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Dawn of the Destroyer

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Summary: After the end of Sunnydale, and parts of LA, Connor went back to Stanford, changing up his classes to include both his lives, little did he know that he'd meet the one girl destined to have bigger family issues then him.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Connor/DawnBrighteyesFR1534,558012,8108 Oct 098 Oct 09No

Chapter Three

“Zen Carmichael! I just spoke to your mother the other night on the phone and she never mentioned you would be in this class!”

Connor looked to his friend Zen, who had the decency to smile sheepishly.

“Hi Lorne…Surprise?”

‘Zen knew Lorne?’ Connor thought surprised.

“Surprises are for birthdays young man- I just spoke to your mother the other night, she gave me your course list, this class wasn’t on it. “

“Last minute conflict had to move around my classes…”

“Unhun yeah, Try singing that tune again sugar-foot”

With an impish grin Zen sprang into a melodious song.

“How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail? And pour the waters of the Nile, on every golden scale. How cheerfully he seems to grin, how neatly spreads his claws. And welcomes little fishes in, with gently smiling jaws.”

‘Zen had such the odd humor’ Bemused Connor, he couldn’t help but snicker a little at his friend’s recitation. Lorne’s soft but stubborn glare was enough to make Connor wish he could read people when they sang.

Trying to distract any thoughts from Lorne’s attention he looked down and pleasantly saw Dawn giggle has well.

“As amusing this is Lorne, dear friend, I’m afraid I do have a schedule to keep. Would you please introduce yourself as planned, we can always keep him after class.”

“Ah yes, my apologies. As you all can tell, I’m not a local by birth, I’m from the alternate universe Pylea.”

The Host was used to many reactions from his audience, applause, whistling, even a pantie or two, but blank stares were a new one.

“Yes, I am from Plyea. It’s a rustic dimension with warriors and hunting sports- newly democratic and well no music. At all. Hell if you ask me.” Lorne mumbled in the end. “Yes you in the purple”

“Uh if your from another universe how did you get here? I thought Doors were illegal.”

“Good question! Most people ask if I ate too much celery or peas. Or if I’m related to the Jolly Green Giant. Now I got here by accident, lady luck smiled down on my one day in Pylea and a portal opened out of nowhere. I jumped, hoping to escape my world and wound up in LA. Good thing too because I fit in perfectly there.”

“Why because LA’s full of weirdos?” Honor asked.

“That is true - do you know how many grown men sing to Brittany Spears? But no, LA is full of Demons with a capital D sweetheart.”

“Wait then how do you know that guy with the curly hair - Ben? Is he a demon?” A frightened voiced asked “And the Professor ? Do portals pop open all the time anywhere?“

“Relax, no one here is going to harm you, especially not Zen. I know Zen through his parents, they helped me buy my club in LA, Carita's. Lovely people. Portals can randomly pop up but it turned out an evil jealous man had used a portal to Pylea to send a genius grad student there so he could steal her work. But don’t worry she got out, and he got what he deserved. He would of in the end anyway, mystical forces don’t like to be used for petty issues.”

Connor fondly remembered Fred, poor Fred who was so sweet and crazy and now was Illyria. He looked at Dawn, she had hugged herself when Lorne brought up Fred, and saw that Zen was smiling, as if gloating that Lorne hadn’t actually denied Zen was a demon. Connor was confused that while Dawn seemed to know about Fred, Zen didn’t or didn’t care at all. He also was curious if Zen was part demon. Of course it was entirely possible, he could have been a have demon or part demon, not that Connor really cared as long as no one was hurt. A far cry from a few years ago. But now that he knew about his real life, he wanted to know more about his friend.

“How do we know all this is real?” Nathan Pryce asked. “This could be faked.”

“Good question Mr. Pryce. Even with science there has to be faith. Lorne and his story are very real. You can choose to believe what you see or prove its existence. And that class is you assignment for the day, bring me proof of Pylea. Nothing to fancy needed, just mention of it in a text or a picture. One per group. This is do first thing on Friday. Now I want a big hand for Lorne, thank you so much for coming in today.“

“De Nada Sugar spice. Just call me when you want a night out on the town, I’m looking for a new place to set up. And Zen don’t think I wont tell your mother about your reasons - though you’ve got the girls family to watch out for more than me, but I warn you anything less then honorable and I’ll have to see if you can live with out your body parts like I can.”

“First Mr. Carmichael my class isn’t a dating site, you will do your work. Second, I’m going to let you all have the remaining 30 min of class to put together a group of 3 and a game plan for your first assignment. I will be at my desk, please ask me anything you would like. You may leave at anytime.”

The brunette professor bowed and sat at her desk to the side.

“Hey Zen want to be part of my group?” Connor asked.

“Actually I was going to ask Miss Dawn Sum-Hey!” Zen didn’t get to finish, Connor had lept from his seat down to the floor, crouched in his landing in front of Dawn.

Connor smiled hesitantly, searching Dawn’s bright blue eyes as he felt everyone in the class staring at him. Zen glaring as he made his way down the steps like a normal person.


“Hi - Dawn - want to be in a group with me?”

Dawn could hardly believe it. First day of school, in her first class and he was Mr. Blue eyes and Pouty lips asking her to be part of his group. Freshman Dawn Summers who was probably the youngest in the class.

“Sure. Its Connor right?”

“Yes and the miffed guy coming down the stairs is Zen, want to add him to the group?”

It took a few minutes but the others in the class stopped watching them and started to buzz with sounds of agreements and movement.

“Hmm I don’t know….he might read too much Carroll….”

Connor smirked. ‘So she did know it’

“Ha-yeah He’s not sane, but being his friend gives me my weekly requirement of volunteer work. Its good for the soul you know.”

“Ah- Don’t listen to him - not a word said about me is true, unless its that I’m incredibly sexy” Zen spoke to them on his way down the stairs.

Now Dawn felt a little vain - 2 hot older class men liked her.

“Says the guy who lept 15ft to ask me to be in his group but I do understand, I have Andrew for that. But couldn’t hurt right? And Lorne knows him so he cant be too bad.” Dawn addressed to Connor. “Hi Zen”

“Milady knows Lorne too?” Zen asked as he stood next to Connor.

“Yeppers. We’re all family like and everything, hence the dismemberment speech you got. Sorry about that, the peoples around me tend to get over protective, its this thing…” Dawn trailed off blushing slightly.

Connor smiled began to become fixed as he watched her cheeks pink.

“Sounds like your worth protecting… So Zen…. do you want to join the group, if not that’s cool, Dawn and I can go discuss how I know Lorne by ourselves.” Connor winked at Dawn, making her feel giddy. Cute, smart, fit, and knew demons. It was almost too good be to be true. Almost.

“Actually I’ve got to get to my next class, its Lit , how bout we meet tonight?”

“Only if you let me walk you there”

Dawn smiled with pink cheeks and nodded, biting her lip to keep from laughing as Zen mimicked Connor when he took her books.

“I can carry my own books”

“Ah but then I wouldn’t get to feel dashing and manly.”

“Hnh” ‘The catch’ Dawn thought to herself. “Well then I’ll see you and your ego at the Library after dinner? Say 7?” ‘Hero complexy older guy is such not a good thing for a Summers gal’

“Uh yeah sure - don’t you want me-” Connor couldn’t finish his sentence as dawn skedaddled out the door heading to her lit class. ‘What the hell just happened?’

“Wow Conman I think you hold for the world record for fastest hit and miss dude”

“Zen, I have many questions right now-including how much you know about Demons - but most importantly - What the hells bells did I just do wrong?”


‘David Bowie's Dance Magic Dance plays’


“Clearly you’ve spent too much time with the British”

Dawn smirked at her sisters empty complaints. Her first day of class at Stanford was over, and she was back in her single dorm. After the Kathy fiasco Buffy wasn’t taking any chances, especially since it turned out Dawn’s ‘Key’ Powers weren’t as gone as they had originally thought.

Dawn didn’t entirely mind though, as it meant she could adorn her walls with anything she wanted, be it Dingo’s Ate my Babies Again or Ancient Babylonian Text.

“Its not my fault you have no tongue for languages. What’s up Big Sis?”

“And Faith too much time with Faith.”

It wasn’t her fault that she and Faith actually had similar tastes in music, movies and motorcycles.

“Buffy you were the one that said I had to go to school within an hours drive of either you or her, stop being jealous I chose Stanford over St Andrews. I told you St. Andrews has the better grad programs - but I wanted some time in the states and warm climate”

“Yeah yeah yeah so you say, So how goes your first day? Meet any boys?”

And the bomb was dropped, Dawn thought as she sat on her bed in her dorm. Her light blue silk comforter with silvery
purple trim started to look much too interesting.

“Dawn - you - met - a - guy - spill - now!”

“Yes” She conceded “His name is Connor, he’s in my Parallel Dimensions class and my Ancient Languages class - which was totally awkward because he acts like he really likes me and kept trying to get my attention before class - and I was totally into him for like a second - until well”

“Well what Dawn - do I need to give the shovel speech?”

“NO! Goddess no Buffy - he’s got a hero complex - and you of all people know Summers women don’t do well with the Heroes….”

“Dawn oh Dawn - is this about my love life? It is isn’t it! Do not EVER halt your own love life because I’ve failed many many times. I mean if you weren’t referencing my issues would you like this guy?”

‘Yes - he’s totally cute with shaggy brown hair and nice blue eyes, and he’s smart - and agile - and he knows a bit about demons already - and did I mention his smile? Or his voice? Buffy I like his voice more then I like Giles when was all “Ripper on Chocolate”

“Well it sounds like you’ve been struck with Cupids arrow - just take it slow Dawn - no need to rush into ANYTHING - least of all se-”


“What?! I just don’t want you to end up with a situation where you feel pressured. Remember go with your instincts.”

“I appreciate it I do- and I’d love to talk more but I’m meeting Connor and this other guy Zen at 7 about class and I need food first.”

“Alright Alright I get the hint Love you! Call me!”

“Love you too big B”



Authors note : Hi so yeah taken awhile to update I hope its good-for all you returning readers I’ve got another Dawn fic out there that’s called Dawn Summers and the Balance of Power - but I do plan on continuing this fic and Moire (updating that one soon I hope)

Currently running on coffee and 2hrs sleep so this may have been a better chapter in my head then reality-honest reviews help me with out hurting me ^_^

Review Responses:

SmilesAtEveryone: I am trying to update, really I am, I hope this chapter was enough.
Black Aeon: Thanks! I know its weird, I wish there was more Dawn/Connor stories too!

L1NA3: Cowers in fear - please don’t hurt me - and thanks!

Azerjaban: Isnt this the mythological home of the golden fleece? HAHA Clem may come by in the future, I like Clem, he was a good decent guy, a little sad as a social butterfly but decent. I think Clem should have dated Anya at some point in season 7. Fanfic is infinite ^_^

Roseyangel: Thank you! I try.

TheSwannsSparrow: I hope you enjoy the rest thanks!

Pylea: Lorne is the best - and I totally picture him as taking interest in those two.

Darkgirl3: I really wish that they would have met in the show - it would have been so funny! Thanks!

Alicel: I like sugar… hehe I updated…kinda…hope you like it…Thanks!

DavidFishwick: Thanks!

Catherine: Glad you love it! Thanks!

Dhfreak06: Thanks!

Pyromaniac-Girl: Funky is all the rage in Paris ^_^ Thanks!
Killer Angel: Ah if only colleges really did study the weird. It is Lorne, and I love him too - so sad the actor died….

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dawn of the Destroyer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Oct 09.

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