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Prophecy Goa'uld

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Summary: What if Buffy didn't survive the Master? She didn't exactly die either, but woke up in a strange golden coffin in a different dimension with a new destiny.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Teal'ccjsplaceFR131443,3591221164,1382 Oct 0923 Feb 11No

Just A Little Push

"We have strayed far from our purpose and should start again," she stated formally. Sineya's modulated voice filled the room. "I bring my most trusted men and the knowledge we have gathered in our dealings with the Goa'uld and the Ori. Should you want our help, we offer it willingly."

The others started to speak, but she held her hand up to stop them.

"Know this!" Her voice lowered to a deadly whisper that was somehow more threatening than the echoed semblance. "We are the only resources from Dara Seans available to you, and although we offer our help, we do not follow you!"

"Now, see here," General Landry bristled at those words. He wanted the help as much as SG-1, but when working with the free Jaffa, or Tok'ra, Earth had always taken a broader role. Sineya expected the equivalent of UN recognition and power.

"I see very well, General." Sineya's glowing eyes leveled on him, which Landry found disconcerting. "You and your planet's representatives requested Dara Seans' help and we have accepted. I am simply clarifying the terms of that help. It's best we have no confusion later in a moment of heat. Should open warfare occur, which I see in your not too distant future, there can be no doubt or debate as to Earth's access or the availability of Dara Seans' resources. You have before you..."

Her hands swept outward, resembling graceful wings. Her men immediately snapped to attention to form three massive lines of muscled bulk. Vala let out a soft wolf whistle, which garnered a shove from Daniel. She rolled her eyes at him. Cameron simply smacked his forehead with his palm. Teal'c's eyebrow rose in admiration at the smooth military movement, and easy command between Sineya and her men.

"...all that Dara Seans and Sineya willingly offer to your battle against the Ori oppression."

Her eyes heated to burnished gold surrounding a blazing red. It held such heat, the kind only found deep within molten lava pools. The red fell straight into an endless void. The void created a vacuum, which sucked everyone inside the scary placed hidden inside Sineya's thoughts. She left no one in doubt as to what she would do if anyone so much as breathed toward her planet.

Teal'c surprised everyone when he stepped forward. He held his hands out with his palms facing Sineya. He tilted his head downward, but never lost eye contact, no mean feat. His teammates stared at him slack-jawed and confusion for once outweighed their curiosity.

"Sineya, the Tau'ri mean no disrespect and will not overstep the bounds you have set for them. I, on behalf of the Free Jaffa Nation, thank you for your assistance and will fight to ensure no harm comes to Dara Seans while you are here aiding us in the fight against the Ori," he proclaimed, bowing his head formally.

Teal'c knew what Buffy feared. The Tau'ri's thirst for knowledge and the repercussions should others learn about Dara Seans hidden treasures.

"Thank you, Teal'c." She returned his bow in kind. "Forgive me, you have misunderstood my meaning. I have seen to Dara Seans' protection in my absence. No one may enter or leave, until Shat'tac or I return. My words were simply to let you know where we stand. It's best to place everything out in the open, so no one has to peek at your cards from across the table. Everything is crystal, and we don't get lost in the forest because we are staring at the trees." She sent them one of her bright smiles, thinking the matter closed.

Daniel thought his head was about to explode. Did she just say she had the ability to close gate access on Dara Seans? Sineya's words swirled around his brains, slowly sinking into and his eyes widened comically. Cards? Crystal? Trees? Huh?

Cameron's mind bounced between anger and amusement. He wanted to tell Sineya to hop into the Gate, preferably with the shield still in place, and head back to her own planet. Still, he eyed her contingent and had to admit having the small battalion along to fight the Ori would help greatly. He just wasn't sure, how the hell, he was going to work alongside this, this woman. She came here expecting everyone to kowtow to her, and he wasn't about to do so. SG-1 was his team, and she could just figure out how to work with them, or well he wasn't sure what Landry would decide to do. Sometimes he hated his life.

"Enough of this talk, when do we leave to pursue the Ori?" Sineya asked.

The room went silent. General Landry quietly stood up from his chair. He placed his hands behind his back as he faced their new ally. His bright blue eyes stared across the conference table at the small powerful woman.

"Although we appreciate your willingness to help in our fight against the Ori, we have protocol we must follow. Each trip through the Stargate is thought out and scheduled before I'm willing to send my people through it."

Buffy sighed heavily. She had encountered few Tau'ri in her lifetime. Those she had, including this group, shared the same inherent annoying characteristic. They wanted to talk a situation to death. She fully understood tactical planning and knowing one's enemy; but, surely, given the circumstances they had that information.

Why seek allies unless you were preparing for war or at the least additional intelligence gathering?

