. But only if you learn your place."

Pulling at the chains that held him in place Dean threw his whole body into the effort of getting free, even while Lucifer just chuckled softly at his actions.

"Not happening pretty boy, instead, I think I'll just take you right here and now...after all it's a simple enough matter to heal you up after I'm done with you. You'll remember it all, but your body won't show a single, little mark at all. Which really is a shame, but I guess that just means I'll have to mark you up again later."

Grinding his own rock hard cock against Dean's ass, he reached down with one hand to tear the underwear off, while the other gripped his soon to be partner's throat roughly, forcing his head back.

"Since you want to fight me so much, I'll make sure it's just as rough on you sweetness...later on, I'll teach you how sweet it can be in contrast. Or is that your little secret you like it rough, so you can claim you were forced into it?"

Leaning in closer Lucifer bit down sharply at the juncture of neck and shoulder making Dean squeal in a mix of pleasure and pain, before he tossed the torn underwear off to one side. Licking over the bite mark he smiled and banished the gag that he'd left in place until now.

"Do feel free to scream Dean, it won't bother me at all."

"Bastard....I sweart to god...."

"Swear all you like, but there's not a thing God can or will do. Free Will Dean, or did you forget that old made your own deal with me and now I'm in charge." Lucifer let out a small laugh at that, "But it is a shame for your side, still I'll enjoy reaping the rewards of it."

Reaching up he pinched and twisted at first one and then the other of Dean's nipples, drawing screams from the harsh treatment.

"Ahhhhh, music to my ears. A shame though that you didn't decide to take it the easy way, we could have built up to this instead...still I'm enjoying myself regardless."

Letting go of Dean's neck, he grabbed a tube of lube that he'd set aside earlier and squeezed just a tiny drop out, before roughly applying it to Dean's nearly virgin ass, jamming two fingers in deep and twisting as they slid in.


"Mmmmmm, so tight Dean, a good thing I won't come until I'm ready, unlike most humans, I've got far better control."

One final author's note. Yep it's left off where it could end, or I could go on from here. *shrugs* Yep the muses went extremely dark as you can see, even for me. Opinions, comments, critiques are all welcome. Complaints will be laughed at.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sacrifice" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Sep 09.

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