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The Princess

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Summary: When a girl suddenly appears in the middle of Buffy's nightly exercise, how do the Scoobies react?

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Marvel Universe > RunawaysskabsFR1311,373181,7313 Oct 093 Oct 09Yes
I figured this was a good response to the challenge. It's not obscure, but nobody's put the Runaways in the Buffy verse like this before... I know I missed the deadline, but hey, a challenge is a challenge and I had fun with this. Hope you enjoy too. And don't take it too seriously... it's mostly about Molly after all.


“YOU SUCK!!!” The scream echoed throughout the cemetery, freezing everything in its tracks. Everything, that is, except for the body of the vampire that was flying through the air as a result of a spin kick from the Slayers high heeled boots. As she completed her turn she was shocked to see that the screamer was nothing more than an eleven year old kid! Suddenly appearing from out of nowhere at a Sunnydale cemetery in the middle of the night!

“Kid,” Xander hopped off the gravestone he’d been sitting on, watching Buffy fight, and approached the girl.

“So Stupid!” She muttered as she crossed her arms in a pout and sat on the ground. “They better find me soon, stupid staff, stupid Nico and her stupid back firing staff! I almost had ‘em!”

“Hey, I’m Xander,” he crouched down and knelt on the ground to be as close to her height as he could manage. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Princess Powerful and if you try to mess with me I’ll beat you up!” she lifted her chin in the air and the puffy pom-poms on the ends of her hat strings bounced.

“Ok, then, I won’t mess with you,” he caught Buffy’s impatient glare and shrugged. “But it’s not really safe here at night for someone alone, so do you want to hang with me until we can find your parents?”

“My parents are dead, and I have to wait here for Nico or Karolina to find me. If I move they can’t find me so easy.” If anything she settled even more into the grass than before.

“Xander!” He looked up and was promptly knocked heels over head by an approaching demon. Scrambling quickly to his feet he launched himself at the demon, only to be pushed aside and into a gravestone, cracking it as he impacted. Buffy was almost across the cemetery beating on two identical demons. The little girl looked up at the demon and smirked.

“If you don’t leave me and Xander alone I’ll hurt you.” She got to her feet and curled her tiny hands into fists. The demon reached down to her, making Xander push the lingering pain aside as he tried to once again tackle the demon away from the kid.

Before he’d even gotten close enough to grab the monsters arm, it was suddenly flying through the air, as if a rocket had exploded at it’s feet. The kid was straightening from the uppercut she delivered to the monsters chin, with a wry grin as she watched Buffy dispatch the other two.

“Man that’s neat!” She bounced, her clunky rainbow bracelets knocked together, her tiny pink crocs almost completely silent against the cemetery grass. She looked like a little kid who’d just gotten off a carnival ride and wanted to get back on. “Do you have any more of those guys to beat up?” She hurried over to Xander and with no effort at all, hauled him to his feet. “Is she super-strong? I’m super-strong! How bout you? Huh Xander? What do you do? I have a friend who does magic, and a friend that talks to a dinosaur in her head, and a friend who had firehands but those got all busted up and stuff and a friend whose a alien! Your friend is all super-strong like me! What do you do?”

“I-” Xander shook his head, trying to clear it and follow the kids ramblings, “Hold on a minute Princess, I’m still thinking.”

“So you’re a super-thinker? Alex was like that before he got all evil and stuff!”

“Get away from her!” Xander spun around to meet the new voice and immediately regretted it as his head didn’t seem to want to spin with the rest of him. He groaned and flinched away from the brightly glowing girl.

“Karolina!” Princess bounded over and hugged the glowy chick.

“I want you to meet my new friend Xander! And that’s his super-strong friend over there beating up the monsters! I’m going to go help her! K?” and without giving the older kids a chance to protest she bounded over to Buffy and lifted a Vamp over her head, throwing it into the path of Buffy’s stake. Xander just sighed and rubbed his forehead, looking over at the girl and the other teens who were climbing out of a gigantic metal frog, he retrieved his bag of Cheetos from behind a head stone and sat on another.

“You guys want some?” he asked as they watched Buffy and Princess Powerful pummel the vamps to nothing and moved on to the other demons that had been attracted by the fight and what they saw in Princess as an “easy meal”. Xander smirked, because really, the demons in Sunnydale haven’t been getting any smarter. He moved over to make room for the tiny Asian chick and held out the bag of Cheetos to the blond surfer-dude who watched Buffy with his mouth hanging open.

“Shit dude,” he accepted the bag and just watched the poetry in motion. Xander had a little bit of a heart attack when the dinosaur exited the frog, but the girl with purple hair had a calming hand on its nose, almost like it was a puppy.

“So, I guess you’re the Princess’s friends?”

“Yep,” the Asian shrugged. “Chase, go get Molly, she’s yawning.” The surfer dude looked over at the monsters littering the ground and shrugged.

“Sure.” he made it to Princesses side just as the tyke yawned big enough for them to see her molars, and simply caught her as she passed out.

“She ok?”

“She’s still building up her stamina, she’ll be fine,” Karolina replied. “What about your friend?” Buffy was grinning so hugely that Xander figured it’d gotten stuck.

“Think she had fun, you guys from around here?”

“Los Angeles,” the purple haired dino-tamer replied.

“Damn,” he sighed. “Going to have to tell Buffy she can’t keep her new slay-buddy. And don’t think the “but she followed me home, can I keep her” excuse is going to work with your mom Buffster.” he chided when Buffy pouted.

“Well, thanks for watching her and all, but we’ve gotta get back,” Nico hopped off the head stone and started gathering her crew.

“Hey! Wait, here,” Xander pulled a marker from his cargo pockets and ripped off a corner of a receipt he’d had in there from buying the chips. “Here’s our number, you guys need to get in touch, if you need any help, we’ll try.” He scribbled down his new cell phone number, and just in case, Buffy’s too. They’d decided it was difficult to keep tabs on each other when they were never at home to answer the phone.

“What kind of help do you think you could give us? You’re kids too!” Nico asked, even as she accepted the paper.

“You never know,” Xander shrugged. “There’s always something.” And without even changing his expression he flung the stake he usually kept in his back pocket directly into the heart of the vamp that was sneaking up behind Karolina.

“Nice Xander, but you have to flick a bit more to really penetrate,” Buffy instructed as she came up behind the vamp and drove her stake into its heart through the rib cage. It dusted then, in one of those dramatic, skin, muscle, bone ways.

“Ok, yeah,” Nico nodded, looking down at the paper in her hand. “We might just someday.”


“Runaways, let’s get.” The kids scrambled into the frog and Nico waved as the open hatch slid closed.

“See ya round,” Xander waved back.

“Interesting kids,” Buffy bumped Xander’s shoulder with her own.

“Yep,” he grinned. “Interesting.”


So hope you enjoyed. And if you've seen one like this before please let me know so that I can read it too! Thanks!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Princess". This story is complete.

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