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Shadows in the Night

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Summary: The remaining Scoobies are attempting to regain some semblance of a normal life, when a surprising source contacts them for help. Long have the Watchers Council and the Corvinus vampires been estranged. Now, both must combine forces in an apocalyptic war.

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Title: Shadows in the Night

Author: Contrary Merry

Pairings: Surprise.

Summary: The remaining Scoobies are attempting to regain some semblance of a normal life, when a surprising source contacts them for help. Long have the Watchers Council and the Corvinus vampires been estranged. Now, both must combine forces in an apocalyptic war.

Disclaimer: Buffy and Underworld are not mine. They belong to their marvelous creators, who have blessed us with excellent writing material.

AN: Takes place post Underworld and Season 7 of Buffy. The only thing AU is that Lucian’s still alive. He’s too sexy to kill. ;)



It was supposed to be over.

And yet Giles was in lecture mode, droning on and on about a war.

Yes. Another one.

Oh joy.

Buffy drummed her fingers impatiently. This was making no sense.

“This doesn’t make sense.”

Giles rubbed his temple in vexation. “What doesn’t make sense?”

“This. The situation.” She waved her hand in frustration. “Why would the high and mighty Watchers want our help? Even better, why would they want us to help *vampires*? Hel-lo, see my job description: Slayer comma The – she who kills evil thingies that go bump in the night, including but not limited to, hell gods, werewolves, and ah ha! Vampires.”

“Not trying to be a bootlicker, but the Buffster does have a damn fine point, G-man.”

“Thank you Xander,” Giles said dryly. “Buffy, I understand your inhibitions; however, simply put, we are between a rock and a hard place. If we give our assent, we are placing ourselves in danger, true. But if we don’t, the world would be in danger.”

“Are these vamps that bad a-”

“Dawn. Language.”

The Key-turned-human made a face. “Are they that big of a deal?”

Giles inclined his head gravely. “Yes. They are extremely powerful; not even Aurelius himself would go against them. They are impervious to all but sunlight and beheading. Their torture methods put Angelus to shame. In fact, their only redeeming feature is that they supposedly don’t feed off of human blood, unless Siring another vampire.”

“Well, with a résumé like that, who wouldn’t want to help them?” Faith bit out caustically.

“Look who’s talking,” Xander muttered.

“I didn’t ask you, Cyclops!”

“Glass houses, Benedict Arnold!”

“Guys.” Willow, silent until now, had heard enough. “Knock it off. We don’t have time for this. I agree with Giles – staying out of this is the bigger bad. Buffy, I get your point too, but look at Angel and Spike. They didn’t have ulterior motives…well, Souly Spike didn’t. Anyway, the point is, I’d feel better if we heard them out before playing Judge Judy. What if something big really was going down, and we didn’t do anything? We should at least give them a chance.” By the time she wound up her speech, heads were either nodding or solemn.

One by one, Buffy met her friends’ eyes. “All right, let’s vote. All for being Lounge Lizards?”

Xander half-heartedly put his hand up.

Dawn smacked his arm.

“Okay. Then I guess we’re off to see the wizard,” Buffy said brightly.

Giles rolled his eyes.

“Bloody hell.”


“Are they coming?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Good.” Marcus’ eyes flashed black. The messenger cringed. “The sooner the lycans are exterminated, the sooner we can dispense with the human help,” he sneered.

The servile vampire gasped in shock. “Then-then you haven’t been told, my lord?” he breathed timidly.

“Told. What.” Marcus growled warningly.

“The humans, my lord. They are the ones who defeated the First. The Slayer and her followers.”

The vampire elder blinked.

Then he laughed.

“Fool. What tales have been circulating whilst I slumbered? The Slayer is a myth told to fledglings to keep them in line. Utter nonsense.”

“But Lord Marcus-!”

“Silence.” He had ceased to be amused. “Have that annoying chit...Erika?...make up the guest rooms. Then have her fetch whatever passes for human sustenance these days. We wouldn’t want our guests to starve.”

“Yes, my lord.” He bowed, then backed hurriedly out of the room.

Marcus casually flicked the switch by the door, preventing any eavesdroppers.

“You may reveal yourself.”

A man emerged from the shadows. Marcus seized him violently by the throat, causing his eyes to bulge.

“When you said you knew of a way to easily overpower the lycans, you did not inform me it was by way of the Slayer! You know as well I that all she has to do is ‘overhear’ a forked lycan tongue proclaiming ours the evil cause for her to become suspicious. This could ruin everything!” The incensed hybrid threw him disgustedly into a wall.

The man spluttered and heaved himself up. “Calm yourself,” he wheezed. “That won’t happen.”

“Either you are addled, or you have a scheme brewing in your flimsy mind. For your sake, I do hope it is the latter.”

“I most definitely have a plan.”

Marcus glared impatiently. “Well, what is it?”

“In due time. Meanwhile, I would like to familiarize you with a little saying we humans have: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

A slow smirk crept over Marcus’ lips. “I see.”

End Prologue

AN: I corrected the format problem, you should now be able to read it more easily. Btw, I am completely computer impaired. Does anyone know how to use italics on TtH? When I publish the story, they don't show up.
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