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The Many Loves of Eliot Spencer

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Summary: Non-crossover. Missing scenes featuring Eliot and the women in his life.

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Television > LeverageMaeveBranFR1832,465112,13630 Sep 093 Oct 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

We Were In Love

Title: We Were In Love

Author: Maeve Bran

Rating: PG-15

Summary: A missing scene between Eliot and Aimee.

Disclaimer: I do not own Leverage, nor do I make any profit on this piece of fiction. It is purely for my own enjoyment

Spoilers: Set during Leverage 1.7 "The Two Horse Job".

Notes: 595 words. Somewhat inspired by "We Were In Love" by KANE.

The neigh of the horse in the next stall brought Eliot back to his senses. He looked down at the strawberry blonde in his arms. It seemed like home, but that was just the fleeting memory of the past. He couldn't believe he'd been so impulsive. Anyone could walk in on them. This wasn't the stable of a private farm-- this was the racetrack. People came in and out around here all the time. Who knew when this stall would be needed? But even knowing that, Eliot wasn't about to disturb the woman in his arms.

Aimee was dozing peacefully in his arms-- looking for all the world like the teenager he remembered her. It brought back memories of the first time they'd ever made love. It had been a moonlit midnight on the farm where her dad did his training. They'd had a secret rendezvous. They'd been arguing then too, something about college and whether or not Eliot would be going. She had leaned up and kissed him. He had kissed her back Then they had fallen into the hay of an empty stall. Clothes had flown with the impatience of youth.

It had been awkward, and though Aimee never said so-- it had to have been painful for her. Eliot knew that first time he'd been in too much of a rush and without a clue what he was doing. They'd been seventeen, after all. But somehow that first time had led to several other times that summer.

By fall they had broken up. Then Eliot went into the Army, and Aimee went to college. He'd come back between the Army and his next career as a retrieval specialist. They'd started going out again and were on the way to more when he'd left for a job. By the time the whole ordeal with the monkey had been resolved and he'd made it home, Aimee had married someone else.

Eliot knew he couldn't go back to the summer that he and Aimee had been so in love. That belonged to their teenaged selves. But for a little while, he'd been that teenage boy again with his love in his arms.

Aimee stirred.

"Hey," Eliot said, looking down into her eyes.

"Hey, yourself," Aimee said, looking up at him. "This sure brings back memories."

"I was just thinking that," Eliot said. "I think we should go someplace more...."

"Comfortable?" Aimee suggested, as she pulled her shirt back on and reached for her jeans.

"I was thinking private, but comfortable works," Eliot said as he went for his own jeans.

"My place?" Aimee stood, tucked her shirt in, and fastened her pants.

"Better be, because I'm sharing a hotel room with Nate and Hardison," Eliot said as he stood and pulled on his polo shirt with his fake logo on it.

An hour later, Eliot found himself naked and holding Aimee in his arms once again, but this time in her bed.

"How strange is this?" Aimee mused. "You in my bedroom. In all those times we made love, we never managed it in an actual bed before."

"It is strange," Eliot agreed. "We should have. You deserved better."

"It's not about what I or you deserved," Aimee said.

"Still. I was impatient...." Eliot started to say.

"We were teenagers. I was impatient too," Aimee cut him off. She stretched up from where she'd had her head pillowed on his chest to kiss him.

Eliot wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight against him.

"Enough talking," he growled as he kissed her again.

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