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A Spy Hunts at Night

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Summary: A slayer is called at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women or better known by the students as spy school.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Gallagher GirlscwtlFR1364,097042,28430 Sep 0924 Aug 11No

Chapter 6: Meeting in the Library

          The elevator doors opened. Cammie and Bex walked off and headed to the dinning hall when the sound of crashing books could be heard followed by oopsy daisy. Cammie and Bex turned and saw Liz on top of Macey. Their belongings were scattered all around them. So they walked over and helped them pick up their items. The four roommates headed to the dinning hall after they finished picking up all of the items. Most of the other students were already inside by the time they sat down. The conversations going around the hall were about the new librarians especially Xander. The rumors ranged from a hunting accident to torture from capture. The headmistress was just about to speak when the doors opened and we all turned and saw a red haired women walk in. The new teachers excused themselves and headed to the unknown women. As they passed Cammie and her friends Dawn dropped a piece of paper. Bex quickly picked it up to her surprise nobody noticed except for Macey.

The headmistress spoke to all of us to be on guard because we will be having guest arriving unannounced from time to time during the semester. After dinner the four headed up to their dorm room. As soon as the door closed Bex pulled the note out.

"What does it say?" Macey asked.

Liz and Cammie turned and faced the other two with a questioning look. Then they saw the note in Bex hands and then handed it to Liz.

"The note is asking for the four of us to report to the library at nine. It also says that there is somebody here to see us." Liz answered.

"I guess they are going to introduce us to the women who entered the hall tonight." Cammie replied

They all stared at each other for a few minutes.

"Why do they want to see Macey and I? Its not like we are involved with your slayer activates." Liz said.

"We didn't say anything to either of them about you two telling us that you are going to our next meeting. So maybe this is about something else entirely." Cammie stated.

"Do you think they have our room bugged?" Liz asked.

All she received in response was three set of eyes staring at her.

"There is only one way to find out and that will happen in an hour." Macey stated.

The hour seemed like it went on forever for the four roommates. They sat there on their beds unable to work on anything.

Liz looked at the clock and said "It's time."

          The walk to the library took a few minutes but it felt like it took hours. As they arrived at the library Cammie opened the door and the sound of metal clanking could be heard. Bex took the lead and headed towards the sounds. When they reached the training area they saw Xander and the mystery woman having a sword fight.

"I can't wait to try that." Bex said.

"You will not be using swords for a while." Dawn replied.

Dawn waved for them to join her at the table. As they headed over Cammie noticed the pile of books on the table. Dawn looked at Liz and Macey before turning towards Cammie and Bex. They all took seats opposite Dawn and noticed the pile of books on the table.

"Cammie and Bex why don't you go over and Xander will introduce you to Violet. While I talk to Macey and Liz." Dawn Stated

Cammie and Bex walked over to watch Violet's swordsmanship. They stood there watching the two training with the swords. Xander finally saw the two standing there and motioned to Violet to stop. Xander nodded towards us and they both headed over to them.

Meanwhile Dawn stared across the other two classmates. The books on the table were labeled with odd titles including "Demons: Which are Harmless and Deadly."

"Macey and Liz you know what Cammie and Bex are but you don't understand how dangerous it is."

"Excuse me but our lives are not so innocent we are being trained to spy. So we understand the dangers of the world." Liz replied

"You have no idea about their new world. I am giving you an option you can either walk away from this or take these books and learn how to help your friends." Dawn said.

Before either of them could answer sirens started to go off and an automatic voice could be heard saying "Code Red."


The End?

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You have reached the end of "A Spy Hunts at Night" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Aug 11.

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