They were needlessly bringing others into dangerous situations they had no hope of winning, with no intelligence to share. She would have warned as many as possible, and shown them how to defend their minds against the Ori.

Did these Tau'ri even know how to do that?

It was true that they needed allies, but they needed them to remain in place and spread the information outward, networking through the Chappa'ais. They could then relay the Ori's positions and any other intelligence they gathered across the heavens back to the Tau'ri. She didn't understand their logic; everything seemed backward on this Tau'ri planet.

"You do not know where they are or how to combat them do you?" she asked in a deceptively soft voice.

General Landry's face flushed with anger. Cameron slowly rose to his feet. He had stood just about, as much as he could of this woman's arrogance. They were the freakin' SG-1, the best of the best. He wasn't about to let some hyped up, hybrid Goa'uld hoochie come in here and tell them they weren't doing their job properly. It didn't matter how hot she was!

"Now, wait just one gosh darn minute here." His accent was thick with anger. "We are out there bustin' our butts, trying to stop the Ori from taken' over planets. So excuse us if we don't know where their secret lair is or where they might hit next or even how to stop them. We were kinda' hoping, since you put the kibosh on that Prior, you could help us out. If you've only came here to tell us what we're doing wrong, or what we don't know, then just go on back to your little planet and hide your head in the sand while the Ori enslave the rest of the Universe. Cuz, Lady, nobody talks to me like that, except my CO and my Grandma," Cameron snarled, leaning across the table. His blue eyes were nearly luminescent, showing his ire.

Buffy worked hard not to laugh at the partially curled lip. At least someone showed some backbone, she wondered how long it would take. The General had fared well. The only problem was she wouldn't have him around when the fighting started. She had hoped SG-1's Leader had something more to him than a nice smile. It was nice to know she wasn't wrong.

They still felt entitled to 'show' others the right and wrong of things. She mentally shrugged, knowing it wasn't anything she could change, and was willing to accept it. It was probably genetic, bred into the Tau'ri's DNA.

She had learned long ago it wasn't her place to change people's beliefs. It was a hard lesson, which the Voice had taken hard measures in showing her the fine line she had to walk. Do no harm, while keeping an eye on the balance. Protection doesn't mean dominance, ownership or judgement. Buffy worked hard to bring as many people into her council, although the final judgment was hers. Dara Seans always came first. Buffy nurtured her people, and adopted many others along the way. It was why she was here.

She shocked them even further when she started clapping. "Very good, Lt. Col. Mitchell. Perhaps, now you understand how it feels when the foot is in the shoe."

Teal'c softly expelled air and his lips quirked upward. He understood what she meant. He cared deeply for his teammates, old and new alike, but they took for granted everyone wanted to be like them. The Tau'ri were strange creatures, even after nearly nine years living and fighting beside them he was still learning their ways.

Daniel's lips soundlessly mimicked Buffy's words. His eyebrows rose towards his hairline. She continuously confused and stimulated his endless curiosity at every turn. Where would a Goa'uld hear English idioms and quotes? Though mangled, the meanings are still there. If I didn't know better, I would swear she was from Earth. That's impossible though, I've spent too much time looking over the texts we found on PZX-778. Jack would say I'm on caffeine overload. Man, I miss him, Sam too.

Cameron flopped back down into his chair. His expression mulish, a near pout danced about his lips. "You mean you were pushing our buttons the entire time to see how much crap we'd take, before we'd throw it back at you?"

General Landry held his own counsel, although his blue eyes twinkled with amusement.

Buffy's lips tilted upward into a mischievous smile. "Before I answer your question, answer this for me. Are you the commanding officer for SG-1?" Cameron nodded. "Should we join our groups together on missions; did you expect to command my men?" He hesitated, but again nodded in the affirmative. "That's what I thought."

She remained facing Cameron, while she performed a subtle hand gesture. Dara Seans' Jaffas enclosed Buffy so swiftly those watching blinked several times unsure what had just happened.

"We came to help fight the Ori as allies, and expect the same respect. We are not fodder for your cannons, or under your command. I will work with you, but I am the sovereign leader of my planet. I am solely responsible for its livelihood. It is the only reason we came to join this fight. The Ori threaten the peace Dara Seans has known these many years. We plan to see that doesn't happen. I will work with you, Cameron Mitchell. Nevertheless, know this, if you foolishly risk my men in the pursuit of the Ori. I will kill you - slowly.

Buffy had started the speech, but Sineya ended it. She spread her hands against the desk, and leaned across the large expanse. It was three times her small body's width. Cameron felt the echoing words burn into his mind through the inferno of her eyes.

General Landry knew it was time for the meeting to end. "I think we should get you and your men settled. Let me escort you to the VIP Quarters."

He extended his arm toward the door, plastered his best diplomatic smile across his face and hoped for the best.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Prophecy Goa'uld" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Feb 11.

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