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All in a Day's Work

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Summary: The FBI, the Squints, the NCIS & the Scoobies must learn to overlook their differences in order to save the day -- and stop an abomination.

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III. Explain the Unexplainable

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. I am merely borrowing them to help breathe life to this nagging plot bunny in my head.

Summary: Booth landed a marine case when a near-skeletal remains of a young male was dug-up at a construction site. Gibbs & team are following up on the disturbing demise of a very healthy petty officer that share more than just DNA with Booth and Bones’ dead marine. Buffy was awakened by a disturbingly vivid dream involving twin male, the Feds, NCIS & a Big Bad Reincarnation, she took Faith and Willow with her to D.C. to find out what was that dream about.

Author’s Note: I am just beginning to unravel events from the first two seasons of NCIS and my source for finding out what happened to Kate’s character was from & Wikipedia so that’s what I’m using as a source for the reason behind how two of the characters in this chapter crossed paths. I’m trying to get all the timelines to match, so if I got something wrong please let me know.

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All in a Day’s Work

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III. Explain the Unexplainable

“UUHHH...Buff?” Willow tugged on her best friend’s sleeve as she stood with the petite blonde in front of the large building with the sign out front bearing the letters N-C-I-S. “Are you sure this is the right place?” she asked her determined friend.

Buffy took a deep breath and studied the building structure. In her mind’s eyes this was the exterior of the building she saw in her dream, and hidden somewhere in the bowels of this structure was a big bad vamp waiting to awaken and go on a bloodlust rampage. It was a very disturbing dream, but it was only one of the two gruesomely dead bodies she saw in her prophetic nightmare. The only similarity between the two dead bodies that she saw was that they were both in Washington, D.C. That was the only solid piece of proof she had, the others were somewhat sketchy and not really very reliable, but somehow standing outside this government building felt familiar to her. She knew this was where one of the bodies was kept.

“My gut tells me this is the place, Wills,” Buffy confirmed.

“Any idea how we can get in?” the redhead asked.

“Yeah,” Faith answered stepping up beside Buffy.

That got Buffy and Willow’s attention. Throughout the entire trip from Cleveland to DC Faith was quiet almost non-responsive until now.

* * * * * * * *

“There’s a who wanting to see me?” Gibbs frowned at DiNozzo waiting for him to repeat it again.

Special Agent and Senior Field Agent Anthony ‘Tony’ DiNozzo momentarily looked confused. “Uuhhh, there’s a Faith Lehane coming to see you, boss.”

“Who is she?” Gibbs snapped.

“A mutual acquaintance,” Tony replied.

“DiNozzo...” Gibbs growled.

“Sorry Boss, but that’s all she gave security,” Tony answered. “She’s in the waiting lounge with two other female,” he added when Gibbs continued to give him a cutting glare.

Gibbs pushed his chair away from his desk and stood up. He rounded his desk and headed for the visitor’s lounge. Tony, Ziva and McGee followed their irate boss as he left their area before exchanging curious looks with each other. It wasn’t uncommon for Gibbs to receive unexpected visitors at work, but what was curious about this particular visit was the less amount of information provided by the said unknown visitor and the urgency of her wanting to see Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

* * * * * * * *

Faith stopped her pacing the moment the good looking blue-eyed man with short, military cut style salt-and-pepper hair stepped in to the waiting room where she, Buffy and Willow were ushered in to. She waited a couple of heart beats before she saw recognition show on the older former marine’s face.

“Hello Leroy Jethro,” Faith greeted and tilted her head, her eyes never breaking contact with the seasoned marine and NCIS agent.

It took Gibbs a while to recover from his initial shock at seeing her. Of all the unexpected guests that dropped by the Navy Yard to see him, this one he wasn’t expecting to see again.

“Hello Faith,” he returned the greeting.

Faith grinned slowly, assessing the man standing before her and remembering that time four years ago when they first met. It was under grave – no pun intended – circumstances that their first meeting was held at a funeral for one of Gibbs’ team member and a distant relative of Faith’s that she thought was better off without keeping in touch with her and knowing exactly what she does for a living, but she was wrong to shut the sole relative who seemed to understand her out.

“I betcha you weren’t expecting to see me again, not after that whole scene a few years back, huh?” she taunted.

Buffy and Willow were listening intently at the conversation Faith was having with the agent Faith sought out as their way in to the NCIS building. They tried to juggle their memories back to four years ago. They remembered Faith receiving a call and left Cleveland without as much as telling them where she was headed and why. All she told them was she needed to take care of some personal business not related to slaying. They didn’t push since Faith looked determined to keep whatever it was that called her away from Ohio to herself. Even Giles advised them to let Faith deal with whatever was troubling her and in time, when she was ready, she’d let them know what that was all about.

“Considering I didn’t know of your existence until after Kate was gone, and I only met you that one time, I had no reason to believe I’d ever see you again,” was Gibbs’ reply.

“Huh, I see. So, I didn’t make that quite of an impression, huh?” she teased.

Gibbs smirked, his blue eyes carefully assessing the young brunette standing before him dressed in tight black pants and body-hugging ribbed tank top covered with a jacket that just came down to her midriff. She still exudes the same tough girl confidence about her, and given her stance she was a woman who knew how to protect herself. She was like Ziva; the damsel in distress wouldn’t work for either one of them. Once he was done assessing his old acquaintance, his eyes roved over to the two women behind Faith. One was a blonde and the other a redhead. All three of them looked to be the same age, and all gave him the impression that although they were all young still, they’ve seen enough of the world. He knew Faith has had a rough time growing up; he had a background check done on her after her mysterious appearance at Kate’s funeral. She served some time in jail before busting out after an unexpected prison attack.

“I see you brought some friends with you this time,” he nodded at Willow and Buffy.

Buffy and Willow nodded at his acknowledgement of their presence. Faith barely looked over her shoulder at her companions. She hadn’t forgotten about them.

“Is there somewhere private we can talk?” she asked.

“There is,” Gibbs replied suddenly suspicious of their presence in the building.

“We’re not here to make trouble,” Willow quickly said in their defence.

“Yeah,” agreed Buffy. “We’re here hoping to prevent trouble from happening,” she added.

Gibbs cocked an eyebrow when he heard what the blonde and the redhead said. His gaze returned back to Faith, challenging her to tell me they were bluffing, but her expression was devoid of anything.

“We’re here on business, Leroy Jethro,” Faith said.

Gibbs tried to hide his annoyance at her using his full name. He told her when they first met to address him as ‘Gibbs’ since that was what everyone else calls him, except those people who were close to him; they called him ‘Jethro’.

“What sort of business are you here for?” he demanded.

Faith paused before answering. She looked over her shoulder and conferred with her companions. They couldn’t divulge the true nature of their visit in public. If only Gibbs would see them somewhere private they’d tell him what they came here for.

“We need to discuss this in private with you,” Faith insisted after a few silent minutes of conferring with her friends. “Either you take us somewhere less public or we take you back to our hotel, but we don’t really want to do that, you know? You see, we’re booked at a hotel that’s at least a few minutes away from here, and with rush hour it’ll take us forever to get back here in case all hell breaks loose,” she added a matter of factly.

“What are you talking about?” Gibbs demanded not liking the ominous insinuation in her tone.

Buffy stood up and walked towards Faith. She dropped her voice when she spoke to Gibbs. “We know you found a body that was sucked out of his blood,” she decided not to beat around the bush. The more they delay the longer the chance they’re giving the victim to gather enough strength before it goes on a rampage.

“That’s classified,” Gibbs snapped.

“The mere fact that you said that confirmed what we already know,” Willow joined her two friends standing in front of the seasoned agent. “We know you’re boggled by that person’s death. We’re here to help,” she offered.

Gibbs looked suspiciously at the trio standing before him. Neither one of them looked threatening, but he got the feeling that they knew and believed what they were talking about. Also, they were spot-on about the dead sailor’s body they found and kept in the autopsy room.


“We know how he died, but you won’t believe us even if we tell you,” was Faith’s reply.

* * * * * * * *

Each of Gibbs’ team watched as their leader marched down the hallway with three attractive women with an assortment of hair colours and physical appearance. Each woman exudes an aura that says they knew how to protect themselves without needing the help of another. All four of them looked determined as they headed for the elevators.

“Where you off to, Boss?” Tony called out, getting up from his seat and followed the foursome with his gaze.

Gibbs just kept right on walking followed by the three attractive women. He paused at the end of the hallway and allowed them to precede him into the elevator.

“Need our help, Boss?” McGee inquired. He too was intrigued by the presence of the three women with Gibbs.

“Just keep on working on the petty officer’s death. I want answers when I get back,” he ordered his team before entering the elevator after the three women.

Ziva, who was the only one who remained seated, frowned after Gibbs disappeared behind the steel elevator doors. She first looked at Tony then to McGee before finally settling her gaze on her computer monitor.

“Hmm, that’s weird,” she murmured.

“What is?” Tony tore his gaze from the elevator Gibbs disappeared to and looked at their latest probie agent.

“Gibbs and those girls.”

“I think they’re no longer girls, Ziva,” Tony pointed out.

She cocked an eyebrow and met the Senior Field Agent’s gaze. “They look young enough to be still referred to as girls, but to be politically correct, I’ll refer to them as young women.”

“The brunette looked familiar though,” McGee mused while his fingers were flying across his keyboard.

Curious, Ziva and Tony both left their desks and walked towards McGee’s. He was in deep concentration tracking down some information, but it wasn’t Intel they needed for the deceased petty officer in Ducky’s autopsy room.

“Who is she, McGeek?” Tony inquired using his low, husky voice tone like he was doing a voice-over for some movie or commercial.

“I think we’ve seen her some years ago, Tony,” McGee answered.

“Really?” Tony frowned and dropped his gaze to McGee’s computer screen. “How? Why? When? Answers?”

Ziva rolled his eyes and reached over to give Tony a resounding smack on the back of the head that took Tony by surprise and actually glared at the dark haired former Mossad officer.

“She doesn’t look familiar to me, McGee. To be honest, none of them looked familiar to me,” Ziva admitted.

McGee was about to say something to Ziva when his computer stopped processing and gave him the answer he was looking for. He quickly scanned through the file that popped up on his screen and frowned when he realized when exactly he saw the brunette that was with Gibbs.

“You really wouldn’t remember her, Ziva,” McGee said taking his eyes off his monitor and meeting the Israeli woman’s gaze. “She came to DC long before you joined the team,” he explained then looked at a confused Tony. “She is Kate’s niece who flew in from California for her funeral,” he said.

Tony’s demeanour changed. Former Secret Service Agent turned Special Agent Caitlin ‘Kate’ Todd was killed in the line of duty four years ago by Ziva’s half-brother, Ari. It was a dark day for everyone on the team when Kate passed away. Kate’s niece, a recluse from what they could tell, appeared out of nowhere during their former colleague’s funeral. She remained as far away from the congregation as possible and only approached Kate’s resting place once everyone cleared out.

Gibbs noticed the brunette approaching and stopped to watch. He got curious and so did Tony and McGee. Gibbs told them to stay back while he approached the brunette. They didn’t hear what the two discussed, but the next thing they knew the brunette was angrily beating on Gibbs. It wasn’t the usual female tantrum either. She was throwing actual, précised punches at the seasoned NCIS Special Agent! Of course Gibbs handled himself and managed to avoid a few lethal blows, but he didn’t leave unscathed from that meeting.

“Really?” Tony looked surprised. “And she’s back in DC again, and this time she’s not throwing punches at Gibbs,” he murmured.

“Throwing punches?” Ziva echoed and waited for either one of her teammates to elaborate.

Tony was lost in his thoughts so it was left to McGee to fill Ziva in on what happened just before she joined the team.

* * * * * * * *

Buffy, Willow and Faith assessed the body under the supervision of Chief Medical Examiner and Forensic Psychologist Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard and Special Agent Gibbs. The trio already knew what the cause of death was. Buffy’s prophetic nightmare told her how this marine and the other marine died; she also knew what they’d come back as if she couldn’t dispose of them soon.

