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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cursed Eyes

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Summary: Xander goes as Itachi Uchiha and ends up with his powers. His life changes, and so does the life of Scoobies. Cordelia/Xander pairing

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetmarikFR211859,12299344,24930 Sep 0927 Feb 10No

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AUTHOR: coso
DISCLAIMER: This story is mine, although the people in it are not. I do not own Buffy, or Naruto, but I've taken liberties with their characthers. Same for other stories I used in this one.
SUMMARY: Yet another Halloween fiasco for our Xander Harris. He chose to go as a different type of soldier that fated night, as a loyal soldier of Konoha, Uchiha Itachi. And nothing was the same any more.

I woke up screaming and trashing on my bed, sweat covering my body. Oh, what a nightmare. My hands were shaking , and I was really rattled. I went to the bathroom and took a piss, my bladder reacted poorly to the stress. Then I puked, just for the finish, yeah. I guess that's what people do when in shock.

All those deaths and blood, cut limbs and bloody corpses – now forever burned into my long term memory. I knew now what that word meant, it meant I would never forget, ever. I washed my face and my mouth over the sink in my bathroom, then slowly dared to look at myself in the mirror.
Crap, crap and hell. My eyes were red. Bright red, with one comma in each pupil. I blinked in surprise, and they were dark brown again. Was it my scarred imagination? I nervously swallowed and closed my eyelids and concentrated, being guided by foreign memories and skill, gained by bad luck and magic of the capricious deity. Warm feeling in my eyes made me open them, and they were red again. Shiiiit.

Yep, the Harris luck struck again. Let me introduce myself. My name is Xander Harris, of Sunnydale, California. I am sixteen and in the occasional chances a fighter against dark forces. When I am not a highschool student, that is. Actually, that is both at the same time, since my town is also sitting on top of the Mouth of Hell, which is a portal to Hell. Which one, I don't know. I was told that there are many helldimensions, all very unpleasant for people.

So, being the city over the helldimension, Sunnydale tends to attract it's denizens in greater concentrations than anywhere else in the world. Yea, the demons are real. The most common variant are the undead, vampires. Magic is real too, and very dangerous as I've experienced it's bad effects recently.Vampires, witches, warlocks and other nasties regularily visit my town and try to cause as much mayhem and deaths as possible.

How come i know this much? Well, I stumbled onto it a year ago when she came to Sunnydale. Her name is Buffy Summers, and she is the Slayer, one girl chosen to fight the darkness. She is bestowed with superhuman strength, speed, stamina and combat skills. A Wonder Woman. She is also very hot little blonde with body to die for.

When I met her, I caused her to drop her bag, and I saw she had a wooden stake in it. Also, instead of telling her “ Can I help you”, I said “ Can I have you?” Way cool, don't you agree?

Anyway, there was something about her and I decided to check her out more. I ended in the library, listening her talk with the new librarian, Mr. Giles. They babbled nonsense about vampires, and I was weireded out. I was beginning to think there was a cult in town, or something like that.

Next step of my stalking involved going to The Bronze, a local disco bar, very popular with highschoolers. Obviously the same went for vampires, since two of them picked up my best friends as dinner. My first best friend was Willow Rosenberg, shy Jewish girl who was also a genious. The other was Jesse Mcnally, my best bud, my almost brother. We lacked blood relation.

One thing led to another, and I watched Buffy fight off two people with disfigured faces and fangs. I managed to pry Willow from them, but Jesse was gone by the time fight was over. The next time I met him, he was already one of them, and trying to kill us. I helped Buffy escape from the sewer where they set a trap for her.

Our second meeting occurred at night in The Bronze. Some old vampire, named The Master, was trying to rise from the Hellmouth so he sent his servants to kill the occupants of the place and send him their energy, or something like that. Anyway, Buffy was slaying them left and right, and I helped Giles and Willow free the people from other vamps, including Jesse.

He was just about to kill Cordelia Chase, the social queen of our highshool society by money, looks and grades. She had scathing attitude towards those uncool, meaning nerds and freaks, just as is proper for the girl of her status. Me and Wills hated her, and I loved to insult her, but I have to admit she was hot looking girl. Jesse loved her, proving that love was forgiving if not blind. Cordelia couldn't stand him, and now he was going to eat her.

I confronted him with my cross and stake, and he tried to explain how great it was to be a vampire. I tried to reasn with him, to convince him to be good again. He laughed and went for my throat, but my cross prevented him. Then someone pushed him from behind and he fell upon my stake and turned into ashes.

“ You should not feel guilt for his destruction, your friend was already dead. What you saw die was just the thing that stole his face.” Giles said, trying to comfort me.

That night I cried till dawn arose, and went to school with intent to destroy as many vampires as possible. At the least by helping Buffy do it. So the year passed and we succesfully saved the world in the end. But after the summer, the slaying season was on again. We were openly joined by Angel, a former evil undead who got cursed with soul thus becoming a good guy again.

Angel was in love with Buffy. She was in love with him. I was in love and lust with her, and him I hated. He was cool, both figuratively and literally, since he was a vampire.

