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The Many Loves of Eliot Spencer

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Summary: Non-crossover. Missing scenes featuring Eliot and the women in his life.

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Television > LeverageMaeveBranFR1832,465112,13830 Sep 093 Oct 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

A Different Kind of Knight

Title: A Different Kind of Knight

Author: Maeve Bran

Rating: PG-13

Summary: A tag scene between Eliot and Sophie. 1058 words.

Disclaimer: I do not own Leverage, nor do I make any profit on this piece of fiction. It is purely for my own enjoyment. Nor do I own the song "A Different Kind of Knight".

Notes: Set during the Leverage episode "The Tap Out Job". The title is from a KANE song I thought described Eliot.

Sophie stayed after rest of the team left. Eliot seemed all right now, but the ring doctor's words came back to her about him needing a CT scan. So Sophie decided that she'd stay with Eliot that night to make sure he was fine. She didn't care what the hitter thought, she was staying.

"What are you doing, Soph?" Eliot asked as he sat down on the couch in his hotel room with a long-necked beer.

"What do you mean? You could have a concussion and someone has to wake you up every hour or so to ask you your name," Sophie explained.

"I've had concussions before and no one's ever done that before," Eliot said. "So what's up?"

Sophie looked around and got up. "You have another one of those?" she asked gesturing to the beer.

"In the mini bar," Eliot said as he gestured to it with his bottle. "But I wouldn't peg you for a beer drinker."

"I uh don't normally," Sophie said as she opened the small fridge and removed a bottle. "I just figured it was the right thing to drink. I'm not sure any one around here makes a more sophisticated drink."

Eliot laughed and then groaned. "Ow. Don't make me laugh."

Sophie sat on the couch and unscrewed the cap on the beer.

"Why'd you do it?" She asked after she took a swig and made a face. Eliot was right beer wasn't her drink but it felt like the right thing to be drinking with the hitter.

"Because it was the right thing to do," Eliot said.

"And you always do the right thing?" Sophie asked.

"I try," Eliot said as he took another swig from his beer. "Not always. But ever since Nate put together this little group of ours, it's been happening more and more."

"I get that. Nate has a way of making a person flip their world," Sophie agreed as drank some more.

Eliot drained his beer and put the bottle on the end table beside him. "It's not like I was so bad before. I retrieved stuff. Mostly it was stuff that had been stolen, in one form or another, from my clients. That's how I met Nate. I worked some parallel ops."

"But then why did Dubenich hire you?" Sophie asked.

"Because my clients weren't always on the right side of the law to begin with. I dealt in the black market," Eliot explained.

They continued talking about generalities and the just finished case for another hour. It was the longest conversation Sophie had ever had with Eliot. She didn't think he was the talkative type. She was happy to have a chance to get to know him better, it was just strange that it had taken almost two years to do so.

"I think it's bed time for me," Eliot said as he stood up to walk to the bedroom.

Sophie took his place on the couch. "Go ahead. I meant what I said when I said I'd be here all night."

Eliot groaned and took the television remote out of her hand. "Fine. You take the bed. I'll be on the couch." He stalked into the bedroom and returned with a pillow and the spare blanket.

"Eliot, you're the injured one. You take the bed. I'll be fine out here," Sophie protested.

"I can't do that. My Mama'd have my hide and my dad would be right behind her. They raised me to be a gentleman," Eliot said as smiled a crooked little smile.

"Fine, we can share the bed," Sophie stated in such a way that Eliot couldn't refuse.

"Nate will have my hide," Eliot muttered as he grabbed his pajama pants and stalked into the bathroom.

"He'll do no such thing," Sophie said as she slipped out of her dress and rummaged around to find one of Eliot's tee shirts to sleep in.

"I should have known," Eliot said as he came out of the bathroom a half hour later, after his shower, to find the grifter propped up on one side of the bed reading in his tee shirt.

"Known what?" Sophie asked as she pulled off her reading glasses and set them and the book on the nightstand.

"That you'd steal one of my shirts instead of just asking to borrow it," Eliot said as he slid into bed next to her. "This isn't awkward at all."

"You just survive the night, " Sophie admonished.

Eliot sank down into bed and rolled over so his back was to her and tried to go to sleep. It actually didn't take much effort since he was pretty exhausted. Getting the shit beat out of you was almost as exhausting as beating the shit out of someone else. Only when you were the one being beaten, you didn't get the adrenaline rush, just the sore muscles, cracked ribs, assorted contusions, abrasions, and bruises.

An hour later, on the dot, Sophie shook him awake. Eliot's hand reached up and clamped hard around her wrist, but before he could throw her off her voice penetrated the fog of sleep.

"Eliot," Sophie said. "Do you know where you are?"

"Lincoln, Nebraska," Eliot mumbled sleepily. "And before you ask, my full name is Eliot Lindsey Spencer. I was born June 27, 1974. Now can I get back to sleep?"

"I thought you hadn't had anyone check on you when you had concussions," Sophie asked.

"Not since high school, " Eliot said sitting up. "I was on the wrestling team. Mom used to get paranoid and if I had the slightest head trauma she'd be up every hour with the list of questions. Did I know where I was? What was my full name? What was my date of birth? Who is the President? It got to be routine. Now can I go back to sleep?"

Sophie nodded. Eliot sank back down and went back to sleep.

Sophie watched him for awhile. They might call Nate the White Knight turned Black King, but Eliot was a knight too. Maybe she should take to calling him the Black Knight. Eliot fought for the right, defended those who needed it and stayed to his own code of conduct. Not to mention could ride a horse. So maybe he was a modern version-- but he was knight none the less.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Many Loves of Eliot Spencer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Oct 09.

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