“Well Red, what do you think?” Faith asked, stepping aside while Willow did her turn around the table where the soon-to-be-turned dead petty officer lay.

“He’s still pretty fresh,” mused Willow, stopping her pace at the foot of the corpse to address her two comrades. “Do you have an idea what time the rampage will start?” she directed her question to Buffy.

“Sorry, didn’t see any clocks or watches to help indicate the time, Wills,” the blonde slayer shrugged.

“Ballpark time frame, B. Did it happen when we’re here or after we leave?” Faith asked.

Buffy concentrated on her dream. In as much as they were helpful to their cause, sometimes it hinders them from solving whatever the problem was at hand. Like for instance this turning that they were here to prevent.

“It’s kinda hazy, but I think it’s somewhere between now and us leaving this place,” she answered.

Ducky and Gibbs were listening intently to the trio’s conversation. Both of them uncertain on what exactly they were talking about, but both of them had a gut-feeling they were referring to the dead petty officer.

“Excuse me, ladies, but what are you three talking about and why are you so interested in Petty Officer Jeffries’ body?” Ducky couldn’t help himself from asking. When Gibbs walked in to the autopsy room followed by the three women, he became curious. This would be the second time someone from outside NCIS came in to check on the petty officer’s remains.

“This body can’t stay here, Doc,” Faith was the one who spoke to the M.E.

“I beg your pardon?” Ducky looked scandalized.

“Faith’s right,” agreed Willow. “Many lives are at stake if this body remains here.”

“What harm can the dead petty officer’s body do?” Ducky looked from the three women then to Gibbs before returning his gaze back to the trio. “I’ve checked his body. He doesn’t have any hidden explosives imbedded in his body and he didn’t die from any viral disease that could contaminate everyone here in the building.”

“If only that was the case, Doc,” Buffy said.

The seasoned M.E. was taken aback by the indifference he heard in the young blonde woman’s voice.

“What are you implying?” Ducky demanded.

Before either one of the three women could answer the curious doctor, a sound from the table made everyone in the room pause and turn their attention to the steel autopsy table. Willow took an automatic step backwards, her eyes wide and glued on the dead petty officer who just gasped for air.

“What the hell was that?” Gibbs demanded his hand on his piece.

Buffy and Faith ignored him. Both seasoned slayers’ attention was focused on the now not-so-dead petty officer.

“Willow, cover them,” ordered Buffy, her eyes still focused on the dead body that was coming to life.

“Got a plan, B?” Faith asked her eyes focused on the dead body as well.

“Yeah,” Buffy replied and stole a quick glance at her partner. “If it goes on attack mode sever its head or put a stake through its heart,” she told her comrade.

Faith nodded. They wanted to take this vamp alive, but if they couldn’t contain it they’d have to end the vamp’s sorry existence right away.

“What are you talking about?” Gibbs demanded his piece already out and pointed at the direction of the awakening corpse.

“Get them out of here, Red!” yelled Faith as she took a fighting stance. A quick glance at Buffy told her the blonde slayer was at the ready as well.

“Okay!” Willow answered and turned to lead the M.E. and the NCIS agent out of the autopsy room. “C’mon you two, let’s go!” she demanded.

“No way I’m leaving,” Gibbs insisted.

“Don’t make me make you leave, Special Agent,” Willow said sternly. “Buffy and Faith knows what they’re doing. It’s you two that we need to get out of here.”

“But why?” asked a confused Ducky. “What’s happening?

“I can’t leave civilians to deal with a renegade sailor,” Gibbs argued.

“Trust me, he’s not a sailor anymore,” Willow told him bluntly as she shepherded them through the automatic doors.

“But—” A growl emanated from the table cut off any protest Gibbs had. His attention moved from the determined red head ushering himself and Ducky out of the autopsy room to the two young women and the not-so-dead sailor on the other side of the room.

