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Wielder of the Keyblade

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Fan Art

Summary: Otherwise known as my obsession for all things Kingdom Hearts, crossed over into the Buffy world.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Kingdom Hearts(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmedFR153496091,8408 Oct 099 Oct 09No

Buffy Wielding a Keyblade

Disclaimer:I very much wished I owned Buffy and/or Kingdom Hearts. Neither is true.

Overly-long Author's Note: A little known fact about the person behind the art - I'm not what you'd call a "video game person". Nothing against em', really. Don't get me wrong, I can get into stuff like the Sims, as well as countless mindless games like it. But put a controller in my hands for something like, say, Halo? Crash and burn, that's all I gotta say. I really am probably the only person to get as stressed out trying to beat a game as I do.

But, I happen to love watching them. I can actually be pretty content watching my brother take all the stress from playing and enjoy the stories of them, or hey, just watch people get pummeled. But hey, maybe that makes me the perfect woman. Hear that, fellas? Eh, eh?

*cough* Ahem. Anyway. So you may ask yourself, if by "yourself" you mean "me", "If you have almost nothing to do with them, why the heck are you making art?" Good question. Well that's because Kingdom Hearts is totally different for me. So yeah, my favorite game happens to involve Disney characters. What of it? *pout* So hey, maybe I don't dare go on Expert. And maybe my version of cheat codes is having my video game obsessed brother beat stuff for me (hey don't judge me!). But either way, I love the game and story, and it inspired the coming art.


Now onto the actual art!

So, the idea for this one (I know, I know, "just shut up already!" I'm almost done, promise!) is not completely thought out, but it does involve Buffy weilding a Keyblade. Elaborate, huh? And so totally not obvious from the pic.

I gotta say, I think this looks pretty kickass. I was just browsing through pics of Kingdom hearts and playing with how to use them and just kind of ended up with how it is.

Well, I love it.

Agree? Disagree? Want me to finally shut up?

Thought so.



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