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Finishing with a bang

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Summary: When the going gets tough, even gods sometimes need help from their mother

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Comics > Comic StripsjaegerFR714310179330 Sep 0930 Sep 09Yes
Right, disclaimer, none of the characters are mine and I'm not making any money off this. The Buffyverse characters are the property of Mr. Whedon, and the Crfh-verse characters belong to Maritza Campos (AKA the Goddess)


Illyria, Spike, Angel and a mortally wounded Gunn assembled in the alley they had chosen to make their stand.
In the streets in front of them, the hordes of the black thorn were massing for their charge.
the fight promised to be hard, the odds steep... if not insurmountable.

Unbeknown to our heroes though, a second army was drawing up its ranks.
On the beaches of LA, submersible amphibious assault craft were crawling ashore to disgorge the soldiers of Vernon Damascus, worshiper of Eris.
Soldiers in the uniform of DunDun island held their assault rifles close, Centaurs made ready their swords,
and the large gorillas smiled happily at the though of unleashing the might of their fully automatic rocket launchers.
Off the coast, submarines with open VLS cells stood ready to support the troops.

The foursome did, however, notice the arrival of the helicopters, who began disgorging humans clad in black tactical gear and armed with submachine guns.
The Humans were led by a strikingly beautiful woman who appeared to be in her forties.
A woman whose hair was a brilliant blue in color, and who looked quite pregnant.
Illyria averted her eyes as she recognized the woman.

"Mother. I did not believe you were still around."

Hazel Eris Green smiled, and every clock closer than a mile ceased working.

"Did you believe I would allow my eldest child to be slain so?" Hazel asked, her head cocked to the side and wearing an expression that clearly stated that she should have known better.
"Our clan is too weakened for me to allow you to die in vain my dear."

The armies of the circle seemed to realize something had changed, but they did not know enough, and so they charged.
On the beach, Vernon gave the signal, and his army set upon the city. By decree of his goddess, none of the enemy was to be spared.

A bald man in a tuxedo, of all things, walked up to Hazel.
"Madam, by your command." he stated simply.

Hazel nodded regally, and her own forces took positions with the remains of Angels crew.
"Illyria." Hazel said, before indicating the bald man. "This is Thaddeus, my Qua'Ha'Xahn. I shall introduce you to your brother and sister once we have dealt with these offal who presume to challenge the Green Clan."

And then battle was joined.

The End

You have reached the end of "Finishing with a bang". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking