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A Squib in the Family

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Summary: Unknowingly, the Order of the Phoenix sends an invitation that will change the wizarding world as they know it. But with an immortal Slayer, a squib in the Malfoy Family, and an old schoolmate of Dumbledore's, what wouldn't cause havoc?

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Chapter One

DISCLAIMER: The plot belongs to me but nothing else. I am just borrowing them for a bit of fun. The HP universe belongs to J. K. Rowling and the BtVS universe belongs to the genius, Joss Whedon. No money or infringement is being made from this story.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I haven’t written fanfic in many years now and am a bit rusty. So I can’t promise how often I’ll update or how long each update will be. I do promise as I write it I will post it. However, reviews are ALWAYS welcome and so are ideas where you would like to see this go. My muse is a very hungry creature and reviews are the fuel to her fire. Enjoy!


August 1975

Some people believe twins are two halves of the same soul. They believe this is why so many twins are so in sync that they can not only read the others mind, but that the one twin thinks the thought and feels it even before the second one has it. Some even believe that twins can telepathically talk to each other. Nothing has ever been proven of course, by magical or muggle means, but this theory still holds strong in the thoughts and hearts of many. And while there is no proof, it is undeniable the connection a set of twins can have with each other. One such set of young twins makes this theory seem most believable.

Both of extremely fair hair and fine boned, there is no doubt they are related, but they are in no way identical. They share most of the same features but that is where they stop. Aside from their basic features they are polar opposites, yet they complete each other like no one else could even hope to in a million years. The boy, born mere moments before his sister, has the eyes the pale gray of an incoming storm. The girl however has eyes as vibrant as freshly grown grass in a spring meadow. While the boy is slightly tall for his age his sister is very tiny for hers, giving her an almost pixie-like look in appearance. Alone, there is no doubt the boy would have been a harsh, cruel child. But anyone can see how his sister brings out his compassion, his softer side, while he brings out her confidence. They were the perfect balance of light and dark and evened each other out perfectly.

These two children were almost inseparable. In fact they never even thought they would, or could, ever be separated. Then one fateful day came and changed that all. The day started out like any other and soon found the two children lying out by the small lake on their rather large family estate. The boy was skipping stones while the girl watched on, enjoying the last of their days before school would begin. And oh how she wanted so badly for the school year to begin. She couldn't wait to learn all the magic that her parents had told her about. She couldn't wait to start Hogwarts and get a wand of her own.

"Lucy?" The blond girl asked, turning to her brother. "When do you think our owls will finally get here? Summer's almost over. You don't think the headmaster forgot to send us our owls do you?"

"'Course not, Buffy," Lucius said. "He's probably just saving the best for last. And you know the Malfoys are nothing but the best."

"You're so full of yourself, Lucy," Buffy said. "And stop calling me Buffy. You know I don't like it."

"I'll stop when you stop calling me Lucy, brat."




Before the twins could continue their childish bickering the owl they were both waiting for flew in and straight onto Lucius Malfoy's outstretched arm. He eagerly untied the parchment from the owl's leg and read his name. Buffy's name was no where in sight.

"But where's my name?" Buffy asked, clearly beginning to become distressed. She had waited all year for this letter and her name wasn't even on it. Maybe their father was right about that headmaster.

"Maybe he's sending you your own owl and it got lost," Lucius offered up. "You've heard how Father always goes on about how horrible some of those school owls are. Let's go show Mum. I bet your owl will be there by the time I show her my letter."

"I guess you're right," Buffy gave in, slightly cheering up. "Stupid headmaster sending bad school owls. He should know Malfoy's deserve the best. Probably a Gryffindor, too."

"That's what I'm always telling you," Lucius told her. "It's about time you started listening to me. I am older and wiser after all."

"Older and wiser my butt," Buffy said, following her brother towards the house. "You were only born 5 minutes before me! Besides, everyone knows girls are smarter."

"Are not!"

"Are, too!"


"Yeah huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Lucius Alexander and Elizabeth Anne Malfoy that is quite enough!" Their mother yelled at them, a petite blond woman with her hands on her hips and wand in her hand. "If I've told you once to stop your childish bickering I've told you a million times. You're just lucky it was me who caught you this time and not your father. He's in a snit enough as it is because of those idiots at the ministry. The last thing he needs is you two fighting again. Malfoy's are above such childish antics, you both know that."

"Sorry, Mum," the Malfoy children answered, heads slightly bowed.

"What was it about this time?" their mother asked, more exasperated with the twins then anything. As much as she loved her two children they had the ability to get on anyone's nerves.

"I got my letter," Lucius said proudly, holding up the object for inspection and approval.

"I didn't," Buffy replied.

To say their mother was shocked was beyond words. "What do you mean you didn't get an owl? Lucius, let me see that." She yanked the letter out of her son's hands, reading furiously again and again. "This can't be. There's no way. It just can't. We're Malfoy's. It's not possible."

"What's not possible? What's all this nonsense?" Mr. Malfoy demanded, coming out of his study and plucking the letter out of his wife's hands. It shouldn't have been possible for him to grow paler than he already was but he did. Then he threw the letter into the fireplace and stormed out of the room. Mrs. Malfoy left to follow leaving the two children behind in confusion while leaving a parting order for the two children to go to their rooms.

Mrs. Malfoy frantically followed her husband into his study, trying to make sense of all the mess that one letter had caused.

"I'm sure it's a mistake, dear," Mrs. Malfoy said, though not daring to go any closer to her husband in his current state. She may be his wife but she wasn't stupid. "I'm sure we'll get another letter apologizing for the mix up and it will have Elizabeth's name on in with her invitation to go to Hogwarts."

"I know no Elizabeth," Mr. Malfoy coldly stated, staring into the dancing flames of the fireplace, and causing Mrs. Malfoy to gasp.

"She's your daughter!"

"No child of mine will be a squib, disgracing the family name like that," Mr. Malfoy sneered. "As far as I'm concerned I have no daughter. I only have a son. I knew we should have drowned her at birth. Malfoy's never have daughters and now I know why."

"What?!" Mrs. Malfoy exclaimed. "You can't mean that! She's our-my baby! Please, I'm sure it's just a mistake. You'll see."

"That blasted headmaster may have been a bloody Gryffindor but he's not as stupid as I'd like to believe. There is no mistake," he turned to his wife, slowly approaching her as a predator to prey. "And if she is your daughter then you must have whored around behind my back. That is the only explanation because a Malfoy would never produce something as filthy as a squib. So tell me, who was it, you bloody whore?"

"What? I've never! I would never cheat on you," Mrs. Malfoy tried to compose herself, tried not to let the tears she knew were there fall. "It's only ever been you, I swear it."

"Then she isn't our daughter. She certainly isn't mine."

With that last remark Mr. Malfoy strode out of his office, leaving the sniveling form of his wife behind him. Around the corridors and up the stairs he made his way to his daughter's room. No, the abomination. She was no daughter of his. That kind of thinking was for the weak and no Malfoy was ever weak. Raising his hand he knocked on the door.

"Elizabeth, follow me," he ordered her, turning his back for her to follow.

"What is it, Father?" Buffy asked. "Is it my owl? Did it finally come like I thought it would?"

"What?" Mr. Malfoy said, leading her outside towards the hedge maze. "Oh yes, of course. It's right through there. Why don't you go on? That blasted bird won't let anyone but you near."

Little Buffy let out a shrill of excitement and ran towards the center of the maze where her father instructed the bird would be. She looked around and around but where was the owl? There was no owl in sight.

"Father, where's the owl? I can't see it," Buffy told her father, still hoping to catch a glimpse of the owl with her acceptance letter.

"That's because there is no owl," Mr. Malfoy said, raising his wand toward the young girl. "There will never be an owl, just like there will never be a daughter of mine."

"Father, I don't understand." Little Buffy was starting not only to grow more confused but scared as well. She had never seen this side of her father before and it frightened her.

Before she could say anything else Mr. Malfoy raised his wand hand even higher and called out, "Sobre porta da morte!" A bright white light shot of the end of his wand towards his daughter, leaving her crumpled on the cooling ground. Turning on his heel he made his leave of not only the maze but his daughter, forever. Once inside his home he barked out an order to the nearest house elf to "clean up the mess" in the maze. "I never want to see it again."

A small house elf in dirty rags raced towards the maze in the inner courtyard, afraid of what he might find. Once he got there what he found sent chills to his little bones. 'How could Massta do this to poor Misses Buffy?' The house elf thought. 'She is so kind to Doby. Doby mussan't let Massta find out or he have Doby's head for tis. Oh, please, Misses Buffy, be well. Doby takes yous someplace safe. You'll see.' Doby used what little house elf magic he dared to try and heal the poor child. When he couldn't do anymore he transproted her someplace safe, right outside an American muggle adoption agency along with a letter to keep her safe. 'She be safe there,' Doby thought. 'But the Massta must never know.'
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