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Forced Entry

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Summary: Captain Winchester doesn’t like people messing around in his mind. He’s had some run-ins with telepaths and he hates them all. Too bad he's been paired up to work with Sam Wesson, one of the highest rated Telepaths in the Tel Unit. Sam/Dean, slash, incest

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Chapter 11

It was easier than it should have been for Sam to open his mind completely. He knew there was nothing Dean could do if things started to go South but he took comfort in his brother's presence anyway.

As he walked closer to the pit, Sam tried to project a feeling of peace, a complete and utter lack of animosity. He thought about the dreams Dean had shared with him - projected the feelings of loss, fear - the unknown and then the hurt.

It was the strangest sensation. Information came at Sam - came at him like a slow, dripping liquid. Just a drop after another drop. Sam was just so much more focused than he had been before, determined. Now that he had more of an idea where to start he was approaching the pit with a different attitude. As he reached the edge of the pit, his stomach tightened briefly; memories of their last encounter flooded Sam. He would never lose the image of Dean being torn from his hands.

The flood of images increased. Sam kneeled by the edge of the pit - eyes laser focused on the impression left by Dean's body. Fear. Eyes fluttering closed, Sam shivered a little - tendrils of thought and emotion creeping into his mind like icy fingers. The pain started immediately, the fiery cold burning it's path through Sam's memories. He could feel things being drawn out of his memory; the loss of his family, the first aching nights alone when he was so young, falling asleep with damp cheeks and red-rimmed eyes, the first time he laughed at the academy, his loves and his friends, the things that made him smile, the times he had lost his temper. As the flood of emotions and memories rushed out of Sam's body he fought to draw breath into his lungs; it was like two opposing floods of water crashing into each other, a vortex that was drawing Sam in.

He let go, let the being have what it wanted, his last movement to grasp the medallions around his neck.

Alone for so long, time beyond what Sam’s mind was capable of understanding. Alone, with itself, with all of it – the pieces that made the whole, less than something vast and endless, more than something diminutive and finite. More and Less. See and learn – pull, you, pull. The planet, the circle is the whole. Circle. Whole.

Sam’s face was contorted as he tried to stay with the stream, tried to cling to his reality so he could make sense of it. Dean. Dean was so close still, would come no closer unless Sam called out to him – this small thing they had managed to agree upon.

Hurting the whole. Drilling, why drilling? Pain, loss, anger. The whole can only be with the parts, with the small. Leave. Leave. Leave.

Barely aware of the blood pouring from his nose, Sam’s fingers clenched so tight around the medallions they left a small circular indent on his skin. The Circle. Struggling, fighting his way through the flow of images – Sam tried to seek more, question.

Hurting the small. Leave. Circle is all. Circle.

The planet, is the whole. The small? Sam’s brow furrowed and he gasped, tasting blood on his lips. He cried out, knocked back onto his back by his own dream thrown back at him.

"Sammy!" Dean lengthened his strides, running as fast as he could. When he reached them, his dad was lifting Sam by one arms. "Stop that, dad you're hurting him," he shouted, grabbing Sam, arms wrapping tight around his brother as he tugged him. "Let him go, let him go. Sam... what..." His brother was slipping from his hands as another man started to pull Dean back. "No, he's mine. Stop... Sam!" he shouted, his fingers digging into his brother, tearing into his skin as he refuse to give him up.

Tears were pouring down Sam's face, mixing with the blood from his nose; it was sending him back the loss. They were taking from it... the small... oh God. They were hurting it's young, the small, the smallest parts of it.

And just like that, it withdrew, the tendrils shot out of Sam's brain, the pain ended and he fell back onto the ground with a heaving chest. "Dean?"

Dean ran across the greens as fast as he could now that the vehicle they'd been using was out of bounds. He dropped down next to Sam, helping him up and dragging him away from the edge of the pit, expecting the vines to appear any moment. "We gotta get to a safer location," he said, knowing Sam's head must be exploding with pain, but that staying in the open was not an option. One arm under Sam's shoulder, he rushed him along, occasionally looking behind them. "Hang on."

"I it, Dean," Sam blinked across at his brother, bleary-eyed, "I did it." He held on to Dean, trying to get his feet underneath him. Jesus, Dean was fast when he wanted to be. Shaking his head, Sam smiled slightly. "S'okay ... don't race for hell's sake..." Curling his hand over Dean's shoulder Sam squeezed it reassuringly.

Passing Sam a napkin for his bloody nose, Dean only slowed a little. "You got it... you communicated with it? Great." The smile told him Sam was happy with whatever he got, but while 'understanding' this thing was Sam's business, their security was Dean's. He wasn't gonna relax until they really were... secure inside those walls.

Swiping at his nose with the napkin, Sam's thoughts were still percolating in his mind. "It's a being, Dean," he whispered then hissed as a misstep made him jam the napkin against his nose hard, "dude! slow down." He stumbled along beside his brother, "it's not gonna do anything. I got it." He knew that arguing with Dean was pointless when the man had made up his mind about something. A slight smirk on his face, still wiping up blood, he kept pace with Dean as well as he could.

"Want me to pick you up?" That was the only answer Dean gave but Sam's mood was infectious, damn him. This was not the time to feel light and happy and optimistic. He tried not to look at Sam, knowing it would be over if he did, cause he'd smile, or laugh, and then Sam would 'win.' He had a sneaking suspicion that Sam knew this and probably already thought he had won.

Finally, they were at the entrance. Dean entered the code, the shutters opened up and the door behind the shutters slid open. Once they were inside, he let up. They made it to his unit at a much slower pace. "Alright... so... the suspense is killing me."

Smiling, Sam walked over to the sink and ran some water to wash his hands. "It's alive...the ... the whole place. Dean, I don't know how we missed it - except," he shrugged, "maybe we've never encountered anything like this before." Reaching to grab a cloth, Sam ran it under the cold tap and pressed it against the bridge of his nose. "It ... understood - about you and I...somehow that memory was a gateway." He cracked one eye open to look over at Dean's face.

"It's alive... the planet? You're telling me this heap of rock... it's..." The idea was staggering. Dean cocked his head. "We took up camp on something that's alive... great, no wonder it's pissed off." He took a breath. "It could have asked us to leave instead of..." All those people, all because of a mistake. "What it did... is that its version of flea medicine?" He didn't get the connection between their experiences and the memory gateway, unless that thing liked pain.

Sam turned slowly, "the small ... Dean, it's like, dammit how do I say it? We were doing something to it's ..pieces - I mean it sounds so stupid but it's like it's offspring or something but not." Sam paced across the room one hand still pressing the cool cloth to the side of his nose. It kept showing me that it's a whole but we were taking the pieces of it, the small." He whipped toward the table and started rifling through things looking for the touch screen he'd been perusing earlier to read the planet-side logs. "What were we doing when the first attack happened, Dean." He took a step back and sat down hard on the couch holding out the logs to his brother.

"Offspring." Dean understood the 'gateway' now. Taking the logs, he shuffled through them to the day of the first attack, running his finger down the page. "Marked the new area for development. The Beta defensive systems went on line." He rubbed his eyes, moving over the minor or standard events. "The quarry opened for business," he said, eyes lifting to meet Sam's. "Marble-like bricks were found, which would make a great luxury building material and for export to help sustain the planet's economy in the future. You think?" he asked, watching Sam go to the sofa.

Sam let his head fall back on the couch, "the pieces, yeah... it makes perfect sense... we took pieces of it, now I don't know if it's offspring, or .. or like someone cutting out chunks of our flesh but either way - I doubt very much we would enjoy it either." Shifting slightly, looking at the expression on his brother's face, the wide eyes, Sam couldn't help smiling. "We ... just couldn't hear it - couldn't understand what it was trying to say to us." He was pretty confident they'd be left alone until they could leave, but he knew he probably wouldn't manage to convince Dean of that easily.

"This is... big." Dean rubbed his eyes. "I don't envy you the report you're going to have to write," he grinned. "So you... explained to it that we didn't know?" He believed what Sam told him, but he was skeptical about the 'planet's' intent and wasn't going to just buy that they'd achieved a peace. Just as he was about to ask another question, his communications device went off, informing him the transmission blockage was no longer in place, and other prerecorded transmissions he'd made were going through.

He walked back to the kitchen area and immediately contacted Space Corps. After so long, it was really good to be able to contact someone other than themselves. The conversation was brief, but he ascertained that the rescue team would be in orbit in twelve hours.

When he returned, he had two steaming cups of coffee which he set on the table, then he sat next to Sam, on the sofa... a first. Pulling him close, he kissed him lightly, then had him lay down on his lap as he massaged his temples. Their time alone was growing short, but he wasn't gonna think on that. Not right now. Now, he'd listened to Sam's discovery, and let him know how proud he was of him. "Okay Mr. Soon-to-be-too-famous to talk to a mere Captain, I'd be honored to be first to hear everything you got, and I promise not to sell it to the Galaxy Gossip Rag," he grinned.

It was difficult for Sam to explain everything to Dean. In the end he used a combination of projected images and speaking which seemed to do the trick. They discussed the best way to approach the interplanetary planning commission and what steps should be taken first to ensure the right information got to the people with the appropriate power. Turning so his nose brushed against Dean's shirt, one hand tucked behind his brother's back, Sam's eyes closed. In the strangest way they would be sad to leave here.

* * *

Shaved and fully dressed in his uniform, Dean moved to the bed and shook Sam awake. "Morning sleepy. They're gonna be here in two hours. I'll get breakfast," he said, knowing Sam would need to go get his own uniform.

"Already?" Sam groaned and slipped his legs out of the bed. It took him about fifteen minutes to get to his own quarters and track down his uniform. It felt as though he hadn't worn it for ten years. He had a quick shower, put his uniform on and strode back to Dean's quarters. As soon as the door slid open he could smell food. "I hope you made coffee, I deserve it."

"Coffee, toast, eggs... it's full service around here this morning, but grab your own milk and sugar," he jutted his chin toward the coffee, then took their plates over to the small dining table for two. "It'll probably be a relief for you... to be able to hear the buzzing of other minds soon." It was an interesting, too much bothered Tels, but so did too little. They had to strike a balance by blocking and opening themselves up, apparently. Dean had learned more about Tels in these few weeks with Sam than he had all his life.

"I kind of like your mind, I'll miss it." Neither of them had broached the subject of what would happen after. Either way, Sam knew he would feel some comfort just knowing that Dean was out there somewhere. "It's going to be a lot of work, a lot of red tape," he ran his hand through his hair as he sat down to eat. "You'll probably get another mission though, I bet they'll be clamoring to assign you somewhere really exciting.

"Maybe. Usually after something like this goes down, they assign some Tel schmuck to try to break into my mind... waste both our time, put me on two or three weeks leave... and then it's an assignment." He practically smiled, "and seeing as you were here the whole time, you probably won't be the one who's assigned to this hardass, so... I got nothing to worry about." He was pretty sure Sam would be given leave too.

He took the toast, and buttered it up. "First thing I'm going to do is have you removed from my..." he looked up briefly, then back down at what he was doing, "... my 'hell no, never on any assignment under my command, over my dead body' list. No one who's ever gotten on that list has ever been removed."

Sam choked on his coffee momentarily then laughed. "I'll choose to take that as a compliment then. Even though I should never have been on there." He took a bite of his toast. "I could just sign off for you, I have the clearance, then you wouldn't have to have anyone poking around in your mind."

"If they go for it, I'd appreciate that." Even though he knew by now that no one else could get in his head, it was always stressful, too many reminders, and always that fear that someone could get through, like Sam had at Beta Centauri. Grabbing his coffee, he drank some down. "I hear we're getting picked up by a passenger ship. Trip back will be a lot less like... camping."

Nodding, Sam ate some more of his egg. "So - I guess we'll see a bit of each on the trip, yeah?" He wouldn't be himself if he didn't at least attempt to find out where they might stand once they left planet-side. He already had a sneaking suspicion that Dean might just disappear for a while, immerse himself in his old life - find his way back to where he was most comfortable. Captain Winchester wasn't much of a boundary pusher when it came to his own emotional safety.

"Two week trip, I'm sure we'll see a lot of each other," Dean nodded. "You did say you play pool." He rubbed the back of his neck, and took a breath.

Sam looked down at his plate, just as he thought. "Yeah," he sighed, "I do, just let me know when and I'll kick your ass." He put his fork down, suddenly his appetite had fled. "Is it time soon? I should probably go and pack my bag. I don't have much, but I need to grab some papers from my quarters."

"Suddenly my cooking isn't good enough, now that you'll be on a class 6 ship." Dean ran a hand over his face. "Sam..." He got up and paced away. "If there's something you need to get off your chest... go ahead." He should have gone with plan A, left it at the joke. What the hell was he doing giving Sam an opening like that?

"I'm just ... curious, I guess, what will happen to us once we leave here." His eyes followed his brother as he moved across the room. "But, I know you don't like to talk about things like that. I know we don't have... I mean, there's no agreement or anything..." God, he was getting it all wrong in so many ways. "I just ... I just want to know that you'll still be my brother... that I might hear from you every now and again." He rested his head in his hands and waited for the fireworks.

Walking back, Dean crouched in front of Sam, holding his shoulders and making him look at him. "I will always be your brother. I won't let let us lose contact, not ever. That's a promise, Sammy. Besides, you have something that's mine." His gaze dropped to Sam's chest. Then he looked up. "I just don't know... don't know what to do with the rest of what's between us. I think some time apart will be good, give us a chance to think. You make it too fucking hard for me to think straight," he admitted.

