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The Watch

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Summary: Janus choses to give Xander a certain watch.

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The Watch



Chapter 1

The Watch

Janus wasn’t one to have a champion but as he watched the situation on the Hellmouth, he noticed that there was a potential champion for him there. While he wasn’t exactly sure which of the Powers were backing the Slayer, he knew that the balance demon was sponsoring her vampire boyfriend. Hecate was enamored with the redheaded girl that helped the Slayer and was planning on bringing together the girl with another witch. Fenir seemed to have a champion there but he wasn’t sure who it was. It was the male teenager of the original group that had his attention.

He knew the boy had great potential and it was because the boy’s own free will, one of the most powerful forces in any universe, could overcome any destiny. Janus knew though that in order for his champion to have a chance against the heavier hitters of his world that he’d have to provide him with something to tip the scales and he knew exactly where to find what would be perfect for his potential champion. Janus transported himself through the multi-verse to where he could get it.

“I have no time to talk to you, Time Walker.” Azmuth said.

“I’m afraid, little man, that I’m not this Time Walker.” Janus replied.

The Galvin turned around to see Janus standing before him. Azmuth shook his head as he regarded the being before him.

“What business do the Powers have in this universe?” Azmuth asked.

“Straight to the point, I want you to construct another Omnitrix that I’ll be taking to another universe.” Janus said.

“I know what you intend to use it for, Power, and I won’t have any part of it.” Azmuth snapped at Janus. “The Omnitrix is not a weapon but...”

“Clearly, you do not recognize the gravity of the situation.” Janus replied.

“No, but I do.” A voice from behind Janus said.

It took a lot to surprise a god but Janus was surprised and saw Doctor Paradox standing behind him. The human who had gained the ability to travel through time was chewing on a gum ball.

“The universe that Janus intends to use the Omnitrix that he needs you to build is at great risk from The First.” Paradox said to Azmuth.

Janus and Paradox watched as the Galvin paled at the new information. Azmuth shook his head.

“The First is a threat to us all.” Azmuth said relenting to Janus. “If that universe falls, then the rest of the multi-verse will soon follow.”

“Does that mean we have a deal?” Janus asked smiling.

“What deal?” Azmuth asked. “Your champion still has to help stop the First.”

“Be sure to remove the base DNA form so that my champion doesn’t end up as Ben Tennyson.” Janus said as Azmuth went off to work.


Xander knew that he was asleep but he couldn’t understand why the guy wearing a white toga and a Janus mask was there as well.

“Hello.” He said greeting the guy.

“Hello, Xander. I am Janus.” Janus replied. “I have a proposition for you.”

“Okay but you may want to keep your million dollars because I’m not married.” Xander said.

Janus shook his head. “That’s right. You watched Indecent Proposal last night.” Janus stated. “I mean to make you my champion.”

“Wait, aren’t you that same guy who powered Ethan’s spell on Halloween?” Xander asked.

“Yes, but I’m not evil. I’m the Roman God of Change but people like to identify bringing change as the same thing as bringing about chaos.” Janus said. “My visit here is all about change.”

“Can you do anything about the Judge?” Xander asked.

“As one of the Powers, I’m not allowed to act directly but through my chosen champion. I’m also allowed to give you something to aid you.” Janus said waving a hand.

A table appeared between them and Xander noticed that there was a strange green watch looking thing on it. Curiosity drove him to pick up the watch.

“That is the Omnitrix, an alien device from another universe.” Janus explained. “It allowed its wearer to become different aliens, each having different abilities. This is what will aid you.”

Xander knew that he shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. He stared at the god.

“What’s in this for you?” Xander asked.

“Your actions alone will bring change.” Janus said before looking at his wrist as if checking the time. “You may want to decide quickly. Your friends have already went to face the Judge and I don’t think your idea with the rocket launcher is going to work.”

“Why not?” Xander asked more concerned with the idea that their only idea on how to stop the unstoppable demon may not work.

“Because even though it wasn’t forged in one piece doesn’t mean it will count as a weapon that can defeat the Judge. The metal in the weapon could be considered forged. The Omnitrix is alien technology and wasn’t made on Earth.” Janus replied.

Xander grabbed the Omnitrix and put it on his right wrist. Janus nodded at him and Xander’s vision suddenly went white. Xander was mad as hell that they had let him sleep in the library when they should have woke him up but he soon realized his mind should be on other matters. He looked at his right wrist to see the Omnitrix was attached there. Grabbing the watch face, Xander found that it came up and a little hologram of an alien popped out.

“I need something to get to them in time.” He said to himself as he cycled through the aliens.

Xander had been running to get out of the school when he decided on an alien. He paused in the school’s courtyard to slam the dial back into the Omnitrix. The rush he felt when the alien watch worked its transformation. When the sensation ended, he realized that something was wrong. The first clue was that he thought he could see Los Angeles in the distance. He stared at his new form and saw he was a very large white alien with a little red stripe.

“Okay, wrong alien. I was trying for the weird bat guy. Man, I’m like way big.” Xander said to himself before snapping his fingers. “That’s what I’ll call this one, Way Big.”

He began to walk away from the high school to try to find the Judge and Angel. Xander was hoping to see the look on Angel’s face when he saw Way Big coming after them. Way Big’s sense of hearing was greater than Xander’s own hearing and he heard the sounds of an explosion coming from the Sunnydale Mall. He began to walk carefully in that direction hoping to get there before it was too late.


Buffy gaped as she saw the Judge glaring at her smugly. Angel had that twisted smile of his painted on his face and Drusilla seemed to be smiling gleefully. People were screaming with good reason as the Judge raised his hand to try to burn their humanity out of them again. Try was the most appropriate word as a gigantic white hand tore through the roof of the mall and grabbed the Judge. The hand took the Judge through the hole it created and everyone was stunned by what they saw. Angel and Drusilla along with their vampire entourage fled the mall while the Scooby Gang walked over to the hole.

“Good Lord!” Giles exclaimed when he saw the owner of the hand.

They rushed outside to see the gigantic white figure regard the Judge as if it was a toy. The Judge was shouting at his captor.

“How in the hell am I suppose to fight that?” Buffy asked her Watcher.

“I have no bloody clue.” Giles replied staring up at the behemoth.

“Time for you to say good-bye.” The being said before throwing the demon into the sky. Judging by the creature’s own height, it could only be thought of as being thrown into space.

The vampires scattered as the Scoobies could only stare up at the goliath. It knelt down to get a better look at them. Willow was breathing rather hard.

“Hello.” It said to them. “I am Way Big.”

“Well, that’s freaking obvious.” Cordelia replied sarcastically.

“Cordelia, not smart to insult someone who can squash you like an ant.” Willow said to the cheerleader.

“It’s okay.” Way Big replied trying to calm them down. “I like humans.”

“Hopefully not as an entree.” Oz said hopefully.

This only elicited a booming laugh from the creature. “No, I should be going.” He said before walking away.

Once he was back to the high school, Xander reverted back to his human self and smiled.

“I could get to like this watch.” Xander said to himself.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Watch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Oct 09.

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