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A Squib in the Family

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Summary: Unknowingly, the Order of the Phoenix sends an invitation that will change the wizarding world as they know it. But with an immortal Slayer, a squib in the Malfoy Family, and an old schoolmate of Dumbledore's, what wouldn't cause havoc?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyGylzgurlFR1579,036513736,9808 Oct 091 Mar 10No

Chapter 4

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Disclaimer: The plot belongs to me but nothing else. I am just borrowing them for a bit of fun. The HP universe belongs to J. K. Rowling and the BtVS universe belongs to the genius, Joss Whedon. No money or infringement is being made from this story.
Author’s Notes: First, thank you all who reviewed. I love hearing from you guys! Second, this chapter is the longest one yet but don't expect that to be the trend. The chapters will be as short or as long as they flow. And third, my muse ran off after an ice cream truck and left me high and dry. So any and all ideas/suggestions are more than welcome. After all, there's no telling when that damned ice cream truck will be back with my muse. So please review!.. and enjoy. ;)

Spike (William Pratt)- 128 (as a vamp- 154 since birth), looks 26 (same age vampirism kicked in)
Albus Dumbledore- 148 (6 years younger than Spike), looks... older than dirt and a lot like Gandolf
Tome Riddle (Voldemort)- 53, looks... snake-like
Minerva McGonagall- 51
Arthur Weasly- 44
Molly Weasly- 43
Buffy Malfoy Summers- 41, looks 22 (same age immortality kicked in)
Lucius Malfoy- 41
Sirius Black- 35
Severus Snape- 35
Remus Lupin- 35
Bill Weasly- 25
Charlie Weasly- 23
Percey Weasly- 19
Fred and George Weasly- 17
Draco & the Golden Trio- 15
Ginny Weasly- 14


July 2005
Somewhere, USA

There was no telling how long they sat there, completely silent. It could have been minutes or, well, more minutes. But the point was neither Buffy nor Spike had spoken since they read the letter from Albus Dumbledore. So many thoughts were racing through both their minds and had no idea what to really think. Buffy was trying desperately to think of a way to break the news of the Wizarding world to Spike when she finally realized that Spike wasn't freaking out.

'Wait a minute,' Buffy thought, coming up short. 'Why isn't Spike freaking out? An owl just delivered a letter, on parchment no less, and Spike isn't demanding an explanation?' After thinking for a minute she figured it would just be easier to ask. Trying to think a reasonable explanation was just giving her a headache. There was only one thing she could think of but there was no way that was right. After all, if Spike was a from the Wizarding world then he would have been able to help out more with the magic stuff back in Sunnydale... right?

"Spike," Buffy said, turning in his arms to face him. "An owl just delivered a letter to me and you're not freaking out. Why?"

Spike just looked at her. "Why aren't you? Thought you'd be screamin' 'bout it being a bloody demon bird or such... You know about wizards, don't you?"

"My parents were wizards."

"Joyce was a bloody witch?! Never saw that one coming." Spike walked over to the steps and sat down.

"Not Mom," Buffy told him, moving to sit in his lap. "My birth parents. I was adopted when I was 11... It's been so long since I've even thought of the Wizarding world I guess some part of me thought it was all a bad dream."

"Never knew Joyce wasn't your real mum," Spike wrapped his arms around her and dropped a kiss on the top of her head. "She was a right good woman. Reminded me of my own mum at times."

"Yeah she was, wasn't she?" Buffy took his hand between her two smaller ones. "She would've been proud of you, ya know. She always saw the good in you before I ever did. And she always made sure to buy those little marshmallows you liked. Some big bad."

"Hey!" Spike protested. "I'll have you know I've always been bad."

"Sure you have, Spikey. So, does that mean you were a wizard or a squib?"

"A wizard all the way," Spike gloated. "Before I was turned at least. Never did work again after that. You?"