It wasn't at all the answer Sam wanted, but it was better than what he expected. Letting his hand slip up to Dean's cheek was the easiest thing in the world, and he ran his thumb across his brother's bottom lip. "Okay." It was really all he could offer, the last thing he wanted to do was waste time trying to convince Dean that the rest of what was between them... was everything. There was no separation in Sam's mind. "I'd better get my stuff." He smiled and let his hand drop to his lap.

Dean got up, walked him to the door, then held him close for a few long moments, silent and unable to give him up just yet, but equally unable to make him any promises.

* * *

They'd been on the ship for three days and had seen each other through long hours of debriefings, and other meetings. Though the passenger ship was not a military vessel, there were the usual number of Space Corps personnel, as well as Tel Unit agents monitoring both those who chose to be awake, and the sleepers. A ship like this had far fewer sleepers.

The entire time, Dean was very aware of Sam's presence, his eyes were constantly drawn to his brother. He'd remembered a couple more facts about their childhood, and sent Sam some taped messages that he could watch, but they'd had no time alone. He could see Sam was getting restless, edgy, sensed it somehow. And maybe... maybe the feelings were echoed in him. He hadn't had any nightmares, but he hadn't slept as well as he had when Sam was around him.

So he'd sent Sam another message, asking if he wanted to meet at the bar and then maybe play some pool. He'd called it a 'play date,' and laughed.

* * *

Tanya, an ensign at Space Corps was just accepting her drink from the bar tender when a tall, handsome man walked up to the bar, and sat one seat away. She looked over at him with interest, then gave a sigh. She recognized him from all the meetings, and from the looks she'd seen being passed between him and Captain Winchester, she was pretty sure he was 'taken.' Or his heart was, anyway.

She searched his face as he ordered, then smiled when he looked at her and nodded. "I know you're a Tel," she said without any rancor, "but you shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve. Not with that certain someone you're interested in. Believe me, I know... it'll just send him spinning the other way."

Sam huffed out a small laugh and almost spilled some of his drink. "Wow - I'm not used to the being the one who's read." He extended his hand, "Sam... " She was quite beautiful, in an exotic way, with deep set eyes and dark lashes, short hair in that sort of ragged I-don't-care-much way.

"Tanya," she said, smiling at him. "I do have some Tel capabilities, but didn't score high enough for Tel Unit," she said. "I wasn't doing that kind of reading. Guess you had some adventure, kind of like being shipwrecked on an island ... couldn't be more romantic."

"It was more like a blood-bath than a romantic get-away." Sam drained his glass and nodded to the bartender for another one. "So you seem to know a little about the Captain?" He tilted his head and watched her out of the corner of his eye.

She gave a throaty laugh. "Yeah. More than a little," she looked over at him. "Relax, it was a couple years ago. But I recognized the look on your face... I was you," she shrugged. "Don't get me wrong, he can be a nice guy, hard but fair, I think. But romance... make that relationships... that's not his thing. You hoping for one, or can you handle casual sex?"

Grinning Sam spun his empty glass until the bartender exchanged it for a full one. "I've had a bit of both, I'm not sure what I'm interested in with anyone." It was a white lie, but if Sam had learned anything, he knew that Dean probably wouldn't have appreciated them having a tete-a-tete about him. "So - you still friends with him? Seems like the kind of man who could do that."

"I wouldn't say 'friends,' but we talk, meet up once in a while. I tried for the relationship thing," she admitted. "Probably the only reason he doesn't avoid me is I'm not clingy, or heartbroken. See now that would be a big crime," she laughed. "So you... Sam... keep your heart together, okay? We need to stick together..."

Dean wore a frown as he walked up to them and heard the tail end of the conversation. "Isn't this every man's dream, to find his girlfriends gabbing... probably about himself. Do I need a double?" he asked, looking between Sam and Tanya.

Rolling his eyes Sam looked off to the side to hide his grin and took another swallow of his drink. "Actually, Dean," he said as he turned back, "we were discussing the finer points of Enuvian art. We're both amateur scholars." He couldn't keep his nose from wrinkling slightly as he tried not to laugh.

"Then if you continue that conversation, I might need a triple." He ordered a beer. "Tanya," he gave her a nod.

"Captain." She took a sip of her drink. "It's nice seeing you relax. After today's grilling you must..." The flat monitor on the bar top next to her gave a bleep and she hit the 'go' button and looked at the face on the monitor, then looked around the room.

Dean glanced at it. "Nah, he looks too... feminine."

"It's a woman," Tanya said with a laugh. "I'll see you later, this should be interesting." She walked away from them.

"Whew... if she'd gone for a femguy, I'd have wondered..." Dean said, knowing full well there was no way Tanya and Sam hadn't talked.

Sam smiled and took another drink, "she's sweet. I like her. Gave me some good advice." He shifted over and nodded at the empty stool. "I'd offer to buy you a drink but you've already got one."

"Advice... trust me on this one, you don't need any 'how to' tips on what to do in bed." He raised a brow. "What exactly did she say?" Maybe he shouldn't be asking, but it was too late to take the question back.

"Well," Sam drained his glass and slid it away from him, "she told me that you're not one for relationships and I should protect myself. " Sam spun on his stool to face Dean, "she said you're very good at casual sex and not much more than that." Sam really wanted to think that she was completely wrong - but - he didn't have too much to base it on.

"I see." He saw the question burning in Sam's eyes and cocked his head. "You already know the answer to that Sam. You've been in my head. You know it's pretty good advice." Hadn't he even told Sam that? But he never made any promises he couldn't keep, so that should maybe count for something. "Want another?" he nodded toward Sam's empty glass.

"I didn't say she was wrong, did I?" Sam smiled wistfully. "And, no - I think I've had enough to drink for one night, it was a long day." His smile softened. "You enjoying your time on board?"

Dean gave a shrug. "Too many meetings, but it's almost over... and then there'll be too much free time which I hate," he chuckled, knowing that was strange. "You? Enjoying your fame?" He paid the bill with his card then nodded toward the pool table he'd reserved in the adjoining room.

"Yeah," his smile broadened, "for once people are thinking nice things about me most of the time. I've been looking forward to kicking your ass at pool ever since you mentioned it." He stood and stretched. "Let's do it."

Five hours flew by and before Dean knew it, the bar was closing and they were being asked to leave. Sam was as good as he'd said. They'd played a couple games against each other, then teamed up to kiss some major ass. They'd laughed and joked and hell... he didn't know about Sam, but it sure felt like they'd been friends... known each other all their lives, that's how comfortable Dean felt in his company. Something else was going on too. Now that they weren't faced with the threat of being killed, he had time to be more aware of their interactions. He realized that they didn't necessarily speak in full sentences to each other, and that they completed many of their thoughts simply with body language or a certain look. Just like when they'd been kids... like their private language was coming back to them.

When they said goodnight, it was just a little awkward, but Dean covered with a quick light kiss, and left Sam at his door, walking the short distance down the hall to his own room. When he walked in, he felt a strong tug on his soul... he almost walked back out to ask Sam to spend the night with him. Almost.

* * *

Dean lay on the bed clad in jeans and a tee shirt. His gaze was trained on Sam, standing in the middle of the room, lips parted, looking back at him. "Take off the shirt," Dean said. "Lemme see you."

As Sam slowly removed the shirt, Dean sucked his breath in, eyes drinking in the sight of perfectly chiseled muscles, rippling with every movement that Sam made. He stared for a long time, his cock stirring as he thought of the sex they'd have. "Take off the pants. Take everything off," he said, nostrils flaring as Sam did as he asked.

Dean's heated gaze traveled up and down Sam's body, lingering on his half hard cock. "Come. Lay down on top of me," he demanded.

The weight of Sam's naked body pressed down one him, made him all sorts of aware of his brother. His scent was dizzying, the heat seeping through his clothes had Dean wanting to tear his own clothes off. But no, he liked having Sam naked, and being the one still dressed, it gave him a sense of power, control. Closing his arms around Sam, he started to stroke his hands over Sam's body, his back, his ass, his thighs. "So perfect," he said, slanting his mouth over Sam's and kissing him hard.

Dean stroked and touched and thrust his hips up, had Sam riding him over his jeans, had both of them so fucking frustrated and needy, but refused to take his cloths off. The sounds Sam made washed over him, got him even harder, had him pulsing hard against Sam's firm thigh, had him gripping Sam's ass, making him ride him harder. "Good... so good..." his body was covered in a sheen of sweat, so was Sam's. He heard his pleas for release, but kept kissing and touching, and making them both burn up.

* * *

Sam sat bolt upright in bed. He'd felt this before, urgency, Dean wanted him, needed him. Sam slipped out of bed, still in his sweats and pulled a t-shirt on as he padded barefoot out the door. As he moved through the quiet hallways, Dean's emotions wrapped around him. Sam's breath sped up, his heart rate increasing steadily as he got closer. By the time he reached the door to Dean's quarters he was panting softly and half-hard and aching. Leaning his head against the cool metal of the door for a few moments, he tapped his fingers softly next to the keypad. Reaching slightly to the right, he tapped his birth date into the keypad and smiled as the door shushed open.

The floor was cool beneath his feet as he moved silently over to Dean's bed ridding himself of his t-shirt and sweats, slipping into the bed in his boxers. He was shivering and pressed up against Dean's warm side. "Hey," he whispered against his brother's ear, "you... called me ...."

"Sammy." It was simultaneous, for a split second, Dean was still in his dream as he wrapped his arms around Sam, then he woke and was surprised Sam had made it past the secured door and to the bed, and then his hard arousal was pressing into Sam's hip, and he had rolled Sam onto his back, and was kissing the hell out of him. His hand moved up and down Sam's body, his side, his hip, like he couldn't get enough. The dream had whipped up his need, but as he tasted Sam, his Sam, he knew that it wasn't just the dream. God this felt so damned good, so damned right. "Missed you. Missed this," he murmured, cupping Sam's face and thrusting his tongue into Sam's mouth again, tangling it with his brother's.

Jesus, Dean was so wound up, he was damn near suffocating Sam with the want. Sam's heart was pounding, skipping beats, his blood pumping warm through his veins. He let himself fall into the kiss for a few long moments, then pushed gently against Dean's chest - tearing his lips away from his brother's. He pressed his eyes closed, still tasting Dean on his lips. God. "Dean... I need to know..." His eyes opened slowly gazing straight into Dean's.

Still half asleep, Dean followed Sam's mouth, tried to get more, but Sam's hands on his chest stopped him again. He was so fucking hard, so needy... and he had what he needed, who he needed right here in his bed, and this wasn't making any sense to him. "Need you, Sam." He licked his lips, reading the seriousness in Sam's eyes and understanding that he wasn't playing. "What... what are you doing in my bed if you don't want this?" he asked, striving for control, just enough to pull away.

Sam steeled himself and slid his hand up to cup the back of Dean's neck, not letting him get away. "I do want this, I want you. You can feel that....But I want to know what we're doing." He could feel the frustration coming off Dean like steam, scorching his mind. "Is this just another night?"

"Sam, this is not the time to talk." He was breathing hard, his heart was pounding, his body aching and throbbing for one thing, for one man, one man who said he wanted this, who was half naked in his bed... it didn't make sense. "What do you want?" he managed, finally, his lips grazing Sam's cheek even as he tried unsuccessfully to pull away.

"I need to know either way so I can make a decision. You can feel what I want, I know you can. What I need to know is what this is going to be. Is this one more casual night? That's fine - if that's what it is. Or is this more, are we going to be more? I .. can't keep doing this if I don't know." Sam's stomach was churning. He could feel Dean's confusion but Sam's own emotions were over the top and he couldn't sort them all out.

"Hold on... I can tell what you want? Who's the Goddamned Telepath?" Dean demanded, this time wrenching away and sitting up. He rubbed his eyes. "Can't do what, Sam? Did I come and drag you out of bed? I must have been fucking sleepwalking, if that's what happened," he bristled. "You ruined a damned good dream, and you know something... I don't get a helluvalot of those."

"Dean, stop it." Sam blocked almost automatically, the anger making him flinch back from his brother. "Enough." He pushed up, knocking Dean to the side a little, "enough with the blustery, over-the-top, gruff, military, shit. Do you want a relationship with me?" Sam's hand slid down Dean's body palm pressing hard against his brother's still hard cock where it strained against his shorts. "Do you want this," his fingers squeezed, "or are we just going to play pool and basketball and hang out in bars sometimes." He pulled his hand away, "I'm fine with both, with either, but you choose and you choose now. I'm not going to keep doing this, keep..." he was losing his momentum a little as his heart felt heavier and heavier, "k..keep setting myself up to think this is more when it's not, and I want more - we both know I want more... " his voice trailed off.

"Sonova..." Dean hissed when Sam squeezed his already hard cock and then took his hand away. A lot of choice swear words were about to tumble from his lips as he threw him out of his room for teasing like that, but somehow Sam's words sank in through the haze of lust, anger and sleep. His nostrils flared as he struggled with the question, a question he'd thought he put off for a while. But now Sam was making him face it head on.

His head was buzzing, his insides in a turmoil of emotions... hadn't he told Sam it was hard to think when he was around? Make that doubly so when he was sexed up... Fuck. Dipping his head down, he rested his face in the crook of Sam's neck, trying to quiet the storm, trying to find the voice that would tell him how to answer that question. Closing his eyes, he imagined both options. Being with Sam... and being with Sam. He tried imagining Sam walking off with another man, another Kevin... imagined himself doing the same. Each time... each fucking time, he felt like he was on that damn dock all over again, Sammy slipping from his fingers. It hurt. Hurt bad.

"I want..." He lifted his head, grabbed Sam's tee shirt, holding it tight. "I need... the whole package. Everything. But I don't know... I don't know if I... I don't know that I'd be good at it."

If Sam couldn't read emotions, he'd probably be in the kind of state where he would have blurted out really? you really want that? Because, honestly, he had thought that was what his brother wanted but he wasn't sure Dean would let himself have it. "Okay... then." He shrugged and slid his hand over Dean's hair, smoothing it down and taking a deep breath. "I... uh... I .... okay."

"Okay then?" Dean took a breath. "That's a little... anti-climatic," he blew his breath out. The truth was, he was glad Sam wasn't going to make a big deal out of it. He still needed to get used to the idea himself. His fingers curled tightly around Sam's arms, eyes locking with his brothers.

"Well, the way I see it," Sam leaned forward and brushed his lips against Dean's, "there are a couple of things I could do with my mouth. I could talk some more... or," he sucked Dean's bottom lip into his mouth and bit down on it pulling back and letting it drag through his teeth.

Moaning at the sensations that went through him, Dean's fingers bit into Sam's arms. "I'll take door number two. Put that mouth to use," he said, leaning in and kissing Sam, then returning the favor, sucking hard on his bottom lip and pulling of slowly. Time slowed... then sped up suddenly, and they were both clawing at each others' tee shirts, pulling them up over their heads and tossing them.

They were mid-kiss, and Dean was starting to push Sam down on his back when he pulled away. "Aren't you forgetting something?" At Sam's look, he raised a brow. "You're the Tel."

The corners of Sam's mouth twitched then turned up into a smile. "Yes, I am." His hands slid over the muscles of Dean's back, pulling him closer again, "and yes, I love you."

"Yes, you do," Dean agreed, smiling against his throat and laughing at the nudge he received. "I'm working my way up to it, hold on," he pushed Sam down, covering his mouth in a hungry kiss. Now that the decision was made, he wondered why it had been so difficult. He couldn't really imagine or see his life going back to what it was before Sam, not when he knew what that empty feeling meant, and how easy it was to displace it with this man, right here. He wasn't a romantic, but if there was such a thing as soul mates, they had to qualify... had to.

"I love this," he said, moving his mouth across Sam's face, his jaw, and back to his mouth, sucking his upper lip into his mouth. His hand ran up and down Sam's chest as he lowered his head again, kissing down Sam's throat, then leaving hot trails along his collar bone, and moving lower. "Love how you feel, taste," he said, dragging his tongue along Sam's pecs, then vibrating it around his nipple, "how you respond," now he played with the small raised nub, before making his way to his other nipple. "Mostly..." He started kissing down Sam's belly. "I love how you're mine." He raised his head. "You have to be... because they couldn't take you completely away from me, couldn't rip you outta my head."

A little dart of pleasure shot through Sam's body, the words were wrapped up in the emotions he felt from his brother. "Of course..." his words were cut off as he moaned, his stomach muscles clenching under Dean's lips, "they couldn't..." the last part was a whisper, "take me away." Sam's fingers moved around Dean's neck, working the tight muscles on either side of his brother's spine. Biting off a moan that crawled up from deep inside him, Sam's hips canted up against Dean's firm body - he could never have given this up, never.

God if felt so good when Sam jerked up against him, like he could no longer control his feelings and responses, than Dean could. Licking a wet, hot trail along Sam's lower abs, Dean started to kiss his hip bone, scraping his teeth along it, then kissing it again. He slid his hands under Sam's ass, squeezing, lifting him up towards his mouth, his chest and neck brushing over his cock, the thin material of his shorts barely hiding anything. "This for me, Sammy?" Dean asked, heat flooding his system as he traced the rigid outline of Sam's cock with his mouth, licking over his underwear, sucking on it until it was wet. "Did you share my dream? You were naked and I was... dressed. I think you were trying to drive me crazy. My turn now," he smiled, sliding his hand down, lifting Sam's leg slightly so he could kiss his inner thigh.

Sam's hand shot out and slammed down on Dean's shoulder. "Dean, d..d..don't tease...want you," Sam's head fell back and whipped from side to side. It felt like he'd been waiting a year for this, he'd been watching Dean for days - ever since they got on board. The sway of his hips as he walked away, the way he rubbed his hand across his chest when he was deep in thought, tight material pulled across the curve of his hip; Sam moaned and a growl started somewhere deep inside him.

Hard muscles rippled under his mouth. His brother was damned strong, and he had to hold him down to prevent him from moving, from making him go back where he needed the most pressure. "What are you thinking? Right now?" Dean asked, lowering his mouth and sucking his way down Sam's thigh, stopping to kiss and lick, to linger wherever he got the most reaction.

"Thinking?" Sam echoed almost in disbelief, he could barely breathe, let alone think. The dream. Hands sliding over sweat slick skin. Dean's tongue - hot, wet, forceful - fucking into Sam's mouth. Sam's hips rolled up, desperate for friction, movement, anything. "Dean.." He knew his brother could feel everything "Thinking about you... dream, way you move, Dean..." JesusChrist Sam's body writhed against the bed, everywhere Dean sucked flesh into his mouth Sam's skin caught fire. Dean's mouth, wet, sliding down over Sam's cock, sucking, tongue slipping in and out of the slit. "Need you...."

Fuck. This feedback thing made it harder to stay focused... in control. He knew exactly what Sam wanted... how he felt... how much he needed it, and it intensified his lust. His brother was so hard, so fucking stiff it made Dean ache too. Pulling Sam's shorts down and off, Dean moved his mouth up and down Sam's length, sucking, licking, his hands roaming the expanse of Sam's abs, his sides, chest. He wanted, needed to touch ... to love every inch of his brother.

As Sam fucked desperately into his mouth, Sam's desires... his needs became Dean's. Fire inched through Dean's veins, forcing him to take note, to do something about it. Pulling his mouth off Sam's weeping cock, he licked it from base to tip, then crawled up Sam's body.

Hips jerking forwards at the loss of Dean's heat, Sam moaned softly . No one had ever made him feel the way that Dean did. It was insane. Not only was Dean's body the sexiest things Sam could remember laying eyes on, but it was the way he touched him, the feel of his rough hands on Sam's sensitive skin, his power and the way he reigned in his strength - just enough.

The instant he lowered over Sam, he brought his mouth down hard over Sam's. Plunging his tongue into the wet heat of Sam's mouth, he kissed him fiercely, demanding the response he'd dreamed about, tongue fucking Sam's mouth, his hand cupping his brother's face, moving it side to side each time he retracted his tongue, only to take him again. So good, so fucking good... like you're made for me.

Sam's body shuddered; every muscle, every nerve responding to Dean. He slid a long leg over Dean's, locking them together, hands clawing against Dean's back as he tried to get as close as he could. Sucking hard on his brother's tongue Sam rubbed his cheek against Dean's hands trying to get more Strained, muscles twitching, spine arching up - Sam tried to wrestle his way closer. Frustrated, want you, please. He was so hard it hurt, every touch of Dean's skin, the toned muscle of his brother's thigh. Bucking up against Dean, Sam muttered, moaned, wanted.