Willow knew that Petty Officer Jeffries was now fully awake and hungry. He smelled enough blood donors present to feed him in this room that got him excited. The M.E. and former marine gunnery sergeant was giving her a tough time getting them out of the room. The sooner she can get them out of sight and out of scent, so to speak, they’d be safer. At least the vampire was contained in the autopsy room and there’s hardly any other way out for the creature except for the way they got in.

“Get ready, Faith!” Buffy called to her comrade. The blonde slayer was moving to the vampire’s left while Faith was covering his right and making sure that the vampire was kept at a safe distance from the M.E. and the NCIS agent.

“This bloodsucker’s fully awake now, Red. Get those boys outta here!” Faith called over her shoulder.

“I’m doing my best, Faith, but they’re both stubborn!” answered Willow.

“Bloodsucker?” Ducky questioned.

“I can’t leave two civilian alone with a renegade sailor,” Gibbs insisted.

“Trust me, Special Agent, he’s no longer under your jurisdiction,” Willow insisted and finally ushered them through the automatic doors.

They were still arguing but Willow used her magic to close the doors and lock it so they wouldn’t be able to open it from the other side. She gave them an apologetic smile before turning her back to them and faced the monster that was eyeing each slayer carefully. Faith and Buffy armed themselves with the necessary weapons they could lay their hands on. They were thoroughly searched before they entered the building so they had to leave their weapons they usually conceal under their clothing just in case they came across something supernatural and needed to defend themselves.

“Who made you?” Buffy demanded when the newly risen vampire made eye contact with her.

The former petty officer’s reply was a beastly snarl at the blonde slayer before turning his gaze to Faith. He sized up the brunette slayer, probably calculating his chances of outmanoeuvring her over Buffy.

“B asked you a question, dimwit,” Faith snarled back at the vampire. “If I were you, I’d give her an answer.”

Another snarl was his response to Faith’s taunting. He was still slightly disoriented, but he was quickly coming around and getting his bearings straight. He first made a grab for Faith, but the agile brunette slayer anticipated his action and moved out of his way before he could even complete his action.

From the other side of the closed automatic doors Gibbs and Ducky watched the commotion inside the autopsy room. The redhead, Willow, remained close to the doors while the blonde, Buffy, and the brunette, Faith, dealt with the not-so-dead petty officer.

“Jethro, are my eyes deceiving me or am I seeing fangs on the former petty officer?” Ducky asked his eyes glued on the scene happening inside his autopsy room.

“Right now, Duck, I’m not entirely sure,” was Gibbs’ honest answer.

“But Jethro—” Whatever Ducky was about to say was cut-off when they heard Willow shriek then disappear from where she stood on the other side of the doors only to reappear seconds later on their side of the door. “Good Lord!” Ducky exclaimed.

“How the hell did you do that?” Gibbs demanded to the redhead.

Willow gave an apologetic smile to the seasoned M.E. before meeting Gibbs’ gaze. “Buffy and Faith are having a hard time dealing with the newbie vamp – he’s stronger than most newbies – and they told me to get out, but before I could do anything newbie vamp made a leap towards me and I panicked and apparated, per se,” she explained in one breath.

“What?” Gibbs looked lost and confused. He only understood parts of what Willow just said.

“I can’t explain right now, but if Buffy and Faith can’t contain the newbie vamp I’ll have to get my friends outta here, keep the newbie vamp contained in the autopsy room and evacuate the entire building.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Gibbs raised his hands up and signalled for her to stop. “Evacuate?” he echoed.

“Uh-hm,” Willow nodded.

“And why would we evacuate the entire building?” he questioned, giving her his trademark Intimidation Glare.

Willow wasn’t affected by his glare. She just cocked an eyebrow at him and stared at the seasoned NCIS agent like he just spoke a dead language she hasn’t learned yet. She gave him the look the pretty much said he was clueless then pointed behind her to where Buffy and Faith were busy fighting off the latest fledgling.

Gibbs still has no idea what the hell was going on. Willow suddenly appearing before them without using the doors that she somehow locked from the inside without using some key; Buffy and Faith locked inside the said room with a psychotic – supposedly dead – petty officer; and him standing outside autopsy with a loaded gun and very much able to help the two women Willow left inside.