"Squib," Buffy said. "My 'father' was what you would call a blood purist. When my acceptance owl never came he tried to have me killed. Someone saved me and next thing I know I'm in America at a muggle adoption agency. I never heard of the Wizarding world again until now."

"Oh, luv, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. If I could find that bastard I'd kill him for you, soul or no soul."

"It's okay, Spike," Buffy told him. "I got over it a long time ago. Besides, he's probably dead now anyways. The only one I ever really missed was my brother. I wonder what ever happened to him. But knowing my 'father' he probably found some way to use my death against him. Bastard."

"It's alright, luv. If we take this Dumble guy up on his offer then we'll find out what happened to your brother. That is if you want to go back. It's up to you, Slayer."

Buffy looked up at him. "I think I do."

"Alright then. Lets send that owl."

August 2005

Two weeks later found Buffy and Spike standing outside on a very chilled and deserted street in London, Grimwald Place to be exact.

"Are you sure it said #13?" Spike asked.

"I'm sure! Let me see that paper again," Buffy took the parchment from his back pocket, too impatient to wait for him to retrieve it and also wanting to grab his ass. It was a damn fine ass. "13 Grimwald Place. It should be right here. Right between-"

"It's there," Buffy was amazed, thrusting the parchment towards Spike. "It must be some sort of cloaking spell or something. Here, read it again then look back up."

Spike decided to humor her so he re-read the letter and looked back up, fully expecting to see nothing. What he saw however astounded him. What was a blank space before now occupied a house and a big one at that. And since it was a wizard's house he figured it was even larger on the inside. Wizards were funny like that.

"This is it then," Spike turned to the petite blond at his side. "You ready, luv?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

With that the two blonds walked up to the house looming before them, knocked on the door, and waited... and waited. After a few minutes the door opened to reveal a kind looking woman with flaming red hair.

"You must be Miss Summers and Mr. Pratt," the woman said, welcoming them in. "Albus said to expect you. I'm Molly Weasly. Do come in. You must be starved! The whole Order's not here yet but you can meet the ones who are. I'll fetch you some food before the meeting starts. You must be absolutely famished."

Not being able to say no Buffy and Spike followed Molly into the kitchen area and each took a seat at the large table. While they ate Molly filled them in on the other inhabitants of the house. This went on for about twenty minutes before people started filing into the kitchen. Everyone kept whispering and giving them weird looks, especially at Spike. It was like the people here could tell he was a vampire. But that was impossible, right? Buffy thought so at least. Or maybe they were all just secret Billy Idol fans and want an autograph.

When a Gandolf looking man walked in the rest of the table went silent. It was obvious to Buffy and Spike who the leader here was. It also made then wonder if Tolkin was actually a wizard and whether or not hobbits were real.

"Good evening everyone," Dumbledore addressed the group. "I would like to welcome two new members to the Order. Buffy Summers and William Pratt, would you two stand up?"

Not knowing what else to do they stood so Dumbledore could properly introduce them.

"While they aren't wizards I believe Miss Summers and Mr. Pratt will prove to be a great asset to the Order and to the War."

"It's Spike," Spike interjected.

"And call me Buffy. If someone says Miss Summers I think I'm back in high school. Bad memories."

"Another war?" Someone spoke up.

"A nazi-like person with a bug up his butt the size of England."

"How can 'they' be of any help?" Snape sneered, looking down his nose at the two newcomers. "He looks like a muggle reject and she barely looks old enough to apparate and neither one of them are wizards. They probably wouldn't survive one day in our world."

Before Dumbledore could interject on their behalf Buffy stalked over to Snape and proceeded to repeatedly poke him in the chest. "Who the hell do you think you are you over grown bat? I've fought more evil than you could imagine. A hell god couldn't stop me and the original First Evil didn't even stand a chance. What makes you think you scare me? I'm here to help so back off. You don't know the first thing about me so don't even start to assume you do or I'll have your ass on the floor so fast you won't even know what happened."

"And if she doesn't I will," Spike spoke up. "You say another bad thing to my girl and I'll make sure they never find your body, soul or no soul."

The rest of the Order were looking at the two of them with their faces a mixture of disbelief and pleasure. Well at least they weren't the only two in the room who didn't like bat-face. That had to mean something, right?

"Severus," Dumbledore stepped in with a twinkle in his eye. "Maybe I should have said first that Miss Summers, Buffy here is the longest lived Slayer in all of history. And Mr. Spike here is a vampire, one of two in the world with a soul. Buffy and Spike if you wouldn't mind I think a demonstration would be wonderful!"

Buffy had no clue what he was up to but after her confrontation with the slime ball over there she was more than itching for a fight and so was Spike.

"So what do you think, luv," Spike asked his lover, his grin as cocky as ever. "Wanna dance?"

Buffy and Spike followed Dumbledore out to the living room where the furniture had already been moved. That old coot had this planned all along! If Spike didn't already know Dumbledore was on the side of good then he would seriously been wondering. The rest of the Order followed and took their places near the farthest walls, all wanting a good view but not wanting to be in the line of fire at the same time. No one here aside from the two blonds, and Dumbledore it seemed, knew what to expect.

With silent nods to each other the two blonds faced off, neither making a first move but instead moved almost as one. The two traded punches and kicks that would have knocked any normal human unconscious and they weren't even going all out, not that anyone else knew that. For them this was just a bit of fun. Besides, Spike was never one not to show off.

Buffy shook her head, jumping over one of Spike's kicks before punching back. "Have you been drinking this morning? How did you miss me? I swear I've fought old women with better reflexes."

"The fact you fight old women tells me just how rusty you've become. What? Your ego needed a boost and they were the only ones you could find you could beat?" Spike gave back just as good as he got.

"Spikey, Spikey, Spikey. At least I won. Wasn't it you who had to cry for me to come save your ass from an attack of a four-year-old?"

Spike gasped in feigned anger. "Four-year-old...tarranine demon. Don't forget the most important part. Those bastards are hatched full grown and it wasn't just one. It was a swarm of them."

"So you admit you had help?"

"Oh, that's it, Slayer, you're tasting sand..."

Buffy and Spike picked up the speed, literally. They were moving so fast the Order found it hard to keep track of their movements. But no matter their speed or playful bickering, the two blonds moved with a grace even the best dancers lacked. It really did look more like a dance then a fight. The entire Order was surprised at their abilities, even Dumbledore himself.

Once the mock fight went on for a few more minutes Buffy flipped Spike onto his back, straddling his waist with her hands over his heart where a stake would normally be. They gazed into each others eyes before reluctantly getting to their feet. Their bodies full of passion from the fight but neither of them wanting to give the Order a free show. That part of their dance was only for the two of them. As they stood they looked around at the shocked and amazed faces of the Order. Guess they had never seem a Slayer and vampire fight before. Then again being wand users they probably didn't see much hand to hand combat anyways.

Just as Dumbledore was about to speak up a voice from the stairwell interrupted him, causing everyone to look up.

"Bloody hell, that was bloody amazing!"

"Ronald Weasly, you watch your language!" Molly yelled at her son.

"Sorry, Mum," Ron said, his ears turning as red as his hair.

There at the top of the stairs were gathered a gaggle of teenagers with the majority of them having flaming red hair. No doubt they were all siblings or related in one way or another.

"So," Ron said looking at Spike. "Who’s the overgrown Malfoy?"

"Spike isn't a Malfoy," Dumbledore told the boy. "Far from it my dear boy. Though he does bear a striking resemblance to young Draco, doesn't he?"

"No, he's not, but I am," Buffy said, unknowingly drawing all eyes to her. She figured what the hell, at the least maybe someone here would know what happened to her brother. Her true identity was bound to come out sooner or later. It might as well be on her terms.

A/N: The banter between Buffy and Spike during the fight isn't mine and neither is the demon. Can anyone guess where it's from? It's not from Buffy or Harry Potter... PLEASE REVIEW!!!
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