Dean pushed his lower body down harder, one hand pressed flat against the mattress to give him leverage. With deliberate wave like motions, he ground against Sam's cock, trapped between their bodies, giving his brother the pressure he needed. He brought their bodies together over and over, dipping down, kissing Sam, raising his head and shoulders up to be able to grind harder, and then needing another taste. Their groans of need echoed around him. Somehow, the pushed both their damned shorts down the rest of the way, got them off, their cocks leaving hot trails of precum over each others' stomachs and hips.

God Dean, yes ... " Sam's voice broke off. He did everything he could to slide his body against his brothers, dragging his foot up he braced himself, grinding his hips up against Dean's. Shoving Dean's arm aside Sam grabbed his shoulder and pulled him down crashing their mouths together. Somewhere ... gnawing at the edges of his awareness Sam thought he could hear something buzzing. He shoved his tongue in Dean's mouth, wide arcs sweeping around Dean's mouth as his fingers dug into his brother's arm. And then Dean's mouth was gone... Dean was moving away, "Dean?" His body instantly missed Dean's warmth, "Dean! what the hell?"

Dean raised a finger, asking for a moment as he got off the bed. His cock was painfully hard, his breaths labored, but he crossed the room and picked up his bleeping communications device, cursing. "Yes? What? Do you know what time it is? Oh...." Dean bit his lip, it was true, he was usually up at this time. "Alright, make it fast." Fuck... He looked over at Sam on the bed, then pulled his gaze completely away so he could concentrate on the call.

Groaning in frustration Sam rolled towards the edge of the bed and slid to the floor. He kicked away his shorts and ran his hand over his chest, God, his eyes moved over Dean's ass, the muscles rippling in his thighs as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He knew Dean couldn't look at him, could feel how turned on his brother was.

The corner of Sam's mouth twitched and he moved over to stand as close to Dean's back as he could without touching him. Heat was pouring off Dean's body. Sam leaned down and inhaled a deep breath right by Dean's ear. "You smell so fucking good," he whispered. Ducking down he bit down hard on the side of Dean's neck, sliding one hand under his arm and catching his brother's nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Each time Sam's fingers tightened on the hard bud of flesh he sucked hard on Dean's neck.

"Mmm... no, I wasn't talking to you," Dean snapped, his body on fire. He tried to gently push Sam away, raising a finger again to ask for a moment, then clearing his throat and trying to sound intelligent as he responded to some of the choices he was being given. But Sam wouldn't quit, and soon Dean was leaning back into him, his heart racing all over again. "Would you hurry it up, already?"

As he licked his way across the back of Dean's shoulders Sam's hand slid down his brother's chest and curled around the base of his still rock hard cock. He mouthed his way down from the nape of Dean's neck, nipping and licking, hand pumping his brother's shaft slowly. Rolling his hips hard against Dean's ass was driving him crazy, probably driving them both crazy. "God, get off that thing," he growled.

Clapping his hand on the receiver, Dean turned his head. "S... Sam, just one min ... a..." Oh God, the way Sam was pumping him, the way he was fucking into his ass... no way, no way Dean could think anymore. "Call me in the morning." Tossing the device onto the foot of the bed, he finally let out the groan that had been welling the back of his throat. "Jesus Sam... that was the General's assistant.... what are you doing to me?" He leaned back, trying to reach Sam's mouth.

Laughing softly, deeply, Sam leaned forward and breathed against Dean's ear, "I'm trying to get you to fuck me." His hot tongue dragged up the shell of Dean's ear and his aching cock pressed hard into Dean's hip as Sam slid forward slightly to capture Dean's mouth with his own. He drew in a shuddering breath, sliding his tongue deep into his brother's mouth.

He didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but Sam's tongue inside his mouth prevented him from having to make a choice. A few kisses later, he twisted around and pulled Sam up hard against his body, molding him close. "Alright, Sammy," he rubbed his mouth across his brothers, avoiding his tongue. "Don't have to ask twice. Gonna fuck you now."

Pulling away, Dean turned Sam around and pushed him toward the wall. "Spread 'em," he smacked Sam's ass, grinning.

Rolling his eyes, "seriously," Sam was getting tired of the waiting. He'd been waiting long enough. Moving to turn around he reached back for Dean's hand, "come on," he licked his lips, chest heaving. "Don't order me around like one of your Corps boys." He grinned back.

"Ordering... you haven't seen 'ordering' yet." Encircling Sam's waist with his arm, he pulled Sam close so every inch of him was touching, pressing against Sam's body, he kissed his way up his throat then spoke against his ear. "In, out, right, left, harder, softer, in, out... that's me giving orders," he said, speaking each word like a command and thrusting against Sam's ass cheek as if in compliance. "Now be good and let me get you ready, before we both explode."

Swallowing hard Sam let out a strangled moan, "control freak," he murmured, letting Dean move him exactly where they both wanted him to be.

That didn't deserve an answer. Dean kissed his way down Sam's body, his mouth skimming over both ass cheeks before he pulled them apart and licked Sam's tight hole a few times, wetting him. He slid his finger down, slowly working it inside in conjunction with the movements of his tongue, keeping Sam wet. Then he was able to start tongue fucking him, pushing his tongue as far along his finger as it could go. He worked fast, wanting... needing to open his brother up as quickly as possible before they both went mad.

He felt Sam nudge backwards, and worked a second finger inside him. When the thought of maybe getting the lube crossed his mind, he pulled his tongue and fingers out.

Murmuring senselessly, Sam's mind was certainly not quiet. No... no...stay..., he slammed his hands against the wall, palms sliding down slowly, "d..don't you dare go anywhere...Captain..." Sam leaned against the wall, pressing his weeping cock hard - God he'd never wanted to come so badly.

Dean's face jerked up. Straightening, he aligned himself, and reached around to close his fist around Sam's cock. "You win." Not a control freak, he thought smugly as he pumped Sam's cock a few times, got him going and started to push inside. He was wet and tight around his cock and Dean had to struggle to keep from thrusting all the way in at once. "Fuck... Sam, so fucking tight." He kissed his shoulder, biting it as he pushed again, inching past the tight ring of muscle.

Using his hands to lever him back off the wall Sam slammed himself back on Dean's cock. He curled his hands into fists as the burn faded quickly into pleasure and he leaned his cheek against the cool wall. He tried to talk, say something, but the sounds just kind of came out all jumbled. His head rolled back, lips parted as he moaned out a breath.

White hot heat scorched Dean as he found himself buried to the hilt, deep inside his brother. "Oh God..." he groaned, pulling back and slamming himself back inside, closing his eyes as Sam clenched around him. "Fuck Sam... I'm so hard..." Swallowing, he started to move, to thrust slowly, until he found the right angle, and then he started to fuck. "Oh yeah," he groaned against Sam's ear, fucking harder and harder, pumping and squeezing him, whispering how good it felt, how hard it was for him to wait now, to make it last.

