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New Beginnings

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Summary: After a night turns violent with members of the scooby gang Celina Rayne and Xander head out of town as far away from Calafornia as they can get.

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CSI > CSI MiamiStarShadowFR151820071,5545 Oct 095 Oct 09No
Two years was how long Celina had been living in Sunnydale California with the slayer and her friends. And for those two years she had had to watch time and again as they all mistreated Xander. It still irked her to no avail that they treated her with more respect and compassion than they did him and he had been with the team a hell of a lot longer than she had.

She just didn’t get why they would do such a thing. They treated the young man like he was good for nothing more than being their Gobi. It was pathetic and if she’d had her way she would have told the good for nothings off a long time ago. But no Xander wouldn’t do that, he would rather be treated like dirt himself than have her ruin her friendship with them because of him.

Xander was definitely an enigma that was for sure but she would be damned to hell if she was going to treat him that way. When the others were degrading and self centered Celina went out of her way to be friend he so rightly deserved. She would help him when she could and when she couldn’t she would find someone who could. A friend in need was a friend indeed and that was all there was to it.

She had been thinking for a long time, trying to figure out a way to get Xander and herself away from the group and Sunnydale even if it was for only a little while. It seemed as though her answer came soon enough even if it wasn’t what she was expecting.

It all happened one night a week ago when she and Xander were at the Magic Box doing a little research. Well Xander was supposed to be doing the research but she had decided to give him a hand, after all two heads were better than one right? They had just found a reference to the demon they were looking for when Willow and Anya walked in.

The pair was laughing and carrying on until they saw that she and Xander were doing the research Giles had left for him to do. That was the turning point of the evening because after that she didn’t remember much of anything. The next thing she did remember was waking up in the passenger seat of Xander's old beat up car as they were driving down a busy highway.

“What’s going on Xander? Where are we?” she managed to ask as she tried to sit up a little straighter in her seat. That was definitely a bad idea. All she received for her efforts was a stabbing pain in her back and her left arm felt like it was on fire.

A quick glance in Xander’s direction had her anger boiling as she took in the pain filled look he kept shooting her way. “What happened Xander?” she tried again as her thoughts kept replaying the events leading up to her blackout but it was no use, all she could remember was Willow and Anya’s shocked faces as they came in to find her helping Xander with the research.

She was saved from any further memory digging as Xander pulled the car off the highway into a the parking lot of a small motel. “Willow attacked you with her magic as Anya came after me. After Willows first attack on you your magic took over and repelled her and Anya back across the room. I then picked you up and carried you out of the Magic Box and straight to my car. From there I took you to Spike and he helped me to bandage you up along with getting the more important of your things together. After we were all packed he gave me a little money and away we went. Oh yeah I kind of promised him that we would call him when we got settled where ever we were going.”

His explanation made perfect sense when her injuries were taken into account. She didn’t even want to take into account what would have happened if Xander hadn’t been there to help her. So she dwelled on the here and now instead.

As she looked around Xander got out of the car and walked into the office. A few minutes later he came out with a room key. “We got lucky they had one room left. Its right here next to the office which sucks since I wanted a back room but hey at least you won’t have far to walk which is good right?”

At least he could still tease her that was most certainly a good thing. She thought to herself as Xander opened her door and helped her out of the car and to the room. While unbeknownst to either of them a shocked hotel manager dialed the Miami Dade police department.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "New Beginnings" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Oct 09.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking