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Harry's Key

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Summary: After the events of The Gift, Dawn returns home...currently based mostly in the TV verse

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Chapter One

A/N: I do not own BtVS or the Dresden Files. So my brother lost his fight with cancer last Tuesday morning at 5:45. I'm not doing so great, but I stumbled across the Dresden files and thought I just had to take it out for a spin. Please let me know what you think, I love feedback! This is, as stated, set mostly in the TV-verse, but there may be some use of the book later...I just love Bob from the TV show and couldn't resist using him. Hope you like! love xx Shezzi

Now the first thing you're going to think is that the timelines are all screwy. To get this to work, I had to rejig them...a lot. I've tried to put in enough information for it to be easy to understand, but let me lay it out for you - Dawn is fifteen. Harry is seven years older than her, which makes him twenty-two. I know, it's young for a police consultant...but I'm going with 'he looks a lot older than he is, and no one is asking questions'.

The bell on the front door rang, and Harry glanced up from his work bench in the lab.

"Well, aren't you going to answer it?" asked Bob ascerbically.

"Yeah, yeah," he replied, carefully setting the powdered bitter root back in its box and sealing it.

He slipped out of the door of the lab, making it look like he had slipped through from the back portion of his apartment.

He came into the shop to be greeted by the back of a slim, leggy brunette with a large duffel bag at her feet.

"Can I help you?" he asked, his voice coming out with just a slight purr.

"Okay, first of all, ew, Harry. A world of no. Don't even go there. Secondly...hi, big brother."

"Dawn?" Harry stared for a second, then a huge smile broke out over his face. He was across the room in three steps, grabbing her in a huge hug and swinging her around before setting her back down. "Now that I have made it completely clear that I am exceedingly happy to see you, baby sister, what exactly are you doing here?"

"Joyce and Buffy are dead," she told him.

"Shit," he whispered.

There was a good reason why Dawn wasn't meant to be here. She was supposed to be hidden...very, very well hidden. Off everyone's radar. Harry had gone to a great deal of trouble to make sure she was that hidden, because Dawn was...problematic. Problematic in the sense that she had so much raw, untamed power that she could literally be used to destroy the fabric of reality if she fell into the wrong hands.

Most of Dawn's power wasn't available to her, not yet, but with the right rituals, in the right time, in the right place that power could be brought out. It had emerged once already in her short life, for only moments, defending Dawn and Harry when they had needed it most.

The power Dawn held hadn't surfaced for a very, very long time. It ran in the Morningway blood, but only came about once every five hundred or more years. There wasn't much known about it other than that it was always held by a female, and it always heralded major events.

Harry, once he knew what was coming for her, and that he, that no one he knew, would be able to protect her, not even Ancient Mai, had hidden her deep and far, so deep that unless the two women he tied the spell to were dead, she wouldn't even remember the truth. He had done it with her, but not their, full knowledge and permission, even though it killed him inside to do it to his only family, she was the one person in the world he would do anything for, even if what he had to do was give her up.

Dawn stumbled against him, bringing him out of his musings. " hurts, Harry," she whispered,and he realised her cheeks were flushed, her eyes had dark rings around them and she had a mostly hidden bruise that surrounded her entire left eye socket.

"Dawn? What happened?"

"Glorificus," she replied before her eyes rolled up in her head. Harry caught her, stopping her less than graceful decent to the floor.

"BOB!" he yelled,laying his sister carefully down on the couch, worry surging through him.

Bob appeared through the wall, eyes widening as he saw her.

"Dawn?" he exclaimed, moving up beside the couch and staring down at his second student, his second 'child'."What happened?"

"She said 'Glorificus'," growled Harry furiously. "I thought I was protecting her!" he slammed a fist into the floor, unable to contain his rage.

"We did the only thing we could, Harry. She was very well hidden, we both know that. Now, you need to concentrate, to find out where she's hurt."

"Well, she's got a fairly well concealed black eye," he said, starting to catalogue what he could see. He ran careful hands over her skull and found a hard knot on the side of her head. "She's hit her head, pretty nasty lump there," he commented.

"She'd better not have knocked any of her lessons loose," groused Bob gently, one hand hovering above Dawn's head as though he was stroking her hair.

"Check for internal bleeding, will you?" asked Harry as he started running his hands down his sister's arms.

"Of course," replied Bob, carefully lowering his hand into Dawn's head, then moving it down her body. "No blood in her skull...but there is bleeding...her stomach, Harry," he directed urgently.

Harry quickly pulled Dawn's coat open, then lifted her shirt.

"Sonofabitch," he snarled, staring at his baby sister's belly, where someone had clearly taken a knife to her, and a sharp one. The wounds hadn't been treated at all as far as he could tell, and both of them appeared to be in need of cleaning and stitches.

He was just starting to take her jacket off when his door swung open again and a familiar face popped around it. Just before she appeared, Bob dropped down through the floor, disappearing from sight.

"Dresden, I've got...nothing as interesting as what you apparently have," Detective Murphy came all the way through the door, staring at Dawn wide-eyed. "Harry? Care to share?"

Harry glanced between Dawn and Murphy before sighing. "Murphy...this is my baby sister Dawn."

"What happened?" asked Murphy, dropping to her knees beside the couch, putting aside her other questions for now.

"She just got here and collapsed," Harry replied, going with the simplest explanation for now.

Murphy grabbed her radio from her belt. "This is Detective Sergeant Murphy. I need a bus over at 42nd and 12th, to the office of Harry Dresden." She turned back and reaching out, laid her hand over Dawn's forehead. "She's burning up, Harry. What exactly happened? And why didn't I know you have a sister?"

"She was living down in California, in a little town called Sunnydale. She was staying with family friends. She didn't really tell me much, yet, but she did say they're dead...and she wouldn't be here if they weren't, they would be taking care of her."

"You're sure she wouldn't have just run to you anyway? I mean, how do you know that they didn't do this to her?" asked Murphy, concerned.

"No. Completely impossible." Harry dismissed the concerns out of hand.

Before Murphy could ask anything else, the ambulance pulled up to the door, and the paramedics came in, carrying packs, and gently pushed them out of the way, examining Dawn for themselves.

"What's her name?" asked one of them, a woman in her late twenties.

"Dawn. Dawn Marie Dresden," replied Harry. "She's fifteen. Date of birth 15/02/91. Blood type A negative. She's allergic to penicillin and shellfish..." at this point, Murphy covered his mouth with her hand.

"Harry, you're babbling," she told him gently, and he nodded, raising his hand to remove hers from his mouth.

"How is she?" he asked, concern filling his voice.

"She needs to go to the hospital," the second paramedic, a man in his mid thirties, told them. "One of you can ride with her."

"That would be me," Harry said, and Murphy nodded. "I'm her brother," he explained quickly.

"I'll follow you," Murphy told him.

"Murphy, didn't you have a case? I mean, isn't that why you're here?"

"I'll call in. Without you, there's not much point in me going back to the scene anyway," she told him. "I want to be sure if this is going to be another case or not."

Harry jumped into the back of the ambulance and sat next to the gurney, running his fingers gently through his sister's hair. The female paramedic jumped in beside him and pulled the doors shut before slapping the back of the driver's seat.

The trip passed in a blur for Harry, a blur of answering questions and watching the paramedic work on Dawn. When they reached the hospital, he followed them through the doors, starting to feel the stirrings of panic that his sister hadn't woken up yet.

Murphy caught up with them at the doors of the ER, taking her place bside Harry and watching as the doctors swarm around the diminutive body on the gurney.

A nurse attempted to block their passage, but a single look from Harry and a flash of Murphy's badge got them through the inner doors. They stood to the side of the exam room as the doctors moved quickly around Dawn, stripping her of most of her clothing, examining her and covering her in what Harry remembered her calling 'an embarrassing faux garment specifically designed to make the wearer submissive'.

He was brought out of his musings by a shriek from the bed. "Get the hell away from me, you bastard!" shrieked Dawn, flailing at the doctor who had been trying to check her pupil reactions and was now trying to restrain the very conscious, very hysterical teen.

Harry was across the room in a moment, knocking the doctor aside. "Get away from her!" he snarled at the various medical personnel who were attempting to hold his sister down. "Dawn!" he snapped, clasping her face firmly in his hands. "Dawn, it's alright, you're safe, I'm here, Harry's here," he lifted her off the bed, almost crushing her to his chest as he whispered gently to her.

"Harry? Where am I?"

"You're at the hospital, Dawn," he told her softly. "You got home and collapsed, do you remember?"

"I can't be here, Harry, I can't. Where's Bob? Please, I want Bob...take me home!" She was becoming hysterical, and one of the doctors stepped forward to give her something, but she lashed out and he flew across the room, propelled not by her blow but by Dawn's power, which Harry could suddenly feel crackling in the air, released by her fear. "Stay away from me!" her head whirled one way, then the other, as she glared around the room.

