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Prophecy Goa'uld

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Summary: What if Buffy didn't survive the Master? She didn't exactly die either, but woke up in a strange golden coffin in a different dimension with a new destiny.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Teal'ccjsplaceFR131443,3591221164,1182 Oct 0923 Feb 11No

Slayer in a Box


Summary: What if Buffy didn't survive the Master? She didn't exactly die either, but woke up in a strange golden coffin in a different dimension with a new destiny.

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Stargate SG1 belongs to Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright.

Pairings: Buffy/Teal'c

Ratings: Adult

Author's Notes: Completely AU after SG1 arrives on P8X-412. Please have patience there's a reason for what I'm doing. I know this was a pivotal episode for Vala, and believe me, I love her character.


The Master mesmerized Buffy with his eyes. She couldn't move, couldn't fight, could barely breathe. The ancient vampire closed his fist, floating the tiny Slayer toward him, toward her fate.

Stupid child walked right into my hands, not realizing her blood provided the missing ingredient needed to free me.

Bending his skeletal neck, the Master sank long fangs into Buffy's tender flesh.

She gasped from the pain as her heart pounded in her ears. The prophecy was right; she was going to die, here, tonight in a dank cave wearing a party dress, alone.

Her eyes grew heavy, her heart slowed as the pain lashing through her stopped, when the Master tore himself away.

He dropped her limp body into a tepid pool of water, and then stepped through the force field that had held him captive for over a hundred years. His evil laugh echoed through the caves as he walked toward the surface, determined to open the Hellmouth and unleash Hell on Earth, over which he planned to rule.

Xander forced Angel onward through the tunnels, intent on saving Buffy. The souled vampire's face showed the fear he felt at facing the Master.

Arriving minutes after the Master's exit, they rushed over to Buffy's prone body only to watch in horror as it started sinking under the black water. Xander stretched out to try and grab her, almost falling in headfirst, if it weren't for Angel catching him in time.

"Let me go, I have to save her. Buffy!" Xander screamed, struggling against Angel, trying to get free from his grip.

"She's gone, Xander. Buffy's gone. There's nothing you can do, nothing anyone can do."

His heart broke for the beautiful girl who changed his life, giving it purpose. The girl he loved was dead. Fury rushed though his body as he released Xander. He turned away and silently walked toward the exit.

"Where are you going? Don't you even care she's gone?" Xander screamed as tears raced down his face.

"I can't bring her back. All I can do for Buffy is make sure they join her by sending them all to Hell," Angel whispered softly.

Xander shivered, stepping back in fear. His eyes returned to the last place he saw the girl of his dreams before following, not too closely, the vampire.

Totally consumed by grief and a need for vengeance, neither saw the black water as it glowed red. The glow grew to a blinding intensity before fading away, signaling the Slayer's worthiness.

Throughout the ages, numerous Slayers had died, only one was destined to live, as the true Chosen One.

The Master stepped out onto the library's roof. Walking over to the edge, he viewed the town below, smiling as he let out a deep, unneeded breath.

He held his arms out and exclaimed, "My world! Oh, my beautiful world!"

He felt the Hellmouth's warm welcome as the building shook beneath his feet. Throwing back his bald, white head, the Master cackled with laughter.

"Yes, open up, open for me and I'll begin my reign of destruction."

Below in the library, Giles and the other Scoobies fought a green, multi-headed demon with huge tentacles that had burst through the floor. They used swords, bats, anything they could find to battle the huge monster trying to open the gate to Hell.

"Yes. Come forth, my child. Come into my world."

"How about you join it instead?"

Angel stood in the doorway, ready to attack his grandsire. The Master turned; startled anyone would dare speak to him this way, especially his own grandchilde.

"Angelus, my darling boy, have you come to help me rule over these pathetic humans?" His red mouth smiled wickedly, thinking about this beautiful childe rejoining the fold.

Angel silently walked forward. He gave the ancient vampire one of his famous half smiles before picking him up and throwing him through the skylight.

Screaming as he fell, the Master's body impaled itself on an exposed table leg, turning to ash, and leaving only a skeleton behind.

The monster dropped Willow from its grasp; its tentacles stopped fighting, and withdrew back into the Hellmouth, closing the opening behind it.

Angel peered down into the Library, waving to let them know he was okay.

Xander waited until everyone finished cleaning up the library, before he could find the words to explain about Buffy.

The Scoobies gathered to mourn the passing of a hero, a girl who came into their lives and changed them for the better. Giles left brokenhearted, losing the daughter of his heart - his Slayer.

In a room with golden walls, a sarcophagus stood. Three Jaffa soldiers bowed before it, praying. They did this faithfully each day, waiting for their god to return, as she had promised.

Shat'tac's dark eyes reflected an emotion resembling hope when he heard a sound coming from the normally silent tomb. Exchanging quick glances with his seconds, creeping forward he reached out to touch the glowing coffin that held their fates.

Buffy's eyes flew open as she gasped for air. She remembered the Master's fangs ripping into her neck, cold water and then darkness. Her fingers searched for injuries, and her eyes widened in shock when they found only smooth, unmarked skin. Searching her surroundings, she realized she was in some type of box.

"What the hell is going on?"

A soft voice said, "Be at ease, young one."

"Who're you? Talk to me face to face and I'll get unwigged, thanks."

Buffy turned her head from side to side, but couldn't see anyone.

"Your time as the Slayer is through. We have watched and waited these many centuries, for one such as you to fulfill the prophecy. We cleansed the path in order to gift you with your true fate."

The Voice caressed Buffy's mind, soothing her, helping her accept the new change in her life; well, almost.

"The Council did not foresee your coming. They could not conceive that any Slayer would not remain bound to them by duty. Sineya chose you for this trial. When you overcame your fear of death, allowing your heart to guide you; it proved your worthiness to carry her spirit."

"Wait! What do you mean fate? You mean you've waited for me to die. That's pretty lame."

Buffy frowned, thinking about how scared she was facing the Master. Someone sitting around waiting for her to die didn't sit too well with the young Slayer.

"I shall explain, young one. There was no escaping your death. Were someone to interfere and return you to life, the Slayer Line would split, an imbalance from which your world would never recover."

A soft wind rattled the sarcophagus, stressing the point.

"Okay, I get it. Two Slayers, bad. Why not just let me die?"

"We watched you, listened to your words. You did not want to die, yet you would not allow another to take your place. You courageously faced the Master with a pure heart. Sineya chose you to carry her spirit, to fight what will come, as only a true Goa'urdyan can."

Buffy didn't understand what the Voice had said.

"Who the heck is Siny, and what's a gourd?"

"Sineya created your line. She is the first and last of her kind," the Voice patiently answered..

"The First Slayer? How can she be the first and the last? That makes no sense and it's giving me a headache."

She rubbed her temple, trying to alleviate the pounding. Her finger skimmed over cheekbones, no longer rounded then wandered further over a face, which held no hint of childhood. Not understanding what had happened, Buffy continued the exploration. She discover her entire body had changed. A mature, toned, adult, female body had replaced her soft, youthful curves.

"What've you done to me?" Buffy's voice sounded panicked, and angry at the same time.

"This is your final body; the former couldn't hold your new powers. It cannot age and will sustain you until the end."

"What do you want, and why am I stuck in a box? Why won't you just tell me what the hell is going on?"

Buffy tried sitting up, but an unseen force held her in place.

"Very well," the Voice sounded exasperated. "Your death ended your time on your Earth stopped with your death, yet this universe needs your help against horrible enemies. They need the Goa'urdyan to lead them into the light and prepare the way, or else they will fall into the darkness. See what they face now and in the future. Decide whether you will pick up the gauntlet."

Buffy saw the Goa'uld System Lords, their Jaffa soldiers and the way they enslaved people and planets. Looking further into the future, she perceived an even greater threat, a flaming face who wanted to enslave all worlds, using their faith to feed their power. She sighed, knowing she couldn't turn her back if she could prevent even one of these events from occurring.

"What do I have to do?" Her voice came out in an emotionless, defeated sigh, finally understanding Fate was a bitch who found you no matter where you went.

"Be brave, young one, there is much good ahead. Life is just beginning for you here. You can teach the people here many things as they will you."

"Can I get out of this box, now?"

Buffy wiggled in place, beginning to grow claustrophobic.

"One last thing, Goa'urdyan, your powers have changed. Sineya will come when you need her."

The Voice drifted away without explaining anything else.

The sarcophagus' lid slowly started to rise and Buffy moved with it, sitting up, taking in her surroundings. Her spider sense went haywire from the large men bowing before what she could now see was a gold coffin.

Buffy climbed out as she fought back a shiver. Thanks to the Voice, she realized the men were Jaffa soldiers, not only Jaffas, but a First Prime and his seconds.

She stood beside the golden tomb, noticing she no longer wore her Spring Fling dress. No doubt, the Voice had decided her new body needed new clothes she thought wryly by picking at a costume straight from a Cleopatra movie.

An image of her slaying in this outfit brought a large smile to her lips. The gold coin bra was a little much, although she rather liked her new longer hair with its tiny braids wrapped in golden ribbons that ended with bells.

"Mistress, we humbly await your command."

The First Prime bowed low, pressing the symbol of his position against the marble floor.

"What's your name?"

Buffy seemed just as startled as the Jaffa soldiers when she spoke. A chorus overlaid her voice, giving it a warm, yet powerful sound, unlike the coldly resonating drone of a Goa'uld. She didn't know her eyes resembled the purest flames, as they glowed, molten red.

The Jaffa warriors trembled in fear, not knowing what had descended on them, for this was much more than a god.

"I am Shat'tac, mistress. I have waited diligently these long years for your return," he said, trying to keep his voice steady.

Buffy stepped forward, stretching out her hand. She watched the giant soldier stiffen, preparing for a blow. She gently touched his face and promised.

"No one is going to hurt you, or the people of this world, ever again."
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