He was about to demand to Willow to let him in when something – or someone -- hit the closed automatic doors hard. He tore his gaze away from the redhead in time to see the former petty officer against the door before he disintegrated right before his very eyes. Former Petty Officer Jeffries burst into flames right there against the closed automatic doors, and before he could say anything the entire burning process was over. Once his view cleared he saw Buffy and Faith each holding one of Ducky’s instruments to cut open the victims to examine the exact cause of deaths. Neither woman appeared bothered by what just happened. They just dusted themselves off then signalled something to Willow before the automatic doors opened.

“Sorry ‘bout the mess, Doc,” Faith apologized and handed Ducky one of the instruments she grabbed from the autopsy room. “We had to do whatever was necessary to contain the fledge,” she added as an explanation.

“Fledge?” Gibbs was too dumbfounded to string together a coherent sentence so he settled for beating around the bush and asked the obvious the question.

“Yup,” nodded Buffy who also handed Ducky another instrument of his that she used. “We’ll pay for the damage to your stuff, Doc, don’t worry,” the petite blonde reassured the seasoned M.E.

“Nice trick with the doors, Red,” Faith smiled and gave the red haired witch a slight shove on the shoulder.

“Thanks,” Willow smiled proudly. “I finally perfected manipulating the mechanics of a sensorized automatic door,” she added.

“What was so tough about it anyway?” asked Buffy.

While Willow explained the intricacies of using magic to keep an automatic door locked, Gibbs and Ducky watched the three women who were acting as if nothing out of the ordinary just happened. He waited until Willow was done explaining to the other two what she did before he interjected.

“Would any one of you three explain to me what happened to my dead marine?” he demanded mustering all the patience in the world that he could muster.

Willow, Buffy and Faith stopped their yammering and turned in unison to face the annoyed federal agent. Willow nudged Buffy indicating she explain, but Buffy didn’t know this man well enough so she passed the buck to Faith who has had a previous encounter with Special Agent Gibbs when she used him as her punching bag – at least from what she heard the two of them discuss during the elevator ride down to autopsy.

Faith rolled her eyes when she felt Buffy’s elbow jab her rib. She sent a deadly glare at her two cohorts before addressing the pissed off former marine.

“I know this is one huge, hard pill to swallow, and I’m not sure if you’re open-minded enough to understand what just happened, but that petty officer dude on the Doc’s slab ain’t around no more,” she began.

“Hell, I already know that,” Gibbs snarled, giving her the killer Gibbs glare that really had no effect on her or either one of her two companions.

Faith returned Gibbs’ glare before continuing, “What I’m saying is, he became a fledge that needed to be dealt with, so B and I made sure his ass was sent to wherever it is turned-vamps go to once they’re dusted. Well, in this fledge’s case he burned, which was a rare thing since majority of the vamps we dealt with just turns to dust once we decapitate them or put a stake through their heart,” she shrugged.

Gibbs still looked lost and very much confused by Faith’s explanation. He opened his mouth to ask more questions, but he was cut off when Willow stepped up and addressed him.

“That dead marine guy is just one of the two victims of the unexplained,” she began then looked over her shoulder at Buffy for confirmation. When the blonde Slayer nodded Willow continued, “There’s another victim that’s just waiting to rise and when he does...well, another major catastrophic scene will happen.”

“If we don’t get to that body on time,” Faith interjected.

Gibbs looked from the redhead to the brunette before his eyes landed on the blonde who seemed to appear as their leader. He then looked at Ducky who just raised his shoulders accompanied by a baffled look on his face.

Knowing that this was one argument – or case – he couldn’t win, Gibbs rolled his eyes skyward and turned his back on the three women and headed for the elevator. “I think I need a stronger cup of extra grande, “ he said to no one in particular before the elevator doors opened and he slipped inside, holding the door open and gestured for the three women to accompany him.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A/N 2: I was involved with NaNoWriMo last month so it took me a while to update this. And I really wanted to get this chapter out before it gets beta-read so if there’s any grammatical error, that’s all my fault. I tried to double check for spelling and grammar as well, but it’s late and I want this out of the way ASAP!

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