As I said , I was just a normal teenage guy helping Buffy fight the dark forces. I was kinda hoping she would go out with me. The chance was slim, but still there. Then came the day of yesterday, the Halloween.

I was with Willow and Buffy, in the halls of our educational institution discussing the lack of the demonic activity.
“ Giles said that i am free tonight to do as I like, since the Halloween is the one night when demons stay at home.” Buffy explained happily, relishing the thought of free evening.
“ Really?” I said in surprise. “ I thought that it would be a great vampire scare a palooza tonight. I guess that's why I love demons, they always keep you guessing.”

Willow said nothing, being busy putting her stuff in her locker. That's when Snyder, our tiny principal with trollish personality , approached Buffy and forcibly enlisted her participation in babysitting the children during our annual Halloween trick 'n' treat. The costume was mandatory. Misery loves the company, so he included me and Willow too. What a drag.

That evening I went to Ethan's costume shop with the girls. They went to fetch themselves girly dresses, while I was trying to find something good and cheap since I was short on the money. Buffy sought to impress Angel and took a dress of the noblewoman from a few centurise ago, since it belonged to the period angel was born in. He was like over two hundred, and still stalking Buffy. Child molestation, that's what it was.

Ethan, the guy who owned the shop approached me and smiled oily, trying to sell his stuff. “ Since those two ladies were willing to splurge a lot of money, I am willing to give you a good deal. ” he said. I smiled in embarrasment, trying to hide my toygun. “ You know, your accent reminds me of G-man.” I said, and he frowned in confusion.
“ I meant, Mr. Giles, our schoolteacher.” My explanation sealed my fate.
He grinned again. “ Well, well, well. You know my old buddy Rupert Giles. What a small world this be. For that, I'll give you a special offer, follow me.”

He showed me a manneqiun wearing a black cloak with red clouds, and a metal headband with some swirly symbol that was scratched over. When I asked him about it, he shrugged. “ It's a Japanese costume, from one of their comics. Supposedly this guy was a ninja and a good one, with great powers and skills. I couldn't sell it yet, so why don't you try it? ”

We closed the deal quickly ,and Ethan just reminded me to tell G-man it was him who sold me the costume, as a gift for his friend's friend. The rest is history. I had vague memories of Itachi stumbling onto Willow and Buffy, of our defense in Buffy's home and how Itachi scared Angel. Itachi easily killed off real vampires after helpless Buffy, being able to see the difference between real demons and fake ones. Giles did the rest, forcing Ethan to tell him how to stop the spell.

And now I was left with his memories in my head. And his cursed bloodline. He was a good guy, in the loosiest sense. A martyr actually. He was a ninja, but not like those from movies. His type of ninjas were capable of superhuman feats that would put even a Slayer to shame.

Super fast, superstrong, capable of using elemental attacks like witches or wizards and so on. Itachi was among the best there was. He would have beaten Buffy with ease. But he also was a killer, I think he killed more people than some demons. In the end, he also killed his whole clan, except for his younger brother, on orders from his village's leadership to prevent his clan's rebellion.

All of that to save his brother. His clan was strong, but cursed by greed for power. Their eyes were powerful, able to copy any technique they saw. They were able to see through illusions, to slow down and predict enemy movement. But there was another level, called the Mangekyou Sharingan. To activate it, a member of his clan had to see the death of the person they were closest to, usually by causing it. Itachi killed his best friend to gain it.
He was told about it by Uchiha Madara who also unlocked that power, the Mangekyo. Madara went further than that and took his brother's eyes and gained flawless Mangekyou, because normal Mangekyou caused a loss of health and eyesight.

Madara discovered it's weakness in the days before the formation of Konoha, when he used it to gain leadership over other Uchiha. His brother helped him. But Madara used it too often and got blind faster than his brother. In the end he took Izuna's eyes claiming that his brother willingly let him, in order to save the clan.

The Uchiha grew even stronger, and often fought and conquered other ninja clans. Only the Senju clan resisted, even often defeated them. They fought, until the Senju offered a truce and joining of power. The Uchiha overruled Madara and accepted the deal. And thus Konoha was born, the first hidden ninja village. Which led to formation of the united Fire Country.

But Madara was not chosen to be the leader of the village, instead the leader of the Senju clan became the First Hokage. Madara went away and became the first missing nin in history. He barely survived the fight with the First and spent next sixty to seventy years plotting against Konoha, and his own clan that rejected him.

Itachi, after killing the clan joined Madara to spy on him and his organisation. He died after the fight with his brother, who became obsessed with revenge, enough to betray Konoha too. Sasuke joined forces with another crminal from Konoha, a legendary ninja Orochimaru. He studied under him to grow more powerful, and it seemingly worked. But the truth was, Itachi was sick and loosing eyesight. His goal was to manipulate Sauske into being disgusted with the idea of gaining the Mangekyou. He died not knowing what would become of his little brother. An he left me with his memories too. I had his dreams, hopes and guilt. I had his ability to use chakra, and his bloodlimit. That meant I had the power to kill vampires and help Buffy even more than before. But I was weaker, unconditioned.

I glanced at my clock and , and I knew dawn was near.
I went up, and ate breakfast. The school started at nine am. It was time to run.
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