"Okay, Dawn, just get a grip," Harry said gently, cupping her cheek. "We're going home, right now, alright?"

One of the doctors moved to object, but a single glance from Harry silenced him. "I'll get a doctor to come to her," he told the man to silence his objections. "It's not like she's letting any of you treat her, anyway." He gathered his sister in his arms and stalked out of the room. While outwardly he was calm, his mind was running at a thousand miles an hour, trying to piece together what had happened to his sister.

"Harry, Harry, there's paperwork to do," Murphy tried to plead with him. "Let them look her over properly, please!"

"NO!" cried Dawn, burrowing her way deeper into Harry's chest. "Just get me out of here, Harry, please. I want Bob!" She was gasping for breath, sharp little pants that sounded almost like cries, and there were tears running down her cheeks. Harry glanced at her and raised one eyebrow at Murphy before turning back to the doors.

"Harry! I'll give you a lift," offered Murphy, rolling her eyes in defeat.

"Thanks," he said, following her back out to her car and sliding into the back seat, since Dawn was apparently not planning to release him any time soon. He took the blanket that was folded on the seat and tucked it around Dawn, combing his fingers through her hair the way she had always liked.

The ride back to Harry’s apartment was a tense one, filled with Dawn’s soft sobs and Murphy’s disapproving silence. Finally, the cop unbent enough to speak. “Who is this Bob, anyway?”

“Old family friend. Dawn was so young when Dad died, and Mom died soon after she was born, I was only seven. Bob is like a father to Dawn in many ways. He was our tutor, back when we lived with our Uncle.” Dawn was relaxing against Harry now, her fingers curled in his jacket as she leant against him.

Murphy pulled up to the shopfront and Harry got out, still carrying Dawn since she didn’t have any shoes, and let himself inside. “Thanks, Murphy,” he called back to her, and she nodded.

“I’ll be needing to talk to her, Harry, to find out what’s happened.”

“I know. In the mean time, you could look into any strange events occurring in Sunnydale, California, and also the whereabouts of Joyce and Buffy Summers, the people who were looking after her.” Murphy nodded before climbing back into her car and pulling out.

“Bob! Your presence is requested!” yelled Harry as the door swung shut behind them. He returned Dawn to her previous position on the couch.

“Harry? I wasn’t expecting you back for hours, you know how emergency rooms are these days...” his voice trailed off as he realised Dawn was awake. “Dawn,” he said softly, ‘kneeling’ down beside the couch as Harry laid her down.

“She kind of freaked out at the hospital, Bob,” Harry explained.

"What happened, Dawn? Who hurt you?" asked Bob gently, capturing Dawn's eyes with his own.

“Glorificus was hiding in the body of this doctor,” Dawn said slowly. “He was sweet, innocent. He found me one time when I had run away and gave me hot chocolate while trying to convince me to go home. But in the end, when Glorificus caught me, he turned, convinced me he was going to help me escape, then attacked me and handed me straight back over to Glory’s goons. At this point, I was still a terrified teenage girl who didn’t have the faintest clue what she really was and who expected her sister the Vampire Slayer to save her. Buffy...she died in my place, in the place of the girl she thought was her little sister. As soon as she was dead, I remembered everything...I got away from her friends as soon as I could and got a bus home.” She reached out for Bob, smiling as her hand slipped inside him. A feeling that Harry had always found creepy and uncomfortable had always, to his sister, been like a hug from a father.

She had been only four when their father had died, and it was seven years later, just after Harry had returned from his ‘journeying’ in Europe, that Justin Morningway had decided he had waited long enough to have her powers available to him, available to use to take down the High Council and rebuild it in his image. He had attempted a ritual to wake Dawn’s power up, but, fortunately for Dawn and unfortunately for him the power had woken up just enough to recognise the threat to its avatar and destroy it. Justin Morningway died in a tremendous fire that destroyed part of his mansion and left his eleven year old orphan niece with no one in the world but her nineteen year old brother.

But Bob had spent the intervening years moulding and shaping Harry and Dawn. In ways that Justin never tried to be, that her real father wasn’t around to be, he raised the terrified little girl who was dragged into that house as his own. He was her teacher, her comforter, her confidante. While she loved her brother and he loved her, Bob was the one she went to for advice, to tell her secrets, to be consoled over scraped knees and burnt fingers.

Now, as she lay on the couch in her brother’s rundown apartment, hurt and afraid, still reeling from the magical whiplash from the spell release, it was Bob she reached for, and he obliged her by covering one of her arms completely with his own.
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