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A Spy Hunts at Night

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Summary: A slayer is called at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women or better known by the students as spy school.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Gallagher GirlscwtlFR1364,097042,28430 Sep 0924 Aug 11No

Chapter One: What's Happening

Title: A Spy Hunts at Night
Author: CWTL
Rating: FR13
Response for: TtH ‘To Boldly Go’ Challenge
Fandom: BtVS/Gallagher Girls
Disclaimer: I do not own either Buffy the Vampire which belongs to Joss Whedon and the Gallagher Girls series which belongs to Ally Carter.
Summary: A slayer is called at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women or better known by the students as spy school.

Chapter 1: What's Happening

I was lying on the ground looking at the night sky. The stars seemed so much brighter here than at school. The night is so peaceful the only sounds were distant howls at the moon until there was a sound next to me. The bushes were moving I stayed quiet just in case of a wild animal. But a man jumped out and charged at me with a knife in his hand. I jumped up to protect myself I know how thanks to Protection and Enforcement class. When he tried to slash me I grabbed his arm and forced him to drop the knife. I then kicked him as hard as I could he stumbled back into a tree. I turned to run but he grabbed me. We both fell to the ground and he picked up his knife again. It seemed like slow motion as the knife came down and stabbed me in my stomach. I screamed as I felt the pain.

“Cameron!!” my grandma yelled

I couldn’t take my eyes off the man because at the time my grandma yelled he tried to pull the knife out again but I was able to punch him. I just laid there praying for somebody to help me I didn’t want to die.

The sound of a screen door told me one of my grandparents came out. A second later I heard a shot gun being pumped. I figured out my grandpa was there but he probably didn’t fire because I was in the way. With the last of my strength I was able to kick him far enough a way from me. The sound of the shot gun being fired I know I did was right. I saw a whole in the man’s chest. The shot gun was now next to me and I felt my grandpa’s hand on my shoulder I lifted my head and I saw his smile. His face started to become blurry.

“Cameron, Stay with me.”

I felt him pick me up and carried me inside. I was placed on the couch and something was put on my stomach.

“The sheriff and an ambulance is on the way.” grandma said.”

I could hardly hear the sirens that were coming up the driveway. I saw the door open and that is the moment everything went black.
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