The words, the whispers against his ear went straight to Sam's cock. He couldn't get any harder and every hard fuck into his ass sent Sam's cock sliding through his brother's grip. His dick ached, caught between his stomach and the cool metal and Dean's hand and he was losing the ability to even make sense of how good it felt. He gave what he got, pushing his fists hard against the wall to thrust back against Dean's cock, so hard, so hot. Forehead resting against the wall, back arched, Sam's heart bounced around in his chest as he tried to keep breathing.

He started to fuck Sam so hard, he had to put one hand up against the wall, his palm pillowing Sam's face each time he was shoved up too hard against the wall. Dean couldn't slow down if he wanted, not to save his life. The sound of their bodies slapping together, their heavy breaths, and their groans pushed him closer to the edge. "Oh God... close, Sam," he grunted, pushing into hims again and again, throwing his head back as waves of heat crashed over him. He was wound so tight... so fucking tight, he knew he was gonna lose it any moment. He tried to concentrate on pleasuring Sam, on stroking him just right, but the feedback didn't allow him to distance himself from it.

It was kind of like being trapped in a tornado of wanting, needing and lust. Sam couldn't tell where he began and Dean ended. "Dean...yes..." Sam hissed out the words, writhing between the wall and his brother.

"Now... Come... Now," Dean demanded, his balls drawing painfully tight up against his body, his breath catching for an instant, and then releasing. "Fuck..." Slipping his hand away from Sam's face, Dean slapped the wall, "yeah.... fuck... yeah..."

Sam's hips bucked forward, his body reacting to Dean's words without his brain even needing to think about it. He cried out, his ass clenching around his brother's cock as warmth flooded into him. Arms collapsing under his weight and the power of Dean's thrusts Sam's dick throbbed and pulsed out his release as he moaned against the wall, hand reaching up to slide over Dean's.

"That's it... that's it Sammy," Dean crooned, their hands jointly still moving over Sam as he continued to slowly thrust into him. "That's it..." He kept moving, kept whispering until peace settled around both of them. Pulling out slowly, he turned Sam around and searched his face. Lust blown eyes, flushed cheeks, mussed up wet hair... and swollen lips, made his gut clench all over again with need. "Perfect... you're so perfect..." he kissed him, pulling him slowly backwards to the bad. "Love you Sam. The Sam I remember... and you," his lips quirked at the strangeness of what he said.

Feeling the bed behind him,he turned them around and pushed Sam on the bed, following him, crawling over him and kissing him again. "Mine, because Mom gave you to me." He kissed him again, and lifted his head. "Mine, because in this big universe, in a world of Telepaths that I thought I hated, I found you." He kissed him one last time. "Mine... because I say so," he said, chuckling as he rolled over, taking Sam with him. "And yes, that's a fucking order. Don't argue."

Laughing quietly Sam settled his body against Dean's, the rise and fall of their chests almost in sync. "I'm yours because I say so." Sam grinned through his hair and slid off Dean's chest to settle under his arm. "That was ... yeah... can we do that every night?" Sam chuckled softly, "you know - if you're not too old to keep up."

Still smiling Sam reached up and pulled one of the medallions off over his head. Pushing himself up he slid a leg over Dean's thighs and straddled his hips; leaning down Sam looped the medallion over Dean's head and slid the strap down, smoothing his palms over Dean's hair, neck and settling the medallion against his brother's chest. Bending at the waist he pressed his lips to Dean's then pulled back slightly, "it kept me sane." Sam's palm pressed the small circle of metal hard into Dean's flesh, as he slanted his mouth over his brother's. He would never tire of it, never, the smooth, slick lips, the warmth that wrapped round his heart. "Love you," he whispered, and slid back to curl up against Dean's side.

A feeling of peace settled around Dean. He put his own palm against Sam's chest over his medallion, looking down at him. "I know the feeling." Which was the only reason he hadn't pried his medallion from Sam when he'd first seen his brother wearing both of them. He ran his thumb back and forth over Sam's swollen mouth. "Me too. Love you." It was strange, how he didn't have to force the words out. Maybe it was because he knew Sam probably snatched them right out of his head and already knew. "Dreams... share 'em with me," he asked, now trailing his fingers up and down Sam's abs and chest. "They're better than any porn I ever saw," he grinned.

Lips twitching into a smile against Dean's chest, Sam mumbled, "your wish is my command," he nipped at the warm skin by his mouth then nuzzled it sleepily.

* * *

The news that Captain Dean Winchester had taken a partner, a Telepath, the Telepath Sam Wessen who'd broken into his mind, took Space Corps personnel by surprise. Since most of his missions required the assignment of a Telepath, and with Space Corps' policy of trying to keep families together when possible, more often than not, Sam was assigned to the same missions as his partner, Dean. There were times when they went on separate missions, but they managed to work it out so that if there were extended assignments, one could visit the other.

They were very different. One of them hard, trained to keep his feelings inside, under lock and key, sometimes harsh, disciplined and almost always expecting obedience. The other a free spirit, refusing to be told what to do but knowing how to finess it so that everything did not lead to an argument, and who liked... no needed to share his feelings.

But despite their differences, at core, they were the same. Loyal and bound by ties that went beyond what most people could see or understand.


[3 Weeks after return to earth]

On Earth, they'd attended many memorials for the colonists who'd died on Aragon. There had been debriefings and interviews. And there was guilt... survivor's guilt. Dean refused counseling, and dealt with it, the way he always dealt with it. Compartmentalizing the feelings of guilt, cutting himself off from it, and pretending it was no longer there.

On the other hand, he tried to let Sam talk about what happened, knowing that was how his brother dealt with things. But Sam could read him well and knew that he was doing it for him, even called him on it. Dean merely shrugged, it was natural for him to try to help Sam.

He'd shown Sam their parents' last house, now his house though he rarely stayed there, their pictures, and then they'd gone to some of the places they both remembered. The trip to the house where he'd lost Sam had been painful to both of them. Walking that dock had been one of the hardest things he'd ever done. There had been tears... both of them had cried in silence, alone... yet together.

And now Sam had wanted to see their parents' graves. Dean brought him to the cemetery, pointed out the the area where the elder Winchesters were buried, but stayed far, his shoulders squared, his face a hard mask.

Sam reached up and curled his hand around the back of Dean's neck, squeezing softly and then began the walk towards where his parents were buried. Glancing back over his shoulder as he reached them, he felt his brother's tension and the underlying sadness. Dean was standing in the cemetery only because of Sam. It was how things worked between them sometimes.

Sam had brought a single rose for his mother. He remembered her face more clearly now thanks to Dean's memories and dreams. He kneeled and laid the rose across her grave and smiled. He wished that he could have known both his parents. They'd made some hard decisions, sending a child away couldn't have been easy even for a Military man. Things could have ended up so differently for Sam and Dean if they'd been raised in the same house. Taking a deep breath, Sam turned and began the walk back to his brother, his life.

Dean had been looking away but he felt Sam's approach and turned. He looked so calm, so... at peace with them. Dean didn't understand how that could be, how he could have forgiven them already, but that was Sam's way, he accepted it. When they were only a couple feet from each other, he wet his lips. "Did you... get what you're looking for?"

Shrugging, Sam reached for Dean's hand. "I wasn't really looking for anything, well," he smiled, "not anymore anyway." He hooked a finger in the cord holding Dean's pendent and pulled him in for a kiss. There were a lot of things that Sam could have wanted from the parents that he'd never really known, but, honestly - he had the person right in front of him that meant the most. He let his hand fall and stepped back, "ready to go?"

A lump rose in Dean's throat. He nodded. He'd been ready from the moment they'd arrived. "Let's go home, Sammy." His hand closed around Sam's, and with each step that he and his brother took away from the graves, a little more peace settled into his heart.

[8 months later]

Sitting at a table in the nice restaurant, Dean looked up, his eyes filling with amusement as Sam was marched over to him by six of his men. Sam didn't look all that amused. Ah, there would be good make-up sex tonight, Dean was determined to make it so.

Wiping all traces of a smile from his face when the men arrived, he dismissed them and was left with Sam. "You said you'd finish you session at 8. It's 9." He saw anger flare in Sam's eyes, oh that temper. "You're going away for two weeks, I think dinner is more important than what's his name having to deal with his fear of four legged animals, don't you?"

Sam ran a hand through his hair slowly, trying to get a handle on his temper. God, he could swear that Dean tried to annoy him sometimes. Hell, he knew Dean did it deliberately. But seriously, while he was working? There had to be some limits to what Sam had to put up with. "Proud of yourself, Dean?" Sam's lips were pressed into a thin line, "you interrupted a very productive session I was having. You do know the universe doesn't revolve around your ass don't you?"

"Not what you were telling me last night." Dean got up and pulled Sam's chair away from the table. "Come on Sam, we have five hours. you don't really want to spend it arguing or ... making a scene, do you?"

Arms folded tightly across his chest, muscle twitching in his jaw, Sam huffed out a breath and sat down. "You're so lucky I love you," he muttered, letting Dean push his chair in. There was a slight smile tugging up the corner of his mouth by the time Dean returned to his own seat.

"Can't argue with that." Dean looked at Sam under his lashes as he sat down. A moment later, the waiter brought the drinks that Dean had already ordered. Knowing it might tick off Sam, Dean quickly said, "you can order something else if that's not what you wanted."

"S'fine," Sam muttered, reaching out for his mug of beer, the condensation was already beading on the sides of the cool glass. "Five hours, huh?" Sam took a deep breath and looked over at Dean. They both hated the going away although they both enjoyed their jobs - liked doing what they'd been trained to do.

Dean gave a half shrug. "Price you pay for being the 'go to' person for 'hard asses.'" He pushed the menu over to Sam and grinned. "It's possible I may be able to jump over if the job goes over two weeks."

"Can't stay away from me, huh?" Sam reached out for the menu, his face softening a little more with each moment he sat at the table. He shook his head and looked off to the side for a moment, fighting the grin that was appearing on his face. Sometimes, being a Tel made it impossible to stay mad when he wanted to be. Dean would never admit it to anyone but he had a playful side and it flowed over Sam.

Dean gave a grunt of agreement. "I have business in the Gamma quadrant... or will, if I play my cards right." He wasn't above manipulating circumstances to get himself assigned where he needed or wanted to be. "Is that a smile... smile for me, Sammy." He waggled his brows. "You know you want to."

Giving up, Sam licked his lips and let his smile grow. "For crying out loud, lemme choose my food. I'm starving." But - even as he said it Sam stretched his legs out under the table to settle against either side of Dean's. His brow relaxed and he ran his eyes quickly over the menu. God. Sam made sure he was focused on the words in front of him and not the gorgeous face across the table.

"Fine. As long as we're having dessert back at our place. I'm thinking some of this..." he brushed his knee up Sam's inner thigh, "and ice cream. So leave some room. Oh Sam, if you're having trouble thinking... you might want the steak and potatoes. Just a suggestion." He'd been smart and read the menu before Sam came, before they started distracting each other.

They bantered over dinner, talked a little about work but mostly teased each other... it was foreplay... they didn't have that much time before Sam had to leave. Once they got to their quarters on the space station, Dean pushed Sam up against the wall and let his body do the talking for him, persuading his lover, his partner, to pack later. It wasn't too difficult, not once he had his hand down Sam's pants.

A few hours later, Dean sat in his shorts and tee, holding a mug of coffee and watching Sam finish his packing. Funny... a year ago he'd have thought anyone who implied he needed someone, anyone in his life, was a head case. He liked to be alone. But now... now it was a bit like missing a part of himself when Sam was gone for too long.

Pushing his shower-damp hair off his forehead, Sam zipped up his gear bag and moved over to slide to the floor at Dean's feet. Kneeling, Sam slid his splayed fingers up Dean's thighs, smiling up at him. "Not too long apart, right?" It was always hard leaving Dean. Sam wondered how many times he would have to leave before he stopped feeling Dean's fingers slipping out of his like they had so many years before.

"No, not too long," Dean agreed, leaning in and slanting his mouth over Sam's, kissing him tenderly, memorizing his taste... his scent. He sucked on Sam's lower lip as he pulled away, "you'll be kept so busy it'll go by in the blink of an eye." As he spoke, he reached for the strand around his own neck and pulled his medallion off, waiting for Sam to dip his head down and then put it on Sam.

Each time they were apart, one of them kept both medallions together, like they'd always been. Dean figured it meant that either the other person had to come collect his sometime, or the one wearing both had to return in order to give the spare one back.

"Love you Sam," he said thickly, this time cupping his face with both hands as he kissed him again, more fiercely. Mine.

Sam's hands lifted to cover Dean's, then slide up his forearms slowly. Yours. The weight of the medallions was heavy against his chest and his heart flipped a little as he kissed Dean back.

When they broke the kiss, Dean ran his hand through Sam's wet hair, then gave him a nod. He might hate seeing Sam leave, but he knew he was coming back. It wasn't like at the docks... it just wasn't.

He watched Sam pick up his bags, swinging the strap over his shoulder, and determinedly walking to the door. Once Sam walked through it, Dean called out, "I expect viewscreen sex!" His lover stumbled into the public hallway but didn't turn back as the doors wooshed shut. Dean hoped it put a smile on Sam's face, he certainly was wearing one at the thought of Sam's reaction.


That's the end folks! Thanks so much for sticking with us ... your comments and crits were great inspiration! Let us know if you're interested in more sci-fi or AU.

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