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Valdemars Return: Beginning

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Summary: UNDER COMPLETE RECONSTRUCTION will still be slash. same idea but it will be put together better

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Literature > FantasyLadyAtlantisFR1374,7732306,9457 Oct 0928 Oct 09No

We meet again *rewritten*

Tiny note ::Blab:: = mind speech, 'Blab' = Thoughts
Dawn is 12 years old for this fic

Xander was still mortified about being waking up still clinging to Angel. So he decided to go where he knew he wouldn't run into a vampire; the sunlight.

'why did I feel so, so safe?' He frowned, 'I was mortified to all hell but not scared and I didn't jerk awake like a normally do.'

He shook his head and moved his wonderings to a safer topic.

"I wonder how big we're going to need to make the Collegium." He pondered out-loud, "I mean we'll need at least six dorms. Heralds, Healers, and Bards then boys and girls dorms. Not to mention bigger rooms for the married and life-bonded. Damn we're Definitely going to need a parking lot or garage, horse, and Companion stables."

He sighed, Frustrated, and ran his hand through his hair, "And how will the Chosen know to come?!"

::They will know because we will send the message through mind-speech, My Chosen.:: a soft female voice stated.

Xander whirled around to face a, 'No, My', Companion and when his eyes met hers he felt like he was falling and drowning and something that was missing finally slid into place, "Gala."

The feeling of \\warmth/joy/reunion\\ washed over their mind-link and Xander found himself hugging her tightly.

::Shall we go home? I want to see what the young peacock looks like now.::

Xander laughed, "He's not so young or human anymore. he's a vampire with a soul and is over two centuries old. He's still a peacock though, he fusses over his appearance even though he doesn't have a reflection anymore. Wait how'd you know he's here?"

Gala snorted and knelt down so he could climb into her saddle, ::because Yfandes veered off when we got close to an old mansion.::

Xander smiled "By any chance was Kellan with you?"

::No. Why?::

"Because my friends mom remembers her and we have reason to believe she was Savil."

::Anybody else we know get reborn?:: They meandered off at a trot.

"So far it's me, Vanyel, Savil, Mardic, Donni, and Starwind. Van's name is Angel, Savil is Joyce, Mardic is Spike but his proper name is William, Donni's is Drusilla, and Starwind is Rupert Giles."

::Just a moment let me see if I can't reach Kellan and the other two::

She was silent for several minutes before saying :: Kellan is another half day from here and Kali and Toria are just a bit further then her.::

When they got to the mansion they could hear excited babbling and squeals. They could tell Yfandes was being fussed over by the girls.

Xander swung out of Gala's saddle and opened the door, "After you my lady."

*~*^Jump back 10 minutes-at the mansion^*~*

Xander had pretty much bolted out the door five minutes ago and Angel didn't blame him, he reeked of embarrassment and sadness. Spike was (thankfully)still asleep with Drusilla. Buffy had gone with her mother to pick up Dawn and Lunch. That left him, Giles, and Willow to putter around the, now quiet, mansion.

"So, Angel, what had Xander running out of here like he was being chased by hell hounds?" Willow intoned a threat into her voice.

"He had a bad dream and woke up in what he apparently thought to be an embarrassing position."

"An embarrassing position?"

"He was clinging to me like a lamprey." Angel shot her a glare, "And don't you dare mention it to him, after what came to him in the dream he doesn't need it."

"Could you tell me? what he dreamt?"

He sighed and considered it for a moment, "No. If you want to know ask him. The only reason I was privy to it was because I was there when he woke up from it."

The Summers women came in laughing and talking burdened with fast food bags and two fair sized coolers.

"Ooo, Food. What's in the coolers?" Willow asked, her attention diverted.

"The blue one has drinks the red one has human blood. Willy gave us a nice discount on it too. Apparently word got around that my mom drove off Spike when he attacked me at the school. Willy looked like he was going to wet himself when he saw that we were both there." Buffy grinned pride evident in her voice, "So where's Xand, I wanna get on with lunch."

"He took a walk he should be back...." He stopped talking when he heard rhythmic bells that drew up the memories of the sound of Companions hoofs on the stone roads of Haven, "Could one of you look out side and tell me if there's a Companion outside waiting to be let in?"

Dawn opened the door and peeked out. "Oh my god! You're so pretty!" She squealed and opened the door so the Companion could come in.

Angel met her eyes and knew, "Yfandes." The smile that spread across his face could've lit the night. He wrapped his arms around her neck and opened his mind to her and sighed softly at the feelings that washed over him.

::I've missed you.::

::And I've missed you too my peacock:: she nickered and nudged him after shifting though the thoughts and memories he opened to her ::How is it that even though you can't see your reflection you're still a vain little peacock?::

Angel had to laugh at that, ::I just am I guess::

Buffy blinked, "Uh Angel what's so funny?"

He reluctantly pulled away from her, "We were talking in mind-speech." He shook his head still grinning like a loon.

"Can I please braid your mane? It's sooooo pretty." Dawn wiggled back and forth and squealed when Yfandes nodded.

::I have the feeling Gala and I will be spoiled rotten here.::

Dawn was brushing her mane when they heard the door open again and Xander's voice saying, "After you my lady."

Another Companion entered followed by Xander. "Hiya 'Fandes." He walked over and kissed her on the forehead.

Angel smiled at them, "Nice to see you again Gala."

Dawn squealed with glee and bounced between fussing over one and the other.

"Angel where are the spare blankets?" Joyce asked.

"The closet in the master bedroom."

Before he could say anything else she was gone only to come back with an arm load of blankets and was now spreading them on the floor for the two Companions.

::Tell her thank you for me please::

"Gala says thank you."

"'Fandes does as well."

"You're welcome ladies." She smiled as the two of them sat daintily like two ladies minding their skirts.

"Now Angel, You are going back to bed it's the middle of the night for you." Joyce gave him a look that said there would be no arguing.

"Ya know that's a good idea." Xander yawned, "I haven't been sleeping well. Just wake me up for dinner."

He didn't really want to think of the other reason he went back to bed.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Valdemars Return: Beginning" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Oct 09.

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