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The Legacy Project

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This story is No. 1 in the series "True Legacy". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Years after the Eve wars, Duo and his friends are sent to retrieve a new weapon being developed. Little did he know how his life would change because of one mission.

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Anime > Gundam WingJadeAislinFR1349,2491138,5081 Oct 0926 Jan 10No

Part 1

Title: The Legacy Project
Author: Jade Aislin
Rating: FRT
Summary: Years after the Eve wars, Duo and his friends are sent to retrieve a new weapon being developed. Little did he know how his life would change because of one mission.
Warning: Shounen ai. 3x4, eventual 1x2; child Xander.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Buffy or Gundam Wing.
Beta: Eternity

Spoilers: After Endless Waltz and there’s some brief mention of events that occur in the series, so be prepared for anything. As for Buffy, probably not much spoilers there.

Part 1

The Legacy Project. That's what it was called. It had been two years since Mariemaia. Three years since Duo had last seen the Mad Five. He was positive they had died in that explosion. And he would have been happy to never hear about them again.
After the wars, he and his friends had settled down. Quatre, unsurprisingly, had gone on to run his father's business. Trowa, following after him, had become the Head of Security for the Winner Corporation. Both Wufei and Heero had joined the Preventors full time.

After a failed attempt at the salvage yard with Hilde, Duo had moved to Earth to be closer to his friends. It wasn't that business hadn't been good. It had. But, Duo hadn't been happy. It didn't help that Hilde had been trying to seduce him. Finally, Duo had to sit her down and tell her that he could only love her as a sister and that he was moving. She had taken it better than he had hoped. Oh, she hadn't been happy that night, in fact she had ranted for ten minutes straight about him leading her on, but after a good night sleep she had come in the next day and told him she understood and that she had come to terms with having a crush on him.
So he had moved back to Earth, found a ready home with his best friend, Heero, and split his time between the Preventors and a security firm. He could have worked fulltime with Heero and Wufei. Une had offered, but Duo wasn't sure he wanted to spend all his time in the field. He didn’t think he could handle the constant possibility of having to kill another human being. Not to mention, he enjoyed his work with the security firm. Where else would he be able to practice his skills breaking into high security buildings and get paid for it. He didn’t work for just anyone. No, the people who hired him were the heads of some big corporations, the type that either had highly sensitive material on their computers or had highly valuable items on there property and Duo got paid to find any leaks in their security system and fix it. Truthfully, he could have lived off that paycheck, but he didn’t’ want to leave his friends without backup and even Trowa and Quatre had helped out the Preventors a couple times. Une only called him in on special cases and after a few disastrous partnerships, which were better left unmentioned, even if it had never been his fault, he always worked with Heero and Wufei. And this latest mission had left him with an uneasy feeling.

“Legacy Project?” Duo asked while looking over the file Director Une, the head of the Preventors, had given him. “What’s that?”

“A side project The Five (1) had been working on,” Heero supplied. The Five referred to those five scientists who had built the gundams and then trained five young boys to pilot them. “Having been dissatisfied with the Gundams effect on Earth, The Five began to develop a new weapon, one that would be better than the original Gundam pilots.” (2)

Duo looked up sharply. It was strange to hear Heero refer to himself and fellow pilots in the third person, but then this was Heero, who always seemed to take every mission deadly serious, even if he had relaxed some since the wars.

“And the Mad Five started this project while we were cut off on Earth?” Duo asked referring to the time when the colonies had turned their back on the Gundam pilots, pilots that had been fighting for those colonies very freedom.

“According to the notes that were leaked to the Preventor’s base in Paris,” Une told him, “No. The project never went past conjecture. But from what we’ve gathered so far, someone else has those plans.”

“And there is a strong possibility,” Heero added, “that they have started construction of this weapon. As you’ll see in the Doctors notes, some of the materials needed would become unviable within the next couple years although it doesn’t state what those materials were.”

“If whoever originally had the Doctors notes, also had access to the Doctors labs . . .” Une trailed off.

“So what’s the mission?” Duo asked.

“Find out who had this information and whether the Legacy Project had started. Oh, and if it has shut it down, by any means necessary. In this time of peace, we don’t need any more weapons of war for criminals to get there hands on. You’ll be working with Agents Yuy and Chang on this,” Une informed him.

“You got it Une-Babe!” Duo said flippantly as he and Heero made their way to the door.

Une could only smile exasperatedly as she watched the young man’s long braid swing back and forth as he left her office. He would never change.


Project Legacy, Duo thought, was supposed to be the ultimate weapon. Better than the Gundam pilots. Between the three ex-pilots, it had taken them over a week to gather all the necessary intel. Duo had spent almost the entire week trudging back and forth between his desk and the records department. There were many nights that Heero would sit silently through Duo’s rants on the hell born excuse for paper records in a computer age. Finally, he had all the information on the group that had the notes and it wasn’t good. The group was a bunch of lowlifes known as the Mercs because during the Eve wars, they had always been willing to sell any sort of weapon to anyone for enough cred. While Duo was gathering info on the group, who was wanted in numerous European countries, Wufei had been busy tracking down possible locations for the group to build said weapon as The Mercs seemed to have left their usual haunts. Meanwhile, Heero, who had been hunting for any information on the status of the weapon via the world network, had no choice but to give up after the first couple days as the group seemed to be keeping their computers off the network. The only bits he could uncover after three days of constant hacking was that the weapon was being constructed and that the group had been working on said weapon since almost a month after the Eve wars stopped.

That led to the three of them infiltrating an out of the way base, that Wufei had been able to track down through third party purchases leading back to The Mercs and unexplained energy drains, in the outskirts of the American Desert, less than five miles from the coast in what was once called California, back when that country had been called the United States. Wufei was backing them up while Heero and Duo were sneaking in and acquiring the said weapon, destroying it if necessary.
Duo couldn't believe how easy it had been to bypass the security. The guards had been lax and left obvious gaps. Now, as he worked his way through the electronic security, he couldn’t help but think it was too pathetic. "You don't think there expecting us do you, 'Ro?"
Heero glanced at Duo. "Hn. . . Doesn't matter. We'll be ready."
Duo nodded and gripped his gun tightly. "Right."
"Status," Wufei's voice came from their transceivers.
"Almost to the weapon, Duo's working on the last door now." Heero glanced at his partner who was busily typing on the electronic door lock.
Duo smirked and glanced at Heero who nodded. Pressing the last button, Duo pressed himself to the side to let Heero slip through, gun raised. Duo slipped in right behind him and let out a startled 'hmph' as he ran into Heero's frozen back. "'Ro?"
Duo stared at Heero's tense back. Moving around him, Duo glanced at Heero's wide open stare and gave a quick glance around the room. The room was little bigger than a janitor’s closet. It’s dull grey walls were a stark contrast to the concrete floor. At the back of the closet room something seemed to hold Heero’s startled gaze and Duo’s eyes moved to see what could make his partner freeze. Tucked against the back wall, sitting on a little cot, staring calmly back at Heero as if there wasn't a gun pointed in straight at him was a little brown-haired, blue-eyed boy.

1.The Five scientist who built the Gundams and trained the pilots were; Dr. J, Professor.G, Dr. S Master O, and Instructor M.

2.The Gundams were originally built for a project known as Operation Meteor. The plan was to drop a colony onto Earth in hopes that the alliance would quit oppressing the colonies. Operation Meteor was then changed to the Five Gundams going to Earth and destroying Alliance Military bases on behalf of the colonies who then denounced the Gundams when Oz( Organization of the Zodiac) performed a coup de tat on the alliance known as Operation Daybreak. Oz was headed by Treize Kushrenada and Commander Une and Lt. Zechs Merquise aka the Lightning Count aka Milliardo Peacecraft.
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