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A wish

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Summary: it was not a coincidence that she was freed

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Comics > Comic StripsjaegerFR151569018801 Oct 091 Oct 09Yes
Right, disclaimer, none of the characters are mine and I'm not making any money off this. The Buffyverse characters are the property of Mr. Whedon, and the Crfh-verse characters belong to Maritza Campos (AKA the Goddess)


"If you were to be granted one request." The female orderly asked, "What would it be?"

Marsha looked at the woman with her good eye.
She had much to settle, her vengeance for the death of her fiancee had been interrupted, her face had been marred by a still fresh scar running from the back of her head and out through the soft tissue of her face and right eye socket.

"I wish I could kill everyone." She stated with certainty.

Anya, dressed as a nurse smiled brightly at this. "Granted." Was all she said, before she vanished.
It was mere moments before the undead remains of her fiancee Michael "Mike" Redford Green, Zombified after his death walked in to free Marsha.
He was able to subdue both scientists in the room quickly and efficiently,
taking "Sticky", the battle staff of a hell god they had taken as a trophy after defeating it in battle out of its cell, before he walked over to her.
Mike pushed the button That released the restraints on Marsha, and held sticky out for her.

"Here's your stick, milady." he said with a goofy grin.
"Don't spend it all in one place."

Wordlessly, Marsha took the offered battle staff, feeling its malevolent mind.
The staff could feel the rage and hatred coming off the young woman in waves. This was a master after its heart... not that it had one.

The zombiefied Mike grabbed her arm as she started off.
"So." He said hopefully. "Are you gonna marry me, or what?"

Marsha twisted in his grasp, before taking a firm hold of the arm that held her, and ripping it out of its socket.
She then proceeded to start pummeling mike with his own arm, before discarding the limb carelessly.
This was not her Mike.
Her Mike was dead.

"Nah." Marsha stated tonelessly with finality, as she turned from the badly beaten undead that had been her love, and started walking towards the more heavily populated parts of Dun Dun island.
The red mist of rage quite firmly in control of her actions.

She had barely walked a few hundred meters before the rapid response team that had been assembled to respond to the alarm that went off when she was freed spoke up to confront her
"Hey winged girl! FREEZE!" Marsha walked on.
"Stop right there or we'll shoot you!"

The uniformed guards didn't wait, and all eight of them opened up with assault rifles and submachine guns on full auto, drunk with firepower.
The distance was negligible, even the ones who did not aim properly would have had a chance of scoring several hits in the tight confines of the corridor.
As the bullets closed in, a shimmering field of energy sprang into life, intercepting the bullets with flashes of electricity.
And as the hammers of the weapons clicked down on empty chambers, the guards could see Marsha still standing, untouched by the flying metal.
Smiling evilly.

One of the guards said what was likely the mildest thought to pass through their collective heads.

And then the island shook as body parts went flying on their own volition.
Marsha walked onwards.

The End

You have reached the end of "A wish". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking